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Maryland's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
ETC4.9Maryland, USALearn more
University of Maryland - Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship4.6Van Munching Hall, Mowatt Ln, College Park, MD 20742, USA62Learn more
MTech Ventures4.64467 Technology Dr, College Park, MD 20742, USA62Learn more
Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures4.61812 Ashland Ave, Baltimore, MD 21205, USA21Learn more
The Johns Hopkins University4.6Baltimore, MD 21218, USA11Learn more
Made in Baltimore4.6up to $10K301 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA12Learn more
Conscious Venture Lab4.5Maryland, USA12Learn more
University of Baltimore - Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation4.51420 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21202, USA1Learn more
F3 Tech Business Accelerator4.58737 Brooks Dr # 101, Easton, MD 21601, USA1Learn more
Startup Shell4.54462 Stadium Dr room 1101, College Park, MD 20740, USALearn more
Bethesda Green4.54825 Cordell Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USALearn more
Hibiscus Bioventures4.52277 Research Blvd, Rockville, MD 20850, USA1Learn more
Accelerate Baltimore4.5$50K101 N Haven St, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA6Learn more
AccelerateBaltimore4.5$50K101 N Haven St, Baltimore, MD 21224, USA1Learn more
ETC Baltimore4.5$50K101 N Haven St Suite #301, Baltimore, MD 21224, USALearn more
1501 Health4.5$125KMaryland, USA1Learn more
Frederick Innovative Technology Center4.44539 Metropolitan Ct, Frederick, MD 21704, USALearn more
The Center for Advancing Innovation4.0Maryland, USALearn more
FounderTrac4.0Maryland, USALearn more
Wood Street3.8228 N Market St Suite 200, Frederick, MD 21701, USALearn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in Maryland.

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Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) ETC

ETC - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in Baltimore, Maryland, is an accelerator program supporting early-stage startups in various industries such as Biotech, General Tech, and Fintech. The accelerator specializes in automotive technology, particularly the electronic throttle control (ETC) system that enhances power-train consistency by using drive-by-wire electronics. This system seamlessly integrates features like cruise control, traction control, and stability control while improving air-fuel ratio, reducing emissions, and enhancing fuel efficiency. Key components include the Accelerator Pedal Module with independent sensors, the Throttle Valve controlled by an electric motor, and the Engine Control Module (ECM) for determining throttle position. The program offers benefits such as consistent power-train behavior, smooth gear changes, and integration of advanced driving features. ETC provides startups with seed capital, mentorship, and a collaborative community to foster their growth and success.

ETC's Website
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2) University of Maryland - Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

University of Maryland - Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship - supporting founders in their growth journey

The University of Maryland's Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship is an award-winning hub that fosters entrepreneurship within an equitable and inclusive community. Their mission is to educate, empower, and equip students with the necessary business skills and resources to pursue entrepreneurship. Key programs include the Terp Startup Accelerator, offering funding and mentorship, the Pitch Dingman Competition for venture pitches, and the E-Fund providing no-strings-attached funding. The center connects student entrepreneurs with a mentor network and resources through the Dingman Portal. The center supports ventures across various industries like Edtech. Notable founders associated with the organization are Amir Ansari, Charles Benedict Calvert, and Kan Cao. The Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship provides a conducive environment for student entrepreneurs to thrive, with a strong emphasis on support, education, and fostering innovation.

University of Maryland - Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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3) MTech Ventures

MTech Ventures - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Maryland

The Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute (Mtech) is a national leader in entrepreneurship and innovation education. It is known for creating successful university-company partnerships and educating the next generation of technology entrepreneurs. The institution's mission includes fostering successful technology ventures and connecting Maryland companies with university resources. Mtech offers programs that guide aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through the entire lifecycle of technology-based ventures. It equips top students worldwide with the knowledge to launch companies in areas such as Edtech, Clean Energy, and Biotech. Founded by Amir Ansari, Charles Benedict Calvert, and Kan Cao, the organization serves as a cornerstone in the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem at the University of Maryland. Mtech's impact in fostering entrepreneurship and supporting technology ventures is evident.

MTech Ventures's Website
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4) Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures (JHTV) operates the FastForward accelerator, a suite of resources dedicated to advancing technologies from startup to marketplace. With over 150 startup companies created, JHTV leverages the university's research assets and the accelerator's innovation infrastructure. In FY22, FastForward companies raised $264 million in venture funding and secured $800,000 in translational funding. The accelerator offers programs like Spark and Fuel, nine-week initiatives that propel ventures forward. It supports startups in diverse fields such as life sciences, engineering technology, and digital health, offering affordable innovation hubs in Baltimore and various startup resources. Founded by Daniel Coit Gilman, JHTV focuses on industries like Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and General Tech, providing educational programs and workshops to help founders develop essential skills. The accelerator is instrumental in fostering innovation, connecting entrepreneurs, and driving impactful technologies to the market.

Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures's Website
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5) The Johns Hopkins University

The Johns Hopkins University - Maryland's true entrepreneurial hub

Established in 1876 by founder Daniel Coit Gilman, Johns Hopkins University stands as America's pioneering research institution. It houses nine top-tier academic divisions that operate collectively and serve a diverse student body across various disciplines such as healthcare tech, edtech, and general tech. At the core of its initiatives lies the Office of Technology Ventures, which drives innovation, entrepreneurship, and incubation. In fiscal year 2019 alone, the university executed 116 agreements to bring technologies to market, secured 147 new U.S. patents, and currently offers over 2,000 technologies spanning multiple fields. FastForward U is an inclusive environment open to all Hopkins students, nurturing emerging entrepreneurs, while the Grant Accelerator Program supports faculty members with grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 to boost innovative ideas. Moreover, the university's Ward Infinity accelerator aids social entrepreneurship teams in Washington, DC, dedicated to enhancing health, wellness, and sustainability in underinvested communities. The institution's Social Innovation Lab (SIL) further catalyzes initiatives pursuing scalable solutions for a better world.

The Johns Hopkins University's Website
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6) Made in Baltimore

Made in Baltimore - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Made in Baltimore's Home-Run Accelerator is a 5-month small business development program. It is designed to assist home-based entrepreneurs in scaling up and transitioning into commercial production spaces. The accelerator runs from May through September. It consists of an 8-week Master Class curriculum taught by seasoned Made In Baltimore business owners and local experts. Participants are paired with Peer Mentors for further guidance. The program selects up to 12 entrepreneurs, with a focus on women and people of color, who hold the Made In Baltimore business certification and have been in business for a minimum of 18 months. The curriculum covers various organizational tools necessary for small business scaling, including topics like hiring employees and understanding commercial leases. Successful participants receive seed capital ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 and technical support to identify leasable spaces. The accelerator caters to product-based businesses and offers instructional peer mentor support, workshops, and funding for expansion into commercial or industrial production spaces in Baltimore City. Key people involved include business owners and local experts, further supporting the goal of empowering entrepreneurs and driving economic growth in Baltimore. Notable industries supported include Real Estate Tech.

Made in Baltimore's Website
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7) Conscious Venture Lab

Conscious Venture Lab - Maryland's true entrepreneurial hub

Conscious Venture Lab was founded by Jeffrey Cherry and Zach Gottlieb. It is a purpose-driven accelerator located in Baltimore, Maryland, running a 12-week immersive program. The accelerator aims to transform the purpose of business by fostering stakeholder-focused entrepreneurship through technology-driven solutions and emphasizes innovation to create a more equitable society. Guided by Stakeholder Theory and Conscious Capitalism principles, the program supports diverse founders in various domains including Gaming, Mobile Apps, Biotech, and Cybersecurity. It is named after founder Jeffrey Cherry's mother, Joyce Novella Cherry, who advocated for justice and economic empowerment. The program provides immersive support from top mentors. Conscious Venture Lab focuses on early-stage companies and runs for 16 weeks, concentrating on building companies and leaders for societal good.

Conscious Venture Lab's Website
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8) University of Baltimore - Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

University of Baltimore - Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation - supporting founders in their growth journey

The University of Baltimore's Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is the hub for entrepreneurial activities at the university and beyond. Its mission revolves around cultivating entrepreneurial thinkers and structuring business ideas to create value through innovation. The center offers a variety of support services including counseling sessions, entrepreneurial education, and direct assistance for students and alumni looking to launch or grow their enterprises. The CEI sponsors two annual business pitch competitions and runs the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, providing students with hands-on experience and fully-funded scholarships. Supporting ventures across various industries, including Edtech, the CEI collaborates with partners and the local business community to enhance resources for entrepreneurs, adding value to students, faculty, and the Baltimore entrepreneurial ecosystem. The impact of the CEI lies in its commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial talent, fostering innovation, and building connections within the business community.

University of Baltimore - Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation's Website
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9) F3 Tech Business Accelerator

F3 Tech Business Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

F³ Tech Business Accelerator, also known as F3 Tech, is a proof-of-concept and commercialization initiative focusing on the intersection of agriculture and seafood industries in Maryland. The accelerator guides entrepreneurs from idea to commercialization by developing new products and services to address market-driven challenges. F3 Tech supports startups in the AgTech, CyberAg, Renewable Energy, and AgBioTech sectors, offering advanced business advisory services without taking equity. The program, backed by the nonprofit Eastern Shore Entrepreneurship Center and the U.S. Economic Development Administration, provides selected companies with industry access, revenue strategy guidance, pilot program development, investment advice, and support for acquisitions or commercial launches. Participants may also receive non-dilutive capital investment for manufacturing and scaling initiatives, emphasizing Maryland as an ideal location for advanced manufacturing facilities. Notable industries supported include Renewable Energy, Cybersecurity, and Agriculture Tech. F3 Tech is based in Easton, Maryland, and stands out for its unique value proposition of offering business advisory services to early-stage companies at no cost.

F3 Tech Business Accelerator's Website
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10) Startup Shell

Startup Shell - supporting Maryland's best founders

Startup Shell is a student-run startup incubator, coworking space, and accelerator program at the University of Maryland. Founded by Justin Searles, it focuses on industries such as Renewable Energy, Environmental Tech, Clean Energy, and Agriculture Tech. The accelerator, known as the Shell StartUp Engine, is a global innovation program supporting startups at various stages, emphasizing themes like nature-based solutions, sustainable agriculture, decarbonization, energy innovations, and technologies with a positive social impact. It offers free acceleration, mentorship from industry experts, global networking opportunities, market entry support, and collaborative learning modules. Startups in Brazil can meet the Shell StartUp Engine team during in-person events held across different regions. While specific metrics are not disclosed, the program's mission includes fostering innovation and aiding startups in their growth journey. Beneficiaries gain credibility through Shell's involvement, aiding in building trust with clients, partners, and investors. Startup Shell provides a vibrant ecosystem for student entrepreneurs to explore, collaborate, and scale their ventures towards a sustainable future.

Startup Shell's Website
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11) Bethesda Green

Bethesda Green - building Maryland's entrepreneurial future

Bethesda Green is a non-profit incubator that accelerates the sustainable economy by driving innovation in industries such as Environmental Tech and Food and Beverage. Operating within the Bethesda Green Innovation Center, the organization's Accelerator program spans 4-5 months in the spring, offering a fast-paced, high-touch curriculum to support entrepreneurs at all stages. Eligible companies, whether pre- or post-revenue, must be post-idea stage with at least 6-8 months runway, and have a minimum of one full-time employee. Entrepreneurs should demonstrate coachability and growth focus, particularly aimed at sales or seeking investment within 6-12 months. Key focus areas include ClimateTech, BlueTech, Sustainable Fashion, AgTech, and more. The program provides virtual curriculum content with in-person networking events and an end-of-program pitch event. Bethesda Green encourages a diverse cohort, welcoming applications from people of color, women, non-binary founders, and LGBTQ+ community members. While the accelerator is on hold for 2024, it remains a valuable resource for entrepreneurs committed to environmental sustainability.

Bethesda Green's Website
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12) Hibiscus Bioventures

Hibiscus Bioventures - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Hibiscus Bioventures is a collaboration between Mayo Clinic, Hibiscus BioVentures, and Innoforce. They operate the Mayflower BioVentures accelerator, specializing in cell and gene therapy. Renowned for healthcare excellence, Mayo Clinic contributes a portfolio of innovative therapies and collaborates with Hibiscus to expedite biotherapeutics development. Hibiscus Bioventures provides a robust platform for startups to accelerate cell and gene therapy advancements and establish end-to-end solutions for novel medicines. Founded by Christopher Jeffers, the accelerator aims to address unmet patient needs, leveraging Mayo Clinic's research capabilities. Mayflower BioVentures offers access to clinical experts, investment guidance from Hibiscus, and a pathway to translate scientific discoveries into viable treatments. Focused on the biotech industry, this accelerator facilitates the creation of new cures for complex conditions, bridging the gap between academia and industry to benefit patients in need of innovative therapies.

Hibiscus Bioventures's Website
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13) Accelerate Baltimore

Accelerate Baltimore - supporting Maryland's best founders

Accelerate Baltimore is a tech-focused accelerator based in Baltimore, Maryland. It is an initiative of the Emerging Technology Centers, an award-winning incubator in Baltimore, and Abell Foundation. The program runs for 13 weeks and offers $50,000 in funding to selected start-ups in modern technology sectors. Participants benefit from hands-on support, free office space, access to a high-level advisory team, mentorship, connections to investors and partners, and various other resources. The accelerator relaunched in 2024 and specializes in general tech industries.

Accelerate Baltimore's Website
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14) AccelerateBaltimore

AccelerateBaltimore - Maryland's true entrepreneurial hub

AccelerateBaltimore is an initiative of the Emerging Technology Centers and Abell Foundation. The tech-focused accelerator program runs for 13 weeks and awards $50,000 in funding to selected startups. The institution has invested in 10 companies in its first two years. It focuses on tech startups and aims to invest in the next 6 innovative startup technology companies for its portfolio. AccelerateBaltimore provides tech-focused business owners in Baltimore with a platform for growth in the General Tech industry.

AccelerateBaltimore's Website
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15) ETC Baltimore

ETC Baltimore - building Maryland's entrepreneurial future

Emerging Technology Center (ETC) in Baltimore, Maryland, operates the AccelerateBaltimore program, a 13-week tech-focused accelerator providing $50,000 in funding to selected early-stage startups. The program offers hands-on support, guidance, networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to potential investors. The technology domains nurtured by the program are not explicitly mentioned, but ETC Baltimore typically supports startups in fields like General Tech and Fintech. Startups interested in participating can apply by August 1, 2020. The program was relaunched in 2024 after a temporary hold, and more information about the new strategic plan is available on the official website.

ETC Baltimore's Website
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16) 1501 Health

1501 Health - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Maryland

1501 Health is a year-long incubation and investment program designed to support early-stage healthcare companies. The organization is backed by key partners such as Healthworx from CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and LifeBridge Health, who provide investments, expertise, and support to startups aiming to revolutionize healthcare. The accelerator focuses on emerging technologies and innovative solutions that can enhance various aspects of healthcare, including access, cost, clinical outcomes, and overall experience for patients and providers. Companies eligible to participate must offer healthcare technologies or services, have a scalable product ready for market launch, have a full-time team, and be for-profit entities. Pharmaceutical companies are excluded from the program. Startups accepted into 1501 Health can receive investments of up to $125,000 to fuel their growth, access dedicated advisory support, build a strong entrepreneurial community, and benefit from exclusive networking opportunities with experts and partners. The program hosts diverse cohorts of startups, with notable participants like Mighty Health, offering a holistic health program for adults. While applications for the 2023 cohort are closed, interested parties can stay updated through the program's newsletter. Operating primarily virtually, with in-person events when suitable, 1501 Health plays a critical role in nurturing innovation and driving positive impact in the healthcare industry.

1501 Health's Website
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17) Frederick Innovative Technology Center

Frederick Innovative Technology Center - supporting Maryland's best founders

The Frederick Innovative Technology Center, Inc. (FITCI) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) business incubator and accelerator based in Frederick, Maryland. Founded in 2004, it aims to foster technological innovation and drive economic development by accelerating the growth of commercially viable businesses. The organization offers a range of programs and services including business development support, access to offices and labs, a collaborative environment for CEOs called StartUp Evolve, networking opportunities like CEO Roundtables, 12-week accelerator training, and various business classes tailored to entrepreneurs at different business lifecycle stages. The accelerator has been home to numerous startups, with its ecosystem contributing $389 million to the local economy. Over the past 2 years, startups at the center have successfully raised significant funding. Specializing in technology, life sciences, and other innovative sectors, FITCI provides coaching, connections, and capital assistance to help companies prepare for funding. With an impressive 80% member retention rate since 2016, it continues to facilitate growth and success for businesses in Biotech, General Tech, and other domains.

Frederick Innovative Technology Center's Website
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18) The Center for Advancing Innovation

The Center for Advancing Innovation - connecting start-up founders with success

The Center for Advancing Innovation is an accelerator with a mission to ignite entrepreneurship, bolster the economy, and maximize the potential of publicly-funded breakthrough technologies for societal benefit. They focus on inventions from government-funded Research and Development efforts, building commercially-viable companies and inspiring entrepreneurs to create knowledge-based jobs. The organization hosts global innovation challenges around federally-funded inventions, such as the Global Health Innovation Challenge and Neuro Startup Challenge, to launch impactful startups. With over 4000 entrepreneurs trained and 400+ startups launched, The Center for Advancing Innovation emphasizes diversity with 70% being minority or woman-led, while their startups have raised over $1.9 billion and created 2000+ jobs. The accelerator offers an 8-month virtual program with mentoring, webinars, company building exercises, and networking opportunities with key individuals. Specializing in biotech and healthcare tech, The Center for Advancing Innovation aims to address critical societal needs through impactful startups in domains like global health, children's health, and neuroscience. Founded by Rosemarie Truman, the organization provides access to a supportive ecosystem, expert guidance, and exposure to investors and clients.

The Center for Advancing Innovation's Website
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19) FounderTrac

FounderTrac - connecting start-up founders with success

Founded by Ryan Sears, FounderTrac is an Annapolis-based accelerator program aimed at supporting startups and increasing their success rates. The accelerator boasts a team of founders, venture capitalists (VCs), and ecosystem builders dedicated to fostering innovation and mission-driven entrepreneurship. It offers a virtual accelerator platform where participants can access online sessions, video content, and written materials to engage remotely. The program focuses on right-time resource matching, access to capital, and ongoing mentorship for founders. FounderTrac compiles startup success metrics such as revenue, job creation, and capital raised, tracking progress even post-program. Their proprietary algorithm assesses risk points, tracks execution speed, and verifies milestones achieved. By automating data compilation and providing aggregate metrics, it helps create long-term sustainability for ecosystem leaders. Specializing in industries like Fintech, FounderTrac facilitates mentor matching, company-building frameworks, and curriculum integration to drive innovation and empower founders in the global entrepreneurial landscape.

FounderTrac's Website
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20) Wood Street

Wood Street - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Wood Street accelerator revolutionizes engagement for organizations by offering a full suite of services such as web design, mobile sites, apps, interactive media, and SEO solutions. The program is designed to support early-stage startups and entrepreneurs in sustainable and impact-driven domains like clean energy and mobile apps. Wood Street collaborates with a diverse group of startups, providing funding to several to fuel their growth. The accelerator boasts a network of angel investors, venture capitalists, and industry experts. Accepted startups benefit from personalized mentorship, access to a co-working space, resources like legal and marketing support, and participate in events like demo day for pitching to potential investors. Wood Street creates a nurturing ecosystem for startups, emphasizing networking opportunities to connect with partners, customers, and investors.

Wood Street's Website
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21) Betamore

Betamore - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Maryland

Betamore is a campus for technology and entrepreneurship situated in the Federal Hill neighborhood of Baltimore. Founded by Greg Cangialosi, Sean Lane, and Mike Brenner, the accelerator aims to foster technology-based startups through collaboration, incubation, and education. The Startup 101 Program, led by experienced entrepreneur Brendan McAdams, spans six weeks and covers idea validation, MVP development, and early-adopter customer acquisition. Specializing in technology startups, it offers AI tools, workshops, office hours, and coaching. Industries such as Edtech, General Tech, and SaaS are likely focuses. Entrepreneurs benefit from resources for product overview, customer validation, networking, and community support. Notable past participants include startups coached by Brendan for TEDCO, ETC Baltimore, and Techstars. It equips aspiring entrepreneurs with essential skills and tools to navigate the challenges of the startup ecosystem, ensuring they are well-positioned for success.

Betamore's Website
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22) ProductSavvy

ProductSavvy - Maryland's true entrepreneurial hub

ProductSavvy is a product acceleration company that leverages its product management and development expertise to support innovation ecosystems. Collaborating with various accelerators across industries such as technology, cybersecurity, finance, healthcare, and more, they provide mentorship, operations, and development services to early-stage companies. They offer educational curricula for tech startups and have been involved with accelerators like MACH37 Cyber Accelerator and C5 Capital. While specific metrics like the number of associated startups, investors, and funded startups are not disclosed, the organization's commitment to innovation is evident. Notable for helping start-up and scale-up technology companies define, scope, and build products that meet market needs, ProductSavvy plays a crucial role in driving commercial success for their clients. Known for promoting products effectively to ensure they are accelerated, they are a key player in the startup accelerator space.

ProductSavvy's Website
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23) The LaunchPort

The LaunchPort - supporting founders in their growth journey

The LaunchPort is a combined manufacturing and medtech acceleration center in Baltimore, Maryland. It supports medical device startups in various fields such as cardiology, general surgery, robotics, and more. Located at 101 W Dickman St, it offers startups the opportunity to co-locate at a regulated manufacturing center near Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland medical schools. JuneBrain Inc., a resident startup, focuses on eye care and neurology with an AI-driven wearable eye-scanning device. Startups benefit from the ecosystem, collaboration opportunities, and access to expertise at the LaunchPort accelerator. It also provides clinical trial and post-market device history file management for its startups, empowering them to accelerate their medical device innovations. The accelerator specializes in industries like biotech, robotics, healthcare tech, and artificial intelligence.

The LaunchPort's Website
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24) RadTech

RadTech - connecting start-up founders with success

RadTech is an association dedicated to advancing the use of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies across various industries, including printing, coatings, adhesives, and more. The organization focuses on promoting Electron Beam Accelerators (EBAs) that generate high-energy electrons for curing coatings, inks, and other materials through different systems like cathode ray tubes (CRT) and wide-area curtains. Compact Accelerators operate in the 90 to 300 keV range, offering efficient treatment for thick films without the need for scanning. RadTech actively engages with start-ups and industry players, supporting UV and EB start-ups through initiatives like RadLaunch. Specializing in UV and EB technologies in sectors like printing, packaging, automotive, and electronics, RadTech fosters innovation, sustainability, and material enhancements. The association facilitates networking and knowledge sharing, notably through events like the RadTech UV+EB Technology Expo & Conference, where industry experts convene to discuss advancements and innovations.

RadTech's Website
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25) The Edge Accelerator

The Edge Accelerator - supporting Maryland's best founders

The Edge Accelerator is a digital marketing accelerator and digital innovation hub. It is designed for entrepreneurs from various industries, including Biotech, Clean Energy, and Agriculture Tech. The program has a duration of 12 weeks and is open to all entrepreneurs, offering an inclusive and accessible opportunity for start-ups to benefit from intensive support. The accelerator provides funding opportunities for participating companies. Participants can expect mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, insights from expert lecturers, assistance from investment teams, as well as networking opportunities and access to FITCI's facilities. The Edge Accelerator aims to foster growth and support for start-ups through its industry-agnostic approach. Notable features include flexibility, emphasis on mentorship, and diverse focus groups available for collaboration. Some key individuals involved in the program include the Entrepreneur Mentors, Experienced Lecturers, and Investment Teams. The accelerator has supported a variety of start-ups in different sectors, leveraging its resources to help entrepreneurs succeed.

The Edge Accelerator's Website
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26) Maryland Business Innovation Association

Maryland Business Innovation Association - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Maryland

The Maryland Business Innovation Association (MBIA) was founded in 2002 to advance business incubation in Maryland. Later expanding its support to the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in the state, it has a membership base of 25 influential entities. The association has facilitated the creation of over 1,750 companies, with around 550 currently affiliated with the 25 Innovation Centers. Collective efforts of member companies have generated more than 12,000 new jobs, particularly focusing on tech, biotech, med tech, green tech, digital media, and cybersecurity startups. Incubators and accelerators under MBIA cover a broad range of industries, including Social Media, Renewable Energy, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, and Cybersecurity, reflecting Maryland's rich startup resources. As a cornerstone of Maryland's entrepreneurial ecosystem, MBIA catalyzes innovation by connecting leaders, mentors, and community builders to share ideas and opportunities. This process strengthens the state's startup community and economy.

Maryland Business Innovation Association's Website
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27) Silver Spring Innovation Center

Silver Spring Innovation Center - building Maryland's entrepreneurial future

Situated in Silver Spring, Maryland, near Washington, D.C., the Silver Spring Innovation Center offers office space for all industries. With an industrial ambiance, it is particularly enticing for technology companies that thrive in the vibrant downtown area. The center is located in a qualified Historically Underutilized Business Zone (HUBZone), aligning with the program's objective to boost small business growth. Silver Spring Innovation Center furnishes valuable resources, counting TV One and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration among its neighbors. Accommodating companies across all sectors, the organization provides a creative atmosphere and support services like business consulting, legal aid, and intellectual property assistance. Moreover, it partakes in the Maryland Global Gateway Soft Landing Program, aiding international companies in launching their US headquarters. The Silver Spring Innovation Center's inclusive approach, combined with its strategic location and supportive ecosystem, make it a favored choice for technology ventures and businesses seeking a nurturing environment for development and innovation.

Silver Spring Innovation Center's Website
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28) The Startup Nest

The Startup Nest - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Maryland

The Startup Nest is a full-service creative agency offering design, branding, and social media services with a unique understanding of online culture and social behaviors. While not explicitly stated on their website, it is inferred that they may support startups, possibly through an accelerator program. With a background in creative agency services, they likely cater to startups across various industries such as technology and marketing. Specific details like the number of associated startups, investors, and program duration are not provided on the website. Startups collaborating with The Startup Nest could leverage design expertise, branding assistance, and social media marketing strategies. The accelerator's focus industries include General Tech. For more in-depth information about their accelerator program, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to The Startup Nest directly.

The Startup Nest's Website
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29) Novella Center for Entrepreneurship

Novella Center for Entrepreneurship - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Novella Center for Entrepreneurship is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to democratize entrepreneurship. Named after founder Joyce Novella Cherry, who valued economic justice, the organization envisions a world of justice, joy, and prosperity. The center targets diverse founders balancing profit and purpose, fostering innovation and diversity as competitive strengths. Emphasizing Stakeholder Theory and Conscious Capitalism, its educational program enhances founder skills using the FounderTrac platform. Through immersive guidance from expert facilitators, founders learn to manage businesses for societal and financial success. The organization champions underestimated entrepreneurs, nurturing generational wealth and societal equity. While specialized domains like Environmental Tech and Clean Energy are not explicitly outlined, the focus on profit-purpose alignment spans sectors like technology and sustainability. Additional benefits include mentorship, practical training, and investment readiness. Overall, the center empowers founders to build impactful businesses, honoring Joyce Novella Cherry's legacy of economic empowerment in marginalized communities.

Novella Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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30) Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator

Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator (MEIA) was established in 2019 with a focus on advancing clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. It collaborates with Maryland-based universities and labs to support early-stage technology commercialization, targeting startups typically at Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 4, 5, or 6. The accelerator program aims to create investible clean energy businesses in alignment with Maryland's clean energy and climate objectives. MEIA provides startups with a $10,000 discretionary budget for Energy Executives in Residence (EEIRs) and offers specialized assistance to enhance customer development and secure funding. The accelerator's strategic partnerships and executive support from local clean energy companies and consultants aim to accelerate the commercialization of technologies. Its key domains include solar energy, wind energy, batteries, energy efficiency, grid modernization, and carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS). MEIA also connects startups with State of Maryland services and resources to further support their growth and development in the Renewable Energy and Clean Energy industries.

Maryland Energy Innovation Accelerator's Website
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31) Pax Momentum

Pax Momentum - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Pax Momentum is an accelerator program that offers a disciplined, profit-driven approach to launching innovative technology companies globally. The program focuses on providing founders with the necessary investment, training, and professional network. Since 2020, Pax Momentum has made 60 investments. The program duration spans eight weeks, during which selected startups receive a $50,000 equity investment, with recent cohorts receiving $125,000. The accelerator is open to startups from various industries, including General Tech and SaaS (Software as a Service). Additionally, it provides virtual sessions, expert guidance from successful entrepreneurs and CEOs, as well as in-person meetups to foster connections within the cohort. Notable benefits of the program include its global reach, welcoming applicants from around the world. Pax Momentum's mission is to empower founders and drive the growth of tech companies by offering a well-structured program and a supportive network.

Pax Momentum's Website
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It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

Are you really important for them?

An accelerator or investor can hedge their bets by investing in multiple start-ups, but as a founder your start-up is your only bet.

It isn't about the exits

Accelerators and investors care much more about getting a return rather than building a business. However that's not a luxury founders can afford.

What's the real value of your equity

There's a math behind how accelerators decide whether your start-up is worth investing. Did you run the calculation for diluting your equity?

FAQs About Start-up Accelerators

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Michael Li

Michael Li

For the last 10+ years Michael has helped start-ups of all scales and sizes succeed. A 2X entrepreneur, he is now working on Aerial to help founders avoid costly mistakes. He regularly writes for publications like the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, Harvard Business Review and others.

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Accelerators and Incubators in maryland

Looking for the best accelerators in Maryland? There are numerous reasons to choose an accelerator to kickstart your start-up journey. Accelerators provide invaluable resources, such as mentorship, networking opportunities, and funding, that can significantly boost your company's growth. Maryland has a thriving start-up culture with a supportive community and access to top-notch universities and research institutions. Choosing the right accelerator can be crucial for the success of your start-up. Factors to consider include the industry focus of the accelerator, the mentorship and networking opportunities available, the funding options, and the track record of success of start-ups that have graduated from the program. Notable start-ups from Maryland that have seen great success include Hungry Harvest, a food waste reduction company, and Fearless, a digital services firm. These success stories serve as a testament to the thriving start-up ecosystem in Maryland and the opportunities that accelerators in the state can provide.

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