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Minnesota's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator9.9$120K for 6% equity370 Wabasha St N floor 8, St Paul, MN 55102, USA6,002475Learn more
The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars9.9Minneapolis, MN, USA6,002475Learn more
SecretLab7.61350 Lagoon Ave #830, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA2Learn more
Twin Ignition5.51317 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA2Learn more
TinySeed Accelerator4.9$120K for 10%-12% equity5123a W 98th St #1084, Minneapolis, MN 55437, USA944Learn more
Target Accelerator4.9Minnesota, USA902Learn more
TinySeed4.7$120K-$220K for 10%-12% equity5123a W 98th St #1084, Minneapolis, MN 55437, USA14Learn more
University of Minnesota - Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship4.6Carlson School of Management, 321 S 19th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA112Learn more
Target Takeoff4.6Minnesota, USA82Learn more
Minnesota State University, Mankato - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship4.5Minnesota State University, Mankato, 228, Wiecking Center, Mankato, MN 56001, USALearn more
United Healthcare Accelerator4.5Minnesota, USA10Learn more
RetailXelerator4.4Minnesota, USALearn more
FinTech Forge4.2Minnesota, USALearn more
Beta.MN4.0Minnesota, USA3Learn more
Turas Mara3.9Minnesota, USALearn more
Big Sky Biomedical3.77625 Boone Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, USALearn more
University Enterprise Laboratories3.41000 Westgate Dr, St Paul, MN 55114, USALearn more
Red Wing Ignite2.3419 Bush St, Red Wing, MN 55066, USALearn more
SilicoBios Venture Studio2.1Minnesota, USALearn more
OnRamp Insurance Accelerator2.1Minnesota, USALearn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in Minnesota.

However if geography isn’t a hard constraint, and you are only looking for the best incubators and accelerators across the US, check here.

Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator

Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator is a three-month program based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, focused on the tech and digital aspects of food and agriculture. Partnered with Cargill and Ecolab, the accelerator supports startups across the entire food value chain, including AgTech, manufacturing, supply chains, food safety, waste reduction, and traceability. The 2021 class comprised 11 startups addressing challenges in the food and ag industry. Graduates of the program historically raise over $2 million of outside capital. Participants receive lifetime access to the Techstars worldwide network, financial, human, and intellectual capital, over $400,000 worth of cash equivalent hosting, accounting, and legal support, and other benefits exceeding $5 million. Startups showcase their progress during Demo Day to connect with potential investors. The accelerator was co-founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis. Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator focuses on industries such as Logistics and Supply Chain, Fintech, Food and Beverage, and Agriculture Tech, offering early-stage startups $120K for 6% equity as a standard deal.

Techstars Farm to Fork Accelerator's Website
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2) The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars

The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars is a leading global accelerator program located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It provides a unique opportunity for startups specializing in the convergence of technology, sports, and entertainment to excel. The accelerator, with a duration of 13 weeks, offers selected companies mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. The 2023 class will commence on November 6th, following applications that opened on May 15th and a final deadline on November 6th. Each cohort typically consists of 10 startups from diverse geographical locations. Key mentors within the Techstars ecosystem, the Minnesota Twins' front office, and the sports tech community, including individuals like Jack Dempsey, Stephanie Rich, and HT Fish, provide guidance to the participating startups. Focused on entertainment, fintech, and general tech industries, the accelerator encourages startups to work on cutting-edge solutions in sports, entertainment, and technology. Additionally, startups benefit from exclusive events like virtual autograph sessions with sports personalities such as Carlos Correa, expert insights, networking opportunities, and a culminating Demo Day to showcase their progress and achievements.

The Minnesota Twins Accelerator by Techstars's Website
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3) SecretLab

SecretLab - connecting start-up founders with success

SecretLab was founded by Jason Bright and operates as a digital marketplace focusing on healthcare tech and SaaS (Software as a Service) industries. The company is known for its popular gaming chairs, recognized for ergonomic designs and comfort. These chairs are praised for their build quality, aesthetics, and comfort features such as adjustable lumbar support and memory foam padding, catering to gamers and content creators. Collaborations with well-known games and franchises enhance the chair designs. Despite competitive pricing offering value for money, reviews on customer service are mixed due to reported delays and communication issues on returns or defects. For those seeking an accelerator program, it's advisable to look elsewhere. Nevertheless, owning a SecretLab chair ensures a comfortable and supportive seating experience during long work or gaming sessions.

SecretLab's Website
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4) Twin Ignition

Twin Ignition - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Minnesota

Twin Ignition Startup Garage, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a business accelerator with a mission to support the tech startup community in the Twin Cities. Founded in 2018 by Seth (Peter), Ben (Rasmussen), and Scott (Aubitz), the accelerator offers investment, advisory services, and a collaborative workspace for founders. The team, including individuals with diverse startup backgrounds, provides tailored advice to entrepreneurs, fosters collaboration among founders, and makes direct investments in promising startups. With a founder-friendly approach, Twin Ignition emphasizes ongoing relationships and tailored advice. The accelerator has made nearly two dozen investments in impactful startups. Specializing in general tech startups, Twin Ignition aims to create sustainable change through innovative tech companies. Startups benefit from personalized mentoring, access to resources, and potential funding opportunities, while working in a collaborative environment to share insights and build connections. Notable founder Mike Nathan is associated with Twin Ignition.

Twin Ignition's Website
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5) TinySeed Accelerator

TinySeed Accelerator - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TinySeed is the first startup accelerator specifically tailored for early-stage SaaS (Software as a Service) founders who typically opt for bootstrapping. Founded by Einar Vollset and Rob Walling, the accelerator runs for a year, focusing on B2B SaaS companies within domains like Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and General Tech. The program accepts 15-20 startups per cohort in the Americas and EMEA regions, providing a unique funding structure of $120K for the first founder plus $60K per additional founder in exchange for 10-12% equity. It emphasizes mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and SaaS experts, fostering a supportive community where founders can network. The goal is to help startups scale without the challenges of traditional fundraising, empowering them to achieve $1M Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) before exploring other growth options. Although primarily remote, TinySeed organizes in-person meetings periodically throughout the year, enhancing the collaborative atmosphere for the participating founders.

TinySeed Accelerator's Website
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6) Target Accelerator

Target Accelerator - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The premier accelerator for retail startups, Target Accelerators, known as Target Takeoff, supports emerging brands in various categories within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) space. The program is designed to transform the global retail industry by offering intensive support to entrepreneurs, focusing on marketing strategies, omnichannel enhancements, mobile technologies, big data analytics, merchandising, and supply chain technologies. Over 300 alumni have benefited from the program, receiving guidance from industry-leading mentors, curated education, diverse cohort interactions, networking opportunities, and retail readiness resources. Specializing in retail and consumer goods, the accelerator operates for a duration of 5 weeks and targets startups in industries like logistics and supply chain. While details about investors, funded startups, and program duration are not explicitly mentioned, the program's successful alumni highlight its effectiveness in shaping the future of retail.

Target Accelerator's Website
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7) TinySeed

TinySeed - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TinySeed offers a year-long remote startup accelerator program tailored for early-stage Software as a Service (SaaS) founders in the fields of financial services, software, and venture capital. With a cohort size of 15-20 companies per batch in the Americas and EMEA regions, it provides $120k-$220k investment per company for a 10-12% equity stake. The accelerator is led by founders Einar Vollset and Rob Walling and emphasizes mentorship, community support, and optimizing product-market fit to accelerate growth. Participants engage in educational and mastermind calls, focusing on 'The TinySeed Playbook' in the initial three months. Unique perks include a close-knit founder community, in-person retreats, and a flexible program structure without traditional demo days or tests. TinySeed is ideal for ambitious SaaS bootstrappers seeking funding, guidance, and a supportive network to scale their businesses. The accelerator targets early-stage startups in general tech and fintech industries, aiming to support non-unicorn ventures.

TinySeed's Website
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8) University of Minnesota - Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship

University of Minnesota - Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship - Minnesota's true entrepreneurial hub

The Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Minnesota serves as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. It inspires, educates, and connects the next generation of Minnesota's entrepreneurs. The center hosts the MN Cup, the largest statewide startup competition in the US, where entrepreneurs compete for over $400,000 in non-dilutive cash prizes. MIN-Corps, a collaborative initiative, develops talent and catalyzes technology commercialization across the university. The center focuses on various entrepreneurship domains, including technology, science, and agriculture. Initiatives like Naturally Minnesota and WE support specific sectors. With 450 new venture concepts evaluated, 260 mentors advising, and a top 10 ranking for MBA programs in Entrepreneurship among US public universities, the center demonstrates a strong commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering innovation. It offers a collaborative space, Toaster Innovation Hub, and statewide collaborative efforts to accelerate startup growth and innovation. Founded by Alexander Ramsey and James Wiske, the center plays a vital role in nurturing Minnesota's entrepreneurial ecosystem across industries like Edtech and Agriculture Tech.

University of Minnesota - Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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9) Target Takeoff

Target Takeoff - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Minnesota

Target Takeoff is a consumer product startup accelerator that focuses on supporting more mature consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies looking to scale into mass retail. The program has a duration of six weeks and is conducted virtually. Participants benefit from curated education to prepare for success in mass retail, a community of like-minded founders, and guidance from industry leaders. The organization specializes in assisting CPG companies in expanding into mass retail. The accelerator operates in industries such as Ecommerce, Healthcare Tech, and Food and Beverage. Target Takeoff is an integral accelerator for new brands in the consumer product sector, aiming to help them make a significant impact on the market. With a strong emphasis on innovation and growth, it is shaping the future of retail by providing essential support and resources to drive the success of participating companies.

Target Takeoff's Website
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10) Minnesota State University, Mankato - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Minnesota State University, Mankato - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Minnesota

The Minnesota State University, Mankato Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and dynamic organizations. Located in Morris Hall at the university, it facilitates the launch of the next generation of entrepreneurs, innovators, and dynamic organizations through education, research, and outreach. The center supports students' big ideas through mentoring, training, and resources to help them launch and support their start-ups. Additionally, it offers consulting services to southern Minnesota organizations, where students collaborate with expert-supervised teams to address real-world business problems. Hosting events focused on entrepreneurship, social media for business, and design thinking, the institution also organizes the Big Ideas Challenge, a venture competition open to university students to pitch their innovative business ideas for funding. The accelerator serves all students and faculty from any discipline, engaging with the regional community while providing access to talented students and opportunities for networking, mentorship, and skill development. With a focus on empowering the entrepreneurial spirit and driving economic growth, it is an ideal platform for those passionate about innovation. Some of its key domains include Edtech.

Minnesota State University, Mankato - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Website
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11) United Healthcare Accelerator

United Healthcare Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

The UnitedHealthcare Accelerator is a 4-month program that brings together 10 world-class health tech start-ups each fall to address pressing challenges in the health care industry through innovation and technology. Since its inception in 2019, the accelerator has supported a total of 50 companies, with each cohort consisting of 10 start-ups specializing in areas such as scalable solutions for health behavior change, mental health, nutrition and fitness, and more. The program offers executive mentorship, networking opportunities, business model evolution, fundraising support, and collaboration among start-ups and health care experts. With a focus on Fitness and Wellness and Healthcare Tech industries, the UnitedHealthcare Accelerator provides a supportive environment for health tech start-ups to innovate, learn, and make a difference in the health care landscape.

United Healthcare Accelerator's Website
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12) RetailXelerator

RetailXelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Minnesota

RetailXelerator was founded by Rick Rommel to bridge the gap between hardware startups and retailers through an accelerator program. The program focuses on startups in domains such as Smart Home, Energy Efficiency, Food & Beverage, and Retail Store of the Future. They curate, coach, and connect innovators with retailers, carriers, utilities, and service providers to help startups reach more customers and create value for their businesses. RetailXelerator actively recruits promising startups in these specialized domains, offering ongoing programs throughout the year and providing continued support to startups post-pitch day. By facilitating connections with large corporations, the organization creates opportunities for collaboration and market access, aiming to address the challenge of startups connecting with retailers and scaling effectively. Industries associated with RetailXelerator include Renewable Energy, Food and Beverage, and Real Estate Tech.

RetailXelerator's Website
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13) FinTech Forge

FinTech Forge - supporting Minnesota's best founders

The company, now known as The Alloy Labs Institute, is an industry leader in enabling innovation for fintech and financial services. Founded by Jason Henrichs and JP Nicols, the accelerator focuses on helping financial institutions build and leverage their innovative capacity to achieve exponential growth. The Alloy Labs Institute operates as a member-directed shared innovation lab and accelerator, offering a 12-week program for selected startups in the fintech domain. The company's value proposition lies in creating tangible value for financial institutions by emphasizing collaboration and technology adoption. Startups in areas like payments, lending, blockchain, and data analytics benefit from refining their ideas, testing value propositions, and connecting with industry decision-makers. The accelerator's approach centers on reducing risks, lowering costs, and accelerating the path from ideas to outcomes in the banking sector.

FinTech Forge's Website
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14) Beta.MN

Beta.MN - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Minnesota

Beta.MN is an early-stage accelerator program based in Minnesota. Founded in 2013 by Ryan Broshar, it is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aiming to accelerate the success of Minnesota-based technology startups. The accelerator provides resources, mentorship, and community support. The programs offered include Twin Cities Startup Week, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs, and the BETA Cohort, a five-month free accelerator program for up to twenty companies per cohort. To date, Beta.MN has supported 264 startups, collectively raising $633 million in funding and employing 2,286 individuals. Initiatives like the Science Fair for Startups, Premier Pitch Event, and industry-specific roundtable discussions foster collaboration between startups and large corporations in industries like Fintech and General Tech. Supported by a network of partners, Beta.MN continues to nurture Minnesota's entrepreneurial ecosystem. It provides ongoing support to founders even after their formal participation in the accelerator.

Beta.MN's Website
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15) Turas Mara

Turas Mara - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Minnesota

Turas Mara, a family-run business founded by Iain Morrison in 1973 as 'Croig Cruises,' specializes in sustainable solutions for food, agriculture, and water. The company has been operating for over five decades and offers wildlife cruise-tours to the Treshnish Isles and Staffa from Mull and Oban. Turas Mara's tours showcase the diverse seabird colonies on Lunga, including puffins, guillemots, and razorbills, as well as the iconic Fingal's Cave on Staffa. Focused on nature and wildlife, the tours typically span from April to October, allowing visitors to explore Scotland's natural beauty. While specific metrics are not disclosed on the website, Turas Mara provides a memorable experience for nature enthusiasts, featuring encounters with puffins, seals, dolphins, and basking sharks. With a commitment to sustainability, the company contributes to the conservation of the environment and offers a unique perspective on the ecological wonders of the Treshnish Isles and Staffa. Notable for its specialization in wildlife and nature tours, Turas Mara brings a deep understanding of the natural world to its visitors.

Turas Mara's Website
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16) Big Sky Biomedical

Big Sky Biomedical - supporting founders in their growth journey

Big Sky Biomedical is a medtech accelerator dedicated to identifying innovative interventional medical technology and accelerating it through all stages of development until acquisition. Specializing in designing, developing, and commercializing novel interventional devices, the accelerator focuses on groundbreaking technologies that can revolutionize patient care. The management team, led by founder Scott Nelson, boasts extensive experience in medical device development and commercialization, particularly in the interventional space, with strong connections to global device manufacturers and access to over 3,000 cardiovascular centers worldwide. The organization's portfolio includes fast-moving companies like FastWave, known for advancing intravascular lithotripsy catheters. Founded in 2021, the accelerator primarily invests in the health technology sector, aiming to bring market-ready interventional medical devices to the forefront. Through their work, patients benefit from enhanced vascular treatments, healthcare providers gain access to innovative solutions, inventors see their ideas materialize, and market-ready technologies become available for acquisition, driving advancements in the medtech industry. Industries: Healthcare Tech.

Big Sky Biomedical's Website
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17) University Enterprise Laboratories

University Enterprise Laboratories - building Minnesota's entrepreneurial future

University Enterprise Laboratories is Minnesota's leading life science incubator. Located in St. Paul, its mission is to facilitate the growth of life science companies by providing lab space and fostering collaboration to drive economic growth in Minnesota's life science ecosystem. Specializing in medical devices, food and agriculture, soil research, alcohol and spirits, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, it has supported over 0 companies and nurtured 0+ jobs within the sector since its inception nearly 20 years ago. Entrepreneurs at UEL benefit from flexible lab space, a collaborative community, shared lab equipment, and proximity to research universities. The incubator's dedication to scientific excellence makes it a vital resource for early-stage ventures in biotechnology and life sciences. Notable industries it focuses on include Biotech, Healthcare Tech, and Food and Beverage.

University Enterprise Laboratories's Website
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18) Red Wing Ignite

Red Wing Ignite - building Minnesota's entrepreneurial future

Red Wing Ignite is an Innovation Center founded in 2013 in Red Wing, Minnesota. It serves as a hub for entrepreneurs, businesses, and students, aiming to fuel economic development and innovation. In 2014, they achieved the Smart City designation from US Ignite, becoming the smallest rural community in the US to receive this recognition due to their successful gigabit broadband implementation. The organization focuses on advancing innovation, enhancing regional connectivity, and cultivating the workforce of tomorrow. Red Wing Ignite offers a coworking space with various amenities and benefits like 24-hour access and professional support. Red Wing Ignite's impact transcends mere metrics, creating an environment for ideas to thrive. Industries supported by them include General Tech.

Red Wing Ignite's Website
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19) SilicoBios Venture Studio

SilicoBios Venture Studio - building Minnesota's entrepreneurial future

Located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, SilicoBios Venture Studio is a venture studio founded and led by Messac Neba, with a focus on the biocomputing industry. Operating as an accelerator/incubator, it stands out by concentrating on a few highly promising startups for intensive support. Despite having made 0 investments to date and a team size of 1 professional, SilicoBios emphasizes market research, product development, and sustainable business models. The institution's specialization in the biocomputing industry indicates a focus on bioinformatics, computational biology, and related innovative solutions at the intersection of biology and technology. While specific perks are not detailed, startups can expect intensive mentorship, networking opportunities, and expert resources. Industries of interest for the institution include Biotech and Healthcare Tech. Notable for its tailored approach to nurturing startups, entrepreneurs in the biocomputing sector may find a compelling opportunity to explore with SilicoBios Venture Studio.

SilicoBios Venture Studio's Website
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20) OnRamp Insurance Accelerator

OnRamp Insurance Accelerator - Minnesota's true entrepreneurial hub

OnRamp Insurance Accelerator, backed by gener8tor, Allianz Life & Securian Financial, is an annual program that invests $100K in five high-growth startups, focusing on FinTech and InsurTech innovation. The accelerator partners with a select group of insurtech startups, usually including a few promising ventures each cohort. It attracts investments from various sources such as venture capital firms, corporate partners, and angel investors, offering funding, mentorship, and strategic guidance to participants. The program's goal is to fund and accelerate the growth of insurtech companies by providing intensive mentoring, access to resources, and exposure to industry experts over several months. Specializing in insurtech, the accelerator assists startups in AI, blockchain, data analytics, cybersecurity, and enhancing customer experience. Additional benefits include mentorship from industry veterans, access to co-working spaces, networking opportunities, educational workshops, introductions to potential clients, partners, and investors, leading up to Demo Day where startups showcase their progress to investors. The OnRamp ecosystem also offers ongoing post-program support, nurturing innovation in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity.

OnRamp Insurance Accelerator's Website
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21) Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator

Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator is a program tailored to assist early-stage companies in the health and life sciences sector. The accelerator collaborates with various start-ups in domains such as biotechnology, medical devices, digital health, diagnostics, and therapeutics, fostering innovation and growth. Successful participants receive financial support during the 12-week program. This initiative provides selected start-ups with mentorship, resources, and access to Mayo Clinic's extensive network of clinicians, researchers, and industry professionals. Additionally, the program offers co-working space within the Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator facility, along with tailored educational workshops and networking opportunities. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, the accelerator remains dedicated to supporting health and life sciences start-ups in their journey towards success. Key people involved in running the program include founders and entrepreneurs in the biotech and healthcare tech industries.

Mayo Clinic Business Accelerator's Website
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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Developing business sense

Which metrics will make or break your start-up?- You can have 100k users and still fail.

Investor connect

Accelerators give an opening to many locked doors.

Learning about market forces

The market seems fair from a distance. But there are certain patterns to how it operates.

Accelerator brand power

Like Ivy-League credentials, your start-up’s story benefits from an accelerators’ brand.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

Rome wasn't built in 12-16 weeks

Every business needs a strong foundation, but while some businesses can figure the basics in 3 months, others need > 1 year.

One-size fits all model

Most accelerators don't focus on a specific niche, which may not be very helpful if you are looking for domain expertise.

Only you feel the punch

Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face. Strategy & accelerators can only guide you to a point. No one else will feel the struggle as you would.

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Accelerators and Incubators in minnesota

Looking for the best accelerators in Minnesota? Here are some top reasons to choose an accelerator in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Accelerators provide start-ups with essential resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed. The start-up culture in Minnesota is thriving, with a supportive community, access to funding, and a strong emphasis on innovation and collaboration. When choosing the right accelerator, consider factors such as industry focus, mentorship opportunities, networking connections, and track record of success. Some notable start-ups from Minnesota that have flourished with the help of accelerators include Target, Best Buy, and 3M. These companies have benefited from the resources and support provided by accelerators, helping them scale and achieve success in their respective industries. If you're a start-up looking to accelerate your growth and take your business to the next level, consider the top accelerators in Minnesota for the support and guidance you need to succeed.

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