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Michigan's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Techstars Detroit Powered by J.P. Morgan9.9$120K for 6% equity1420 Washington Blvd #301, Detroit, MI 48226, USA6,002475Learn more
Ann Arbor SPARK5.3330 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA9516Learn more
Fledge4.8$15K-$20K1300 Eureka St, Lansing, MI 48912, USA89Learn more
Desai Accelerator4.6$25K-$50K330 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA162Learn more
TechArb4.6500 E Washington St STE 10, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA162Learn more
University of Michigan - Desai Accelerator4.6$25K330 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, USA162Learn more
Automation Alley4.5$2.5M2675 Bellingham Rd, Troy, MI 48083, USA1Learn more
Grand Valley State - DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation4.5227 Winter Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504, USALearn more
Eastern Michigan University - Center for Entrepreneurship4.5$25KHill Hall, 604 Oakwood St, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, USALearn more
TechTown4.5$12M440 Burroughs St, Detroit, MI 48202, USALearn more
Centrepolis Accelerator4.521415 Civic Center Dr #100, Southfield, MI 48075, USA1Learn more
TechTown Detroit4.5$12M440 Burroughs St, Detroit, MI 48202, USALearn more
Industry 4.0 Accelerator4.5133 W Michigan Ave, Jackson, MI 49201, USALearn more
Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator4.5$2.5MTroy, MI, USALearn more
Proto Accelerator4.5Michigan, USA7Learn more
optiMize Incubator4.4Michigan, USA1Learn more
Unicorn Venture Studio4.0300 Lake George St, Lake George, MI 48633, USALearn more
Venturit4.0325 E Grand River Ave #318, East Lansing, MI 48823, USALearn more
Lansing Economic Area Partnership3.9$60K1000 S Washington Ave #201, Lansing, MI 48910, USALearn more
Kyyba Innovations2.828230 Orchard Lake Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334, USALearn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in Michigan.

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Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Techstars Detroit Powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars Detroit Powered by J.P. Morgan - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Techstars Detroit Powered by J.P. Morgan is a virtual/hybrid accelerator program catering to founders worldwide across all industries, with emphasis on equitable access for underrepresented entrepreneurs. Supported by JP Morgan, the initiative prioritizes Black, Hispanic, Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander founders. The program operates for 13 weeks, blending in-person and remote elements, with the initial two weeks in Detroit and the following 10 weeks virtually. Culminating in a final live week with Investor Preview and Demo Day events, Techstars Detroit leverages the city's thriving startup ecosystem to offer transformative investments, mentorship, and strategic community partnerships. Notable figures involved in Techstars include Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis. The accelerator focuses on sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Personal Finance, and SaaS, empowering startups through early-stage VC and seed funding. Participants receive a standard deal of $120K in exchange for 6% equity, benefiting from networking opportunities and exposure to potential investors.

Techstars Detroit Powered by J.P. Morgan's Website
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2) Ann Arbor SPARK

Ann Arbor SPARK - supporting founders in their growth journey

Ann Arbor SPARK, a non-profit organization founded by Rick Snyder, is the driving force behind economic development in Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, southeast Michigan. The institution specializes in startup acceleration, business development, and talent acquisition, focusing on industries such as Renewable Energy, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and SaaS. The SPARK Acceleration Program is a cornerstone initiative that supports a diverse range of tech companies from various domains including Mobility, Health and life sciences, Fintech, and Social entrepreneurship. Startups enrolled in the program benefit from business acceleration grants, co-working spaces, a mentor network of experienced entrepreneurs, and skills training through workshops and webinars. While specifics about investors and program duration are not disclosed, startups are connected with a network of business leaders to aid their growth from idea stage to commercial viability. Funded by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation and governed by the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti SmartZone Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA), the organization is dedicated to fostering a prosperous entrepreneurial ecosystem in Washtenaw and Livingston counties.

Ann Arbor SPARK's Website
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3) Fledge

Fledge - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Michigan

Fledge is a global network of conscious company accelerators and investment funds that focus on mission-driven for-profit companies like those in Agriculture Tech, Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, Environmental Tech, and Fintech. Founded by Francesco Persivale, Luni Libes, and Roberto Persivale, it aims to help entrepreneurs create impactful businesses through short, intense programs lasting 7 weeks filled with education, guidance, and mentorship. The accelerator provides varying investments to startups in different regions, such as $15,000 in Peru, 15,000 in Europe, and $20,000 in the United States, using a revenue-based equity model that aligns interests with the founders. In addition to funding, Fledge offers a vast mentorship network, connections to impact investors, and a curriculum based on 'The Next Step' materials covering essential business skills. With a special emphasis on storytelling, Fledge not only accelerates companies during the program but also provides lasting value long after its completion.

Fledge's Website
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4) Desai Accelerator

Desai Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Desai Accelerator is a business accelerator program specifically designed for tech-enabled startups. It offers an intensive seven-month program for early-stage ventures. Participating startups receive a $25,000 investment, along with over $500,000 in resources, including skilled student interns, cloud credits, and legal support. The accelerator focuses on early-stage tech startups aiming to reach their first $1 million in revenue and requires at least one founder to be a recent graduate of the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. Founded by Gabriel Richard, the program provides tailored mentorship, hands-on training, national visibility, collaborative workspace in downtown Ann Arbor, and free access to a 10-intern talent pool. Additionally, startups benefit from meeting industry authorities, entrepreneurs, and tech experts, as well as gaining an instant network of partners, mentors, and potential investors. The accelerator specializes in industries like Edtech and General Tech, offering seed funding and a 10-month duration from May through March.

Desai Accelerator's Website
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5) TechArb

TechArb - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TechArb is the student venture accelerator program at the University of Michigan, supporting early-stage startups founded by students. It offers resources, mentorship, and a collaborative environment. The program hosts several student-led startups across diverse ventures and connects them with mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, and alumni. While specific funding numbers are unavailable, they have facilitated funding for various startups. The program likely spans a semester or academic year. Specializing in sustainability, eco-friendliness, parking solutions, and the space industry, notable startups include Bambú, ParkTime Inc., and Spacecraft Charging Monitor. TechArb provides phenomenal mentorship, a supportive community, and access to expertise in fields like software engineering and sustainability. Founded by Gabriel Richard, TechArb focuses on environmental tech and edtech industries, offering low-cost solutions to foster innovation and remove financial barriers for student entrepreneurs. Overall, the organization serves as a launchpad for student-led startups, driving innovation and collaboration within and beyond the university community.

TechArb's Website
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6) University of Michigan - Desai Accelerator

University of Michigan - Desai Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Michigan

The University of Michigan's Desai Accelerator is a business accelerator program specifically designed for tech-enabled startups in industries like Edtech and General Tech. The program offers an intensive seven-month curriculum aimed at early-stage ventures, providing essential support such as a $25,000 investment, over $500,000 in resources including skilled student interns, cloud credits, and legal support. With a founder-friendly approach, the accelerator emphasizes actionable advice and measurable results to help startups reach their first $1 million. Participants benefit from mentorship by meeting industry authorities, serial entrepreneurs, marketing experts, and tech wizards, expanding their network in Ann Arbor, Michigan's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Notable success stories include Foodstand, co-founded by Rachna Govani, who praises Desai for offering an instant network of partners, mentors, peers, and potential investors. The accelerator is spearheaded by key figure Gabriel Richard, empowering startups affiliated with the University of Michigan to grow and thrive.

University of Michigan - Desai Accelerator's Website
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7) Automation Alley

Automation Alley - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Automation Alley is a nonprofit Industry 4.0 knowledge center, recognized as a technology business association and accelerator. Spearheaded by Automation Alley in partnership with Centrepolis Accelerator and Lean Rocket Lab, the Industry 4.0 Accelerator offers a $2.5 million investment fund from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, with $1.3 million currently available for companies in the Industry 4.0 sector. The program attracts global startups with its training, education, and exposure opportunities, focusing on advanced manufacturing and digital transformation. Startups associated with the accelerator benefit from specialized education and connections with corporate partners. Automation Alley's World Economic Forum AMHUB status for North America underscores its global outlook and regional impact. Founded by Brooks Patterson, the accelerator aims to drive innovation and automation, particularly in Michigan, for businesses seeking growth and success in Industry 4.0.

Automation Alley's Website
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8) Grand Valley State - DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Grand Valley State - DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Michigan

The Richard M. and Helen DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI), located within the Seidman College of Business at Grand Valley State University, champions and catalyzes entrepreneurship in West Michigan. CEI aims to develop best practices in entrepreneurship education and community engagement, impacting the creation of new ventures. It provides an entrepreneurial environment for all students through relevant coursework, curriculum integration, peer-to-peer networking, competitions, and mentorship. Additionally, CEI serves as an essential hub for the entrepreneurial community, offering access to resources, mentorship, networking opportunities, regional and national conferences, workshops, high-tech incubation facilities, and capital. Entrepreneurs from various sectors can benefit from the programs offered by CEI, which create a vibrant ecosystem including networking opportunities, workshops, conferences, incubation facilities, and assistance in securing funding. Despite not mentioning specific metrics, the focus on education and community support makes CEI a valuable resource for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Grand Valley State - DeVos Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation's Website
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9) Eastern Michigan University - Center for Entrepreneurship

Eastern Michigan University - Center for Entrepreneurship - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Eastern Michigan University (EMU), established in 1986, fosters a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within the EMU community in Ypsilanti, Michigan. The center offers various programs and initiatives, including the Executive Certificate in Entrepreneurship, providing participants with business instruction, mentorship, networking, and the opportunity to pitch startup ideas for a $25,000 business expense fund. Additionally, the center hosts the annual Sesi Midwest Entrepreneurship Conference, the Skandalaris Business Plan Competition, and the EMU Elevator Pitch Competition to support entrepreneurship among students. The center specializes in fostering entrepreneurship across various fields at EMU and benefits from mentorship and coaching services within the Michigan entrepreneurship community. Dr. Sanjib Chowdhury, the Diane and Bruce Halle Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, plays a key role in the center's initiatives. EMU students actively engage in organizing events, programs, and entrepreneurship-related competitions. Overall, the Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation at EMU nurtures entrepreneurship and innovation in southeast Michigan, particularly within the Edtech industry.

Eastern Michigan University - Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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10) TechTown

TechTown - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TechTown is a technology and life sciences incubator based in Detroit, supporting local tech startups and businesses by connecting entrepreneurs to resources, learning opportunities, and networking events. The organization is a key player in Detroit's entrepreneurial ecosystem, forming a community of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and service providers. Recently, TechTown launched the Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network (MAIN) as part of the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM) initiative. This program, with a focus on mobility startups, aims to accelerate growth in the mobility sector by bridging gaps in the value chain. Supported by a $52.2 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, alongside contributions from partners like General Motors and the William Davidson Foundation, TechTown received $12.4 million to develop a program catering to mobility startups from the idea stage to commercial scale. Through MAIN, TechTown strives to maintain Detroit's position as a hub for innovation in electrified, autonomous, and connected mobility. The initiative offers a comprehensive startup ecosystem, streamlined support for founders, and connections to relevant resources, enhancing entrepreneurship in the region. Industries supported by TechTown include Renewable Energy, General Tech, Clean Energy, Environmental Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service).

TechTown's Website
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11) Centrepolis Accelerator

Centrepolis Accelerator - building Michigan's entrepreneurial future

Located in Southfield, Michigan, the Centrepolis Accelerator is focused on fueling the growth of small manufacturers and hardware entrepreneurs in Southeast Michigan. It is dedicated to advanced manufacturing and innovative hardware entrepreneurship, serving as a valuable resource for businesses in industries like Environmental Tech and Clean Energy. The program typically runs for 3 to 6 months and offers key resources such as mentors, workshops, cutting-edge technologies, corporate connections, academic collaborations, industry events, workspace, and a collaborative community. The accelerator has supported various entrepreneurs in advancing Michigan's manufacturing and hardware ecosystem, standing out for its comprehensive support system and contribution to the region's entrepreneurial landscape.

Centrepolis Accelerator's Website
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12) TechTown Detroit

TechTown Detroit - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TechTown Detroit is a technology and life sciences incubator located in Detroit, dedicated to helping businesses launch and grow. They provide a supportive community for entrepreneurs, connecting them with resources, learning opportunities, and networking events in the city. In line with its mission, TechTown Detroit spearheaded the TechTown Detroit Mobility Accelerator Innovation Network (MAIN) in April 2023 as part of the Global Epicenter of Mobility (GEM) initiative. MAIN, with a total funding of $12.4 million from partners like the U.S. Economic Development Administration, General Motors, and the William Davidson Foundation, focuses on accelerating mobility startups to drive innovation within the mobility value chain. The program, a coalition effort involving seven organizations including university partners like University of Michigan and Wayne State University, supports mobility companies from the idea stage to commercial scale, aiming to strengthen the startup ecosystem in Detroit and Michigan. TechTown Detroit also offers coworking, office, meeting, and event spaces for businesses in industries like Renewable Energy and General Tech, further solidifying its role in advancing innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

TechTown Detroit's Website
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13) Industry 4.0 Accelerator

Industry 4.0 Accelerator - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Industry 4.0 Accelerator is a program dedicated to finding disruptive Industry 4.0 (I4.0) technologies and connecting them with manufacturers and corporate partners. The focus is on accelerating the adoption of these innovations among Michigan manufacturers to enhance their global competitiveness. The accelerator program typically lasts for six to twelve months, offering one-on-one business support, mentorship, and strategic partner introductions. It collaborates with technology clients (start-ups) and manufacturing partners, accepting applications on its website. Industry 4.0 Accelerator connects start-ups to a high-density ecosystem of investors, economic development organizations, and experts in the field. Specializing in domains like IoT, data analytics, automation, and smart manufacturing, the accelerator addresses specific problem statements faced by manufacturers on their Industry 4.0 journey. Notable testimonials come from Rene Pons (CEO of a tech client), Mike Cukier (representing Whirlpool), and Mike Morse (President of a small/medium manufacturer). Leveraging the Michigan Economic Development Corporation grant program, the accelerator mainly serves Michigan companies but allows tech companies from outside the state to participate as manufacturing partners. With a focus on fostering innovation and collaboration in the manufacturing ecosystem, the program drives technological advancements for a more competitive future in industries like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Robotics over a 24-week duration.

Industry 4.0 Accelerator's Website
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14) Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator

Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Michigan

Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator is Michigan's pioneering Industry 4.0 accelerator, led by Automation Alley, North America's foremost nonprofit technology business association. Partnering with Lawrence Technological University's Centrepolis Accelerator and Lean Rocket Lab, it spearheads the advancement of Industry 4.0 technologies in Michigan. The accelerator has a $2.5 million investment fund from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, including $1.3 million for early-stage and established firms. The focus is on enhancing Michigan manufacturers' global competitiveness through Industry 4.0 solutions. Start-ups globally compete for entry, gaining exposure to customers, investors, and experts while receiving training and access to corporate partners. The accelerator specializes in domains like advanced manufacturing, IoT, data analytics, and automation, identifying problems and matching them with tech solutions. Notable features include leveraging grants for small manufacturers and fostering collaboration to drive Industry 4.0 adoption. Key people involved include the experts from Automation Alley. Some associated start-ups include those focused on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and Robotics. The program duration spans 24 weeks.

Automation Alley Industry 4.0 Accelerator's Website
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15) Proto Accelerator

Proto Accelerator - building Michigan's entrepreneurial future

PROTO Accelerator is an innovation-focused startup accelerator that aims to drive innovation, increase efficiencies, and add value within various industries. The program runs for three months (13 weeks) and supports technology start-ups, particularly those in the physical product and insurtech domains. Founded on the principle of connecting creative minds, it provides industry leaders with scalable corporate innovation programs and offers global technology startups equity investment and expert guidance. The accelerator focuses on physical product (hardware) and insurtech (insurance technology) start-ups, providing them with capital, expertise, and accountability for implementing innovative business growth strategies. Additionally, it connects start-ups with industry leaders to create opportunities for collaboration and innovation, ultimately fostering partnerships with corporations. While the exact number of investors is unspecified, the program ensures that start-ups benefit from deep connectivity to industry partners.

Proto Accelerator's Website
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16) optiMize Incubator

optiMize Incubator - Michigan's true entrepreneurial hub

optiMize Incubator, located at the University of Michigan, empowers individuals to turn their ideas into impactful ventures through social innovation programs. The accelerator offers mentorship, funding, and support to help participants build a more just and sustainable world. It focuses on nurturing early-stage startups across various domains such as social impact, technology, healthcare, and education. The accelerator tracks key startup performance metrics including revenue growth, customer acquisition, and customer retention to assess the financial prosperity and market viability of enrolled startups. Startups benefit from experienced mentors, funding opportunities, a supportive community for collaboration, and skill development through workshops and training sessions. While the exact duration of the program is unspecified, participants typically engage in intensive programs, workshops, and networking events over a few months. Notable industries associated with optiMize Incubator include Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and General Tech.

optiMize Incubator's Website
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17) Unicorn Venture Studio

Unicorn Venture Studio - connecting start-up founders with success

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California, Unicorn Venture Studio is a venture studio specializing in technology start-ups, with a focus on industries like General Tech and Cybersecurity. The accelerator is known for providing technology and business consulting to help businesses grow and get acquired. The organization has three professionals associated with it, offering expertise and guidance to early-stage companies. While specific unicorn creation rates are not available, the accelerator operates in a landscape similar to Y Combinator, known for its successful unicorn creation rate of approximately 4.5% since 2010. Notable founders of Unicorn Venture Studio include Adam Leonard, Cesar Devers, Clay Unicorn, Jorge Villavicencio, and Michael Hall. The accelerator likely offers benefits such as access to a network of alumni founders, mentor introductions, and educational resources, positioning itself as a valuable resource for technology start-ups navigating the competitive startup landscape.

Unicorn Venture Studio's Website
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18) Venturit

Venturit - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Michigan

Venturit Inc is a technology company founded by Prabode Weebadde, specializing in cutting-edge solutions such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT. The organization has been operational for over 14 years, focusing on building innovative applications with advanced technologies. Venturit offers Full-Stack Development, excels in AI & Machine Learning, and provides Quality Assurance services for bug-free products. Their accelerator program nurtures start-ups in domains like AI & Machine Learning, Blockchain, and IoT. While specific metrics are unavailable, the program aims to support start-ups in these specialized fields. The company acts as an extension of partners' teams, emphasizing daily communication and transparency to bring product ideas to life. Industries served include Mobile Apps, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Notable for working with startups to create solutions for iPhone, iPad, and the Web, Venturit's collaborative and expertise-driven approach makes them a preferred choice for tech start-ups seeking support and guidance.

Venturit's Website
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19) Lansing Economic Area Partnership

Lansing Economic Area Partnership - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP), a key player in Michigan's capital region, is dedicated to fostering a prosperous business environment. It is known for building a stronger community in #LoveLansing, collaborating with area leaders to boost economic development. Under its umbrella operates the PROTO Accelerator, a startup accelerator program supporting physical products and insurtech startups. Selected startups in the program receive $60,000 in seed funding to advance from concept to prototype and beyond, with guidance in prototyping, legal, marketing, and business strategy. The accelerator not only nurtures innovation and intrapreneurship but also facilitates connections between Michigan-based companies and the global startup community. This initiative enhances startups' operational and technological innovation capabilities, leveraging Michigan's research prowess and industry talent. With a focus on physical product innovation and insurtech, the accelerator, powered by LEAP, empowers startups to thrive in a supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem across Michigan's incubation hubs like Lansing, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids.

Lansing Economic Area Partnership's Website
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20) Kyyba Innovations

Kyyba Innovations - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Michigan

Kyyba Innovations, founded in 2017 in Michigan, is dedicated to nurturing innovative entrepreneurship and disruptive technologies. They offer a range of services including investing in startups, mobile app and product development for ventures like MUGA, Wetrace, and Supply Chain Management. The accelerator focuses on evaluating startups, tracking trends, facilitating funding, and advancing companies with a global reach. With initiatives like Pitch Club India, particularly recognizing the significance of India in the global startup scene, Kyyba Innovations aims to connect with innovators and provide a platform for showcasing groundbreaking ideas. The organization operates in various cities in India such as Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai. Their programs encourage cross-pollination among startups and corporations, emphasizing industries like aerospace, agriculture, biotechnology, among others, and specializing in sectors such as business-to-consumer, fintech, travel, and health and wellness. Startups engaging with Kyyba can access mentorship, funding opportunities, and connections to the Pitch Club audience in the American market, creating a conducive environment for growth and collaboration.

Kyyba Innovations's Website
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21) Seamless Ventures

Seamless Ventures - building Michigan's entrepreneurial future

Seamless Ventures, founded in 2015 and based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is an accelerator program under Start Garden. The organization's mission revolves around breaking industry silos to address challenges in aging, wellbeing, sustainability, and mobility through collaborative innovation. They specialize in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector, supporting startups focused on connected devices, smart technologies, and data-driven solutions. With a total of 28 investments and a current portfolio of 17 companies, Seamless Ventures has facilitated 11 successful exits. The accelerator fosters partnerships between global enterprises and startups to develop and deploy new businesses. While specific program details are not provided, participants likely benefit from mentorship, networking, and growth resources. Notable for their work in the General Tech industry, Seamless Ventures stands out for their role in advancing innovation through cross-sector collaboration.

Seamless Ventures's Website
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22) The Underground

The Underground - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Michigan

The Underground is a designated Smartzone business incubator situated in downtown Port Huron. It offers cozy co-working spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms for lease, catering to entrepreneurs, remote workers, freelancers, and creatives. The accelerator supports various industries, including Sector Agnostic, providing access to entrepreneurial funding.

The Underground's Website
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23) Velocity (Michigan)

Velocity (Michigan) - building Michigan's entrepreneurial future

Velocity is a business incubator, accelerator, and coworking space situated in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The accelerator focuses on high-tech and advanced manufacturing companies, with a particular emphasis on the Defense sector. They offer various programs such as an Incubator for early-stage companies, an Accelerator for emerging second-stage businesses, Coworking Spaces, and Room Rentals for different events. Testimonials from co-founders highlight the network and resources provided by Velocity, emphasizing the impact on their entrepreneurial journey. Additional benefits include an Entrepreneur in Residence for coaching and support, as well as brainstorming and assessments for business proposals. The overall goal of Velocity is to accelerate innovation, reinvention, and growth for businesses in the manufacturing, technology, and defense industry in Macomb County. Industries served by Velocity include General Tech. While specific metrics like the number of startups associated and investors are not disclosed, the focus areas, programs, and testimonials showcase Velocity's contribution to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Velocity (Michigan)'s Website
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24) Samex | B3: Focused Growth Accelerator

Samex | B3: Focused Growth Accelerator - supporting Michigan's best founders

Samex | B3: Focused Growth Accelerator is a specialized program aimed at entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking to start or significantly expand their business within a year. The accelerator kicks off with a strategic planning session to prepare participants for their entrepreneurial journey, followed by four foundational stages dedicated to equipping them with the necessary knowledge and tools for business growth. Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on maintaining a balanced life while focusing on long-term 5 and 10-year goals. Weekly check-ins and monthly strategic growth sessions are conducted to monitor progress and provide tailored support in various areas of the business. The organization operates a cloud-based platform that simplifies the management and delivery of digital content, empowering digital publishers with an intuitive interface for content creation and website management without requiring advanced technical skills. Samex | B3 collaborates with a variety of startups, particularly in the transportation, mobility, and logistics sectors, aiming to support their growth and sustainability efforts. While specific details such as the number of investors, funded startups, and the exact program duration are not disclosed, the accelerator is known for its commitment to facilitating funding opportunities and promoting responsible logistics practices.

Samex | B3: Focused Growth Accelerator's Website
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25) Prosperous Ventures 360

Prosperous Ventures 360 - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Michigan

Prosperous Ventures 360, founded in 2022, is a startup studio located in Midland, Michigan. Specializing in early-stage companies and content creators, the accelerator provides mentorship, resources, and support across various domains such as technology, consumer goods, and services, with a focus on the creative industries. The team, led by Claude Brown Jr. as the Chief Executive Officer, works closely with a number of startups, offering continuous mentorship and likely providing resources, networking opportunities, and guidance for their portfolio companies. Prosperous Ventures 360 operates as both an accelerator and incubator, aiming to help ventures thrive through their program. For more detailed information on the accelerator program, interested parties are encouraged to contact the company directly. Their specialization in industries like General Tech underlines their commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the startup ecosystem.

Prosperous Ventures 360's Website
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26) MI Innovation Alliance

MI Innovation Alliance - Michigan's true entrepreneurial hub

Founded in 1999 by MIT alumni and innovation enthusiasts, the MI Innovation Alliance is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship in Southeast Michigan. The accelerator program, established in 2002, prioritizes commercialization and acceleration, guiding startups from concept to market launch through strategic support and networking. Services offered include early commercialization assistance such as mentorship, business development consulting, and IP guidance, as well as business acceleration services like investor presentation coaching and direct marketing support. The organization collaborates across various sectors like Biotech and General Tech, aiming to leverage innovation and collaboration for the benefit of Michigan and the Great Lakes region. While concrete numbers regarding start-ups, investors, and funded ventures are not disclosed, award recipients can receive a mix of cash and in-kind commercialization assistance, totaling over $200,000 in value for selected winners. Key figures leading the Alliance include MIT alumni and industry experts. Notable participants like GAMIC winners have greatly benefitted from the program's emphasis on rapid commercialization and business acceleration.

MI Innovation Alliance's Website
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27) NextCycle Michigan

NextCycle Michigan - building Michigan's entrepreneurial future

NextCycle Michigan is an accelerator program focused on fostering partnerships and developing investment-ready project plans to reduce waste in landfills and promote the use of recovered materials by manufacturers in Michigan. The program, with a duration of six months, specializes in initiatives related to recycling, recovery, reuse, and material end markets. It aims to accelerate innovative solutions that enhance material recovery capacity, divert materials from landfills, and expand end markets to support a robust circular economy. Participants receive coaching and planning support to refine their initiatives and access the NextCycle Michigan Network for enhanced project success. Although specific metrics on start-ups, investors, or funded projects are not available, the accelerator's impact is highlighted through its mission to drive positive environmental change and economic growth in Michigan. NextCycle Michigan is instrumental in advancing sustainable practices, supporting environmentally conscious businesses, and promoting circular economy solutions in Michigan's Environmental Tech sector.

NextCycle Michigan's Website
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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Peer learning

There’s not enough time in the world to learn from one’s own mistakes. Peer learning helps.

Rapid learning curve

There’s a reason accelerators are called accelerators. It’s a fast ride.

Network expansion

Your net-worth is greatly determined by your network.

Critical Industry connections

A good connection at an FMCG/AI giant can help you 10x more than connecting with 100 retailers.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

What's the real value of your equity

There's a math behind how accelerators decide whether your start-up is worth investing. Did you run the calculation for diluting your equity?

Correlation isn't causation

What worked for Airbnb might not work for you. If the accelerator playbook was 100% full-proof, they would have been running a start-up and not an accelerator. After all, everyone's chasing a unicorn.

Are you really important for them?

An accelerator or investor can hedge their bets by investing in multiple start-ups, but as a founder your start-up is your only bet.

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Accelerators and Incubators in michigan

Looking for the best accelerators in Michigan? There are numerous reasons to choose an accelerator to kickstart your startup journey. From access to funding and resources to mentorship and networking opportunities, accelerators provide a supportive ecosystem for early-stage ventures. Michigan's vibrant start-up culture offers a unique blend of innovation and collaboration, making it an ideal destination for budding entrepreneurs. When selecting the right accelerator for your business, consider factors such as industry focus, program duration, mentorship quality, and alumni success stories. Researching the track record of accelerators and understanding how they align with your goals can significantly impact the success of your venture. Whether you're looking to scale your tech start-up or launch a social enterprise, Michigan's accelerators offer a diverse range of programs to cater to your specific needs. Notable start-ups from Michigan that have thrived with the support of accelerators include StockX, Duo Security, and Bloomscape. These success stories highlight the impact of accelerator programs in fostering innovation and growth within the state's entrepreneurial ecosystem. By leveraging the resources and expertise of accelerators in Michigan, you can position your start-up for long-term success in the competitive business landscape.

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