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Nevada's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Downtown Project4.8Nevada, USA11Learn more
Zokyo Studio4.6Nevada, USA181Learn more
Tech.Co4.6Nevada, USALearn more
InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator4.5Nevada, USA5Learn more
UNLV - Center for Entrepreneurship4.5Frank and Estella Beam Hall, 4505 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89154, USALearn more
InNEVator4.5Nevada, USALearn more
X Co4.510615 Professional Cir Suite 200, Reno, NV 89521, USALearn more
Scalable4.0Nevada, USALearn more
Zero Labs2.2Nevada, USALearn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in Nevada.

However if geography isn’t a hard constraint, and you are only looking for the best incubators and accelerators across the US, check here.

Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Downtown Project

Downtown Project - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Nevada

Downtown Project, which was founded in January 2012 by Tony Hsieh, is a small business and tech startup accelerator and incubator situated in Las Vegas, Nevada. The organization has a total funding allocation of $350 million, with $200 million earmarked for real estate and development, and an additional $50 million invested in small businesses. The vision driving Downtown Project is to expedite co-learning, collisions, and connectedness in the city's urban core to stimulate productivity, innovation, growth, and happiness. The organization concentrates on industries like General Tech, Fintech, SaaS (Software as a Service), and Real Estate Tech to nurture innovation and growth in the local community. Downtown Project strives to establish a supportive environment where start-ups can thrive and contribute to the revitalization efforts in Las Vegas.

Downtown Project's Website
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2) Zokyo Studio

Zokyo Studio - supporting Nevada's best founders

Zokyo Studio, founded by Hartej Sawhney, is an accelerator focused on securing, building, and funding legendary web3 companies. Specializing in blockchain security, Zokyo offers services such as security auditing for smart contracts, web, and mobile applications. The organization supports ecosystems like Ethereum Virtual Machine, Cosmos, Filecoin, and more, utilizing languages such as Solidity, Rust, and Go. Additionally, they provide services like business consulting, data modeling, and legal memorandums. The accelerator aims to enhance cyber resilience for smart contracts and digital assets, offering a range of defense and economic solutions. Zokyo's expertise in blockchain security and commitment to securing organizations make it a valuable resource for blockchain projects. Although perks are not explicitly mentioned on Zokyo's website, the focus on security auditing and industry-leading expertise are significant benefits for companies engaging with Zokyo.

Zokyo Studio's Website
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3) Tech.Co

Tech.Co - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Nevada

Formerly known as Tech Cocktail, the media company and events organization named Tech.Co caters to startups, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts. With a focus on providing the latest news, reviews, and expert advice on technology, Tech.Co aims to help individuals work smarter and grow their businesses securely. The founders of the organization include Eric Olson, Frank Gruber, and Jennifer Consalvo. The Copilot for Microsoft 365 Tech Accelerator, organized by Microsoft, was a two-day event held on February 28-29, 2024. The accelerator specialized in Microsoft 365's Copilot, an AI-powered tool, offering sessions on functionality, deployment, driving usage, and more. Participants gained insights, networking opportunities, and access to Microsoft experts to prepare their organizations, drive adoption, and measure Copilot's impact. The program covered technical insights and adoption strategies for organizations of all sizes within the Microsoft 365 environment, making it a valuable resource for those looking to leverage Copilot effectively in their operations.

Tech.Co's Website
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4) InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator

InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Nevada

The Innevation Center, situated in downtown Reno, Nevada, is a collaborative space aimed at fostering the creation and incubation of startups to boost the knowledge-driven economy of the region. Specifically, it offers a fully-funded 8-week program for startups in the Blockchain and IoT sectors. The accelerator focuses on supporting ventures involved in blockchain technology, decentralized networks, smart contracts, digital currencies, as well as IoT solutions like connected devices, sensors, and data analytics. While the exact number of startups and investors associated with InNEVator is undisclosed, the program provides mentorship, resources, co-working space, and networking opportunities to drive the success of participating startups. Some of the industries supported by it include Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and Blockchain. Several successful startups have benefited from the accelerator, although specific names are not provided.

InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator's Website
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5) UNLV - Center for Entrepreneurship

UNLV - Center for Entrepreneurship - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Nevada

The UNLV Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, a key component of the UNLV Lee Business School, serves as a pivotal hub for entrepreneurship activities, research, and education. It manages entrepreneurship curriculum university-wide, conducts research on entrepreneurship and angel capital activity, and supervises the student-led Rebel Venture Fund. Additionally, the center offers certificate programs, organizes business plan competitions like the Southern Nevada Business Plan Competition, hosts speaker events, and provides guidance to faculty integrating entrepreneurship into their teaching. Collaborating with students, faculty, and the community, including local schools, it aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation. The UNLV Incubator at Hughes Center, a recent addition, supports student entrepreneurs through the innovation process. Specializing in Edtech among other domains, the center's dedication to nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and backing student ventures is a cornerstone of the UNLV community and southern Nevada.

UNLV - Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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6) InNEVator

InNEVator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Nevada

The Innevation Center, situated in downtown Reno, Nevada, is a collaborative space created to encourage the development and nurturing of startups, with the goal of enhancing the knowledge-driven economy of the region. InNEVator, also referred to as the InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator, is a specialized program that concentrates on Blockchain and IoT technologies. This fully-funded 8-week accelerator aids technology startups, with a history of 16 investments, including lead and diversity investments. The program provides various benefits such as funding support, acceleration in product development, assistance in go-to-market strategy, and initiatives for customer engagement. Throughout the years, InNEVator has assisted numerous technology startups, supporting industries like Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and Blockchain. The accelerator program, which lasts 8 weeks, is backed by the University of Nevada. Several noteworthy entrepreneurs and startups have gained from the program, receiving extensive support in a collaborative setting aimed at driving forward their technological innovations.

InNEVator's Website
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7) X Co

X Co - supporting founders in their growth journey

X Co is an accelerator that focuses on accelerating early stage tech startups in emerging US technology ecosystems, particularly in regions like Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Florida. The organization aims to accelerate the value of their associated startups through specialized programs at their locations in Reno and Las Vegas. X Co offers various programs such as Venture Studio for company creation and X Co Labs with a strong emphasis on intellectual property. Startups associated with the accelerator benefit from services like software and platform development, marketing assistance, strategic business consulting, and intellectual property consulting. Notable companies that have benefited from the program include BookIt Sports, Personafi, LetsRolo, Planaday, PlayEngine, Alliance Forge, Alchemy Games Limited, Copper, and Uptip. The company focuses on industries like Fintech, General Tech, Blockchain, and SaaS. Founded by Cameron Crain, Shaunt Sarkissian, and Vahe Sarkissian, X Co is dedicated to supporting and fostering the growth of tech startups in the specified regions.

X Co's Website
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8) Scalable

Scalable - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Nevada

Scalable is an investor, advisor, and digital marketing expert offering content marketing, social media, web design, web development, and brand identity services. The organization provides the Scalable OS Accelerator, which aims to assist entrepreneurs in systemizing and scaling their businesses efficiently. The program focuses on developing businesses into self-scaling entities capable of driving themselves to 8-figures and beyond. Participants construct their company's 'Operating System' (OS) through 8 modules, creating documented systems unique to each business to ensure smooth operations without relying solely on the founder. Testimonials from entrepreneurs like Josh Taylor of Product EVO Growth and Kay Francis of Francis Plumbing highlight significant improvements and substantial growth achieved post-program. The accelerator's specialization domains lie in creating scalable systems applicable across various businesses. Participants can expect personalized support, guidance, and access to resources throughout the program. Scalable empowers entrepreneurs to establish a robust operating system, paving the way for efficient scaling and growth.

Scalable's Website
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9) Zero Labs

Zero Labs - connecting start-up founders with success

Zero Labs is a premier venture fund and accelerator in Las Vegas that focuses on hospitality, sports, and gaming. Within the organization, the Zero Labs Automotive Accelerator is on a mission to convert numerous outdated combustion vehicles into high-performance electric cars. Specializing in industrial design, technology, and engineering, Zero Labs excels in creating premium classic electric vehicles. The company has been delivering electrified classic cars since 2021 and is now set to expand significantly with their ZLABS modular platform that can electrify almost any vehicle. Noteworthy is Zero Labs' presence at CES, where they unveiled a 1969 Ford Bronco restored with a carbon-fiber body and an all-electric drivetrain, showcasing their prowess in electromodding. Additional benefits of Zero Labs include providing readiness for net-zero emissions and offering an electric platform that facilitates vehicle electrification across various brands. Although details on the number of start-ups and investors are scarce, Zero Labs demonstrates a strong commitment to innovation in electrification and software, contributing to the future of mobility. The company's industries of focus encompass renewable energy, clean energy, and SaaS.

Zero Labs's Website
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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Investor connect

Accelerators give an opening to many locked doors.

Peer learning

There’s not enough time in the world to learn from one’s own mistakes. Peer learning helps.

Developing business sense

Which metrics will make or break your start-up?- You can have 100k users and still fail.

Rapid learning curve

There’s a reason accelerators are called accelerators. It’s a fast ride.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

One-size fits all model

Most accelerators don't focus on a specific niche, which may not be very helpful if you are looking for domain expertise.

What's the real value of your equity

There's a math behind how accelerators decide whether your start-up is worth investing. Did you run the calculation for diluting your equity?

It isn't about the exits

Accelerators and investors care much more about getting a return rather than building a business. However that's not a luxury founders can afford.

FAQs About Start-up Accelerators

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Accelerators and Incubators in nevada

Looking for the best accelerators in Nevada to kickstart your startup journey? Here are some top reasons to consider joining an accelerator: access to expert mentorship, networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, potential funding and investment opportunities, and tailored resources and support to help your startup grow and succeed. Nevada's vibrant startup culture is fueled by a diverse array of industries, including technology, hospitality, and gaming, making it an exciting hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. When choosing the right accelerator for your startup, consider factors such as the accelerator's track record of success, the industries they specialize in, the mentor network they offer, the level of funding and resources available, and the overall fit with your startup's goals and values. Some notable start-ups from Nevada that have achieved success include Shift4 Payments, a leading payment processing company; Influential, a AI-powered influencer marketing platform; and Farmlogs, an agricultural technology company revolutionizing farming practices. Joining the right accelerator can provide your startup with the necessary resources and support to thrive in Nevada's dynamic startup ecosystem.

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