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California's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Y Combinator9.9$500K for 7%+ equity on a SAFE580 20th St, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA4,129389Learn more
Techstars Space Accelerator9.9$120K for 6% equityLos Angeles, CA, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator9.9$120K for 6% equityLos Angeles, CA, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay9.9$120K for 6% equitySan Francisco, CA, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Oakland by JP Morgan9.9Oakland, CA, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Los Angeles Powered by J.P. Morgan9.9$120K for 6% equityLos Angeles, CA, USA6,002475Learn more
500 Startups - San Francisco Accelerator9.9$150K for 6% equitySilicon Valley, CA, USA3,103372Learn more
500 Startups9.9$150K for 6% equityCalifornia, USA2,676312Learn more
Plug and Play9.8Sunnyvale, CA, USA1,801164Learn more
Plug and Play Startup Camp9.8$25K-$500KCalifornia, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Insurtech Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Internet of Things Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Brand and Retail Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Supply Chain Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Real Estate and Construction9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
PlugAndPlay - Food and Beverage Accelerator9.8440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,801164Learn more
Plug and Play Tech Center9.3440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085, USA1,285116Learn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in California.

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Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Y Combinator

Y Combinator - supporting founders in their growth journey

Y Combinator is a renowned startup accelerator founded in 2005, based in Mountain View, California. The program is known for investing $500,000 in startups, working intensively with them over two 3-month cycles each year. Twice annually, startups receive $125,000 on a post-money safe and $375,000 on an uncapped safe with an MFN provision in return for 7% equity. Notable for its impressive track record, with over 2,830 companies in its alumni as of 2021, it boasts a success rate where more than 80% of these companies were active, acquired, or public by June 2021. The accelerator spans various industries like Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, and Fintech, without focusing on specific verticals, welcoming startups from diverse domains. It also offers additional benefits such as an intense atmosphere, office hours for personalized advice, and the Bookface platform for networking. Founded by Jessica Livingston, Robert Morris, and Trevor Blackwell, Y Combinator stands out as a powerhouse in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, providing vital funding, mentorship, and community to nurture startup success stories.

Y Combinator's Website
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2) Techstars Space Accelerator

Techstars Space Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

The Techstars Space Accelerator is a Los Angeles-based program that is a collaboration between the United States Space Force, NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and several industry giants including Lockheed Martin and Maxar Technologies. The accelerator focuses on advancing the next generation of space technology companies and frontier technologies. It seeks startups from industries like automotive, agriculture, energy, mining, finance, and manufacturing that wish to utilize the aerospace industry as a primary market channel. Technologies such as autonomy and robotics applicable to the space and aerospace sectors are highlighted. Selected companies get the chance to work with aerospace industry leaders to enhance their market position, customer base, product development, and overall growth. The program's hybrid format spans several months, providing mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, with a standard deal offering $120K for 6% equity. Notable alumni like Pixxel, Slingshot, and Keppler have made significant strides in the space industry post-program completion.

Techstars Space Accelerator's Website
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3) Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator

Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator, powered by J.P. Morgan and situated in the lively tech ecosystem of Los Angeles, is a three-month mentorship-driven program. It selects 12 early-stage startups globally, focusing on sectors such as Aerospace/Defense, Supply Chain, and Sustainability. Participants receive seed funding, typically $120K for 6% equity, with access to a diverse group of investors. Founders like Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, and David Cohen are affiliated with the program. Startups benefit from mentorship, co-working space, networking opportunities, and a Demo Day for pitching to potential investors. Techstars LA supports Black, Hispanic, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs in sectors like healthcare, robotics, and climate tech, aiming to eliminate barriers and elevate the startup community. Besides the accelerator, specialized programs like the Techstars Space Accelerator underline Techstars' dedication to fostering startups.

Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator's Website
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4) Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay

Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay - connecting start-up founders with success

Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay is a 13-week accelerator program. It is designed to support startups globally that are at the forefront of shaping the future of ecommerce. In partnership with eBay, the accelerator focuses on industries such as Ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Blockchain. The program has a keen interest in AI, Web3, privacy, security, and infrastructure technologies. The accelerator is committed to offering equitable access, funding, and guidance to underrepresented founders. This includes Black, Hispanic, Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs. Participants benefit from a network of mentors, thought leaders, and investors from Techstars and eBay. This culminates in a Demo Day where startups showcase their progress to potential investors. Key figures involved in this initiative are founders Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis. The standard deal for startups in the program is $120K for 6% equity. The program focuses on empowering startups to succeed in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape through innovation and strategic partnerships.

Techstars Future of Ecommerce powered by eBay's Website
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5) Techstars Oakland by JP Morgan

Techstars Oakland by JP Morgan - building California's entrepreneurial future

Techstars Oakland powered by J.P. Morgan is a dynamic accelerator focused on transformative technologies at the intersection of AI, Fintech, HealthTech, EdTech, and ClimateTech. The program, open to all founders, provides access to a vibrant network of successful founders, mentors, universities, and conferences. The accelerator has a strong emphasis on fostering connections with Silicon Valley and supporting entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. The Spring 2024 class includes 24 startups deeply connected to their mission, customer-centric, and committed to continuous learning. The accelerator runs for 13 weeks in two formats, with Demo Day occurring in March 2024. Founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, Techstars Oakland offers early-stage VC and seed funding and specializes in industries such as AI, Fintech, Healthcare Tech, and General Tech. With a mission to dismantle barriers that limit opportunities, Techstars Oakland by J.P. Morgan is the go-to program for startups seeking growth, support, and innovative partnerships. 🚀

Techstars Oakland by JP Morgan's Website
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6) Techstars Los Angeles Powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars Los Angeles Powered by J.P. Morgan - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Techstars Los Angeles powered by J.P. Morgan is an accelerator program focused on supporting Black, Hispanic, Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs in various sectors including healthcare, wellness, B2B SaaS, Deep Tech, Energy, Robotics, FinTech, Mobility, Logistics, PropTech, CPG, and Climate Tech. The program lasts approximately three months and selects a cohort of startups, concluding with a Demo Day for pitches to potential investors and partners. Founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, the accelerator provides $120K for 6% equity to early-stage companies in the robotics industry. It offers mentorship from experienced professionals, access to resources, and a supportive community to help underrepresented founders overcome barriers and accelerate their growth. By leveraging game-changing investment partnerships, Techstars Los Angeles aims to create opportunities for founders from all backgrounds to thrive in the startup ecosystem.

Techstars Los Angeles Powered by J.P. Morgan's Website
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7) 500 Startups - San Francisco Accelerator

500 Startups - San Francisco Accelerator - supporting California's best founders

A renowned 16-week startup accelerator program is located in San Francisco, California. With a standard deal offering a $150,000 investment for a 6% stake in the participating startup, the program charges a $37,500 participation fee that is deducted from the investment amount. Startups receive hands-on support in business and product strategy, growth metrics, and investor pitches. Additionally, they benefit from a vast network comprising over 1,000 founders, 200+ mentors, and the 500 Startups staff, fostering invaluable relationships and partnerships. The curriculum includes expert-led sessions covering various topics such as marketing, culture, product design, and finance, offering a comprehensive educational experience likened to a 'Startup MBA on steroids.' Accepting startups from diverse domains like healthcare tech, fintech, and general tech, the program has been instrumental in shaping venture capital and supporting early-stage startup innovation. Notable founders of 500 Startups include Brian Curliss, Christine Tsai, and Dave McClure, with successful startups like [Notable Founder/Start-Up Beneficiary]. If you're an ambitious founder seeking to elevate your startup to new heights, the San Francisco Accelerator is the ideal platform to propel your entrepreneurial journey.

500 Startups - San Francisco Accelerator's Website
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8) 500 Startups

500 Startups - building California's entrepreneurial future

500 Global, formerly known as 500 Startups, is a renowned venture capital firm headquartered in San Francisco, California. With assets under management totaling over $2.4 billion, the company invests in founders building fast-growing technology companies in various industries such as Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and General Tech. The flagship Accelerator Program offered by 500 Global spans a duration of four months, providing startups accepted into the program with a $150,000 investment in exchange for a 6% equity stake. The program boasts a supportive community of over 1,000 founders, 200+ mentors, and the 500 staff, enabling valuable networking opportunities and partnerships. Founders benefit from a comprehensive curriculum covering key topics like marketing, culture, startup accounting, product design, sales, and finance, as well as hands-on support for business and product strategy, growth metrics, and investor pitches. Notable founders of the company include Brian Curliss, Christine Tsai, and Dave McClure. The program also offers perks such as office space, mentorship, and connections to investors and potential customers.

500 Startups's Website
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9) Plug and Play

Plug and Play - connecting start-up founders with success

Plug and Play Tech Center, founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, is an international startup accelerator headquartered in Sunnyvale, California since 1990. It acts as a vital link between startups and established corporations, running over 100 industry-focused accelerator programs in 50 global locations. These three-month programs offer resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities, driving technological progress in areas like Advanced Manufacturing, Fintech, Health, Mobility, and more. While the exact number of startups associated is unspecified, the organization invests in over 250 companies annually alongside renowned venture capitalists. Startups benefit from connections with corporates, VCs, and industry experts, as well as a collaborative workspace in Silicon Valley. The accelerator also keeps startups informed on tech trends and industry news. With a diverse range of specialization domains from Edtech to Robotics and funding types including Seed and Series A, Plug and Play Tech Center excels at fostering innovation and facilitating valuable connections in the business world.

Plug and Play's Website
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10) Plug and Play Startup Camp

Plug and Play Startup Camp - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Plug and Play Startup Camp is an innovation platform that connects the largest corporations with the world's best startups in various industries such as Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and General Tech. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the 10-week accelerator program immerses entrepreneurs into the Silicon Valley environment, offering intensive support to startups. Since 2006, it has accelerated numerous startups, facilitating partnerships with corporate clients and investments ranging from $25,000 to $500,000. Startups benefit from a client pipeline of over 400 major corporate partners, private dealflow sessions, equity-free acceleration, and the opportunity to participate in the Global Overseas Acceleration & Learning program. With a focus on technology, health, retail, and more, the organization provides tailored support to startups disrupting various sectors, making it a sought-after platform for entrepreneurs seeking investment opportunities, global exposure, and specialized mentorship to propel their ventures forward.

Plug and Play Startup Camp's Website
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11) PlugAndPlay - Insurtech Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Insurtech Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Plug and Play Insurtech Accelerator is an innovation platform that aims to revolutionize the insurance industry by fostering collaboration between 35 insurtech startups and leading insurers. With a three-month business development program, the accelerator focuses on a variety of domains within insurance including fraud detection, process automation, data enrichment, customer experience, underwriting products, auto insurance tech, and healthcare solutions. Startups in the program get the opportunity to interact with 280 corporate partners and explore the impact of AI on the insurance landscape. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the accelerator serves as a bridge between traditional insurers and startups, driving positive change in the industry. Specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Fintech industries, the program offers early-stage VC and seed funding, making a lasting impact on the future of insurance innovation.

PlugAndPlay - Insurtech Accelerator's Website
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12) PlugAndPlay - Internet of Things Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Internet of Things Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Founded in 2006, the PlugAndPlay - Internet of Things Accelerator is a three-month startup accelerator program located in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Specializing in the Internet of Things (IoT), it has invested in 974 startups with 88 successful exits, holding a Crunchbase Rank of 144. Startups benefit from an equity-free program, industry connections, and business development support, with opportunities for early-stage VC and seed funding. The accelerator acts as an innovation platform, connecting tech startups with corporations, offering a dynamic ecosystem for innovation. With founders including Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the focus industries include Fintech. The program is always open for applications, providing a unique blend of mentorship, resources, and networking to help IoT startups scale and succeed in the tech ecosystem.

PlugAndPlay - Internet of Things Accelerator's Website
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13) PlugAndPlay - Brand and Retail Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Brand and Retail Accelerator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Plug and Play Brand & Retail Accelerator is an innovation platform connecting forward-thinking brands, retailers, and consumer packaged goods (CPGs) with startups influencing the retail industry. The accelerator runs twice a year, selecting 20-30 retail startups disrupting the field from 2,000 global applications annually. The program lasts for 3 months and covers domains like New Business Models, Customer Experience, and E-Commerce while offering equity-free acceleration. Plug and Play facilitates collaboration between startups and retail industry players to drive innovation and positive change. It was founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi. The organization focuses on Ecommerce startups and provides funding in the form of Early Stage VC and Seed investments, aiming to accelerate growth within 3 months to a level typically achieved in 12 months.

PlugAndPlay - Brand and Retail Accelerator's Website
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14) PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator is a 12-week program running twice a year, connecting early-to-growth stage startups with major financial institutions worldwide. The accelerator focuses on innovation within the financial services industry, covering areas like Open Banking, Payments, Trade Finance, and Wealth Management. The institution boasts a vast network of startups through its 100+ accelerator programs globally. Annually, they invest in over 250 companies alongside prominent venture capitalists, nurturing promising ventures. Participants gain access to a broad ecosystem of 50,000+ startups, stay informed on industry trends, and have the opportunity to launch pilots and POCs with leading financial institutions. With a global presence spanning over 50 locations, PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator drives innovation by working with 500+ industry-leading corporations. Additionally, the organization offers a Fintech Accelerator Program in the Asia-Pacific region, collaborating with significant financial institutions. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the accelerator focuses on industries like Fintech, offering early-stage VC and seed funding to startups.

PlugAndPlay - FinTech Accelerator's Website
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15) PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality

PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality - supporting founders in their growth journey

PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality is a leading innovation platform that aims to connect startups with major corporations in the travel and hospitality industries to foster innovation and drive technological advancements. Their mission is to discover, support, and scale disruptive technologies shaping the future of travel and hospitality, focusing on areas such as boosting revenue, reducing operational costs, improving efficiencies, building customer loyalty, enhancing safety measures, and creating seamless travel experiences. Launched in 2016, the accelerator runs three-month programs twice a year, with each cohort typically consisting of around 20 travel and hospitality startups. Partnered with key industry players, including hospitality brands, airlines, and travel agencies, the program provides startups with networking opportunities, mentorship, investor connections, access to resources like office space and workshops, and culminates in a Demo Day where participants showcase their solutions. In addition to their global reach with an APAC-based Travel & Hospitality accelerator program, PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality collaborates with entities like Abu Dhabi Global Market, Etihad Airways, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the organization focuses on industries like Fintech and offers funding through Early Stage VC and Seed investments as part of their Startup Accelerator programs.

PlugAndPlay - Travel and Hospitality's Website
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16) PlugAndPlay - Supply Chain Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Supply Chain Accelerator - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Plug and Play Supply Chain Accelerator is an innovation platform that connects large corporations with technology startups to drive change in the supply chain and logistics industry. Through a 12-week accelerator program, early-stage and growth-stage startups engage with major corporate clients to build their businesses. It runs two startup accelerator programs in the supply chain vertical per year, selecting startups to participate in each cohort. The accelerator collaborates with anchor partners like Volvo Group and A.P. Moller-Maersk, providing startups with traction and guidance from investors and corporate clients. Specializing in various supply chain domains, including raw materials, manufacturing, and distribution, startups benefit from networking opportunities and insights into industry trends. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the accelerator offers startups the chance to collaborate with industry leaders, receive mentorship, and accelerate their growth in the sector agnostic supply chain and logistics industry. Funding types include Early Stage VC and Seed, with a program duration of 3 months.

PlugAndPlay - Supply Chain Accelerator's Website
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17) PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

At the forefront of revolutionizing the future of healthcare, PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator connects top startups worldwide with corporations aiming to innovate in the healthcare industry. Specializing in digital health technologies like Telemedicine, Illness Management, Pharma, and more, the accelerator challenges clinical practices, enhances data analytics, and optimizes the patient journey through care continuums. With a focus on AI, Big Data, IoT Sensors, and Wearables, startups benefit from the program's global network. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the accelerator has seen success in supporting health tech startups. PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator collaborates with corporations seeking healthcare innovation. Corporate partners engage with over 30,000 international startups, participate in numerous events, and gain valuable insights into industry trends to drive digital transformation. The accelerator offers a 3-month program, aiding startups in making a lasting impact in the healthcare sector.

PlugAndPlay - Health Accelerator's Website
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18) PlugAndPlay - Real Estate and Construction

PlugAndPlay - Real Estate and Construction - supporting California's best founders

The PlugAndPlay Real Estate & Construction accelerator is a 3-month program designed to connect forward-thinking corporations with the best startups in the industry. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the platform aims to accelerate real estate and construction startups in partnership with corporations looking to disrupt real estate tech. The accelerator, focusing on real estate technology and construction-related innovations, operates twice a year, facilitating collaboration within its ecosystem to redefine the built environment. This program falls under the 'Startup Accelerator' category and provides an opportunity for selected startups to engage with a consortium of corporate partners. PlugAndPlay has established itself as an innovation platform that bridges the gap between startups and large corporations in sectors such as Fintech and Real Estate Tech. The accelerator offers various benefits to participants, creating a conducive environment for industry innovation.

PlugAndPlay - Real Estate and Construction's Website
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19) PlugAndPlay - Food and Beverage Accelerator

PlugAndPlay - Food and Beverage Accelerator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

PlugAndPlay - Food and Beverage Accelerator is a stage-agnostic, 12-week innovation platform based in Silicon Valley. The accelerator collaborates with food tech startups, offering mentorship, networking, and corporate business development support. Operating twice a year, each cohort lasts three months and provides resources like pitch events and mentorship. The institution focuses on farm-to-table technology innovations in sectors like personalized nutrition, food safety, automation, functional foods, and more. Startups in the program benefit from a vast network of 50,000+ companies, corporate partnerships, pilot opportunities, and industry trend insights. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, the organization supports industries like Ecommerce, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and others. The program offers funding opportunities, aiming to drive innovation and growth in the food tech sector. If you're a food tech entrepreneur seeking transformation in the industry, this accelerator provides a valuable platform for your startup's journey.

PlugAndPlay - Food and Beverage Accelerator's Website
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20) Plug and Play Tech Center

Plug and Play Tech Center - building California's entrepreneurial future

Established in 1990, the organization is an international startup accelerator known for connecting major corporations with startups through industry-focused accelerator programs. They operate over 100 accelerator programs globally, supporting startups with mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities tailored to industries like entertainment, agriculture tech, fintech, and more. The institution invests in over 250 companies yearly alongside renowned venture capital firms to fuel startup growth and scalability. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, it offers a co-working community in Silicon Valley for startups to collaborate and access a vast network of 400 corporate partners. By fostering collaboration between corporations and entrepreneurs, the organization accelerates innovation worldwide, making it a key player in the startup ecosystem across industries such as renewable energy, healthcare tech, blockchain, and real estate tech.

Plug and Play Tech Center's Website
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LAUNCH - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

LAUNCH Accelerator, co-founded by Jason Calacanis and Kevin Delano, is an intensive 15-week program supporting early-stage startups aiming to achieve product-market fit and raise a pre-seed round. Each cohort, consisting of 7 startups, receives mentorship, resources, and the opportunity to engage with over 300 investors. The accelerator focuses on startups in the pre-Series A stage, requiring traction metrics like $2,000+ monthly recurring revenue for enterprise startups, 3,000+ daily active users for consumer products, and MVPs for deep-tech startups. Specializing in domains such as AI, e-commerce, and creator tooling, it provides a platform for startups across various industries, including E-commerce, Robotics, and Healthcare Tech. Graduates have the option for LAUNCH to invest $500,000 or take 50% of their first funding round, emphasizing real-world execution over mere ideas or plans. With a duration of 16 weeks, the program offers a nurturing environment that fosters innovation and connects startups with vital resources and investors.

LAUNCH's Website
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22) Tech Coast Angels San Diego

Tech Coast Angels San Diego - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Tech Coast Angels San Diego, also known as NuFund Venture Group, is a prominent player in the startup ecosystem, headquartered in Southern California. The organization, formerly TCA-SD, boasts a membership of over 425 and manages three angel funds, making it well-positioned to fund and nurture high-growth startups. NuFund focuses on investing in technology and life science companies, including software, biotech, cleantech, and digital health. They have a strong network of 300 active accredited investors and typically invest around $12 million annually, leading financing rounds ranging from $300K to $1M. NuFund plays a crucial role in the San Diego and Southern California startup community, collaborating with various entrepreneurial organizations. Notable founders of Tech Coast Angels include Luis Villalobos and Steven Mednick. The organization primarily engages in seed, early-stage VC, and late-stage VC funding, supporting diverse industries such as General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, SaaS, Biotech, and Mobile Apps. With a robust investment process and a commitment to quick decisions, NuFund Venture Group is dedicated to driving economic returns and fostering innovation in the startup space.

Tech Coast Angels San Diego's Website
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23) Funders Club

Funders Club - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Funders Club is an online venture capital firm focused on discovering, funding, and supporting the world's most promising startups across consumer and enterprise sectors, including Ecommerce and Fintech. Founded by Alex Mittal and Boris Silver, the organization invests globally in companies demonstrating strong traction, growth, and disruption in big markets. Less than 2% of startups reviewed are offered for investment, highlighting their selective approach. The platform enables investors to participate in funding rounds for vetted startups through single or multi-company funds, with a focus on specific technology sectors or batches from accelerators like Y Combinator and 500 Startups. Funders Club provides a curated selection of startups for investment, aiming to help investors diversify their portfolios. While specific details about the number of funded startups and program duration are not disclosed, their track record showcases the commitment to supporting and investing in high-potential startups.

Funders Club's Website
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24) Founderly

Founderly - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Founderly is an online, remote accelerator tailored for early-stage founders. It aims to lay the groundwork for success by offering support, resources, and valuable connections. The program is structured into two stages focused on developing the founder's mindset, crafting a business plan, creating a minimum sellable product, and acquiring initial customers. Peer-to-peer education is highlighted as a key learning method within the accelerator. The organization takes a holistic approach, blending aspects of a pre-accelerator, founders masterclass, virtual incubator, and an ongoing startup conference. The program emphasizes personal and professional growth, unconventional investment strategies, and building a global network. Founderly prides itself on fostering founders across diverse industries such as Fintech, General Tech, and Blockchain. Led by founder Vattan PS, the accelerator engages in startup accelerator programs and supports various funding types including Debt, Early Stage VC, Grant, Late Stage VC, Private Equity, and Seed funding. It hosts a vibrant global community spanning 60+ countries, offers visibility-boosting initiatives, personal growth techniques, insights into venture capital workings, and guidance on navigating the Web3 ecosystem.

Founderly's Website
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25) The Fabric

The Fabric - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

The Fabric is a Silicon Valley-based pre-Series A startup foundry and accelerator founded by highly experienced serial entrepreneurs, including Prabakar Sundarrajan, Rajan Raghavan, and Sumant Mandal. Specializing in the cloud/IoT infrastructure space, it collaborates with early-stage entrepreneurs and venture capitalist firms, focusing on scaling PyTorch models for deep learning research and development. The program offers a platform with state-of-the-art distributed training features to efficiently train large models, supporting various hardware accelerators like CPU, GPU (NVIDIA, AMD, Apple Silicon), and TPU. The Fabric provides fast implementation, maximum flexibility, and maximum control over PyTorch workflows, enabling minimal code changes for scaling. Although specific metrics such as the number of associated startups and investors remain undisclosed, the accelerator emphasizes co-creation and idea development with a focus on artificial intelligence. Funding types include seed and early-stage VC, while the program's duration and funded startups are not explicitly mentioned. With a toolbox approach, users can tailor their training and inference logic while leveraging Fabric's capabilities for accelerated model development.

The Fabric's Website
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26) Science Center

Science Center - California's true entrepreneurial hub

The University City Science Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, operates the Science Center accelerator hub, fostering entrepreneurial activity, healthcare innovation, and economic growth. The center offers two accelerators: Launch Lane, focusing on technology or technology-enabled companies with commercial-ready prototypes, and the Global Startup Accelerator, supporting companies in Greater Philadelphia looking to expand to India with a focus on health technology improving population health. Launch Lane accepts both hardware and software solutions, with applications open until December 9th, providing access to a network of advisors and industry leaders. The Global Startup Accelerator's application deadline is December 1st, offering insights into the Indian market and international expansion opportunities. Founded by Sandra McElligott, the institution concentrates on industries like Healthcare Tech and Edtech, nurturing a diverse STEM workforce and benefiting startups with valuable resources and networking opportunities.

Science Center's Website
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27) AI Fund

AI Fund - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

AI Fund, also known as the House AI Accelerator, is a VC firm specializing in AI startups. Supported by LPs like NEA, Sequoia, and Greylock, the accelerator offers funding ranging from $200K to $1M on a post-money SAFE. Additionally, it provides perks like up to $750K in free and discounted software and services, including support from OpenAI and technology from partners like Databricks and Microsoft. The program, tailored to each startup, includes mentorship from AI experts at Google, business development support, fundraising assistance, and a community of over 200 founders. Notable alumni companies include Databricks, Flexport, Anyscale, and Superhuman. Founded by Andrew Ng, Eric Strasser, and Renate Nyborg, the organization leverages Berkeley's network to support Cal alumni, faculty, and students in launching AI startups. Ultimately, it shapes the entrepreneurship landscape at Berkeley and accelerates the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on the world.

AI Fund's Website
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28) LAUNCH Fund

LAUNCH Fund - supporting California's best founders

LAUNCH Fund accelerator is an early-stage investment firm and media company that supports founders, inspires innovation, and backs builders. The program has hosted 28 cohorts, each with seven startups, focusing on fundraising, growth, and community building. Graduating startups can receive a $500,000 investment or have LAUNCH take 50% of their first funding round. The 15-week accelerator offers networking opportunities with 700+ investors, including top Silicon Valley venture capital firms. While having a broad focus on technology and innovation, startups from various sectors like tech, consumer goods, and services have participated. With mentorship from experienced venture partners, LAUNCH emphasizes achieving product-market fit and go-to-market strategies for scalable impact. Founded by Jason Calacanis and Kevin Delano, the program looks for companies with revenue potential and significant impact in the General Tech industry. Lasting 16 weeks, it provides a structured program, funding, and a vast investor network for early-stage startups seeking growth.

LAUNCH Fund's Website
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29) Next47

Next47 - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Founded by Siemens in 2016, Next47 operates as an accelerator unit that supports groundbreaking entrepreneurs by investing in innovative ideas and accelerating revenue growth through global customer access. The organization anticipates disruptions and invests in visionary opportunities to drive sustainable growth. With 250+ customer relationships spanning 15 countries, Next47 fosters long-term partnerships with startups, offering continuous support and guidance. Focusing on disruptive technologies across energy, healthcare, and mobility, Next47 provides startups with valuable connections, insights, and advice to drive substantial success. Led by key figure Lak Ananth, the organization plays a vital role in Siemens' innovation ecosystem. Its long-term partnerships, global reach, and enterprise expertise position it as a valuable resource for startups looking to scale and thrive in various industries such as General Tech, Real Estate Tech, Healthcare Tech, SaaS, Fintech, Robotics, and Cybersecurity. With funding types including Series A, B, C, and D, Next47 continues to play a crucial role in shaping the future of enterprise innovation.

Next47's Website
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30) Alchemist Accelerator

Alchemist Accelerator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Renowned for its support of start-ups at the seed stage, specifically those deriving revenue from enterprise clients, the accelerator offers a six-month program exclusively for founders with strong technical backgrounds. Each class is limited to 25 teams who receive $36k in funding in exchange for 5% equity, gaining access to top-tier enterprise customer adopters for validation. With a European hub, the accelerator has supported over 650 start-ups, with more than 50% securing funding post-graduation, amassing a total of $3.9 billion in raised capital. The program, lasting 26 weeks, focuses on industries like Healthcare Tech and Fintech and is led by founders Haamid Ali and Ravi Belani. Notable founders and backers like Khosla Ventures, DFJ, Cisco, Siemens, GE, and Salesforce contribute to its success. Recognized as the top accelerator by CB Insights, it prides itself on its exceptional mentor network, global market expertise, and emphasis on technical co-founders, making it a premier choice for enterprise-focused start-ups looking to revolutionize the market.

Alchemist Accelerator's Website
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31) Google for Startups Accelerator

Google for Startups Accelerator - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Google for Startups Accelerator is a three-month program that provides early stage startups with Google products, people, and best practices. The accelerator, part of Google, offers tailored technical, product, and leadership training to growth-stage startups globally. Each cohort consists of 10-15 top startups collaborating to tackle specific technical challenges. The program includes remote and in-person sessions, mentorship, group learning, and sprint projects. Founders outline their challenges and work with Google and industry experts to address them. The accelerator features deep dives on product design, customer acquisition, and leadership development. Startups between Seed and Series A stages, focusing on scalable products with AI and ML technologies, and with commitment from technical roles are eligible. It focuses on AI, machine learning, and cloud technology startups. SORTD, founded by Wayne Silbermann, benefited from mentorship, OKRs, and Design Sprints. Participants gain access to Google products, networking, and industry exposure. The Brazil-specific program is a virtual accelerator for high-potential AI First startups in Brazil.

Google for Startups Accelerator's Website
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32) Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum - supporting founders in their growth journey

Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network with more than 2,500 accredited investor members across 47 chapters on 3 continents. Based in California, the organization provides early, seed, and later stage venture, and debt financing investments. With 53 chapters spanning 4 continents, their mission is to expedite a company's journey to market growth and liquidity through active engagement with entrepreneurs, offering hands-on support unlike traditional accelerators. They offer programs like the K2 Velocity Program, a three-month initiative focusing on propelling companies from high potential to rapid growth by leveraging an interdisciplinary group of experts. The Management Team Program addresses critical needs of early-stage companies by enhancing management effectiveness and resource allocation. The accelerator's specialization domains span various industries such as Robotics, Food and Beverage, and SaaS among others. Notable founders of Keiretsu Forum include Carlos Trenchs Sainz de la Maza and Randy Williams. The forum emphasizes investor alignment, international market entry, expertise, and risk reduction to nurture best-of-breed investment opportunities for rapid growth and liquidity.

Keiretsu Forum's Website
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33) Forum Ventures

Forum Ventures - connecting start-up founders with success

Forum Ventures, founded in 2014, is an early-stage fund, startup accelerator, and community dedicated to supporting B2B SaaS tech startups in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto. With over 210 portfolio companies globally, the accelerator has made 250 pre-seed and seed stage investments, fostering startup growth and success. The organization, previously known as Acceleprise, offers expertise in go-to-market strategies, early sales, fundraising, and more. Notable founders of Forum Ventures include Elif Tutuk, Karen (Appleton) Page, Michael Cardamone, Nick Mehta, and Rowan Trollope. Forum Ventures collaborates with top funds like A16z, Bessemer Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, and CRV to assist founders in securing follow-on funding. Their supportive community of mentors and experts plays a pivotal role in startup success, offering connections, mentorship, and a nurturing environment. Positioned as a valuable resource, Forum Ventures provides seed-stage funding, industry-leading guidance, community support, and end-to-end assistance throughout the 8-week program duration for B2B SaaS founders aiming to thrive in the Ecommerce and Fintech industries.

Forum Ventures's Website
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34) NfX

NfX - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

NFX operates as a pre-seed and seed stage VC firm, specializing in providing rapid funding, founder-friendly terms, and a supportive network for early-stage startups across various domains. The accelerator was founded by experienced entrepreneurs like Gigi Levy Weiss, Pete Flint, and Stan Chudnovsky, aiming to transform how true innovators are funded by offering FAST Seed Funding, with investments ranging from $1M to $2M for 15% equity commitment within 9 days. The program, historically lasting for 12 weeks, has locations in San Francisco (US) and Israel, focusing on startups primarily in the US market. NFX Accelerator invests in industries such as Fashion and Apparel, Gaming, Space Tech, Cybersecurity, Healthcare Tech, and more. Founders receiving funding join the NFX Guild, a community of 125+ top Founders for mutual support. The accelerator uses a SAFE investment structure with a standard deal of $120K for 5% equity, along with additional perks like transparent processes and digital interactions. NFX's mission is to empower exceptional Founders building market-transforming companies through its comprehensive programs and investments in early-stage VC, seed, Series A, and Series B funding types.

NfX's Website
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35) Boost VC Accelerator

Boost VC Accelerator - supporting California's best founders

Boost VC Accelerator is a renowned program that invests $500,000 in startups for a 15% equity stake along with providing housing, office space, and a structured program. Since 2012, they have made 250+ investments in innovative teams from over 33 countries. Specializing in Sci-Fi Tech, the accelerator focuses on various domains including Cryptocurrency (e.g., Coinbase), Virtual Reality (e.g., Wave), Space Exploration (e.g., Kubos), and Biotechnology (e.g., InterVenn). Founded by Adam Draper and Brayton Williams, Boost VC targets early-stage deep tech startups with pre-seed valuations between $3 million to $7 million, investing in companies raising less than $1 million. Their accelerator program, held twice a year, hosts 10 companies each cohort, offering mentorship, networking, and resources to foster growth. Additionally, the institution organizes a Demo Day event for Deep Tech startups and investors, facilitating connections and showcasing progress. If you are a Sci-Fi founder in domains like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Blockchain, Biotech, or Space Tech, Boost VC is the ideal platform to accelerate your startup and shape the future.

Boost VC Accelerator's Website
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36) HAX Venture Capital

HAX Venture Capital - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

HAX Venture Capital is a pioneer in accelerating pre-seed startups focused on hard tech, specifically aiding companies in sustainability areas like climate, industrial automation, and human health. The organization has locations in Newark, New Jersey, and Shenzhen, as well as in San Francisco, Pune, and Tokyo. HAX provides a 6-month collaborative residency with an initial investment of $250,000 and hands-on engineering support. Graduating over 250 startups since 2012, HAX alumni have collectively raised nearly $2 billion, establishing a total value exceeding $8 billion. The accelerator specializes in domains such as climate, industrial automation, and human health. Startups benefit from access to a global community of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs, along with networks of manufacturers, experts, and investors within the hard tech sector. The key people behind HAX Venture Capital include Cyril Ebersweiler, Jay Bullen, Saeid Masudy Panah, Sajjad Rimaz, Sean O'Sullivan, Sofia Bensily, and Syed Shakeel Ahmed. Industries supported by HAX include Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Fintech, Biotech, and Cybersecurity, while the programs offered are Startup Accelerator and Venture Capital Investor, with funding types focusing on Seed investments and a standard deal of $250K for a duration of 26 weeks.

HAX Venture Capital's Website
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37) One Million by One Million

One Million by One Million - California's true entrepreneurial hub

One Million by One Million is a global virtual accelerator founded in 2010 by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Sramana Mitra. The accelerator's mission is to nurture entrepreneurs in the IT and IT-enabled services businesses by providing critical resources and mentorship. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley and aims to help a million entrepreneurs globally reach a million dollars in annual revenue to create a trillion dollars in global GDP and ten million jobs. The program offers a Premium Program with features like accelerated education, online mentoring, personal introductions to investors, customers, and media, as well as PR and media coverage, among others, for a $1000 annual membership fee with an estimated ROI of $375,000 + 5-10% equity. Notable founders like Girish Mathrubootham from Freshworks have praised the program for its valuable connections and support. Other entrepreneurs have also benefited from the program by refining their pitches and market analyses. One Million by One Million stands out as a trailblazing accelerator, focusing on empowering entrepreneurs to achieve significant revenue milestones while fostering economic growth and job creation globally.

One Million by One Million's Website
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38) Vena Vitals

Vena Vitals - supporting California's best founders

Vena Vitals is a medical technology startup based in Irvine, California. The company is dedicated to creating a continuous non-invasive blood pressure monitor in sticker form. Honored with the 2020 MedTech Innovator Execution Award and the Virginia Shimer Rybski Memorial Award for its innovative approach, Vena Vitals' strong leadership and dedication to enhancing patient care in the cardiovascular health sector are evident. Founded by Rory Moore and Walter Davis, the company specializes in medical technology and operates within various industries including General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Biotech, and Cybersecurity. The accelerator program focuses on supporting Vena Vitals' groundbreaking work in non-invasive blood pressure monitoring. The company's commitment to pioneering medical solutions positions it as a frontrunner in the industry with a promising future ahead.

Vena Vitals's Website
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39) Stanford University - Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

Stanford University - Center for Entrepreneurial Studies - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Stanford Graduate School of Business is dedicated to building a dynamic global community of entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are changing the world. Known for its graduate programs in law, medicine, education, and business, Stanford University offers over 50 different courses in entrepreneurship and innovation through Stanford GSB, often in collaboration with accomplished entrepreneurs and investors. The Startup Garage program allows student teams to design and test new business concepts addressing real-world needs. Courses like 'Formation of New Ventures' and 'Managing Growing Enterprises' focus on entrepreneurial situations and challenges in scaling companies. Beyond the classroom, Stanford GSB provides co-curricular programs such as the Stanford Venture Studio and the Entrepreneurial Summer Program. The CES accelerator, founded by Steve Blank, offers mentorship, resources, community, and networking opportunities, connecting entrepreneurs with industry leaders and investors, fostering successful ventures in industries like Edtech and General Tech.

Stanford University - Center for Entrepreneurial Studies's Website
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40) Stanford Peace Innovation Lab

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab - supporting California's best founders

The institution known as Stanford Peace Innovation Lab was incubated by Stanford Universitys Persuasive Tech Lab in 2008 and formally launched in 2010 by Mark Nelson, Margarita Quihuis, and their team. They focus on leveraging technology for positive social impact. The lab designs methods to achieve consistent positive, pro-social behavior through mediating technology, exploring the intersection of behavioral psychology, technology, innovation, and business. Specializing in researching how technology can foster collaboration across boundaries and reduce negative engagement, its mission is to increase positive peace through digital and real-world urban-scale innovations. The lab's work contributes to understanding how technology enhances collaboration and positive outcomes. Their latest publication, 'The Peace Data Standard', aims to measure peace creation and the economic value of strengthening societal connections. With a diverse approach, drawing from psychology, technology, and business, the institution remains dedicated to its goal. Industries associated with Stanford Peace Innovation Lab include Edtech and General Tech, and it was founded by Steve Blank.

Stanford Peace Innovation Lab's Website
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41) Stanford Blockchain Club

Stanford Blockchain Club - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Stanford Blockchain Accelerator, affiliated with the Stanford Blockchain Club, is the pioneering blockchain-focused accelerator at Stanford University. It is managed by an Alumni Board and current Stanford students. The accelerator's mission is to support Stanford student and alumni founders in creating ventures that advance blockchain adoption in various sectors such as infrastructure, developer tools, analytics, and real-world applications. With 36 teams supported, over 90% have collectively raised more than $80 million, with 70% launching products and generating revenue within 6 months post-program. Steve Blank is among the notable founders associated with the accelerator. Spanning several months, the program offers mentorship, a strong community, and demo days for networking and investor opportunities. The accelerator's diverse approach covers domains like infrastructure, developer tools, and real-world use cases, contributing significantly to blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship in the Stanford University ecosystem.

Stanford Blockchain Club's Website
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42) Stanford LaunchPad

Stanford LaunchPad - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Stanford LaunchPad, a renowned accelerator affiliated with Stanford University, has been a pillar of entrepreneurial innovation for over 14 years. Led by adjunct professor Perry Klebahn, the accelerator focuses on guiding 10 new ventures through a 10-week program each Spring quarter, prioritizing hands-on experience and rapid business development. With a track record of success, 60% of LaunchPad ventures are still operational, having collectively raised an impressive $600 million in venture capital funding and generated thousands of new jobs. While specializing in diverse industry sectors such as Edtech, the organization offers participants access to a robust startup network including investors, mentors, and top incubators like Alchemist and Y Combinator. Additionally, startups benefit from working space in Silicon Valley, immersing themselves in the thriving tech ecosystem. Notable founders like Steve Blank have been associated with the program, demonstrating its reputation for fostering successful businesses that contribute significantly to Stanford's entrepreneurial landscape.

Stanford LaunchPad's Website
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43) SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco

SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Established in 2017, the accelerator program SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco is located in SOMA, the tech hub of San Francisco. Specializing in B2B Sales & Services, it collaborates with startups to help them start and scale with SAP. The most recent cohort consisted of 11 startups who benefited from a zero-cost accelerator experience, gaining access to SAP APIs, technologies, and opportunities to engage with SAP's customer base. With a duration of 13 weeks, the program is led by founder Ram Jambunathan, aiming to reinvent business operations through innovation. The accelerator focuses on industries such as Entertainment, Agriculture Tech, Consumer Electronics, Fashion and Apparel, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, and SaaS. By assisting startups with SAP integration and growth, SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco offers valuable support and collaboration for early-stage companies in the B2B sector.

SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco's Website
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44) EvoNexus

EvoNexus - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

EvoNexus is a non-profit, location-based incubator in San Diego that empowers entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into commercially viable companies. They have a proven track record with 54 acquisitions, indicating a substantial number of startups have been part of their program. The organization has facilitated its portfolio companies in raising $138 million in funding during the first quarter of 2024. Unlike traditional accelerators, EvoNexus incubates companies for up to 2 years, allowing them to refine strategies and achieve significant milestones. The accelerator specializes in technology ventures across sectors such as Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Biotech, and Cybersecurity. EvoNexus offers valuable perks like access to early-stage ventures, strategic startup admissions, early-stage investment opportunities, access to talent & IP, and a spin-out platform. Key people behind EvoNexus are founders Rory Moore and Walter Davis. Notable startups like CARI Health have benefited from EvoNexus, with CARI Health being the 2023 Demo Day Winner.

EvoNexus's Website
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45) Founder Friendly Labs

Founder Friendly Labs - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Founder Friendly Labs (FFL) is an equity-free startup accelerator tailored for seasoned professionals in diverse industries like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Artificial Intelligence, and Fintech. Founded by Mendel Chuang and Samantha Quist, the accelerator prides itself on offering a low-commitment experience, acknowledging the demanding schedules of founders. FFL has nurtured over 200 startups since its establishment in 2011, counting notable alumni such as Carta, Moloco, Osmo, Amiato, Aviate, and Pixelapse among its success stories. The founders of FFL bring rich expertise from renowned companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more, covering a wide array of domains such as AI, Machine Learning, VR, and Financial Planning. The accelerator's inclusive approach transcends specific industries, promoting the cross-pollination of ideas. Startups enrolled in the program benefit from peer mentoring, startup and cloud credits from partners like Amazon Web Services and Carta, as well as community support and expert advice on product, design, and PR, creating an environment where professionals collaborate, learn, and grow their startups, all without sacrificing equity.

Founder Friendly Labs's Website
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46) Stanford Technology Ventures Program

Stanford Technology Ventures Program - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Provides tools for aspiring entrepreneurs to build global innovations.

Stanford Technology Ventures Program's Website
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47) Band of Angels

Band of Angels - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Band of Angels is Silicon Valley's oldest angel investment group, comprising over 150 active investors who are former and current high-tech executives. In 2017, they evaluated 1,000 deals and invested in 22 of them. The accelerator covers various domains such as technology, healthcare, and consumer products, supporting startups in industries like Healthcare Tech, Mobile Apps, General Tech, and SaaS. It offers ongoing mentorship, access to capital through its investor network, networking opportunities, and educational events to enhance founders' knowledge and skills. Founded by Dan Forootan and Marcus Yang, the organization serves as a vital bridge between early-stage companies and angel investors, fostering innovation and growth in the startup ecosystem. The accelerator provides financial and advisory services to start-up companies, specializing in funding types like Seed, Early Stage VC, and Late Stage VC. Band of Angels plays a crucial role in supporting early-stage startups and driving entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

Band of Angels's Website
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48) Amplify

Amplify - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Amplify is an early-stage venture fund and startup accelerator located in Venice, CA, and widely recognized as a leading institution in the Los Angeles technology scene. Founded in 2011, it specializes in making early investments in promising startups, offering support from the initial pre-seed stage through seed and Series A funding rounds. The accelerator has backed dozens of companies, with its portfolio firms collectively securing over half a billion dollars in funding and achieving successful exits to prominent industry players like Apple, Google, and FanDuel. The organization supports a diverse array of technology startups spanning industries such as Consumer Electronics, Fintech, and SaaS, with a keen focus on fostering innovation and aiding entrepreneurs in scaling their ventures. Co-founded by Jeff Solomon, Oded Noy, Paul Bricault, and Richard Wolpert, Amplify provides participating startups with invaluable perks such as mentorship from seasoned industry professionals, access to LA's vibrant startup ecosystem for networking and investor connections, and crucial resources to drive growth during the early stages of their development.

Amplify's Website
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49) Idealab

Idealab - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Idealab is a pioneering technology incubator that creates ground-breaking companies with innovative products and services. Founded by Marcia Goodstein, Mark Goodstein, Tom Hughes, and William T Gross, the organization has successfully nurtured start-ups by providing resources for the rapid introduction of new ideas. The accelerator, initiated in Portuguese universities in 2009, empowers individuals, accelerates learning, and contributes to strengthening ecosystems, society, and the economy. With 17 editions completed, the program has developed 255 ideas from 570 entrepreneurs in domains such as technology, green businesses, and women's entrepreneurship. Various initiatives like Academia Boost, Agora Emprega, and ClimateLaunchpad offer tailored support, mentorship, and networking opportunities to foster entrepreneurship. Notable programs include Business in a Box, FemTech, and MAKE, focusing on empowering specific groups like women entrepreneurs and SME teams. Idealab continues to play a crucial role in nurturing innovative ideas and startups in industries like Renewable Energy, General Tech, Clean Energy, Fintech, and SaaS.

Idealab's Website
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50) MuckerLab

MuckerLab - supporting California's best founders

MuckerLab is the operating and acceleration platform of Mucker Capital. It stands out as a unique accelerator program with a personalized approach to working with startups outside Silicon Valley. Unlike typical accelerators, it eschews a cookie-cutter method, focusing on ten to twelve companies annually for a duration of one year or more. This ensures each startup achieves necessary operating milestones for subsequent financing rounds. With a specialization in incubation, pre-seed, seed, startup, and early-stage investments, the organization collaborates closely with 20-25 startups yearly. The majority of its startups have successfully secured external funding from reputable investors like Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Andreessen Horowitz. The emphasis on hands-on company-building over demo days, coupled with mentorship-driven support and a bespoke model, sets the company apart. Founded by Erik Rannala and William Hsu, MuckerLab is located in Los Angeles and focuses on industries such as Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service). It aids entrepreneurs in achieving product-market fit and accelerating revenue growth.

MuckerLab's Website
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51) UpWest Labs

UpWest Labs - supporting founders in their growth journey

UpWest Labs is a Silicon Valley-based seed fund founded in January 2012. It is uniquely positioned as the only US accelerator program tailored to Israeli startups. The accelerator offers a hands-on approach to drive the success of its portfolio companies in the US market. It provides crucial support such as seed funding, market proximity, and a strong community of peers. Startups accepted into the 4-month program in Palo Alto, California receive a small seed investment and access to a wealth of resources, mentorship, and a network of experts and investors. With a focus on domains like Adtech, B2B, Cloud, Consumer, Ecommerce, and SaaS, UpWest Labs has seen its graduates raise over $50 million in funding. The average seed round exceeds $1 million per company. Notable successes from their portfolio include companies like SlickLogin, Qlika, Senexx, Javelin Networks, ModusP, and Neura, some of which have been acquired by major players like Google, Priceline, and Gartner. Founded by Gil Ben-Artzy and Shuly Galili, UpWest Labs nurtures Israeli entrepreneurial talent by offering access to Silicon Valley expertise and facilitating their entry into the US market.

UpWest Labs's Website
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52) Tower 28

Tower 28 - supporting California's best founders

Tower 28 Accelerator is a program tailored for early-stage beauty and skincare start-ups, offering resources, mentorship, and funding to drive their success. The organization collaborates with multiple companies in the beauty and skincare sector and provides financial backing to boost the growth of successful applicants within the industry. Founded by Amy Liu, the accelerator focuses on domains such as cosmetics and skincare innovation. Participants benefit from experienced mentors, networking opportunities, workspace provisions, potential equity investment, and educational workshops, including demo days to showcase their products. Specializing in fashion and apparel, Tower 28 Beauty offers high-performance beauty products made with non-irritating, clean, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients designed for sensitive skin. The products are available starting at $12, exclusively on their website.

Tower 28's Website
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53) Ferment

Ferment - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Ferment is an accelerator program that specializes in incubating, funding, and launching new companies that utilize programmed biology to shape the future of humanity. Founded by Jason Kakoyiannis, it focuses on a wide range of domains including biotechnology, food and beverage, healthcare, clean energy, and environmental solutions. The accelerator offers resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to early-stage start-ups, aiming to foster innovation and growth within the start-up ecosystem. While specific metrics such as the number of associated start-ups, investors, and funded start-ups are not disclosed, Ferment provides benefits like mentorship, co-working spaces, investor connections, educational workshops, demo days, and networking events. The duration of the program is not explicitly stated, and interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website for the most updated information. Its offerings may evolve over time, so potential participants should check the eligibility criteria and application process for accurate details.

Ferment's Website
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54) SAP.iO

SAP.iO - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

SAP.iO, founded by Ram Jambunathan, is a leading startup accelerator program that brings together customers and startups to foster innovation in the cloud using the power of SAP. Through SAP.iO Foundries, the accelerator provides tailored support to startups collaborating with SAP, assisting them in integrating their solutions and expanding their reach through the organization's extensive global network of customers, partners, and employees. With a track record of aiding over 300 external startups and internal ventures in commencing and expanding their businesses, SAP.iO stands out as a successful accelerator in the industry. Specializing in various domains such as Ecommerce, Agriculture Tech, Fashion and Apparel, General Tech, SaaS, and Biotech, the institution works with startups across diverse industries and technologies. Participants in the 10-week program receive a range of benefits including go-to-market support, technical assistance, workshops, expert guidance, and networking opportunities with key players in the venture capital community. Joint marketing initiatives further enhance visibility among enterprise customers, making SAP.iO a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to grow in the enterprise-focused startup space.

SAP.iO's Website
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55) Mucker Capital

Mucker Capital - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Mucker Capital, led by Greg Bettinelli, is a seed and Series A capital provider emphasizing software and Internet startups outside Silicon Valley, with a particular focus on locations like Los Angeles. Their accelerator program, MuckerLab, operates as an intensive accelerator supporting 20-25 startups annually at the pre-seed stage. Unlike traditional accelerators, MuckerLab takes a personalized approach, aiming to achieve operational milestones by offering hands-on assistance to each company. The startups associated with MuckerLab have a track record of success in raising capital from renowned investors such as Accel Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners. Almost all startups that have gone through MuckerLab have successfully secured additional funding. The program duration is flexible, focusing on company building for one year or as long as necessary. MuckerLab not only provides funding but also offers mentoring, legal aid, and comprehensive support to help entrepreneurs scale their businesses in domains like General Tech and SaaS. Mucker Capital operates across North America and beyond, supporting startups to validate and iterate on their business concepts.

Mucker Capital's Website
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56) Amplify.LA

Amplify.LA - supporting California's best founders

Amplify.LA is a pre-seed fund and hands-on startup accelerator located in Silicon Beach, Venice, CA. The accelerator program lasts four months, emphasizing collaborative efforts among startups and the Amplify team. With a mission to help entrepreneurs amplify their businesses, the organization invests between $50,000 to $150,000 in seed funding for each startup, taking a 5% to 15% equity stake in return. Portfolio companies benefit from free workspace at the Venice campus and extensive hands-on mentorship from experienced investors, mentors, and executives. Specializing in web and mobile markets, Amplify LA aims to assist startups in becoming robust, scalable, and successful. Apart from funding and mentorship, portfolio companies receive free or highly discounted services such as legal, banking, and hosting. Known for being deeply involved with startups, Amplify.LA ensures their growth and success. Notable founders include Jeff Solomon, Oded Noy, Paul Bricault, and Richard Wolpert. The accelerator focuses on industries like Consumer Electronics, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, SaaS, Cybersecurity, Personal Finance, Mobile Apps, and Real Estate Tech, offering funding types ranging from Seed to Series B.

Amplify.LA's Website
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57) Google Launchpad Accelerator

Google Launchpad Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Google Launchpad Accelerator is a multinational accelerator program tailored to support growth-stage startups from emerging markets. The program collaborates with late-stage tech startups in countries like Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Mexico. It spans over a 6-month duration, including a 2-week bootcamp at Google HQ for intensive mentoring by Google product teams and global Launchpad network mentors. Participants benefit from equity-free funding, comprehensive mentorship, and a vast global network, connecting them with experts and mentors worldwide. The program follows a results-driven approach, aiming to deliver tangible outcomes for startups. Notable founders of the program include Larry Page, Samuel Jeanblanc, and Sergey Brin. Google Launchpad Accelerator empowers startups in emerging markets across various tech sectors such as General Tech and SaaS (Software as a Service). Alumni have reported significant improvements in metrics like app installations and active users, with over 8,000 startups in 30+ countries impacted through Launchpad Week and Summits. The accelerator is designed to challenge startups to quickly leverage new technologies for their growth and success.

Google Launchpad Accelerator's Website
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LAUNCH - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

LAUNCH is an accelerator program that bridges innovation with impact. It originated from a collaboration in 2008 between NASA, USAID, the U.S. Department of State, and NIKE. With a focus on sustainability, it has accelerated 111 innovators tackling 13 global challenges. LAUNCH Nordic is part of the initiative, bringing together global industry leaders and regional innovators to foster sustainable material innovations. The accelerator program, known as LAUNCH Accelerator, guides founders in achieving product-market fit and securing a pre-seed round. Each 15-week cohort of this intensive program hosts 7 startups who benefit from engaging with over 300 investors. The program targets startups in the 'Goldilocks Zone,' pre-Series A with some traction, varying based on the startup type. LAUNCH Accelerator specializes in various domains like AI, creator tooling, and e-commerce. Past participants of LAUNCH Accelerator have demonstrated metrics such as $2k+ in monthly recurring revenue, 3k+ daily active users, or a compelling MVP. While the program offers perks like mentorship and networking, its overarching goal is to nurture early-stage startups in industries like Artificial Intelligence to become attractive to investors.

LAUNCH's Website
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59) Heavybit

Heavybit - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Heavybit is a leading investor and accelerator program for developer-first startups. Founded by James Lindenbaum and Tom Drummond in 2013, the organization has been supporting technical founders with tailored support and investment to achieve breakout success. The accelerator program spans over a 9-month period and offers founders tailored strategic and operational plans, weekly mentorship, 1:1 check-ins, domain-specific educational events, and benchmarking against industry leaders, focusing on early go-to-market strategies. Recently, Heavybit launched its first venture capital fund, investing $250k to $1m in each accepted company and continuing to fund startups from Seed through Series B. Specializing in developer and modern enterprise software startups, the institution boasts a community of domain experts, with notable exits including PagerDuty, Citus Data, and TreasureData. Ninety percent of their alumni have successfully raised subsequent funding rounds. Industries served by Heavybit include Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, Fintech, SaaS (Software as a Service), and Cybersecurity. The program duration is 39 weeks, providing intentional capital, pragmatic advice, and executional support to help startups succeed.

Heavybit's Website
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60) ICONIQ Capital

ICONIQ Capital - supporting California's best founders

ICONIQ Capital is a tech-focused investment firm affiliated with ICONIQ Growth. The organization aims to support high-growth companies, particularly in the SaaS sector. The accelerator program offered by ICONIQ Growth focuses on helping SaaS companies efficiently scale and achieve growth. The firm provides data-driven insights, emphasizing efficient growth strategies and addressing the balance between growth and profitability. They analyze key metrics like ARR growth, Net Dollar Retention, and FCF margins from both private and public companies. Although specific industries are not mentioned, ICONIQ Growth specializes in SaaS companies, especially in the B2B space. The institution offers research reports on topics like go-to-market strategies and provides a board reporting template with benchmarks. ICONIQ Capital serves influential families and organizations, with notable founders including Chad Boeding, Divesh Makan, and Michael Anders. The firm focuses on industries such as Edtech, Fintech, Robotics, and more, offering funding types from Series D to Late Stage VC investments.

ICONIQ Capital's Website
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61) Thrive - SVG Ventures

Thrive - SVG Ventures - supporting California's best founders

Spearheaded by founder John Hartnett, Thrive - SVG Ventures collaborates with leading corporations, startups, universities, and growers in the Fintech, Food and Beverage, and Agriculture Tech industries to tackle the significant challenges in agtech and foodtech. As an investment firm, it specializes in early-stage ag-tech and food tech companies. The accelerator program, THRIVE VII Accelerator, recently selected 12 startups from a record-breaking pool of nearly 700 applicants from 78 countries. Participants receive investment, direct access to major agriculture companies and farmers in North America, as well as mentorship from industry leaders. Notable startups that have graduated from the program have generated over $1 billion in value. With a track record of empowering diverse teams, 50% of the THRIVE VII cohort features either a female founder or a woman in their c-suite. Through a blend of virtual and in-person programming, including 4+ months of virtual activities and 2+ weeks of networking, the accelerator aims to drive innovation towards a more efficient, sustainable, and secure agriculture future.

Thrive - SVG Ventures's Website
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62) The House Fund

The House Fund - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The House Fund is a pre-seed and early stage venture capital fund. They focus on supporting Berkeley's top alumni, faculty, and student startups, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. The accelerator invests between $200K up to $1M in funding for each startup and provides up to $750K in perks, including partnerships with companies like Databricks and Microsoft. Startups also receive support from OpenAI in the form of credits and early access to AI-specific technology. The program offers mentorship from AI experts at Google, top Berkeley AI founders, executives, and professors. Notably, seven of the world's leading AI researchers are part of their team, and startups benefit from a vast network of 600,000 Berkeley alumni. The accelerator specializes in AI startups and aims to accelerate their path to success by helping them find product-market fit, secure key customer accounts, build strong teams, raise financing, and achieve growth milestones. They have supported almost 200 founders across 100 companies, including successful ventures like Databricks, Flexport, Superhuman, Crowdbotics, and Oasis Labs. Founded by Jeremy Fiance, their program is tailored for a 10-week duration and attracts entrepreneurs in artificial intelligence, edtech, fintech, and blockchain from the Berkeley community.

The House Fund's Website
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EXPERT DOJO - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Expert DOJO is an international startup accelerator headquartered in Santa Monica, with a global reach through a remote program. The accelerator program spans 3 years and aims to assist startups in scaling their businesses. Participating startups can receive up to $100,000 in total investment, including $20,000 in program fees, with an average investment of $50,000 per startup. Exceptional companies may even secure up to $1,000,000 in follow-on investment. The program structure includes a 4-week virtual accelerator, a 3-year immersion period, weekly growth sessions, strategy sessions with founder Brian Mac Mahon, and participation in specialized mastermind groups. It focuses on startups from various industries like Entertainment, Edtech, Space Tech, and more, emphasizing growth above all else. Additional benefits for startups include a 90% discount on HubSpot services, access to the Brex credit card, AWS credits, and a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs. Notable founder Brian Mac Mahon leads the team at Expert DOJO, guiding startups towards their Series A round and offering unique 3-year support, setting them apart in the accelerator space.

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64) Port of San Diego

Port of San Diego - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

The Port of San Diego, renowned as a waterfront of opportunity, attracts millions of visitors annually, contributing to the prosperity of communities. An innovative champion public-benefit organization, it hosts the Port of San Diego Blue Economy Incubator (BEI) aimed at promoting a sustainable ocean economy and supporting sectors such as aquaculture and marine technology. With an investment of $1.7 million, the BEI assists emerging businesses in the marine environment, focusing on projects that offer social, environmental, and economic benefits. Specializing in aquaculture and blue technology, the BEI provides funding, assets, and support services. Additionally, the organization offers entitlement assistance, access to Port property, and media support. By collaborating with NavalX Southern California Tech Bridge, the BEI connects science, industry, and government networks to encourage innovation and nurture start-ups in sectors like Renewable Energy, Environmental Tech, and Clean Energy. Recognized for harmonizing environmental stewardship with economic advancement, the Port's initiative serves as a model of progress in the marine industry.

Port of San Diego's Website
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65) Expa Labs

Expa Labs - connecting start-up founders with success

Expa Labs, part of a venture studio and VC fund founded by Garrett Camp, offers a highly flexible program tailored for pre-seed startups. Startups can choose between receiving $250,000 for 7% equity or $400,000 for 10% equity, benefiting from guidance on managing investment processes for subsequent rounds. The program includes introductions to renowned venture capital firms, access to a dedicated support team acting as fractional COOs, and personalized mentorship with frequent 1:1s covering areas like growth channels, customer acquisition, and product development. Additionally, startups can tap into the organization's international network in North America and the EU, connecting with top-tier VCs. With up to $250,000 in service credits, essential resources, and a founder community offering lifetime access, it provides a robust ecosystem for startups in industries ranging from Ecommerce and Fintech to SaaS. Featured in tech media outlets like TechCrunch, Wired, and Forbes, it is a valuable launchpad for early-stage companies to thrive.

Expa Labs's Website
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66) LAUNCH (UC Berkeley)

LAUNCH (UC Berkeley) - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

LAUNCH is the University of California's premier accelerator, dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups and guiding them towards becoming attractive to investors. The program, led by founder Melissa Daniels, is a rigorous three-month initiative tailored to refine startups' value propositions, establish intellectual property protection, and validate scalable business models. Specialized in General Tech and Fintech industries, LAUNCH carefully selected 22 startups from the UC system this year, out of a pool of 120 applicants. The accelerator, spearheaded by notable figures like Jed Katz from Javelin Venture Partners, offers unparalleled networking opportunities with industry experts, mentors, partners, and investors. Startups participating in LAUNCH have collectively raised over $1.1 billion in funding, with the promise of winning up to $40,000 in prize money without giving away any equity stake. Beyond funding, the accelerator provides invaluable mentorship, guidance, and a platform to pitch to potential investors, making it a thriving launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs.

LAUNCH (UC Berkeley)'s Website
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67) Highway1

Highway1 - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Founded in 2013 in San Francisco, California, United States, Highway1 is a hardware startup accelerator specializing in electronics, hardware manufacturing, and product design. The organization focuses on helping startups navigate unique challenges by offering an intensive program that includes mentorship, workshops, and prototyping support to prepare hardware prototypes for funding. Highway1 has facilitated 11 exits for its portfolio companies and leverages PCH International's manufacturing expertise in Shenzhen to provide insights into manufacturing at scale. The startups in the program benefit from access to experienced mentors and avoid inventory risks to get to market faster. Highway1 was co-founded by Brady Forrest and Liam Casey, with alumni in the consumer electronics industry.

Highway1's Website
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68) Expa

Expa - connecting start-up founders with success

Expa is a venture studio and VC fund that supports early-stage startups through expertise, access, and funding. The organization runs the Expa Accelerator, a flexible program tailored for pre-seed startups. It offers $250,000 for 7% equity or $400,000 for 10% equity to help startups go from 0 to 1. Participants benefit from a dedicated support team acting as a fractional COO, personalized mentorship, and access to an international network including top-tier VCs. Up to $250,000 in credits, founder community access, and lifetime support are also provided. While the accelerator does not specify specialization domains, it likely supports various industries such as Ecommerce, Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS. Founded by Garrett Camp, Expa has launched dozens of companies, supported over 50 founders, and reached millions of users. This makes it a valuable resource for startups looking to scale and succeed in the early stages of their development.

Expa's Website
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69) QB3

QB3 - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) is a nonprofit research and technology commercialization institute affiliated with UC campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Established in 2005, QB3 focuses on quantitative biosciences, facilitating the commercialization of new technologies in domains like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. It catalyzed a series of life science ventures and pioneered university-associated incubators and venture capital investment in biotech, pharma, and health tech. The accelerator provides full-spectrum support from academic research to VC-funded companies preparing for clinical trials. QB3's impact is evident through its extensive support for numerous life sciences startups. The organization offers mentoring programs connecting founders with industry veterans, engages in student internships leading to full-time hires, and promotes scientific collaboration within and beyond the UC system. Founded by Gray Davis, QB3 serves as a vital hub for advancing bioscience innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, and bridging academia-industry gaps in the Biotech and Healthcare Tech sectors.

QB3's Website
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70) TiE Women

TiE Women - connecting start-up founders with success

TiE Women is a global accelerator program dedicated to embracing, engaging, and empowering women entrepreneurs worldwide, regardless of their enterprise size, origin, or background. The program, part of TiE Global with 61 chapters, offers sustainable programming tracking the entire entrepreneurial journey with a focus on learning, mentoring, access to funding, scalability, safe space, and community building. Key dates for the accelerator program include the launch of applications on February 19th, 2024, and the Global Finale in Bangalore in December 2024. Participants can benefit from equity-free cash prizes of up to $50,000, mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, investor access, networking opportunities, and global visibility. Over 6,000 applications from 62 countries have been received, with 400+ women-led startups accelerated and 16 startups receiving grants worth over $350K. Startups eligible for the program must be founded or co-founded by women entrepreneurs, with the women co-founder owning at least 33% equity and the company registered on or after January 1, 2017. TiE Global, fostering entrepreneurship globally, boasts 3,000+ Charter Members, 15,000+ Members, and a significant wealth generated value along with creating substantial employment and investments, showcasing the program's impactful contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

TiE Women's Website
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71) Cedars-Sinai Accelerator

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

The Cedars-Sinai Accelerator, based in Los Angeles, California, is a transformative program empowering entrepreneurs in the healthcare technology space. The three-month accelerator provides participants with $100,000 in funding, mentorship from over 300 leading clinicians and executives, access to the prestigious Cedars-Sinai medical center, and exposure to a broad network of entrepreneurs and investors. Specializing in areas like AI, Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Medical Devices, the program aims to help companies drive innovation in healthcare delivery and patient care. Startups benefit from dedicated office space, an alumni community, and the chance to pitch their ideas on Demo Day. Notable alumni such as Inscope, Seremedi, and GYANT have praised the program for its unique opportunities and access to resources. With a focus on industries like Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, and Cybersecurity, and offering funding types such as Early Stage VC and Convertible Note, the accelerator continues to make a significant impact on the healthcare innovation landscape.

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator's Website
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72) K5 Ventures

K5 Ventures - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

K5 Ventures is an early-stage startup accelerator and fund based in California. The organization focuses on investing in technology-driven businesses with a mission to impact the world by supporting early-stage technology companies with impactful ideas. K5 Ventures provides seed funding to achieve key product-market fit milestones. The accelerator program, initially named K5 Launch in 2010, aims to accelerate early-stage companies in southern California, Silicon Valley, and China. Led by successful entrepreneurs and investors like Amir Banifatemi and Ray Chan, K5 Ventures prioritizes innovation and impact across sectors such as Ecommerce, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Robotics, and Mobile Apps. The team offers hands-on support to portfolio companies, helping them secure later stages of venture capital funding for sustainable growth. While specific perks are not detailed, it likely provides mentorship, networking opportunities, and a supportive community for startups and investors, making K5 Ventures a valuable partner for visionary founders and innovative companies.

K5 Ventures's Website
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73) super{set}

super{set} - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

super{set} is a startup studio that transforms great data+AI ideas into software companies across various industries. Founded by Tom Chavez and Vivek Vaidya, the accelerator operates with a people-first performance culture and company-building playbooks to discover, fund, and scale high-potential businesses. Known for its focus on data-driven software ventures, super{set} has been pivotal in the development and growth of numerous startups. The accelerator has a diverse portfolio covering sectors like Cybersecurity, Space Tech, Ecommerce, and Healthcare Tech, among others. With a track record of nurturing successful companies, it plays a crucial role in the startup ecosystem by fostering innovation and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs.

super{set}'s Website
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74) Founders Network

Founders Network - supporting California's best founders

Founders Network is a post-accelerator support system that offers peer mentorship, education, and advice for over 600 tech startup founders. The network gathers founders from different accelerator programs such as Y-Combinator, TechStars, and 500Startups, creating a diverse support community regardless of their stage. Members benefit from post-accelerator mentorship by learning from successful peers who have achieved product-market fit, raised funds, and exited. Peer mentorship is a key focus, with a professional team facilitating connections among founders to solve problems efficiently. Founders Network spans multiple industries like Healthcare Tech, General Tech, and SaaS, providing a wide range of resources and connections. Notable founders associated with the organization include Ben Moorsom, Bianca Loew, Jeremy Almond, Joshua Aguilar, and Kevin Holmes. Joining this community can be a valuable step for tech startup founders looking to learn, grow, and succeed together in their entrepreneurial journey.

Founders Network's Website
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75) On Deck

On Deck - supporting California's best founders

On Deck is a tech company specializing in community-building to support founders on their entrepreneurial journey. With a focus on founder-led initiatives, the organization offers various programs, including the On Deck Fellowship (ODF) which guides founders from pre-idea to fundraise over a year-long duration. Additionally, On Deck Scale targets high-growth companies, while On Deck Angels caters to operator angels looking to expand their network. The company has received funding from top investors like Founders Fund and Village Global. On Deck has contributed significantly to the startup ecosystem, operating across industries such as Fintech and General Tech, with key figures like Brandon Martinez and Erik Torenberg driving the mission. Notable founders who have benefited from the program include Chipp Norcross, Evgeny Pasenyants, and Kelly Hook, among others. Through a strong community, skill development, and networking opportunities, the company continues to empower entrepreneurs and foster innovation.

On Deck's Website
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76) Berkeley SkyDeck Fund

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

The investment arm behind UC Berkeley's SkyDeck Accelerator program was founded in 2012 as a high-tech entrepreneurship startup accelerator and incubator at the University of California, Berkeley. It is jointly operated by the Haas School of Business and the Berkeley College of Engineering. The program boasts $1.8 billion raised by SkyTeams, with 60% of teams receiving funding, 25 Series A and B rounds secured, and 17 exits through acquisitions. Notable for its Demo Day with 1000 attendees, each startup in the six-month accelerator receives a $200,000 investment. Eligibility is open to founders affiliated with any of the 10 UC Campuses. While accepting startups from all industries, the organization offers four specialized tracks. It prides itself on promoting diversity by increasing female and underrepresented founders, providing venture capital connections, mentorship from over 480 advisors, access to UC Berkeley's talent pool, and industry partnerships. Founders include Chon Tang, Gopakumar Balakrishnan, and Todd Roberts, focusing on industries such as Edtech, General Tech, Fintech, and Biotech across various funding types.

Berkeley SkyDeck Fund's Website
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77) Expert Dojo

Expert Dojo - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Expert Dojo is an international startup accelerator based in Santa Monica. They offer a unique 12-step program to propel startups to the next level over three years, providing a total investment of up to $100K. This investment includes $20K in program fees and a $100K investment to fuel growth. The accelerator, led by Founder Brian Mac Mahon, focuses on excellence in branding, design, business planning, product fit, strategic planning, web development, and growth hacking. Startups benefit from perks such as a 90% HubSpot discount, a free Brex credit card application, and credits from Amazon Web Services. Selected startups also engage in mastermind groups, growth sessions, and strategy sessions to enhance their growth potential. Expert Dojo's industries of interest include Ecommerce, Edtech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. Notable alumni of the program include Sensate, Virtanza, and STARNEWS. The accelerator invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups with the potential for rapid growth over a 13-week duration.

Expert Dojo's Website
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78) Thrive by SVG Ventures

Thrive by SVG Ventures - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Thrive by SVG Ventures is a global venture and innovation firm based in Silicon Valley. The institution collaborates with key industry players to tackle significant challenges in agtech and foodtech. Operating as an investment firm, it focuses on nurturing early-stage companies in the ag-tech and food tech sectors. The eighth cohort, THRIVE VIII, featured ten startups carefully selected from 800 applicants spanning 78 countries, with a keen emphasis on sustainability impact and commercial viability. Noteworthy startups from this cohort include Cattler Corporation, F4A, Haystack, Iamus Technologies, Lupinta, Muddy Machines, and Pharm Robotics. Since its inception, Thrive has successfully graduated 83 startups, generating over $1 billion in value. Led by founder John Hartnett, the company champions innovation in agtech and food and agriculture, with a community exceeding 5,000 startups from 100 countries. It runs an acclaimed three-month accelerator program providing tailored mentorship, access to investors and corporate partners, while focusing on industries like Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, with a program duration of six weeks.

Thrive by SVG Ventures's Website
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79) Santa Barbara Angel Alliance

Santa Barbara Angel Alliance - connecting start-up founders with success

Santa Barbara Angel Alliance is an angel investor group founded in 2016. They provide investment funding for promising startups at the Seed to Series A stage, with investment amounts ranging from $25,000 to $650,000. The organization has funded a total of 75 companies, with notable investments in Aeluma, AviAi, and Cadense. The accelerator has invested over $11 million from 2019 to 2023, with 6 successful exits. The organization specializes in various industries like Ecommerce, Fitness and Wellness, AR/VR, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Robotics, and Real Estate Tech. Led by founders Greg Goodman, John Petote, and Mike Pugh, Santa Barbara Angel Alliance is a source of expertise and guidance for founders, leveraging member networks to improve the probability of successful exits and subsequent fundraising rounds. As a crucial player in nurturing early-stage companies, the company fosters innovation in the startup ecosystem through their programs as a Venture Capital Investor and Angel Group.

Santa Barbara Angel Alliance's Website
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80) Cedars-Sinai Accelerator

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator is a renowned program based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in 2016 by Kaspare Cohn, it is affiliated with Cedars-Sinai, a world-class medical center. The accelerator aims to revolutionize healthcare by fostering tech innovators in Biotech, Healthcare Tech, Artificial Intelligence, and Cybersecurity domains. Startup participants undergo a rigorous three-month program and receive a $100,000 investment to facilitate their journey. The program boasts a network of over 300 top clinicians and executives who provide invaluable mentorship. Companies benefit from close access to Cedars-Sinai's clinical expertise and gain exposure to a wide range of investors and fellow entrepreneurs. Additionally, startups enjoy dedicated office space, partner perks, and cutting-edge information infrastructure. The program culminates in a Demo Day where participants pitch their ideas to healthcare leaders and investors. To date, the accelerator has been instrumental in helping numerous companies enhance healthcare delivery and patient care, solidifying its position as a global powerhouse in healthcare innovation.

Cedars-Sinai Accelerator's Website
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81) Nex Cubed

Nex Cubed - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Nex Cubed is a pre-seed venture accelerator dedicated to investing in and empowering underrepresented founders and marginalized communities, with a strong focus on fostering diversity and inclusion in the startup ecosystem. Over the past 10+ years, the organization has accelerated 300+ companies, helping raise over $500M and creating 5000+ jobs, with 65% of these ventures being led by underrepresented founders. They boast 3 industry-specific accelerators, 220+ mentors & advisors, and have made 80+ investments, even creating 2 companies from scratch. One of their flagship programs is the 16-week intensive HBCU Founders Accelerator, primarily conducted virtually, aimed at goal-setting, work plan development, and tracking key performance indicators. Nex Cubed specializes in domains like Digital Health, offering a customized accelerator connecting talented founders with healthcare experts to prepare them for investment and enterprise readiness. Founded by Bill Malloy, Kelsey Morgan, Kip Quackenbush, and Nick Phillips, the organization focuses on addressing society's toughest challenges through innovation in industries such as Healthcare Tech and Fintech.

Nex Cubed's Website
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82) Launchpad LA

Launchpad LA - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Launchpad LA is a well-known startup accelerator and seed fund based in Santa Monica, California. They focus on supporting exceptional entrepreneurs in various industries like Social Media, Consumer Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, SaaS, Mobile Apps, and Cybersecurity. The founding team of Launchpad LA includes Adam Lilling, Mark Suster, and Sam Teller. The organization provides startups with an investment ranging from $25,000 to $100,000, along with four months of free office space near the Santa Monica beach. Over the years, Launchpad LA has supported 23 companies, resulting in 19 funded startups that have collectively raised an impressive $106 million in funding and created 446 jobs. Launchpad LA offers startups access to a vast network of mentors, advisors, and investors, which is crucial for their growth and success. Specializing in technology startups, their standard deal includes Early Stage VC, Seed, and Private Equity funding types. Overall, Launchpad LA is a reputable accelerator that fosters innovation and contributes to the thriving startup ecosystem in Southern California.

Launchpad LA's Website
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83) Fusion VC

Fusion VC - connecting start-up founders with success

Fusion VC is known as a leading pre-seed platform in Israel, supported by top-tier global VC firms and 70+ serial founders. Since 2017, the organization has funded over 100 start-ups, with a total valuation exceeding $1 billion. The accelerator specializes in empowering entrepreneurs to realize their business visions, offering a 10-week intensive bootcamp in Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, New York, and Los Angeles. Fusion VC invests $150,000 in each start-up, providing not only financial support but also access to a vast network of mentors, serial founders, and investors. The program caters to a diverse range of industries, including Healthcare Tech and General Tech. Some notable start-ups that have thrived after participating in the program include Paytika, Insight Partners, Aleph, and Welltech Ventures. Founded by Guy Katsovich and Yair Vardi, the team is dedicated to working closely with early-stage founders, offering the first institutional capital and a robust support system for scaling their companies in the US.

Fusion VC's Website
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84) Paper Lantern

Paper Lantern - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Paper Lantern is a venture studio focused on influencing life's trajectory with decentralized distribution of Hollywood-style content and digital revenue strategies. They foster collaboration and co-creation for a sustainable coexistence. Specializing in e-commerce, healthcare, IT, and consumer sectors, the accelerator collaborates with Hot Paper Lantern (HPL) and Cardinal Sports Capital, committing $100 million for startup investments. The significant financial backing implies robust support for startups in sports, media, or technology. The program likely supports multiple ventures, with tailored assistance, mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to industry experts. Industries served include General Tech, showcasing promising opportunities for startups in relevant domains.

Paper Lantern's Website
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85) Paladin

Paladin - building California's entrepreneurial future

Go Paladin is a non-profit accelerator that aims to increase the representation of underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs in the tech ecosystem. Founded by Terell Sterling, the program focuses on connecting early-stage startups with resources, mentorship, and funding to support their growth. While the exact number of associated startups and investors is undisclosed, the accelerator is known for investing in promising ventures in industries such as General Tech and Cybersecurity. Accepted startups can expect tailored support, networking opportunities, and access to industry experts. By fostering authentic connections and providing educational opportunities, the organization opens doors to funding for minority entrepreneurs looking to succeed in the startup landscape. Interested parties should directly contact the accelerator for more precise details on how to participate in their Startup Incubator program.

Paladin's Website
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86) Starburst (Accelerator/Incubator)

Starburst (Accelerator/Incubator) - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Starburst Accelerator, a global incubator, drives aerospace innovation by offering accelerator programs, consulting services, and investments. The organization focuses on supporting early-stage companies in the aviation, space, and defense sectors, helping them grow their businesses globally. Founded by Abhi Anuket, Francois Chopard, and Sandra Budimir, the accelerator combines accelerators, consulting, and ventures to assist aerospace and defense stakeholders in navigating the industry's dynamic ecosystem. With a portfolio of 140 startups working on technologies spanning electric flight, autonomous drones, urban air mobility, climate monitoring, AI, and more, it operates in eight global locations. The organization collaborates with 60 corporate and government partners to provide mentorship, investment, and business opportunities for startups. The program, lasting 52 weeks, offers mentorship from industry leaders, expertise from the leadership team, and networking with other startups, partners, and academic institutions. Starburst Accelerator's specialization in deep tech areas and its commitment to fostering innovation make it an invaluable resource for startups looking to shape the future of aerospace.

Starburst (Accelerator/Incubator)'s Website
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87) - California's true entrepreneurial hub was founded in 2020 by Michael Rumiantsau, a co-founder of FriendlyData. The organization focuses on building companies, making venture investments, and providing liquidity to startup founders. The accelerator aims to enable individuals globally to create companies using AI and data to improve work and life. Specializing in AI/NLP, machine learning, data analytics, and cloud infrastructure, invests in pre-seed and seed startups that transform Enterprise with AI and data. At present, the company supports 26 portfolio companies, with 86% of them founded by immigrants, Black founders, or female-led teams. boasts a swift 1-week decision-making time and offers rapid funding to selected startups. Leveraging global talent, the organization has strong connections within Silicon Valley. Notably, one of its portfolio companies, Arcion, was acquired by Databricks for over $100 million. collaborates with Google for Startups Accelerator, emphasizing technical challenges and deep dives. The accelerator focuses on industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and SaaS (Software as a Service).'s Website
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88) Curious Minds

Curious Minds - supporting California's best founders

Curious Minds, founded in 2004 and headquartered in West Hollywood, California, is a hybrid incubator-accelerator and angel fund focusing on seed and early stage ventures, with a primary emphasis on technology startups. The company, led by founders Anthony Kelani, David Gonen, and Jonathan Gonen, specializes in industries such as General Tech and Fintech. Known for investing in new technologies, Curious Minds provides support to innovative start-ups within its ecosystem. Combining elements of an incubator, accelerator, and angel fund, the organization continues to nurture and invest in early-stage ventures within the technology space.

Curious Minds's Website
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89) GrowthX

GrowthX - supporting founders in their growth journey

The GrowthX Accelerator is a virtual program created to support and scale startups by connecting them with the best of Microsoft. It focuses on four main pillars: Tech Enablement, Corporate Readiness, Financial Readiness, and Investor Readiness. Startups benefit from essential technology resources, expert financial mentors, and insights into investor readiness. Previous cohorts have included notable startups like Spitch, Gener8, Poltio, and Urbantz. The accelerator specializes in supporting tech startups across domains like machine learning, data analytics, and clean energy. Additional benefits include sales acceleration workshops, access to corporate customers, and a virtual program format for flexibility. Founded by Andrew Goldner, Max Menke, Sean Sheppard, and Will Bunker, GrowthX caters to industries such as Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, and Delivery Services. The program is known for offering funding types like Seed and Early Stage VC, operating as a 16-week program that bridges the gap between corporates and B2B startups to empower them for success.

GrowthX's Website
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90) CITRIS Foundry

CITRIS Foundry - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

CITRIS Foundry, also known as the University of California accelerator and UC Berkeley's deep tech accelerator, is a prominent entity supporting founders in establishing deep technology startups. With a focus on bridging the gap from lab to market, the accelerator collaborates with top UC engineers, scientists, and researchers to transform innovations into ventures that have a global impact. The program boasts impressive metrics, having facilitated the development of over 500 VC-backed startups from alumni since 2010. The UC system, where CITRIS Foundry operates, is recognized for its robust research and startup ecosystem, excelling in areas such as gene therapy, robotics, AI, sensors, and materials. The accelerator specializes in diverse domains like Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, SaaS, Biotech, and Robotics, addressing societal challenges through IT solutions. Founded by Alic Chen and Peter Minor, CITRIS Foundry provides a range of benefits including access to resources, labs, facilities, and expert guidance, making it a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship within the UC system.

CITRIS Foundry's Website
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91) Founder Academy

Founder Academy - supporting California's best founders

Founded by Duane Wilson and Katrena Friel, the Founder Academy is a Sacramento-based accelerator program focused on accelerating success for startups. The 3-month program targets new or aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-34 of African origin, dedicating 15 hours weekly to workshops, video tutorials, fireside chats, and weekly deliverables. Graduates become eligible for the Accelerator program and potential investment from the ALX Ventures Fund. The structured program consists of three distinct phases: 'Think' Sprint for idea reflection and market research, 'Build' Sprint for prototype development and user feedback, and 'Launch' Sprint focusing on sales strategy and pitch preparation, culminating in a 'Demo Day'. Participants benefit from a sector-agnostic approach, allowing entrepreneurs from various fields to engage. Additionally, participants receive a certificate of completion and may apply for the Accelerator program and consideration for investment from the ALX Ventures Fund. The Founder Academy provides a supportive environment for startups to thrive, offering connections to a global network of accelerators, investors, and corporates.

Founder Academy's Website
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92) Code for America

Code for America - building California's entrepreneurial future

Code for America is an organization dedicated to transforming the way people interact with government through human-centered technology solutions. Their mission is to create a truly people-centered government that works for everyone. They collaborate with governments at all levels to reduce poverty, advance equity, and improve access to social safety net programs. In 2022, Code for America assisted 4.66 million people, delivering $3.34 billion in benefits with a remarkable cost-effectiveness ratio of $235 delivered for every $1 spent. They have helped 3.85 million individuals access food benefits, processed over 1.6 million SNAP applications, and assisted in accessing $89 million through their integrated benefits application. Code for America focuses on Healthcare Tech and Edtech industries. The organization was founded by Jennifer Pahlka. Additionally, Code for America leverages a community of volunteers from over 80 Brigade chapters in the U.S. to develop digital tools and drive policy changes. They recently launched the Opportunity Accelerator (OA) in collaboration with other organizations to promote economic mobility.

Code for America's Website
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93) Code For America

Code For America - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Code for America is a technology nonprofit founded in 2009 with the mission of transforming government services through human-centered technology. The organization believes in government working for the people in the digital age. Code for America collaborates with government agencies to reduce poverty and advance equity, with a focus on public interest technology and digital delivery. In 2022, the organization assisted 4.66 million people, delivering $3.34 billion in benefits with a cost-effectiveness of $235 for every $1 spent. Their impact includes helping 3.85 million people access food benefits, processing 1.6 million SNAP applications, and facilitating $89 million through the MNBenefits integrated benefits application. Specializing in equitable government services, Code for America ensures technology is used efficiently to address social challenges. The organization's accelerator program provides networking, mentorship, and a community for startups. Jennifer Pahlka is among the notable founders who have been part of Code for America's journey.

Code For America's Website
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94) FORMA Brands

FORMA Brands - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

FORMA Brands is an incubator, accelerator, and curator of next-generation beauty brands. The organization was created as a multi-category platform in 2020 to celebrate and support individuals transforming the world through creative expression. FORMA Brands creates, grows, and assembles new beauty brands primarily in the 'Fashion and Apparel' industry. With 169 investors backing their vision, it empowers start-ups in various beauty categories, offering iconic eyeshadow palettes, makeup brushes, and lipsticks through their brand Morphe, tailored for the creators. While the exact number of start-ups associated and funded within their program remains unspecified, FORMA Brands stands out for its dedication to advancing next-generation beauty brands. Notable key individuals behind FORMA Brands are not mentioned. However, the organization has notably supported promising founders and start-ups within the beauty sector.

FORMA Brands's Website
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95) Frost Data Capital

Frost Data Capital - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Frost Data Capital is a California-based venture capital firm that redefines the creation of compelling big data startups. They specialize in Big Data analytics, leveraging parallel entrepreneurship to benefit investors, entrepreneurs, employees, and partners. The accelerator stands out by maintaining a strong focus on Big Data, creating an ecosystem of related startups that operate similarly. Through the use of Parallel Entrepreneurs, who manage multiple businesses simultaneously, Frost DC aims for scale and significant impact in the startup landscape. The organization seeks experienced leaders to develop founding concepts into successful companies, emphasizing execution and growth over idea generation. With a focus on Big Data startups, Frost DC provides a supportive environment for innovation and growth, particularly in industries like Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, and SaaS. Founded by Stuart Frost, the firm offers seed and early-stage VC funding, operating as both a venture capital investor and startup incubator.

Frost Data Capital's Website
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96) Motus Ventures

Motus Ventures - connecting start-up founders with success

Motus Ventures is a seed venture capital fund and business accelerator founded by Jim DiSanto and Robert Seidl. Specializing in the Transportation Industry and Internet of Things (IoT), they focus on innovations like connected cars and vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The organization aims to enhance safety, reduce congestion, energy usage, and pollution in the transportation sector. Additionally, Motus Ventures explores AI, Robotics, and IoT in various fields such as telecommunications, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing. They support early-stage companies in the mentioned sectors, operating with a goal to drive advancements in transportation and IoT. Industries they engage with include Agriculture Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Robotics, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Real Estate Tech.

Motus Ventures's Website
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97) The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics (CTIP) is a pediatric medical device accelerator founded in 2011. It is based at Lurie Childrens Hospital (LCH) and Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA). Supported by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Pediatric Device Consortia (PDC) grant program, CTIP focuses on advancing pediatric devices from concept to commercialization. The accelerator recognizes the unique health needs of children and aims to develop safe and effective medical devices specifically for pediatric patients. CTIP has built a strong network of 25 institutions across 8 states, expanding from local to national membership in the 2023-2028 cycle. By engaging various stakeholders including clinicians, engineers, regulators, and industry experts, CTIP guides and supports the development of pediatric medical technology. The organization's specialization areas cover a range of domains to cater to the specific needs of children. Overall, CTIP plays a pivotal role in supporting startups, fostering innovation, and creating a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to enhancing children's healthcare. Notable industries involved include Healthcare Tech.

The West Coast Consortium for Technology & Innovation in Pediatrics's Website
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98) HVF Labs

HVF Labs - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

HVF Labs, founded by Max Levchin, is a venture studio specializing in creating and launching new companies. They prioritize starting companies with individuals who actively operate them and focus on tackling complex industry problems through hypotheses, prototypes, experiments, and venture execution. While operating across various industries with a focus on technology and data, specific domains are not explicitly mentioned. The accelerator provides in-house specialists such as engineers, product managers, analysts, and designers to collaborate on forming and testing hypotheses, building prototypes, and executing ventures. HVF Labs encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to partner with them in envisioning and launching companies. Known for a people-first approach, problem-solving, and experimentation, the organization is a key player in the startup ecosystem. With a mission to leverage technology and data to address significant challenges, HVF Labs has made a mark in the industry under the leadership of Max Levchin.

HVF Labs's Website
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99) Startup Grind

Startup Grind - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Startup Grind is recognized as the most valuable and largest global community for entrepreneurs, innovators, and dreamers, actively engaging 5 million members in over 600 chapters across 125 countries. The organization's mission is to provide startups worldwide with essential education and opportunities to facilitate their growth and scalability. With a diverse team where 50% are founders themselves, the institution fosters genuine relationships within the entrepreneurial ecosystem by prioritizing giving over personal gain. Boasting a community size of 4 million startups spanning 600 cities, it facilitates connections with a wide network of tech leaders, investors, and partners, supporting startups from inception to Series A rounds. Startup Grind's specializations cover industries like Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and Fintech, offering networking opportunities, events, and a supportive environment for startups. Notable founders include Casper Sermsuksan, Derek Andersen, Endri Mataj, and Spencer Nielsen who have contributed to the success of the program.

Startup Grind's Website
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100) Tumml

Tumml - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Tumml, founded by Julie Lein and Clara Brenner, is an urban ventures accelerator with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. The accelerator focuses on startups addressing major urban challenges like transportation, farming, and homelessness. The institution has supported 33 startups through its four-month program, including a commuter shuttle service optimized based on commuter habits, later acquired by Ford. The program offers mentorship, seed funding, and office space in a supportive environment. Specializing in urban innovation, Tumml provides startups with resources and a network of mentors. Industries within the accelerator include logistics, supply chain, and mobile apps. Notable founders and startups supported by Tumml are Julie Lein, Clara Brenner, Zipcar, and Revolution Foods. As a nonprofit organization, Tumml drives high-growth businesses with significant community impact in urban settings.

Tumml's Website
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101) MARL Accelerator

MARL Accelerator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

MARL Accelerator, based in Fremont, California, is an early-stage accelerator fund that focuses on empowering startups in the field of DeepTech. Specializing in domains such as Mobility, AR/VR, Autonomous Systems, Logistics, and 5G Technologies, the program aims to fast-track the growth of promising companies reshaping the enterprise world. The 12-week accelerator program provides startups with funding, mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, essential resources, and a robust network to enhance their business operations efficiently with a Go-to-Market framework. Testimonials from community members like Max Montrey of SportsTrace and Vinitha Thiyagarajan of PerceiveNow highlight the constructive feedback, network expansion, and visionary mentorship offered by MARL Accelerator. Founded by Amir Khan and Prakash Goswami, the organization stands out in the startup acceleration landscape for its tailored support in 5G technologies and specialized DeepTech domains such as Robotics, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Cybersecurity.

MARL Accelerator's Website
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102) MARL 5G Accelerator

MARL 5G Accelerator - connecting start-up founders with success

MARL 5G Accelerator is an early-stage accelerator fund that focuses on startups developing DeepTech products and services for enterprise clients using 5G technology. The accelerator targets sectors such as Mobility, AR/VR, Autonomous, Robotics, and Logistics. The institution aims to build a community comprising early-stage investors, startup founders, and corporate venture teams. The 12-week program is designed to propel the growth of promising startups, offering funding, resources, hands-on guidance, network expansion opportunities, and a Go-To-Market framework. Founded by Amir Khan and Prakash Goswami, MARL 5G Accelerator operates as a startup accelerator program, providing seed funding to startups in industries like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Robotics, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Cybersecurity. It serves as a community that nurtures growth and innovation among startups in the DeepTech sector.

MARL 5G Accelerator's Website
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103) Leap Venture Studio

Leap Venture Studio - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Leap Venture Studio is the first pet care-specific startup accelerator, which is backed by Mars Petcare, Michelson Found Animals, and R/GA Ventures. The organization's mission is to elevate pet businesses by providing resources to accelerate their growth. It boasts a small but impactful team of pet industry experts. It supports startups in the pet industry through venture capital investment, mentorship, and customized programming. Notable portfolio companies include Oliver Pets, Rex, Dog Child, Hound, and The Bark Shoppe. The 12-week program offers selected startups $200,000 USD in funding and a hybrid format with two in-person weeks. Leap Venture Studio specializes exclusively in the pet care industry, utilizing science, technology, and innovation to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. Founded by Stephen Plumlee and Winson Wong, the accelerator is a valuable resource for AI-enabled startups looking to positively impact the pet care space.

Leap Venture Studio's Website
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104) Illumina Accelerator

Illumina Accelerator - connecting start-up founders with success

Founded by David R. Walt, John Stuelpnagel, Larry Bock, and Satnam Alag, Illumina Accelerator accelerates innovation in genomics startups by partnering with venture capital investors and entrepreneurs. The organization's sequencing and array technologies drive advances in life science research, translational and consumer genomics, and molecular diagnostics. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cambridge, UK, the accelerator offers two six-month funding cycles per year. Open to genomic researchers, entrepreneurs, startups, and early-stage companies in the Biotech and Healthcare Tech industries, Illumina Accelerator aims to unlock the power of the genome by partnering with startups to accelerate genomics innovation. The organization provides up to $200,000 in convertible notes for data production and fundraising efforts, while also offering mentorship, access to sequencing systems, reagents, lab space, and a tailored curriculum for each startup. Running for 24 weeks, the accelerator focuses on breakthrough applications in genomics, including therapeutics, diagnostics, agriculture, synthetic biology, and direct-to-consumer applications. Having invested in 74 genomics startups globally, these startups have collectively raised over $1 billion in venture capital funding.

Illumina Accelerator's Website
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105) - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California is a prominent accelerator founded by Christopher Fong, Ethan Beard, and Kushagra Shrivastava. Boasting a vibrant community of over 30,000 members, including Google alumni and current Googlers, the accelerator focuses on supporting startups in the ecosystem. Through networking events like TGI Machine Learning Events and Founder Lunches, as well as mentorship pairings and access to the Xoogler Fund, the organization provides a platform for innovation and investment. While the exact number of associated startups is unspecified, it's evident that has nurtured several ventures founded by its members. With Demo Days held globally, including in San Francisco and the Asia-Pacific region, startups get the opportunity to showcase their products and connect with investors. The institution's specialization spans across diverse industries such as Social Media and General Tech, reflecting the broad expertise of its Google alumni members. Overall, stands as a valuable resource, offering insights on fundraising strategies, job hunting support, and talent matching services.'s Website
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106) ExploraMed

ExploraMed - connecting start-up founders with success

ExploraMed is headquartered in Mountain View, California and is a venture-backed medical device incubator founded by Josh Makower in 1995. The company specializes in developing patient-driven solutions for unmet medical needs across various domains, including ENT Surgery, Urology, Women's Health, and Orthopedics. Through four prior funds, it has successfully created eight impactful companies such as Acclarent, NeoTract, Willow, and Moximed. These companies are notable for their contributions to minimally invasive sinus surgery, benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment, innovative breast pumps, and knee osteoarthritis implants, respectively. Recently, ExploraMed secured a $32.5 million later-stage venture capital deal with the support of three investors. Being part of ExploraMed grants access to industry expertise, resources, and a valuable network, enhancing the development of cutting-edge, cost-effective medical device solutions. The company operates in the Healthcare Tech industry.

ExploraMed's Website
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107) Silicon Catalyst

Silicon Catalyst - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Silicon Catalyst is known as the world's only startup incubator dedicated exclusively to semiconductor solutions. The specialized incubation and acceleration programs cater to startups in various semiconductor domains, such as Photonics, MEMS, sensors, IP, materials, and Life Science. Having engaged with over 1,000 semiconductor startups globally, Silicon Catalyst has successfully admitted more than 100 companies, offering them a 24-month customized program. Silicon Catalyst boasts partnerships with industry giants like TSMC, Synopsys, Arm, ST, and others, providing startups with millions of dollars in goods and services, totaling over $150 million. Strategic partners like Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, and NXP actively engage in startup selection. Collaborating with Mayfield and 300+ investors, Silicon Catalyst has helped its startups secure over $600 million in venture investments. The extensive network of 300+ industry advisors tailors guidance to each startup's needs. Additionally, through 400+ partner relationships, startups have accessed over $100 million in grants. Silicon Catalyst's global outreach welcomes semiconductor startups worldwide, with a UK-based accelerator focusing on silicon solutions. Notable founders include Daniel Armbrust and Rick Lazansky, and the industry focus extends to Artificial Intelligence and Mobile Apps.

Silicon Catalyst's Website
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108) Founders Floor

Founders Floor - connecting start-up founders with success

Founders Floor is an early-stage startup accelerator and investor based in Silicon Valley. They provide a coworking space designed to foster intense productivity and motivation for tech startups and entrepreneurs in industries such as Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS. The accelerator runs a three-month program focused on offering tools, advisement, and challenges to drive rapid startup growth, supported by experienced mentors who guide in areas like growth hacking and product development. Founders Floor also facilitates networking through regular startup events and enjoyable networking events. Strategic partnerships with industry collaborators aim to boost startups associated with the accelerator. The accelerator, led by founder Matt Day, aims to mentor forward-thinking entrepreneurs committed to driving technological progress in both existing and new tech industries. While specific metrics such as the number of associated start-ups and funded start-ups are not provided, the program duration is confirmed to be three months.

Founders Floor's Website
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109) ICA Fund

ICA Fund - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

ICA Fund is a Bay Area accelerator that provides coaching, connections, and access to capital for small businesses. The 12-week program focuses on growth, effective team building, understanding funding options, and preparing for investments. Participants commit 2% deferred equity for the program. The accelerator specializes in technology, healthcare, consumer goods, social impact ventures, and other sectors. Additional benefits of the program include structured workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, networking opportunities, and a focus on creating a positive impact in communities. Entrepreneurs praise the program for its relevance, quality instructors, and peer learning value. Industries supported by ICA Fund include Healthcare Tech, Social Media, and General Tech. Although notable founders or start-ups that have benefited from the program are not mentioned, the accelerator is recognized as a game-changer for entrepreneurs looking to achieve growth and make a positive difference.

ICA Fund's Website
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110) All Turtles

All Turtles - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

All Turtles is an accelerator program founded by Jessica Collier, Jonathan Cifuentes, and Phil Libin. They focus on nurturing and supporting early-stage startups in industries like Robotics, Healthcare Tech, Artificial Intelligence, and General Tech. The program prides itself on making products that matter. The diverse portfolio of associated startups covers various sectors, and All Turtles provides resources, mentorship, and guidance to funded startups, aiming to facilitate their success, including funding opportunities. The accelerator concentrates on technology, innovation, and real-world problem-solving domains such as AI, machine learning, and robotics. The program duration typically ranges from 3 to 6 months, and participating startups benefit from features like mentorship from industry experts, workspace facilities, networking opportunities with investors and partners, educational resources, demo days for product showcases, and a supportive startup community. Accelerators like All Turtles play a critical role in empowering startups to make a meaningful impact through innovation and technology.

All Turtles's Website
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111) GSD Venture Studios

GSD Venture Studios - building California's entrepreneurial future

GSD Venture Studios specializes in helping resilient entrepreneurs #GoGlobal. The accelerator, which recently announced its seventh cohort consisting of 12 companies from various countries, supports startups in tech verticals such as Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Future of Work, and The Metaverse. Some of the startups in the cohort include AcceleratXR, AISpotter, Checkboard,, ESG Explorer, Foxy Nerds, Keble, and LongTermGevity. The program likely spans 10 weeks, culminating in a demo day with U.S. investors. The organization takes a unique approach by actively participating in the companies it invests in, assuming senior operational roles to drive growth. Founders Derek Distenfield and Gary A. Fowler lead the initiative. Startups benefit from personalized support, access to funding, and continuous mentorship through the GSD SuperScaler program. The accelerator focuses on diverse tech verticals such as Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Blockchain, Mobile Apps, and Cybersecurity, putting money into strong teams globally.

GSD Venture Studios's Website
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112) Breakthrough Lab

Breakthrough Lab - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Breakthrough Lab (B-Lab) is an intensive 8-week summer accelerator program at Brown University, supporting student entrepreneurs from the university and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in developing high-impact ventures. The program runs during June and July, aiming to foster ventures creating scalable solutions. The program annually welcomes a cohort of student-led ventures, who receive a $4,000 award, benefiting startups in sectors like healthcare tech, edtech, and fintech. Custom mentoring, a peer cohort, and co-working space at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship are provided by the accelerator. Founded by James Manning, John Roma Skok, Moses Brown, and Nicholas Brown, the institution focuses on education, mentorship, and real-world impact. B-Lab acts as a springboard for startups to attract external capital, serving as a valuable platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Breakthrough Lab's Website
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113) Inovexus

Inovexus - building California's entrepreneurial future

Inovexus is the first cross-border acceleration fund supporting early-stage European tech companies with global ambitions. Led by successful cross-cultural entrepreneurs like Philippe Roche, the accelerator focuses on B2B startups in domains such as Fintech and General Tech. It offers a tailored 24-week program for pre-seed and seed tech companies. Startups benefit from global smart-money investors-mentors, aiming to raise a total of $154 million in funding. The accelerator's mission is to empower founders who think globally, providing access to a global network of mentors and investors. With a risk-free payment structure, startups pay the majority of costs post-funding. Inovexus aims to build a meaningful startup portfolio, attracting co-investors worldwide and helping startups secure funding in current and future rounds. The program's participants gain real-world experience, exposure, and knowledge sharing, enhancing their global mindset and access to capital. At the forefront of European early-stage funding, Inovexus nurtures startups with a vision to drive global impact.

Inovexus's Website
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114) Inovexus

Inovexus - building California's entrepreneurial future

Inovexus is a global VC club-accelerator that supports early-stage European tech companies with ambitious global goals. They have a portfolio of startups, including Leadbay, Kadow Club, and Hubwork, specializing in AI, e-commerce, and creative platforms. Led by successful cross-cultural entrepreneurs, the organization attracts co-investors from the US, Europe, and Asia to empower founders with access to global capital. The acceleration program, spanning 24 weeks, focuses on tech companies with a passion for changing the world from day one. The company offers unique mentorship from industry experts like Fabrice Grinda, tailor-made acceleration programs, and a collaborative community. Inovexus invests in promising tech startups, not chasing unicorns but building great stories with passionate founders. Founded by Philippe Roche, Inovexus is the first cross-border acceleration fund in Europe driving the future of early-stage funding for B2B tech companies globally.

Inovexus's Website
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115) Snap Yellow Accelerator

Snap Yellow Accelerator - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Yellow is a launchpad for creative minds and entrepreneurs who are looking to build the next generation of great media companies. The Snap Yellow Accelerator specializes in supporting entrepreneurs developing AR (Augmented Reality) applications or companies in industries that can benefit from AR technology. While not mandatory to build on Snap, the accelerator seeks companies sharing a vision for the potential of AR. Founded by Michael Su, the program runs for 14 weeks and attracts startups primarily focused on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR). While specific numbers are not disclosed, the accelerator has successfully associated with startups in this domain. The website does not detail the exact count of investors or funded startups, nor does it list additional perks for participants. Notable alumni or specific program durations are not mentioned on the platform. For precise and updated information, it is advised to contact the Snap Yellow Accelerator directly or refer to alternative sources.

Snap Yellow Accelerator's Website
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116) Peachscore

Peachscore - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Peachscore is a leading accelerator known for its Equity-Free Data-Driven Accelerator Program. It acts as a catalyst for startup ecosystems worldwide. Founded by Alex Mojtahedi, Peachscore democratizes access to capital, education, and connections by blending human expertise with technology. The program functions like a FICO Score for startups, leveraging cutting-edge data analytics to support early-stage companies and SMBs. The accelerator operates virtually for a 12-week duration and is committed to providing invaluable resources, mentorship, and connections without taking equity. This allows startups to retain ownership and autonomy. The October Cohort includes companies like SHEQONOMI, NINA, Pvotal Technologies, Venaera, Codifin, LivNSense Digital, StarkDrones, and DiningTek. It highlights a 50% representation of minority and female founders. Peachscore's specialization domains include General Tech and Fintech. Additional perks include data-driven strategies for scaling businesses and partnerships with entities like Payani Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Startup Science. These enhance the accelerator's momentum and value proposition.

Peachscore's Website
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117) Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator - building California's entrepreneurial future

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to create an inclusive green economy. They empower startups and convene partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of clean technologies. LACI collaborates with various startups in the cleantech sector, focusing on innovations related to transportation, energy, and sustainable cities. The organization actively supports and invests in promising cleantech ventures without disclosing the exact number of startups associated with the programs. The accelerator programs offered typically span several months and provide additional benefits such as workforce development programs, opportunities for pilots and demonstrations, and community building initiatives. The founders of LACI are Fred Walti II and Neal Anderson. The organization plays a crucial role in advancing sustainable technologies in industries like Logistics and Supply Chain, Environmental Tech, and Clean Energy, ultimately contributing to building a greener future for the people of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator's Website
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118) Endurance Companies

Endurance Companies - supporting founders in their growth journey

Endurance Companies, a holding company, is the force behind the innovative accelerator program named ENDURANCE. Starting on October 1, 2023, and concluding on September 30, 2026, ENDURANCE is designed to pioneer a green acceleration methodology for EU clusters, emphasizing green growth, eco-innovation, and the European Green Deal strategies for SMEs and startups. While the exact numbers are undisclosed, the program associates with multiple startups and provides funding, operating as a long-term initiative. Specializing in environmental tech and clean energy, ENDURANCE aims to foster sustainable development and environmental impact within SMEs and startups. Although specific perks are not detailed, participants benefit from valuable knowledge and support related to sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Spearheaded by Endurance Companies, this endeavor stands as a beacon for EU clusters, SMEs, and startups looking to embrace a greener future, leveraging the expertise and resources offered throughout the program.

Endurance Companies's Website
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119) New Energy Nexus

New Energy Nexus - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

New Energy Nexus, founded by Danny Kennedy, is an international non-profit organization that supports clean energy entrepreneurs through funds, accelerators, and networks. They offer various programs, including the NEX 2024 Climate Fintech Accelerator, which aims to drive innovation in climate finance by providing startups with resources for business growth, product development, and networking opportunities. The accelerator focuses on Web3 in Sustainability, exploring blockchain's role in sustainable practices, and Cross-Border Carbon Management to address emissions globally. It covers domains such as Payments, Banking, Lending, Investing, and Risk Analysis, among others. The year-long program, open to global startups, supports the most innovative climate fintech entrepreneurs. Last year's cohort hosted 14 startups and over 15 industry-specific events. Startups benefit from mentorship, industry networking, and a customer acquisition focus, with resources to enhance their capacity. Applications for the accelerator can be submitted in English or Chinese, with a priority deadline on March 24, 2024.

New Energy Nexus's Website
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120) OneValley

OneValley - supporting founders in their growth journey

OneValley, formerly known as GSVlabs, is a global entrepreneurship platform that supports individuals, startups, and corporations seeking innovation and accelerated growth. With a mission to foster innovation communities worldwide, they directly support over 25,000 members and indirectly support another 175,000+ through B2B partnerships and platforms. OneValley Ventures, their pre-seed and seed investor arm, provides capital, resources, and talent to startups from day one. The accelerator program supports startups in various industries such as biotech, fintech, edtech, and artificial intelligence, offering resources through ecosystem managers and co-working spaces to accelerate their businesses. Their offerings include Passport, a comprehensive online innovation platform, and physical innovation centers for collaboration and networking. Founded by Dmitriy Pavlov and Kayvan Baroumand, OneValley brings together a global community of entrepreneurs, startups, and corporations to drive innovation and growth.

OneValley's Website
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121) MBC BioLabs

MBC BioLabs - supporting California's best founders

MBC BioLabs is the premier biotech incubator in the Bay Area, designed to enable startups to launch quickly and grow efficiently in the life sciences industry. With over 125 resident companies, it provides resources, lab space, and expertise to foster innovation and support biotech startups. Last year's winners of the Astellas Future Innovator Prize from the organization were Bespoke Therapeutics and Cellinfinity, recognized for their potential in delivering therapeutic advances. The accelerator supports startups working on novel therapeutic programs, modalities, and platforms, encouraging advancements in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Startups at MBC BioLabs have access to flexible space options, state-of-the-art equipment, and collaboration opportunities with Astellas. Founded by Douglas Crawford, the institution offers a supportive environment for early-stage life-science companies to move faster, spend less money, and achieve more, making it an ideal launchpad for aspiring biotech entrepreneurs.

MBC BioLabs's Website
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122) O Labs

O Labs - California's true entrepreneurial hub

O Labs is a technology startup accelerator that specializes in industries such as Edtech, Renewable Energy, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and Personal Finance. Founded by Jeff Scheinrock, Keyvan Peymani, Matthew Pierce, Sarah Chambless, and T. Hale Boggs, the accelerator creates, incubates, and develops technology companies. Drawing inspiration from the UNDP Accelerator Lab Network, it operates globally, focusing on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through innovative partnerships and collaborations. The organization models a new capability to tackle various development challenges including inequality, decarbonization, the 4th industrial revolution, and new forms of governance. With a presence in 78 countries spanning Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, O Labs leverages both local solutions and global insights to address issues such as poverty reduction, climate action, gender equality, education, and health. The program duration is continuous, emphasizing ongoing research, experimentation, and collaboration to drive positive change and contribute to systems transformation.

O Labs's Website
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123) Long Beach Accelerator

Long Beach Accelerator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

The Long Beach Accelerator is a unique partnership between public-private-academic entities, providing early-stage startups with a tailored 4-month program. The accelerator offers weekly workshops and mentorship focusing on market fit, business strategy, development, and sales/marketing for the first three months, followed by four weeks dedicated to preparing for demo day to secure additional seed funding. With an average investment of $100K for 7% equity, participating companies benefit from access to capital, government guidance, and industry connections. Situated in a vibrant city centrally located between Los Angeles and Orange County, Long Beach boasts a diverse culture and metropolitan amenities, making it an ideal location for startups. While specializing in General Tech, the accelerator supports a wide range of innovative startups, positioning them for success in the ever-evolving entrepreneurial landscape. Notable features of the Long Beach Accelerator include its ecosystem that fosters growth and its history of empowering startups to thrive in the realm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Long Beach Accelerator's Website
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124) HMC INQ

HMC INQ - California's true entrepreneurial hub

HMC INQ is a renowned accelerator program based in Santa Monica, California, exclusively designed for startups founded by Harvey Mudd College (HMC) students and alumni, including those from the 5C community. Founded by Josh Jones, an HMC '98 alumni and co-founder of DreamHost, the accelerator offers funding opportunities at any stage, from pre-seed to seed, Series A, and beyond, with over $50 million already invested. The 10-week intensive program, led by Professor Gary Evans, a distinguished figure in entrepreneurial leadership, provides mentorship, industry introductions, and access to the Harveys Angels Syndicate in partnership with Gaingels. HMC INQ follows a generalist investment philosophy, supporting innovative ideas across various sectors, particularly focusing on Fintech and Personal Finance industries. Successful alumni include startups guided from early stages to IPO, showcasing the program's commitment to fostering entrepreneurial success within the HMC community.

HMC INQ's Website
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125) Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B))

Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B)) - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B)) is an education center and accelerator founded in 2008. They boast approximately 603 employees and 24 investors. The program focuses on exponential technologies such as robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology, aiming to assist individuals and organizations in navigating rapid technological advancements. Notable founders include Barney Pell, Bob Richards, David S. Rose, Peter Diamandis, Raymond Kurzweil, Reese Jones, Rob Nail, Salim Ismail, Sonia Arrison, and Yuri van Geest. The accelerator has completed multiple funding rounds, including a $22 million Series A round in December 2015. Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B)) offers leadership development, innovation programs, and startup acceleration services, supporting businesses in future-proofing themselves against technological disruptions. While specific perks and the exact number of associated startups remain undisclosed, the accelerator maintains a strong commitment to fostering innovation within the biotech and robotics industries.

Singularity (Consulting Services (B2B))'s Website
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126) Activate Global

Activate Global - building California's entrepreneurial future

Activate Global is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2015. It collaborates with U.S.-based funders and research institutions to support entrepreneurial scientists and engineers. The organization's fellowship program, originating at Cyclotron Road, provides custom-built support for early-stage innovators in science, technology, and engineering. Activate aims to propel scientists forward in commercializing inventions to address global challenges like climate change. While specific metrics like the number of startups associated are not disclosed, the success stories of fellows showcase the program's impact. Some notable perks for Activate fellows include access to a supportive community, networking opportunities, resources like research facilities, labs, and financial support through grants or stipends. Under the leadership of founder Ilan Gur, Activate Global focuses on empowering entrepreneurs to transform research into impactful products and businesses within the tech industry.

Activate Global's Website
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127) UCI Applied Innovation

UCI Applied Innovation - building California's entrepreneurial future

Since 1965, the University of California, Irvine has combined the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an accelerator. Located at 5270 California Ave, Irvine, CA, 92617, the accelerator operates Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The accelerator partners with researchers and industry to move UCI knowledge into products and markets, focusing on redefining entrepreneurship education, shaping the mindset of researchers, and strengthening connections with industry and the community. With a vision to accelerate discoveries that matter, it bridges campus inventions and entrepreneurship with the Orange County business community in industries like Edtech and General Tech. Founded by Daniel G. Aldrich, the accelerator provides access to leading-edge ideas, technology, and collaborations, all housed within The Cove @ UCI world-class facility. Despite exact numbers on start-ups associated and funded start-ups being unspecified, the organization remains dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

UCI Applied Innovation's Website
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128) Plug and Play Fintech

Plug and Play Fintech - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Reshaping innovation in the financial services industry, Plug and Play Fintech runs a 12-week accelerator program twice a year. The accelerator focuses on connecting early-to-growth stage startups with major financial institutions to launch pilots, proof-of-concepts, and foster business development opportunities. With a specialization in fintech innovation, the organization provides startups access to a vast network of over 50,000 startups, keeping them aligned with industry trends. Recently, the accelerator collaborated with Visa to establish an Inclusive Fintech Accelerator, promoting diversity and inclusivity by supporting founders from underrepresented groups. Selected founders benefit from strategic guidance, access to Visa products and APIs, preferential review for Visa Fast Track, mentorship from industry experts, networking opportunities within the ecosystem, and collaboration with Visa executives well-versed in payments and financial technology sectors. Founded by Ali Safavi, Jackie Hernandez, Jojo Flores, and Saeed Amidi, Plug and Play Fintech is committed to driving innovation in the fintech sector worldwide.

Plug and Play Fintech's Website
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129) Vebu Labs

Vebu Labs - connecting start-up founders with success

Vebu Labs is an innovation studio and accelerator at the forefront of transforming the future of food through automation solutions. Founded by Buck Jordan and Matt Lucido, it focuses on addressing challenges in the food industry such as labor shortage, wage increases, and high turnover rates by leveraging automation technology. The organization specializes in automation solutions for various sectors within the food industry, including Quick Service Restaurants, fast casual dining, grocery, and specialty markets. It collaborates with industry leaders to drive innovation and offers expertise in robotics, hardware engineering, software solutions, and regulatory compliance. Although specific metrics like the number of start-ups associated or funded are not disclosed, Vebu Labs' vision is to automate the entire food supply chain in partnership with corporate players, positioning it as a key player in shaping the future of food supply chains. The corporate venture studio not only incubates start-ups but also develops custom automation solutions, aiming to revolutionize the industry and enhance operational efficiency.

Vebu Labs's Website
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130) Imagine H2O

Imagine H2O - connecting start-up founders with success

Imagine H2O is an international startup accelerator founded in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, focusing solely on water-related startups. With a zero-equity model, it supports early-stage water startups in developing and commercializing their technologies. To date, it has assisted 115 startups over 15 years, raising over $1 billion in early-stage funding for its portfolio companies. The accelerator offers mentorship, investor introductions, and access to strategic partners and end-users. Specializing in water-related solutions like artificial intelligence, decarbonization, and IoT networks, the organization operates globally, supporting startups in scaling their innovations. Key figures behind the organization include founders Matthew Evans, Scott Bryan, and Tamin Pechet. The program duration is 40 weeks. Imagine H2O envisions and builds solutions with the world's best water entrepreneurs, making innovation accessible to those in need, playing a critical role in addressing global water challenges.

Imagine H2O's Website
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131) Underdog Labs

Underdog Labs - supporting founders in their growth journey

Underdog Labs is a boutique startup accelerator and pre-seed fund located in the SF Bay Area and New England. The company offers the Spark Program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs at the beginning of their startup journey, focusing on business ideas, success factors, and risks. The accelerator works with early-stage founders, providing resources for idea validation, prototyping, and market support. Underdog Labs specializes in various industries and tailor their approach to meet founder's needs. Founded by David Hehman, Underdog Labs offers a professional network, customized mentorship, and funding opportunities. Notable exits from their IPO & Exits portfolio include ZipRealty, OpenTable, and Trulia. The organization aims to guide founders through the critical milestones of building successful companies, offering the Spark Program as a valuable first step for entrepreneurs looking to launch their ventures.

Underdog Labs's Website
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132) Z Fellows

Z Fellows - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Z Fellows is a community for determined technical founders looking to fast-track their projects in various domains such as consumer, social, fintech, AI, biotech, and more. The program spans one week, offering participants a $10,000 grant to fully focus on their ventures. Additionally, founders have the option for equity investment at a $1 billion cap. The accelerator boasts smart mentors, including Marc Randolph, Kevin Hartz, and Naval Ravikant, providing invaluable guidance. Cory Levy, one of the founders, established Z Fellows to create a conducive environment for early technical thinkers to collaborate, network, and learn from each other. The accelerator supports industries like Edtech, Social Media, Healthcare Tech, and Cybersecurity, offering a unique opportunity for aspiring founders to accelerate their startups in a short, intensive program. Whether delving into AI solutions or climate-focused startups, Z Fellows is dedicated to supporting and nurturing innovative projects.

Z Fellows's Website
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133) Draper Goren Holm

Draper Goren Holm - supporting founders in their growth journey

Draper Goren Holm is a blockchain venture studio and fund, founded by Tim Draper, Alon Goren, and Josef Holm. Specializing in blockchain and fintech, the accelerator focuses on incubating and accelerating early-stage startups globally. Portfolio companies benefit from strategic business advisory services, introductions to the Draper Venture Network, as well as discounts on services such as AWS and Google Cloud. The accelerator works with exceptional teams to facilitate co-investments by partner funds and follow-on investments. Formerly known as Draper Goren Holm, the accelerator was renamed following Tim Draper's investment in the company. The exact number of funded startups is unspecified, but the accelerator's commitment to blockchain and fintech is evident. Notable founders include Alon Goren and Josef Holm. Draper Goren Holm acts as a Web3 venture studio and fund, nurturing killer blockchain startups within their program.

Draper Goren Holm's Website
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134) Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator is a non-dilutive accelerator program that was launched in January 2019 as a joint venture between Berkeleys Haas School of Business, SCET of Berkeley Engineering, and Blockchain at Berkeley. The Xcelerator program has welcomed 110 global teams since its inception, collectively raising over $620 million in follow-on funding. It focuses on blockchain technology and related domains, leveraging the thriving blockchain activity at UC Berkeley. The program offers resources both on and off campus, with a mission centered around community and entrepreneurship. More than 60% of the teams that have participated in the program have gone on to raise follow-on funding, solidifying its reputation as a premier university-based blockchain accelerator globally. The Xcelerator provides various benefits including exposure to a broad audience, focus week programming led by industry advisors, a network of mentors and investors, and a fellow program for scholars interested in blockchain research and entrepreneurship. The program's portfolio includes startups in industries like Healthcare Tech, Edtech, Fintech, and Blockchain.

Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator's Website
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135) Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator

Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator is an experimental incubator program that aims to invest in people, projects, and technologies making positive changes in the tech industry and the internet landscape. Backed by Mozilla, known for Firefox, Thunderbird, and Raindrop, the program offers a $75,000 investment through a post-money SAFE for 3.5% ownership in early-stage startups, with a $2 million cap. The focus is on supporting startups dedicated to 'fixing the internet,' particularly in domains like internet privacy, security, and open-source software. The program, which is part of the broader Mozilla Builders Incubator, encourages projects aligned with improving the internet. Founders Blake Ross and Dave Hyatt lead the initiative, which runs for about 3 months and specializes in industries like Artificial Intelligence. In addition to funding, participants receive mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to the Mozilla ecosystem, benefiting from the exposure to Mozilla's brand and community. Join the program to be part of the new wave of startups shaping the future of the internet.

Startup Studio by Mozilla Builders Incubator's Website
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136) MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator

MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

The MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator was a program launched by Mozilla, running throughout 2020 with a focus on reshaping the internet by investing in people, projects, and technologies. The incubator provided $16,000 in funding to pre-startup teams, supporting both for-profit, non-profit, and open-source initiatives. The program invested in 80+ projects committed to improving various internet aspects, covering domains such as search, web assembly, artificial intelligence, messaging, social networking, decentralized web, collaboration, society, decentralization, surveillance capitalism, misinformation, content, internet, browser extensions, and open-source software. Founders of the incubator include Blake Ross and Dave Hyatt, offering additional benefits like mentorship, guidance, and access to Mozilla's resources. The MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator aimed to empower founders and teams passionate about innovating the internet, contributing to reshaping the digital landscape and fostering innovation in artificial intelligence and other related fields.

MVP Lab by Mozilla Builders Incubator's Website
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137) Spearhead (VC)

Spearhead (VC) - California's true entrepreneurial hub

Spearhead, founded in 2018, is a well-established accelerator program dedicated to funding and mentoring founders with up to $1 million of investing capital to support other entrepreneurs. With a $35 million fund, each cohort of founders benefits from 15% carry and check-writing authority. Spearhead, powered by AngelList Angel Funds, ensures legal setup, back-office management, and operational expenses for the fund. The program boasts a strong investor network including Jeff Fagnan, Naval Ravikant, Cack Wilhelm, Elad Gil, Jake Zeller, and others. While not specifying specialization domains, Spearhead focuses on empowering founders to transition into angel investors, excelling in early-stage investments and supporting remarkable startups. Participants enjoy access to exciting investment opportunities, mentorship from experienced investors, and administrative support, thanks to AngelList Angel Funds. Spearhead recently announced a $100 million fourth fund aimed at nurturing founders into top-tier VC investors. Based in San Francisco, Spearhead actively seeks new investments in a sector-agnostic approach. Jeff Fagnan is among the notable founders associated with Spearhead.

Spearhead (VC)'s Website
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138) Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator

Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator (BRIIA) is an integrated data innovation accelerator founded in 2017, focusing on machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and related technologies. The accelerator's 12-week program empowers early-stage entrepreneurs to create impactful companies by providing expert tools, free software, courses, mentors, and provisioners. BRIIA brings together a community of specialists with expertise in emerging technologies, analytics, marketing, sales, UX, and business development. The accelerator supports seed-stage companies and aims to assist startups in the Artificial Intelligence and General Tech industries. Notable founders of BRIIA include Jon Brooks, Les Schmidt, and Melissa Ross. BRIIA provides a guided journey for entrepreneurs to start and grow companies that leverage machine learning and AI. For more information, individuals can contact BRIIA at

Bishop Ranch Intelligence Innovation Accelerator's Website
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139) FalconX (Financial Services)

FalconX (Financial Services) - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

FalconX is a digital assets prime brokerage that operates at the intersection of traditional finance and the crypto market. They have executed over $1 trillion in trading volume and facilitated over $100 billion in loan originations, earning the trust of more than 600 institutions. With access to 400+ tokens and serving as the first and only CFTC-registered cryptocurrency swap dealer, FalconX provides institutional-grade digital asset products including spot, derivatives, and financing solutions. They offer white-glove support, deep liquidity sourced from over 70 venues, and tailored solutions for clients, all supported by their FalconX 360 platform for streamlined crypto management. The team at FalconX includes experts from leading financial institutions, trading, and tech firms. Founded by B. V. Jagadeesh and Raju Indukuri, FalconX is a trusted partner for institutions in need of sophisticated digital asset solutions, boasting expertise in artificial intelligence, fintech, and blockchain industries.

FalconX (Financial Services)'s Website
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140) Mach49

Mach49 - supporting founders in their growth journey

Mach49 is a venture-driven growth accelerator that partners with ambitious companies to unlock disruptive growth through a combination of Venture Building and Venture Investing. They lead the venture-driven growth category, emphasizing capability over dependency and leveraging Silicon Valley expertise in building and investing in a portfolio of ventures. The team comprises founders, operators, board members, and venture capitalists with extensive experience, having collectively founded 563 startups and achieved 145 exits. M49ers have raised $6.4 billion for their startups, worked with 292 Fortune 500 companies, and mentored over 1.2k startups. Mach49 specializes in partnering with global businesses across industries such as Clean Energy and Real Estate Tech to build pipelines and portfolios of high-potential ventures in domains like technology, sustainability, and innovation. Notable founders include Brad Sharek, James Beriker, Jason Yotopoulos, Linda Yates, and Russ Lampert. The accelerator focuses on creating new businesses to address global challenges in enterprise, real estate, construction, and technology sectors, offering valuable connections, mentorship, and resources.

Mach49's Website
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141) BRIIA

BRIIA - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

BRIIA is an integrated data innovation accelerator focused on developing early-stage companies with an early prototype into investment-ready ventures, leveraging cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to create competitive differentiators. The program runs for 13 weeks and specializes in startups fueled by machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and related technologies, aiming to produce 'Category Kings' in their respective domains. The organization supports several startups, providing personal attention, access to a mentor network, and guidance to de-risk businesses for strategic fundraising, ultimately connecting them with sophisticated investors. Founded by Jon Brooks, Les Schmidt, and Melissa Ross, the accelerator accepts high-growth startups from various industries such as Artificial Intelligence and General Tech. BRIIA's mission is to create AI-powered companies that attract investor interest, recognizing the transformative potential of AI across industries like healthcare and housing. Startups benefit from a step-by-step guided journey with expert tools, free software, courses, mentors, and provisioners to accelerate their growth.

BRIIA's Website
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142) Shifamed

Shifamed - building California's entrepreneurial future

Shifamed is a highly specialized medical technology incubator founded by Amr Salahieh in 2007. With a focus on healthcare tech, the accelerator aims to accelerate advancements in the medtech industry, envisioning a world where people live longer, healthier lives with fewer medical interventions. Their approach is rooted in innovation and agility, driven by the question 'What if?' The organization values speed, mentorship, and work-life balance, creating a collaborative environment for employees and portfolio companies. The centralized model and resources like capital, engineering expertise, and infrastructure facilitate rapid ideation and implementation, reducing risk. Shifamed has successfully exited six companies, including NuVera Medical acquired by Biosense Webster. While specialization domains are not explicitly mentioned, the institution's expertise spans various areas in medical technology. Portfolio companies benefit from the ecosystem's support and shared experience, fostering innovation and driving improved patient outcomes.

Shifamed's Website
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143) Talino Venture Labs

Talino Venture Labs - building California's entrepreneurial future

Talino Venture Labs, founded by Winston Damarillo, is a global venture studio based in Los Angeles, California. The organization focuses on building sustainable innovation for the good of every community through inclusive fintech solutions. The accelerator is dedicated to bridging the $5.2 trillion financial inclusion gap for over 1.7 billion people worldwide, with a specific emphasis on empowering underserved and underrepresented groups. Specializing in inclusive fintech, Talino Venture Labs partners with industry leaders to drive tech-accelerated inclusion in Asia's emerging economies. With 3,192 investments in fintech startups and 5 investors supporting their ventures, they follow a venture studio model to create repeatable, scalable, and profitable fintech companies. Talino Venture Labs raised $1.25 million through equity crowdfunding and secured $5 million in fresh funding in November 2023 to further their mission of financial inclusion. Their goal is to create a positive impact globally through innovative fintech solutions.

Talino Venture Labs's Website
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144) Cleantech to Market Program (Haas School of Business)

Cleantech to Market Program (Haas School of Business) - California's true entrepreneurial hub

The Cleantech to Market Program, offered by the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, aims to accelerate the commercialization of innovative cleantech solutions across domains like low-carbon energy, green chemistry, food technologies, and water technologies. Lasting 15 weeks, the program functions as a partnership involving graduate students, startups, and industry professionals to nurture the next generation of cleantech leaders. Each project benefits from about 1,000 hours of free technology, market, and business model assessment, with participants receiving valuable market feedback aiding in attracting potential investors. The program offers market research insights, opportunities for fresh talent interaction, industry validation, and networking prospects with key industry players and investors. With a focus on environmental tech, edtech, clean energy, and food and beverage industries, this accelerator serves as a vibrant ecosystem fostering cleantech innovation and entrepreneurship at the intersection of academia and industry.

Cleantech to Market Program (Haas School of Business)'s Website
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145) Berkeley Haas

Berkeley Haas - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Berkeley Haas, also known as Skydeck, is a renowned accelerator affiliated with UC Berkeley's College of Engineering, Haas School of Business, and the Vice Chancellor for Research Office. It is hailed as the world's premier University accelerator, fostering entrepreneurial excellence through personalized engagement with UC Berkeley teams. Skydeck's Accelerated Access program targets undergraduate seniors and final year graduate students, offering conditional admission to the MBA program upon successful application. Participants can defer enrollment for two to five years for professional experience, enhancing their leadership skills. While exact startup numbers are unspecified, the organization's interdisciplinary approach collaborates with various UC Berkeley departments, likely spanning technology, engineering, and business domains. Tailored support, scholarships, and dual degree program consideration are provided to participants. Despite undisclosed investor metrics, Berkeley Haas' value lies in its mentorship, network access, and interdisciplinary environment. Industries like Edtech benefit from this innovative accelerator's mission to bridge academia and entrepreneurship, offering a unique platform for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Berkeley Haas's Website
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146) California NanoSystems Institute

California NanoSystems Institute - building California's entrepreneurial future

The accelerator of the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), located at UCLA's Court of Sciences, enhances the entrepreneurial culture at UCLA and the broader Los Angeles region. Focused on nanoscience and nanotechnology, it fosters collaboration between the academic community and industry to expedite the commercialization of discoveries. Startups benefit from flexible co-working laboratory and office spaces, accelerating their access to facilities and market opportunities. The accelerator offers high-quality facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and a collaborative environment to support early-stage technology startups. Founded by Jim Staples, it is an essential hub for advancing healthcare tech and edtech innovation in California.

California NanoSystems Institute's Website
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147) Not Impossible Labs

Not Impossible Labs - supporting California's best founders

Not Impossible Labs is an innovation studio, technology incubator, and content studio founded on the principle of 'Technology for the Sake of Humanity'. Dedicated to changing the world through technology and storytelling, their projects focus on identifying unmet needs and absurdities to create solutions that address real-world challenges. One of their notable projects is 'Music: Not Impossible,' offering a unique music experience through wearable technology. Although the exact number of startups associated with Not Impossible Labs is unspecified, their impact is measured by successful projects and positive change in communities. The accelerator emphasizes collaboration among creators and problem-solvers, providing a platform to drive positive momentum. Not Impossible Labs' founders include Mick Ebeling. Recognized and awarded for their work, including Fast Company's World Changing Ideas, the organization stands out as a catalyst for innovative projects that make a lasting difference. The accelerator operates across industries such as Entertainment, Edtech, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service), embodying the motto Help One, Help Many.

Not Impossible Labs's Website
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148) Imprint Lab

Imprint Lab - connecting start-up founders with success

Imprint Lab, led by founder Julia Huang, is a seed stage incubator and strategic consultancy that empowers creators and their innovative ideas in industries such as Consumer Electronics, Healthcare Tech, General Tech, and Personal Finance. The accelerator, known as Imprint Venture Lab (IVL), focuses on nurturing bold brands and funding valuable solutions in the marketplace. It operates within the Accelerator Lab Network, spanning 60 Labs across 78 countries worldwide. While specifics on the number of associated start-ups, investors, funded start-ups, and program duration are not provided, IVL is renowned for its tailored support, mentorship, and vast network access. With a keen emphasis on creative culture, Imprint Lab facilitates collaborations between businesses and creative groups, enhancing collective intelligence. Notable for its affiliation with the UNDP's Accelerator Lab Network, Imprint Lab underscores experimentation and solutions mapping to tackle sustainable development challenges effectively.

Imprint Lab's Website
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149) Fast Forward (Consulting Services)

Fast Forward (Consulting Services) - connecting start-up founders with success

Fast Forward is an accelerator at the intersection of technology and nonprofits, specifically designed for social tech nonprofits. The program offers funding, mentorship, and a supportive community to propel tech nonprofits forward. Founded by Kevin Barenblat, Radomír Čech, and Shannon Farley, it focuses on industries like Healthcare Tech and Edtech, helping organizations leverage technology for social good. The accelerator has made a significant impact, reaching 186 million lives and facilitating over $753 million in follow-on funding for participating startups. With 84% of startups having founders with personal experience in the addressed problem, Fast Forward takes an empathy-driven approach to drive social impact. Each tech nonprofit receives a $25,000 grant and engages with mentors and guest speakers during the three-month program. Its specialized curriculum, valuable connections, and strong community support further enhance the capabilities of tech nonprofits, making it a vital platform for positive change through technology.

Fast Forward (Consulting Services)'s Website
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150) Same Page Capital

Same Page Capital - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Same Page Capital (SPC) is a business accelerator designed for early-stage start-ups in the General Tech industry. The accelerator, led by founder Norm Page, operates Same Page.VC (SP.VC), an investment arm that accelerates seed and early-stage start-ups through investments, advisory services, and operational support. SPC has facilitated three exits and been involved in 53,055 investments, including nine diversity investments. Specializing in digital start-ups, the organization offers expertise in sales, business development, strategic partnerships, product marketing, investor communications, and go-to-market strategy. The accelerator provides hands-on support to drive commercial growth by aligning investors' goals with customers' strategic objectives and entrepreneurs' innovations. By bringing together the interests of investors, customers, and entrepreneurs, Same Page Capital aims to help start-ups thrive in the marketplace.

Same Page Capital's Website
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151) CV Labs Incubator

CV Labs Incubator - supporting founders in their growth journey

CV Labs Incubator, located in Zug at the heart of the Crypto Valley, Switzerland, offers a three-month hybrid Blockchain incubation program. Combining in-person sessions with online workshops, it aims to support tech startups with potential MVPs in emerging markets. The venture capital arm, CV VC, invests up to $135,000 in startups, taking 7% equity and/or tokens in return. The accelerator, curated by founders Mathias Ruch, Olaf Hannemann, and Ralf Glabischnig, focuses on nurturing startups in the blockchain space. Participating teams benefit from a comprehensive ecosystem of experts, mentorship, and networking opportunities valued at over $200,000. The program's pillars include refining pitch decks, developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and crafting solid business strategies. CV Labs Incubator is looking for visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to revolutionizing the status quo with innovative blockchain solutions. With a commitment to changing the world through blockchain technology, the accelerator provides a fertile ground for startups to thrive and succeed.

CV Labs Incubator's Website
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152) Disruptive Labs

Disruptive Labs - building California's entrepreneurial future

Disruptive Labs is a Startup Studio founded by Josh Swan and Marco Franzoni in August 2018, based in Santa Monica, California. The accelerator's mission is to assist exceptional founders in building, launching, and scaling technology companies across various sectors such as Mobile Apps, General Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service). They provide world-class design, development, and content services with transparency and flexibility to ensure the success of the digital products. Disruptive Labs partners with ambitious teams to tackle complex problems and offers additional benefits including setting up startup infrastructure, effective team scaling, and accelerating product and business development. The accelerator program duration is not specified. With 47,677 investments, 7 diversity investments, and 1 exit, Disruptive Labs has a track record of supporting startups. Notable startups that have benefited from their program are not explicitly mentioned, but the accelerator has aided numerous technology companies in their growth journey. In summary, Disruptive Labs is a Venture Studio focused on empowering founders to succeed in the competitive technology landscape.

Disruptive Labs's Website
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153) Troy Labs

Troy Labs - connecting start-up founders with success

Troy Labs is a venture platform sponsored by the USC Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. It aims to empower the next generation of start-ups at USC. The cornerstone of Troy Labs is the 8-week BUILD Accelerator program, which caters to a cohort of 4-5 USC startups. These start-ups receive mentorship from industry leaders and past founders. The accelerator offers resources and consulting services across various domains like technology, design, marketing, and finance. Over 70 BUILD start-ups have benefited from the program, receiving equity-free funding. The investors engaging with Troy Labs tap into a thriving ecosystem of funding-ready start-ups. They connect with visionary entrepreneurs and student talent. The IGNITE Community nurtures entrepreneurial growth through fireside chats and workshops. Additionally, the Demo Exhibition, USC's prominent student-run entrepreneurship conference, attracts over 1000 attendees yearly. Industries served by Troy Labs include Fintech and General Tech. Notable founders like Ankur Karwal, Ashan Marla, Diego Socorro, and Zach Sullens are at the helm of this supportive platform for USC start-ups.

Troy Labs's Website
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154) Citadel Ventures

Citadel Ventures - connecting start-up founders with success

Citadel Ventures, founded in 2005, is a startup incubator based in Palo Alto, California. The firm actively invests in early-stage startups, providing business incubation services and strategic guidance to entrepreneurs. The organization focuses on various domains including big data analysis, artificial intelligence in consumer internet and businesses, career exploration, job hunting, employability assessment, and food safety supply chain sectors. Their investments span industries such as information services, food products, human capital services, business/productivity software, beverages, and real estate services. With successful exits from 3 companies including, Maverick Brands, and Movoto, Citadel Ventures is led by key figures like Sunil Singh, Ph.D., the Founder & Managing Partner, Dipika Chopra as Partner, and Arjun Singh as Associate. Notable founders associated with the institution include Sunil Singh, and they have supported start-ups in industries like Edtech, Food and Beverage, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Logistics, and Supply Chain.

Citadel Ventures's Website
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155) Institute for the Global Entrepreneur

Institute for the Global Entrepreneur - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

The Institute for the Global Entrepreneur, founded by Jyoti Mishra and Roger Revelle, offers the Global Entrepreneur Accelerator (GEA) program, specifically designed for international startups looking to enter the U.S. market. This intensive program, lasting 3 to 12 months, includes personalized mentoring to refine business plans for the U.S. business environment. Focused on technology and entrepreneurship, the program has assisted 150 international teams, resulting in 175 successfully launched startups that have collectively raised $95 million. More than 300 teams have taken part in the program, benefiting from exposure to U.S. and global markets, interaction with industry leaders and venture firms, as well as access to expert business coaches and Institute-affiliated faculty. Apart from mentorship, the program encourages network building within the San Diego Ecosystem, offers customized coaching, and delivers valuable market insights. By providing startups with the necessary resources and guidance, the GEA program prepares them to thrive in the U.S. entrepreneurial landscape, particularly in sectors such as Edtech and General Tech.

Institute for the Global Entrepreneur's Website
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156) University of California - San Diego - Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship

University of California - San Diego - Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is a hub designed to empower entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey, be it exploring, accelerating, or launching ventures. The Global Entrepreneur Accelerator (GEA) offered by the center is an intensive 3 to 12-month program providing exposure to U.S. and global markets, with each team receiving a domain-expert business coach and access to Institute-affiliated faculty. With 500 total teams, 200 startups launched, $120 million raised, and a notable startup securing $4 million in seed funding, the center has made a significant impact in fostering entrepreneurship. The center's initiatives include collaborations with NSF I-Corps and JETRO LA for sustainability and innovation events, as well as partnerships supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs in Biotech and Edtech. Jyoti Mishra and Roger Revelle are among the notable founders associated with the center, further enhancing its reputation as a dynamic environment for entrepreneurs.

University of California - San Diego - Sullivan Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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157) The Basement (La Jolla)

The Basement (La Jolla) - supporting founders in their growth journey

Founded in 2015 at UC San Diego, The Basement is a prominent accelerator/incubator firm based in La Jolla, California. The organization is dedicated to nurturing early-stage startups, entrepreneurs, and social innovators. The Basement is located at 9510 Innovation Lane, Design and Innovation Building, 1st Floor, La Jolla, CA 92093. The institution has been associated with 6 startups and has funded 4 of them. The accelerator thrives on supporting startups spanning various domains such as technology, social impact, and innovation. Notable investments of The Basement include Algeon Materials, LearnSesh, Bifrost Wealth, Slithr, Limber, and Nanomood. Among the founders of the organization are Jyoti Mishra and Roger Revelle. Industries the company focuses on include Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and SaaS (Software as a Service). Bifrost Wealth and Slithr have exited, with Bifrost Wealth's exit on October 4, 2022. For further details, direct inquiries to The Basement for the latest information.

The Basement (La Jolla)'s Website
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158) Growth Factory (Rocklin)

Growth Factory (Rocklin) - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

Growth Factory Accelerator, located in Rocklin, California, is a member of the Global Accelerator Network. It supports entrepreneurs by offering funding, consultation services, mentorship, and opportunities for growth. The accelerator focuses on guiding founders and their startups from the Minimum Viable Product stage to achieving product-market fit and securing venture backing. Program activities include validating product-market fit, developing go-to-market and fundraising strategies, engaging in pilot projects, and receiving expert mentorship. Growth Factory specializes in various domains such as Agriculture Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and more. The accelerator invests up to $25,000 per team and provides a supportive community, access to mentors, and growth opportunities. Notable domains covered by the accelerator include AgriTech, Cleantech, Enterprise Software, Medical Equipment, Mobility, and SaaS. Key people involved in running the organization include [Founders/Key People Names]. Some notable startups that have benefited from the program operate in industries like Agriculture Tech, Renewable Energy, and Clean Energy.

Growth Factory (Rocklin)'s Website
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159) SF Housing Accelerator

SF Housing Accelerator - building California's entrepreneurial future

SF Housing Accelerator is an innovative public-private partnership and nonprofit organization focused on accelerating the production and preservation of affordable housing and community facilities. The mission includes lending to, investing in, and directly acquiring real estate assets to benefit economically disadvantaged households, individuals, and communities. With a significant impact, the organization has created or preserved 2574 affordable homes, housing 4423 residents, and invested a total of $448 million to date. The accelerator specializes in affordable housing projects, bridging the gap between private financing and public sector programs at various levels. By combining capital from public, private, and philanthropic sources, they create efficiencies in affordable housing finance. SF Housing Accelerator invests in quality, low-cost housing and community facilities maintenance and growth. The organization's specialization domains include renewable energy, fintech, and real estate tech. Notable founders or start-ups benefiting from the program are not mentioned.

SF Housing Accelerator's Website
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160) UCLA Technology Development

UCLA Technology Development - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

UCLA Technology Development Group serves as a campus-wide gateway to innovation, research, and entrepreneurship at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). The accelerator's primary goal is to facilitate the innovation and commercialization of technologies originating from UCLA's faculty, researchers, and students, bridging the gap between academia and industry. To date, the organization has supported the creation of 259 companies in California based on licensed UCLA technologies, operating in sectors such as biopharmaceuticals and software. The group collaborates with venture capitalists, private equity firms, and industry experts to provide guidance and support, covering a broad spectrum of technology domains including therapeutics, drug delivery, medical imaging, diagnostics, and software solutions. Start-ups associated with the program benefit from access to mentorship, resources, and expertise, receiving guidance on intellectual property protection and commercialization strategies. Prominent founders of the program include Edward Augustus Dickson and Ernest Carroll Moore, with the Board of Directors comprising distinguished UCLA faculty and industry executives who offer strategic insights.

UCLA Technology Development's Website
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161) University of California-Los Angeles - Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

University of California-Los Angeles - Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Harold & Pauline Price Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at UCLA Anderson School of Management serves as a hub for entrepreneurial activity, fostering innovation and supporting the development of entrepreneurial leaders. The center aims to create positive change in California and globally by advancing entrepreneurship and innovation through research initiatives, courses, experiential learning, and non-degree certificate programs. Part of the Price Center, the Venture Accelerator at UCLA Anderson offers a transformative cohort-based program for early-stage startups. It provides access to a 10,000-square-foot incubator, co-working space, presentation areas, conference rooms, and research librarians. The center supports ventures across various industries such as healthcare tech and edtech, connecting startups with alumni and the Southern California startup community. Entrepreneurs benefit from UCLA Anderson's resources, networking opportunities, and integration of academic and extracurricular experiences. Notable founders of UCLA include Edward Augustus Dickson and Ernest Carroll Moore. The center has facilitated programs like Blackstone LaunchPad, the Social Enterprise Academy, LA Hacks, Startup Labs, and Creative Labs to foster entrepreneurial competence and innovation.

University of California-Los Angeles - Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies's Website
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162) UCLA CNSI Incubator

UCLA CNSI Incubator - connecting start-up founders with success

The Magnify Incubator at the California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), located at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), aims to support early-stage technology startups in the biotech industry by providing essential resources and fostering a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. The incubator, centrally situated at UCLAs Court of Sciences, offers flexible co-working laboratory and office spaces to accelerate startups' access to facilities, optimize capital efficiency, and explore market opportunities. Magnify strives to enhance the culture of entrepreneurship within UCLA and the broader Los Angeles region, specifically focusing on startups working on scientific innovations in areas such as nanoscience and nanotechnology. While specific metrics such as the number of startups, investors, and program duration are not disclosed, Magnify has a track record of supporting successful startups, including a hair loss biotech startup backed by GV and other breakthrough ventures in various scientific fields. Entrepreneurs at Magnify benefit from access to high-end scientific equipment, networking opportunities, mentorship, and collaboration with other startups, leveraging the proximity to UCLA's academic community for cross-disciplinary interactions and knowledge sharing. With founders such as Edward Augustus Dickson and Ernest Carroll Moore, the Magnify Incubator continues to play a pivotal role in accelerating the success of early-stage technology startups in the biotech sector.

UCLA CNSI Incubator's Website
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163) Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation - supporting California's best founders

The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OEI) at the University of Arkansas is a hub that fosters innovation, supports entrepreneurs, and connects individuals within the Arkansas community. Its mission is to develop future leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators by cultivating their creative mindset, offering resources, and mentorship to empower students, faculty, and community members. It provides business incubation services for startups to thrive, offering mentorship, consultation, and resources. Students can engage in experiential learning opportunities to collaborate with industry experts and build essential skills. Recognized as a top 50 graduate entrepreneurship program by the Princeton Review, the OEI focuses on fostering innovation in various fields like retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, and supply chain. The OEI provides mentoring, consultation, and resources, structured programs for interdisciplinary teams, and community engagement through workshops, mentorship, and funding opportunities. Industries supported include Ecommerce, Logistics and Supply Chain, Edtech, and Delivery Services.

Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation's Website
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164) UCI Beall Applied Innovation

UCI Beall Applied Innovation - supporting California's best founders

Since 1965, the University of California, Irvine has combined the strengths of a major research university with the bounty of an accelerator known as UCI Beall Applied Innovation. UCI Beall Applied Innovation aims to accelerate the development of knowledge, products, and companies that benefit society. Operating a 17,000 square foot wet lab incubator in UCI Research Park, it nurtures future entrepreneurs through robust educational and mentorship programs. The accelerator actively supports and connects entrepreneurs to university inventions and talent, benefiting start-ups in various domains like Biotech, Edtech, and General Tech. UCI Beall Applied Innovation facilitates collaborations between UCI and industry, allowing large corporations to leverage the school's research capabilities and investors to financially support promising new companies. The organization collaborates with researchers and industry partners to move UCI knowledge and discoveries into products and markets. Their initiatives focus on a wide range of domains including technology, life sciences, and engineering, creating a globally-recognized startup ecosystem in Orange County. UCI Beall Applied Innovation offers world-class facilities like The Cove @ UCI, providing access to leading-edge ideas and technology, while its programs cultivate new ideas, startups, and entrepreneurial leaders such as the founder Daniel G. Aldrich.

UCI Beall Applied Innovation's Website
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165) Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad

Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

San Diego State University, founded in 1897, hosts the Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad (ZIP Launchpad), an extracurricular on-campus incubator supporting entrepreneurs at SDSU. The program aims to help students, staff, faculty, and researchers develop early-stage ideas into growth-oriented businesses. With a focus on problem-solving, solution validation, company building, and gaining traction, participants benefit from experienced advisors, mentors, and domain experts. The ZIP Launchpad has seen 39 teams launch startups, with over 400 teams (850+ students) receiving support, collectively raising $39.15 million. Benefits include weekly programming, access to prototyping resources, paid internships, funding opportunities up to $10,000, co-working space, and sponsorship for national competitions. Specializing in all majors, it offers access to investors, legal advice, working capital grants, a collaborative workspace, and networking opportunities. Recognized with the 2023 Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award by USASBE, the ZIP Launchpad, under the leadership of Vesta C. Muehleisen, is a driving force in SDSU's entrepreneurial ecosystem, particularly in Edtech and General Tech sectors.

Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad's Website
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166) University of California-Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

University of California-Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - California's true entrepreneurial hub

The University of California-Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is housed within the Mike and Renee Child Institute, is dedicated to empowering UC Davis students, faculty, and staff to drive positive change in the world. By integrating entrepreneurial thinking throughout the university, the accelerator catalyzes economic growth and innovation. The accelerator, while precise numbers are undisclosed, has supported numerous start-ups, attracting investors and funding for ventures across diverse sectors like health and life sciences, energy, food and agriculture, technology, and social impact. Offering the DENvision Network Visualization Tool for entrepreneurship network mapping, the organization collaborates with key UC Davis centers like the Blum Center and the Innovation Institute for Food and Health. With $2.2 million in state funding, the institution reinforces its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and translating research into economic development. Notable industries supported include Edtech, Food and Beverage, Agriculture Tech, General Tech, Clean Energy, and Healthcare Tech.

University of California-Davis Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Website
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167) Engineering Translational Technology Center

Engineering Translational Technology Center - supporting California's best founders

The Engineering Translational Technology Center (ETTC), located in Davis, California, is a dynamic incubator focusing on information technology, biotechnology, and clean technology startups. With investments in 10 startups and a current portfolio of 4 companies, ETTC has seen 5 successful exits. The Cohen Translational Engineering Fund, supported by a generous gift, offers up to $200,000 in seed funding for early-stage innovation, with grants ranging from $25,000 to $100,000 over a period of up to nine months. The Pava Center for Entrepreneurship provides mentorship, programming, and funding support for student entrepreneurs, offering grants and prizes from $100 to $30,000. ETTC collaborates with industry partners and engages in STEM educational initiatives. Notable for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, UC Davis College of Engineering, which houses ETTC, aims to address global challenges and cultivate engineering leaders and entrepreneurs. The accelerator's programs and partnerships are geared towards translating knowledge into impactful innovations that benefit society in various industries such as Biotech, Healthcare Tech, and Edtech.

Engineering Translational Technology Center's Website
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168) KidsX Accelerator

KidsX Accelerator - connecting start-up founders with success

KidsX Accelerator is a flagship technical, business, and mentorship accelerator focused on supporting early stage digital health companies in achieving product and business model validation within the pediatric market. The program runs from May to August 2024, spanning 10 weeks of intensive support. Participating startups receive guidance in key focus areas such as AI Automation, Care Journey Navigation, Health Literacy, Hospital at Home Technologies, and Pediatric Mental & Behavioral Health. Collaborating with leading children's hospitals, providers, payors, investors, and entrepreneurs globally, the accelerator offers networking, mentorship, and business development opportunities. Selected startups engage with various stakeholders, industry leaders, and potential investors to expedite product/market fit validation. With exclusive networking opportunities, mentorship from clinical and administrative leaders, and exposure to industry experts, KidsX Accelerator is instrumental in driving innovation and enhancing pediatric care delivery. Notable industries involved in the accelerator include Healthcare Tech and Artificial Intelligence.

KidsX Accelerator's Website
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169) Store No 8

Store No 8 - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Store Nº8, an incubation arm of Walmart Inc., collaborated with Outlier Ventures to establish the Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp accelerator. The virtual Web3 program supported startups driving innovation in the retail sector through Web3 technologies. The organization focused on sustainability, metaverse, decentralized commerce (dCommerce), customer experience, health and wellness, and social commerce. The program aimed to foster innovation and collaboration, offering startups mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. Founded by Kimberly Cooper, Store Nº8 targeted industries such as Ecommerce, Food and Beverage, Agriculture Tech, Renewable Energy, Fitness and Wellness, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, and Healthcare Tech. The accelerator program aimed to propel retail innovation by nurturing startups at the forefront of Web3 technologies and commerce, showcasing a commitment to driving transformation in the retail industry.

Store No 8's Website
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170) L.A. Libations

L.A. Libations - connecting start-up founders with success

Headquartered in El Segundo, California, L.A. Libations is a next-generation beverage incubator and accelerator founded by Danny Stepper and Dino Sarti. The organization focuses on industries such as Fitness and Wellness and Food and Beverage, specializing in seeking out innovative beverage brands catering to health-conscious consumers. L.A. Libations prioritizes emerging categories like plant-based, functional, healthy digestion, and natural energy drinks. Annually, the firm evaluates over 200 global entrepreneurs to discover standout brands, offering them support, resources, and industry expertise to drive long-term success. L.A. Libations serves as the key innovation partner for The Molson Coors Beverage Company and holds the position of Emerging Beverage Category Captain at top retailers. The organization also runs the SoCal Incubation Program (SIP) to nurture and accelerate beverage startups in Southern California. L.A. Libations' commitment to cultivating cutting-edge beverage brands through its entrepreneurial spirit and market insights is unmistakable.

L.A. Libations's Website
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171) Allotrope Partners

Allotrope Partners - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Allotrope Partners is an investment firm specializing in early-stage companies in the carbon and clean energy sectors. Their accelerator program, the Local Utility Project Accelerator (LUPA), aims to support local utilities in the Philippines to invest in renewable energy projects. By providing blended finance, connecting utilities with resources and stakeholders, LUPA helps overcome barriers such as financing, risks, and access to developers and investors. The program benefits utilities by assisting them in meeting Renewable Portfolio Standard targets, reducing risks, attracting financing, and delivering low-cost clean electricity. Founded by Marc Stuart, Allotrope Partners focuses on industries like Renewable Energy, General Tech, and Clean Energy. The accelerator's goal is to contribute to unlocking 9,000 MW of new renewable energy capacity in the Philippines by 2030, aligning with the country's target of 35% renewable energy. Through their initiatives, Allotrope Partners aims to advance sustainability and promote climate resilience in the clean economy.

Allotrope Partners's Website
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172) MouseBelt

MouseBelt - supporting California's best founders

MouseBelt is the world's only full-service blockchain accelerator, dedicated to enhancing the blockchain industry through media, educational initiatives, engineering services, and a comprehensive accelerator program. Collaborating with a global network of students from over 100 universities across 24 countries, it offers online educational resources on blockchain development, business, and leadership. MouseBelt actively supports blockchain projects and provides resources to drive innovation. The organization's focus spans various domains within blockchain technology, including development, education, and media, with a particular emphasis on Edtech and Blockchain industries. Founded by Alexander Levin Holz, Galen Danziger, and Patrick McLain, MouseBelt also connects individuals with the necessary resources to build, grow, and utilize products effectively. Additionally, it facilitates guest speaker sessions, provides updates on grants and lab funds, and offers job opportunities and internships to participants. For more information on MouseBelt and its offerings, interested parties are encouraged to visit the company's website.

MouseBelt's Website
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173) KidsX

KidsX - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

KidsX Accelerator is a technical, business, and mentorship program. It is focused on supporting early-stage digital health companies looking to validate their products and business models within the pediatric market. The accelerator program runs from May to August 2024 and emphasizes areas such as AI automation, care journey navigation, health literacy, hospital-at-home solutions, and pediatric mental & behavioral health. Collaborating with prominent children's hospitals, providers, payors, investors, and entrepreneurs, it addresses challenges in pediatric care. The 10-week program offers asynchronous materials, live virtual programming, 1:1 meetings, roundtables, panels, and pilot planning to facilitate startup growth and validation. KidsX Accelerator aims to connect startups with key stakeholders in the pediatric market to navigate pilot complexities and validate product-market fit. Notable for its focus on Healthcare Tech and Artificial Intelligence industries, the accelerator has seen success stories of digital health startups benefiting from its program.

KidsX's Website
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174) The Workers Lab

The Workers Lab - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

The Workers Lab is an accelerator dedicated to improving conditions for low-wage workers with a vision of a society where all workers are safe, healthy, secure, and free. Founded by Carmen Rojas and David Rolf, they serve as a platform for worker advocates to collaborate and innovate. The accelerator invests in a diverse range of entities such as entrepreneurs, community organizers, technologists, and economic justice organizations to develop scalable solutions benefitting low-wage workers. In addition to direct investments, The Workers Lab engages in strategic initiatives like design sprints and special projects to address worker-related challenges effectively. Noteworthy projects include partnerships with Canary and Steady to provide emergency cash solutions and improve gig workers' benefits access. By utilizing an adapted version of Google's Design Sprint methodology and hosting the Gig Worker Learning Project in collaboration with the Aspen Institute, The Workers Lab bridges the gap between unions and tech, embodying a union-backed initiative with a tech-oriented approach.

The Workers Lab's Website
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175) NEC X

NEC X - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in California

NEC X is a strategic innovation hub supported by NEC Corporation to accelerate the development of innovative products and services. The accelerator program rapidly incubates and develops new businesses with cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation forward. They collaborate with visionary entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups, running several cohorts each year with 4-8 teams per cohort. The program duration lasts 8-12 months, during which start-ups receive comprehensive support, resources, and expertise from NEC X. NEC X has established strategic partnerships with accelerators like Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) and Alchemist Accelerator. Specializing in various domains, including emerging technologies, AI, and networking, NEC X draws expertise from seven cutting-edge laboratories worldwide. Through the Venture Studio Program, start-ups can transform visionary ideas into transformative businesses and gain access to NEC's award-winning technologies. NEC X fosters an innovation culture of curiosity, collaboration, and creativity, providing support from concept development to market implementation. Their industries of focus include Artificial Intelligence and General Tech.

NEC X's Website
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176) ICON (Palo Alto)

ICON (Palo Alto) - California's true entrepreneurial hub

ICON (Israel Collaboration Network) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2014 in Silicon Valley with the mission of helping Israeli entrepreneurs penetrate the U.S. market by bridging the Israeli and Silicon Valley tech ecosystems. The accelerator boasts an impressive community of Israeli founders, VCs, and Corporate Executives, providing support, mentorship, and resources to its members. ICON supports Israeli technology startups and facilitates connections with a wide range of investors through various programs and events. The organization specializes in technology and innovation across sectors like software, hardware, biotech, fintech, and more. Members benefit from exclusive networking opportunities, shared working spaces, and access to influential speakers such as Ben Horowitz and Dara Khosrowshahi. It serves as a vital entry point to Silicon Valley for Israeli founders seeking success in the U.S. market, offering a nurturing environment for growth and collaboration. Industries served include Biotech, Fintech, and General Tech.

ICON (Palo Alto)'s Website
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177) VIVE X

VIVE X - building California's entrepreneurial future

VIVE X is an accelerator program founded by HTC Vive with a mission to cultivate, foster, and grow the global XR ecosystem by supporting startups. The accelerator partners with and invests in early-stage companies across Seed, Series A, and Series B stages, specializing in VR, AR, Blockchain, AI, and 5G technologies. With a duration of 16 weeks, the program offers equity investment and support in strategy, business development, engineering, and marketing, leveraging HTC VIVE's operational capabilities. Known for its specialization in XR technologies, it focuses on industries such as Entertainment, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Consumer Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Tech, and Blockchain. The founder of VIVE X is Thomas Dabarno. Over the years, the accelerator has played a crucial role in supporting startups worldwide and has been associated with notable companies in the XR ecosystem.

VIVE X's Website
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178) University of Southern California - Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

University of Southern California - Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

The University of Southern California (USC) is a leading private research university known for its interdisciplinary study and collaboration opportunities. At USC, the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies stands out as the oldest entrepreneurship program in the United States and the largest entrepreneurship hub on campus. The center offers a variety of resources, programs, and initiatives to support aspiring entrepreneurs, including the Blackstone LaunchPad, New Venture Seed Competition, Athena Initiative for women entrepreneurs, Marshall Greif Incubator, Startup Survival Workshop Series, Catalyst Microgrant Program, eCouncil, and Marshall Venture Fund. Alumni of the Greif Center have founded successful companies such as Salesforce, Box, FedEx Office, Bird, and Hype & Vice. The center provides world-class courses and degrees covering the entire entrepreneurial process and welcomes students from various industries. With a mission to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for the evolving global economy, the Greif Center also offers access to a vibrant investor network and industry partners. Notable founders include Jeffrey Miller, Noam Wasserman, and Robert Maclay Widney.

University of Southern California - Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies's Website
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179) USC Incubator

USC Incubator - California's true entrepreneurial hub

The USC Marshall/Greif Incubator, operated by the University of Southern California, fosters entrepreneurial talent among students, alumni, and faculty/staff through experiential education, mentorship, and community support. The program guides founders from initial feasibility studies to building a solid business model, securing distribution, and preparing for investments, while also offering legal and financial assistance. Eligible participants must have a USC connection, with teams consisting of individuals from various USC schools and emphasizing diverse skill sets. The institution has supported numerous companies, some of which have raised funds, received NSF grants, and conducted successful crowdfunding campaigns. Success stories include winners in USC competitions and companies that have launched products, secured acquisitions, and obtained funding. The incubator specializes in industries such as Edtech, Fintech, and General Tech. Notable founders associated with the program include Jeffrey Miller, Noam Wasserman, and Robert Maclay Widney.

USC Incubator's Website
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180) FoundersBoost

FoundersBoost - California's true entrepreneurial hub

FoundersBoost is a global pre-accelerator program designed for pre-seed/seed stage startups in industries such as General Tech and Fintech. The accelerator was founded by Blake Caldwell, Gene Murphy, Jim Gibbs, Kit Mueller, and Simone Luciano Antonio Demelas. It focuses on preparing founders for top accelerators, investment, and revenue. Over 80% of the startups in FoundersBoost are founded by underrepresented entrepreneurs. The program runs for 8 weeks and offers Acceleration, Investment, and/or Revenue (AIR) opportunities without taking equity or charging fees from the startups that are accepted. FoundersBoost has propelled over 500 startups worldwide through its 6-week, mentor-led, community-driven pre-accelerator programs. Alumni have raised $230 million+ in investment and have gone on to join the world's top accelerators. Additionally, the accelerator provides a warm and friendly community, access to key mentors, and a focus on storytelling and tactical curriculum to position startups for success with customers, funding, hiring, and acceleration. Pre-seed tech startups globally benefit from FoundersBoost's inclusive and impactful program.

FoundersBoost's Website
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181) Founders Space

Founders Space - supporting California's best founders

Founders Space is a global startup accelerator, ecosystem builder, and innovation hub with a presence in 22 countries and a network of over 50 partners. This accelerator has been recognized as the #1 incubator for international startups by Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines. It is a well-established program attracting ventures from various domains, connecting entrepreneurs with a diverse pool of investors interested in funding promising startups. Founders Space offers programs lasting several weeks to a few months and supports ventures across sectors such as Ecommerce, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and Mobile Apps. Leading the organization are Naomi Kokubo and Steven Hoffman. The accelerator stands out for providing a global network, valuable VC insights, event invitations, and guidance on business development and scaling. Founders Space serves as a top-tier accelerator, fostering innovation and collaboration to drive the success of international startups.

Founders Space's Website
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182) UCSF Rosenman Institute

UCSF Rosenman Institute - connecting start-up founders with success

The UCSF Rosenman Institute is a healthtech startup accelerator that fosters innovation by providing mentorship, connections, insider knowledge, and community support to incubate startups from concept to commercialization. It serves as an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, industry experts, investors, mentors, and key stakeholders dedicated to advancing health technology innovations and improving patient care. The accelerator offers various programs, including mentorship from experienced professionals, connections with industry partners and investors, valuable insights into the healthtech landscape, and access to funding opportunities. The institute has been supporting transformative health technology companies since 2014, specializing in domains such as medical devices, digital health, diagnostics, and therapeutics. UCSF Rosenman also runs the ADAPT program, which grants funding for technology development. Notable beneficiaries include Emme, a women's digital health support company, and Efemoral Medical, which received FDA breakthrough device status for its vascular scaffold system. Overall, it is a vital player in the healthcare tech industry, driving forward health innovations and positively impacting patient lives.

UCSF Rosenman Institute's Website
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183) McLaren Strategic Ventures

McLaren Strategic Ventures - accelerating exceptional start-ups in California

McLaren Strategic Ventures is a leading business accelerator. The company aims to accelerate the speed of success for both funds and funded companies by combining next-generation digital technologies with advisory and consulting services. The organization focuses on building real-world solutions through industrialized platform services, with a particular emphasis on General Tech and Fintech sectors. Led by CEO Anubhav Saxena, a seasoned technologist with a history of founding billion-dollar businesses, McLaren boasts a highly experienced team of technologists, domain experts, and C-suite executives. The accelerator not only helps enterprises scale their businesses and achieve operational excellence but also contributes to community building by offering mentorship and connections to students, veterans, and underrepresented populations. McLaren Strategic Ventures collaborates with partners to prepare individuals with new technology skills for the job market, positively impacting the ecosystem and positioning itself as an exciting venture in the technology sector.

McLaren Strategic Ventures's Website
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184) PeopleTech Partners

PeopleTech Partners - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

PeopleTech Partners is a San Francisco-based accelerator network founded by Cara Brennan Allamano. The accelerator focuses on investing time and resources in people technology, particularly in areas such as talent acquisition, benefits, compensation, people analytics, artificial intelligence, and people management. The program, which lasts for 12 weeks, targets early-stage ventures and seed investments, offering accelerator, syndicate, and venture capital funding. While the exact number of associated start-ups and investors is unspecified, the network comprises business leaders dedicated to advancing people technology. It actively supports and invests in startups working on AI, analytics, and HR tech, driving innovation in employee experience within world-class companies. The leadership team consists of passionate professionals committed to the growth of people technology. As an early-stage advisory and investment group, PeopleTech Partners leverages the expertise of People Leaders to accelerate the growth of portfolio companies, making it a key player in the evolving landscape of people tech.

PeopleTech Partners's Website
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185) Free Ventures

Free Ventures - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Free Ventures is an accelerator program hosted at the University of California, Berkeley (Cal) since 2013. The program operates semester-long batches during the spring and fall academic semesters, aiming to elevate student startups through a combination of mentorship, curriculum, and personalized support. With 90 alumni companies having participated, these startups have collectively raised over $170 million in follow-on capital over 18 batches. It connects startups to leading investors, offering access to funding and fundraising support. The accelerator supports a diverse range of student startups across various industries, including General Tech and Fintech. Key people involved include founders Cameron Baradar and Jeremy Fiance. The program provides equity-free funds, mentorship from experienced professionals, and workshops to help founders scale. Notable startups benefiting from the program include Loggicat, Polyture, BlossomVR, Blackbook, Sportsvue, and Oki. Free Ventures fosters a community by uniting students to tackle meaningful challenges in the startup ecosystem, believing that the university environment, particularly at Cal, is an ideal place to nurture new companies.

Free Ventures's Website
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186) Ad Astra Ventures

Ad Astra Ventures - connecting start-up founders with success

Ad Astra Ventures, situated in Solana Beach, California, is an accelerator firm with a clear mission to activate capital, expertise, and resources to prepare visionary founders, with a particular emphasis on women-led innovations. The program spans 12 weeks and is tailored for high-growth startups led by one or more females in various domains such as Women's Health, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Consumer, Medicine Technology, and Sustainability. Ad Astra Ventures focuses on empowering female entrepreneurs to think innovatively and lead authentically, aiming to dismantle implicit gender biases. The accelerator was co-founded by Allison Long, Silvia Mah, and Vidya Dinamani, offering a high-energy, intensive virtual experience through bootcamps for both founders and investors. The firm actively engages in supporting women-led businesses within industries like Consumer Electronics and Healthcare Tech.

Ad Astra Ventures's Website
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187) ChicostArt

ChicostArt - California's true entrepreneurial hub

ChicostArt is an accelerator program based in Chico, California, operating under the Accelerate CA Innovation Hub to cultivate an inclusive innovation ecosystem. The program's mission is to boost economic and societal progress in the region by providing training, coaching, mentorship, capital access, and small business resources. Specifically, the organization received funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration for the BRIC Resilience and Recovery Project (BRIC-RR) to address economic and resiliency challenges in Butte County. The initiative involves the Butte Regional Innovation Cluster (BRIC) Ecosystem and focuses on sectors like advanced agriculture, biotechnology, and biomaterials. During the five-month BRIC-RR program, 30 entrepreneurs and innovators receive comprehensive support. ChicostArt aims to create over 20 new jobs initially and 75 high-paying jobs within two years post-project. Additionally, the accelerator seeks to enhance regional economic diversity, support opportunity zones, and develop a scalable entrepreneurial model for California's Far North region. The organization offers various benefits such as training, coaching, mentorship, and access to capital, emphasizing resilience, innovation, and economic development in industries like Biotech, General Tech, and Agriculture Tech.

ChicostArt's Website
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188) Chicostart

Chicostart - connecting start-up founders with success

Chicostart, based in Chico, California, is an accelerator program known as Butte Regional Innovation Cluster Resilience and Recovery (BRIC-RR) project. The program focuses on advanced agriculture, biotechnology, and biomaterials, supporting 30 entrepreneurs and small businesses through a rigorous five-month innovation, acceleration, and commercialization program. They aim to create over 20 jobs during the program and an additional 75 high-paying jobs within two years post-completion. Leveraging the Butte Regional Innovation Cluster (BRIC) Ecosystem, Chicostart collaborates with industry leaders, local organizations, universities, and entrepreneurs. The accelerator strives to enhance regional economic diversification for increased pandemic and disaster resilience. Additionally, They partner with FourthWave, a non-profit accelerator for women-led businesses, under the iHUB2 program. Their mission is to foster an inclusive innovation ecosystem by offering training, coaching, mentorship, access to capital, and small business resources, primarily catering to industries such as Biotech and Agriculture Tech.

Chicostart's Website
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189) Manos Accelerator

Manos Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in California

Manos Accelerator is a mentorship-driven program targeting Latino entrepreneurs in both the United States and Latin American regions. The mission of the organization is to impact over 1 million entrepreneurs worldwide by providing essential resources and guidance. The accelerator offers a 3-month virtual program for early-stage startups with mentorship via video-conferencing and a one-week intensive Silicon Valley Scale-Up Program for scale-up companies. While the exact number of associated startups and investors is unspecified, Manos Accelerator focuses on high-tech industries and specializes in Entertainment, Edtech, Social Media, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, and Mobile Apps. Founded by Edward Avila and Sylvia Flores, the institution equips startups with hands-on expertise in various areas like product development, design, user experience, and customer acquisition. Additionally, the program includes mentorship and investor introductions to support the growth of Latino-led startup companies.

Manos Accelerator's Website
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190) StartLabs (San Francisco)

StartLabs (San Francisco) - connecting start-up founders with success

StartLabs is a US-based accelerator founded in 2013. It focuses on investing in startups from Southeast Europe within the General Tech industry. The program offers funding of up to $50,000 with an equity stake of 10-15%. Startups go through an application and selection process, followed by intensive acceleration in Belgrade where they refine their approach and product with initial funding provided. The top startups then advance to the San Francisco program, where they engage with mentors, investors, and angels to secure further funding. StartLabs provides access to experienced mentors in various fields, including marketing and technology, along with guidance on customer development and scaling. The accelerator also offers shared office space, talent connections, and networking opportunities in San Francisco. Known for its focus on innovative entrepreneurs from Southeast Europe, StartLabs creates a nurturing environment aimed at helping startups identify market fit, build their core product, and attract external investments.

StartLabs (San Francisco)'s Website
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191) StartLabs