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New York's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
TechStars9.9$120K50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars New York City Accelerator9.9up to $120K for 6% equity50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator9.9$120K for 6% equity50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars WaterTech & Sustainability9.9$120K for 6% equity50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures9.9$120K for 6% equity50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan9.9$120K for 6% equity50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA6,002475Learn more
Techstars9.9$120K50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA3,421338Learn more
Insight Partners9.8New York, NY, USA1,060211Learn more
Franklin Templeton Investments8.8$150K280 Park Ave, New York, NY 10017, USA19861Learn more
Allen & Company7.6New York, NY, USA17967Learn more
FirstMark7.5New York, NY, USA34053Learn more
Antler USA7.4up to $125K for 7% equityNew York, NY, USA1,2077Learn more
Invus7.3126 E 56th St, New York, NY 10022, USA21967Learn more
Startupbootcamp7.2$15KAmsterdam, NY 12010, USA54743Learn more
Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator6.5$150K for 6%+ equity on a SAFE40 W 25th St Floor 9, New York, NY 10010, USA38034Learn more
Techstars NYC Accelerator6.5$120K50 W 17th St 9th floor, New York, NY 10011, USA23343Learn more
Entrepreneurs Roundtable6.2$150K for 6%+ equity on a SAFE40 W 25th St 9th Floor, New York, NY 10010, USA30327Learn more
AngelPad6.2$120K& E 14th St, 5th Ave, New York, NY 10011, USA17737Learn more
SAP.iO Foundry New York6.1New York, NY, USA23431Learn more
IndieBio Accelerator - SOSV5.9$250K for 8% equity7 Pennsylvania Plaza floor 9, New York, NY 10001, USA4836Learn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in New York.

However if geography isn’t a hard constraint, and you are only looking for the best incubators and accelerators across the US, check here.

Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) TechStars

TechStars - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Founded in 2006, TechStars is a global startup accelerator based in Boulder, Colorado. With a mission to invest in a large number of startups, it provides unparalleled support to early-stage companies across various industries such as Ecommerce, Healthcare Tech, General Tech, and Fintech. Each year, over 500 startups are selected to participate in its 3-month accelerator programs. Upon acceptance, startups receive a $120,000 investment in exchange for equity, as well as hands-on mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts. The program also grants them access to the TechStars network for life, offering ongoing support and valuable connections. TechStars operates in multiple specialization domains including Technology, Healthcare, Retail and Consumer Goods, Energy and Sustainability, FinTech, Mobility and Transportation, Media and Entertainment, and more, catering to a wide range of industries. Additionally, it provides startups with office space, the opportunity to pitch at Demo Day, access to an extensive alumni network, corporate partnerships, and a global reach. The accelerator program, led by notable founders like Brad Feld, David Cohen, and others, runs for 13 weeks, during which startups focus on refining their business models, product development, and growth strategies to thrive in the competitive market.

TechStars's Website
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2) Techstars New York City Accelerator

Techstars New York City Accelerator - connecting start-up founders with success

Techstars NYC Accelerator, powered by J.P. Morgan, is an inclusive platform providing equitable access to funding and support for underrepresented entrepreneurs aiming to innovate in healthcare, health and beauty, edtech, and financial inclusion. The accelerator supports a diverse cohort of founders in domains such as FinTech, Enterprise SaaS, Health & Wellness, Efficient Transactions, and PropTech, helping them grow and scale their startups. The program's application timeline includes the Fall 2024 and Spring 2024 Programs, with investments up to $120k and operational support extending post-program. Founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, the accelerator offers a 13-week immersive experience in NYC, focusing on personalization, in-person collaboration, and efficient growth. With a strong alumni community and access to the vast Techstars network, including unicorns and high-market-cap companies, Techstars NYC Accelerator is dedicated to empowering diverse founders and driving innovation in Fintech and SaaS sectors.

Techstars New York City Accelerator's Website
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3) Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator

Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator - connecting start-up founders with success

The Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator, in collaboration with Pivotal Ventures founded by Melinda French Gates, focuses on nurturing startups in the longevity and caregiving sector. Through a 13-week program, it assists entrepreneurs in developing innovative solutions for the needs of older adults and caregivers. The accelerator's key domains include caregiver support, care coordination, financial wellness, preventive health, aging in place, and social engagement. The 2023 cohort, comprising ten startups chosen from a large pool of applicants, concentrates on themes aligned with the program. Participants benefit from a $120K standard deal for 6% equity, along with extensive mentorship and access to Techstars and Pivotal Ventures' global networks. Led by notable figures like Brad Feld and David Cohen, the program prioritizes diverse-led teams, with a significant number of underrepresented CEOs, including women. By targeting issues like isolation and financial security, startups in this accelerator strive to create meaningful impact in the longevity and caregiving space.

Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator's Website
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4) Techstars WaterTech & Sustainability

Techstars WaterTech & Sustainability - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Techstars WaterTech & Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with The Tuscaloosa County Economic Development Authority and The University of Alabama, supports tech startups in water technology, sustainability, and hydrologic innovation. The program seeks visionary founders addressing challenges in water areas like prediction systems, drinking water, wastewater, and treatment technologies. The 2024 cohort includes 20 startups from various countries focusing on issues such as water mismanagement, subsurface moisture, and wastewater disposal. The accelerator offers networking, mentorship, and investor engagement opportunities. Founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, this 13-week program provides $120K for 6% equity, targeting industries like Fintech with funding types including Early Stage VC and Seed. Startups benefit from a global community and support in refining business models and product development, fostering innovation and sustainable practices in the water sector.

Techstars WaterTech & Sustainability's Website
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5) Techstars Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures

Techstars Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The accelerator program tailored for talented entrepreneurs focused on creating innovative solutions to enhance economic mobility for low- and moderate-income Americans, specifically the 60% of the population living paycheck to paycheck, seeks solutions across various sectors such as education, personal finance, future of work, health & wellness, housing, insurance & benefits access, and legal support. The program, lasting thirteen weeks, takes place in New York City, catering to U.S. market companies. More than 3 in 4 Americans struggle to save or invest after monthly expenses, while 4 in 10 find it challenging to cover basic needs. Notable team members include Managing Director Keith Camhi. The accelerator offers a $120K investment for 6% equity, along with networking opportunities, mentorship, and a purpose-built collaboration space. The program prioritizes industries like Edtech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and Personal Finance, and was founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis.

Techstars Economic Mobility Powered by Samvid Ventures's Website
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6) Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan

Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan is a 13-week startup accelerator program open to founders of all backgrounds. It has a particular focus on Black, Hispanic and Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs. The accelerator aims to provide equitable access to funding and support for startups in sectors such as healthcare, health and beauty, edtech, and financial inclusion. Additionally, the program pays attention to startups working on disrupting industries in FinTech, Health, Supply Chain, PropTech, and ClimateTech, with a bias towards Enterprise, Vertical SaaS, or AI/Infra companies. For fall 2024, the program is especially interested in strong technical teams. Techstars NYC powered by J.P. Morgan offers financial investments of up to $120,000 and more than $2 million in cash equivalents, perks, and credits. The accelerator provides personalized experiences, in-person engagement in New York City, operational support, and continues to assist alumni with Series A+ raises. Notable founders associated with the accelerator include Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, with a focus on industries like Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, SaaS, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Real Estate Tech.

Techstars New York City powered by J.P. Morgan's Website
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7) Techstars

Techstars - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Techstars is a renowned global accelerator program that aims to help entrepreneurs succeed by providing mentorship, connections, and a $120,000 investment to over 500 early-stage startups each year. The accelerator runs for three months, offering intensive support and guidance in specialized domains such as Technology, Healthcare, Consumer Products, FinTech, and Social Impact. Startups benefit from the mentorship-driven program, working closely with experienced mentors, and gaining access to the Techstars network for life, including ongoing support and connections. Additionally, they provide access to corporate partners, potential investors during demo days, an alumni network, and various resources. Founded by Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis, Techstars focuses on industries like Fashion and Apparel, Gaming, Healthcare Tech, Logistics, and more. With funding types including Seed and Series A, the accelerator program spans 13 weeks to empower startups with the necessary tools to thrive in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Techstars's Website
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8) Insight Partners

Insight Partners - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Insight Partners is a global software investor that collaborates with high-growth technology, software, and Internet startup and ScaleUp companies. One of their initiatives, the IGNITE Enterprise Accelerator (IEA), is a six-month program tailored for enterprise leaders interested in innovation. Participants have the option to choose from four specialized tracks: Cybersecurity, Data & AI, Infrastructure & Dev Ecosystem, and Digital Experience. The program offers access to an online community platform, exclusive events, and features deep-dive modules in the chosen track(s). Insight's investment experts provide insights on market trends, while trailblazing founders share their perspectives on enterprise challenges. Notable founders of Insight Partners include Jeff Horing and Jerry Murdock. The accelerator focuses on industries such as Space Tech, Robotics, Travel and Tourism, Renewable Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Gaming, and Real Estate Tech. Insight Partners has been involved in funding rounds including Series A, Series B, Series C, and Series D.

Insight Partners's Website
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9) Franklin Templeton Investments

Franklin Templeton Investments - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Franklin Templeton Investments is a global investment firm that offers mutual funds for individuals and institutions. The organization operates the Franklin Templeton Silicon Valley FinTech Incubator in the heart of Silicon Valley, which serves as an enabler and accelerator for innovation in the FinTech space. The program caters to pre-A early-stage FinTech companies aligning with focus areas such as Advisor Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. Founding teams of at least 2 members are required to have a minimum of 6 months of operating cash and a Minimum Viable Product. The incubation period spans 24+ months, with startups receiving an initial $150,000 USD seed investment through a SAFE structure and gaining access to office space in San Mateo or Singapore. Participating startups benefit from strategic capital investment, designated workspace, industry knowledge expansion, and networking opportunities offered by the organization. Notable companies that have participated include an Art Wealth Management Platform that facilitates the trading of physical art like digital assets, as well as offering NFT trading, industry insights, and collaboration tools. Founded by Rupert H. Johnson, Sr., Franklin Templeton Investments focuses on industries like Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain, engaging in funding rounds including Series C and Series A.

Franklin Templeton Investments's Website
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10) Allen & Company

Allen & Company - supporting New York's best founders

With over 85 years of experience in building relationships and financial plans, Allen & Company focuses on wealth management, investment planning, life insurance, charitable giving, stock options, and business planning. They operate in industries like Space Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Gaming, and Real Estate Tech, and have received various funding types including Series A, Series B, Series C, and Seed. Meanwhile, AcceleRAD Technologies, led by Curtis Allen and co-founded by Dr. James M. Potter and Dr. Valery Dolgashev, is a Silicon Valley-based accelerator specializing in high-performing linear particle accelerators for medical radiotherapy and industrial imaging markets. The accelerator has established a global presence in countries such as the US, UK, France, China, and Africa, with plans for further expansion. AcceleRAD Technologies' expertise lies in innovating and tailoring designs for linear accelerators, with a focus on commercialization, HFSS simulations, and problem-solving in accelerator design and fabrication for research, medical, and industrial applications. Their commitment to innovation and global reach positions them as key players in advancing linear particle accelerator technology worldwide.

Allen & Company's Website
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11) FirstMark

FirstMark - building New York's entrepreneurial future

FirstMark Accelerator, based in New York City, is a pioneering early-stage venture capital firm and accelerator that supports and accelerates promising startups across diverse sectors. The accelerator boasts a portfolio of 196 companies, benefiting from a network of 339 investors. Noteworthy is the inclusion of 17 unicorns, companies valued at over $1 billion, highlighting its success in fostering high-impact ventures. While the program duration specifics are undisclosed, it typically entails a rigorous period of mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities to propel founder success. FirstMark's broad specialization domains, which span industries like Food and Beverage, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and more, nurture innovation and diversity. Its platform is designed to curate 'company-defining moments' for founders by leveraging its extensive network to connect startups with talent, expertise, and customers. With a track record of empowering iconic, industry-defining companies, FirstMark Accelerator stands as a dynamic force in the startup ecosystem, offering valuable resources and support for early-stage ventures on their path to success.

FirstMark's Website
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12) Antler USA

Antler USA - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Antler USA is a global early-stage venture capital firm that enables and invests in exceptional entrepreneurs, aiming to build and invest in the defining technology companies of tomorrow. The Residency program in the US, lasting eight weeks in an in-person format, provides founders with the environment to launch startups from scratch. The program focuses on the crucial 0 to 1 stage of team and business building, welcoming founders with various academic and professional backgrounds, from ideation to team formation. Operating in Austin, Boulder, and New York City, each program batch consists of approximately 80 founders, totaling over 250 participants across all locations. Noteworthy individuals like Charlie Hayley Bell lead Capital and Investor Relations for Antler US. Funded startups benefit from weekly coaching sessions, emphasizing rapid growth and fundraising readiness. Additionally, founders have the chance to apply for a $2.5k living expense grant. Antler USA specializes in fintech but remains open to founders from diverse industries, offering a standard deal of $125K for 7% equity over a 26-week duration.

Antler USA's Website
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13) Invus

Invus - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Invus, in collaboration with Stanford University, focuses on developing treatments for glioblastoma, a severe form of brain cancer. They fund two projects at the Stanford Innovative Medicines Accelerator (IMA) to create small-molecule or protein drug prototypes for treating glioblastoma, a condition that represents nearly half of all brain tumors with limited treatment options. While the accelerator emphasizes research and development over directly incubating start-ups, it anticipates that the prototypes may lead to the establishment of one or two new companies. Invus serves as the primary investor in the projects which are expected to run for 18 months. The leadership comprises a joint steering committee from Invus and Stanford, overseeing the collaboration and aiming to commercialize the intellectual property into a new company. The accelerator's focus on glioblastoma research aligns with their broader industry interests in Edtech, Food and Beverage, Renewable Energy, Fashion and Apparel, Healthcare Tech, Personal Finance, Robotics, Biotech, and Cybersecurity. The founders of Invus are Leslie Laura Lake and Raymond Debbane, known for their vision in bridging scientific discoveries with patient care through transformative therapies.

Invus's Website
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14) Startupbootcamp

Startupbootcamp - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Startupbootcamp is a global network of industry-focused startup accelerators. They offer 20+ programs in various sectors like FinTech, Sustainable Agriculture & Food, AI, and more. The 3-month accelerator programs are tailored to support early-stage companies, with a 1M average funding and a total of 689M in funding raised. Founded by Aldo de Jong, Alex Farcet, and others, Startupbootcamp provides startups direct access to mentors, partners, and investors worldwide to foster rapid growth. Each round selects 10 startups to participate, offering mentorship, guidance, and resources during the 13-week program. Notable programs include FinTech Mexico City, EnergyNext, AIvolution, and VentureAus. Startups benefit from connections with investors, co-working spaces, and a demo day to pitch ideas. With a focus on sectors like Cybersecurity, Food and Beverage, and Renewable Energy, Startupbootcamp empowers founders to scale their ventures beyond limits. They offer a standard deal of 15K and funding types including Seed and VC.

Startupbootcamp's Website
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15) Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is New York City's premier technology accelerator and early-stage venture capital fund. Established in 2011, ERA has invested in over 330 start-ups across various sectors such as Ecommerce, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and General Tech, making a significant impact in the NYC tech ecosystem. The program structure features two four-month programs per year, providing selected start-ups with $150,000 initial investment on a 6% post-money SAFE basis to jumpstart their growth. ERA's strong network of 500+ mentors offers hands-on guidance, while the collaborative co-working space in NYC facilitates connections among founders. The accelerator has an impressive track record, with 330+ alumni collectively raising over $2 billion in funding and achieving a market cap exceeding $10 billion. Notable founders who have benefited from ERA include Yuni Sameshima (Chicory), Tanya Van Court (Goalsetter), and David Walker (Triplemint). ERA specializes in supporting technology-driven start-ups and is currently accepting applications for their Summer 2024 program, further solidifying its position as a key player in the tech start-up ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator's Website
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16) Techstars NYC Accelerator

Techstars NYC Accelerator - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Situated in a thriving tech ecosystem, the organization nurtures a diverse group of founders, providing them with world-class resources to grow and scale their ventures. The accelerator's focus areas include FinTech, Enterprise SaaS, Health & Wellness, Efficient Transactions, and PropTech. Lasting for 13 weeks, each cohort comprises 12 startups from around the world. The institution invests up to $120k in each company, alongside offering $2M+ in cash equivalent credits and perks. Participants benefit from access to a network of investors, personalized investor meetings, mentorship, and interactions with the institution's team. Notable founders involved with the organization include Brad Feld, Chisa Egbelu, Daniel Mason, David Brown, David Cohen, and Jared Polis. Moreover, with a network of over 3000 companies, the organization supports Black, Hispanic and Latino, Indigenous American, and Pacific Islander entrepreneurs to ensure equitable access to funding and support. Industries of interest for the institution include Healthcare Tech, Fintech, Real Estate Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Techstars NYC Accelerator's Website
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17) Entrepreneurs Roundtable

Entrepreneurs Roundtable - supporting founders in their growth journey

Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA) is an American seed accelerator located in New York City. It was founded by Charlie Kemper, Jonathan Axelrod, and Murat Aktihanoglu. ERA runs two four-month startup accelerator programs twice a year starting in January for the winter program and in June for the summer program. Selected startups benefit from an initial investment of $150,000 on a 6% post-money SAFE, with the potential for follow-on funding. ERA has supported over 330 startups, helping them raise over $2 billion and achieve a total market capitalization exceeding $10 billion. The accelerator focuses on various industries, including General Tech and SaaS (Software as a Service), leveraging its diverse network of 500+ mentors. ERA provides a supportive community for founders to connect with industry experts and peers. With a duration of 16 weeks, ERA plays a crucial role in nurturing early-stage startups, offering mentorship, funding, and a conducive ecosystem for their growth and success.

Entrepreneurs Roundtable's Website
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18) AngelPad

AngelPad - supporting New York's best founders

AngelPad is a renowned seed-stage accelerator program. It was launched in September 2010 by Carine Magescas and Thomas Korte in New York City (NYC) and San Francisco (SF). The organization, along with six former Google employees serving as mentors, has nurtured over 150 companies. These companies boast a collective funding raise of $1.8 billion, averaging approximately $11 million per company. The accelerator's selection process occurs twice a year over two 10-week courses. It admits about 20 teams per cycle from a substantial pool of approximately 4,000 applicants. The program has a duration of 12 weeks and offers tailored mentorship, seed funding amounting to a standard $120K deal, and networking opportunities. AngelPad does not confine itself to specific industry verticals but rather seeks exceptional founders across various domains. The institution is noteworthy for its high success rate, with nearly 10% of companies surpassing $100 million in valuation. AngelPad excels at fostering startups in technology, consumer products, and services. The accelerator boasts a top ranking among U.S. accelerators and prides itself on meticulous fundraising preparation and intensive hands-on guidance, making it a premier choice for promising entrepreneurs.

AngelPad's Website
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19) SAP.iO Foundry New York

SAP.iO Foundry New York - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Established in 2017, the startup accelerator program SAP.iO Foundry New York is located in Hudson Yards, a prominent commercial and cultural center in the US. The program, led by Ram Jambunathan, aims to help innovators start up and scale with SAP products. Specializing in domains like Logistics and Supply Chain, General Tech, and SaaS, it collaborates with startups across various industries. The 10-week accelerator provides startups like MaintainX and Everstream Analytics with access to SAP APIs, technologies, and exposure to SAP customers. Notably, MaintainX secured $50M in Series C funding, with Bain Capital Ventures as a lead investor. SAP.iO Foundry New York offers a zero-cost accelerator experience, fostering growth for startups in the heart of New York City.

SAP.iO Foundry New York's Website
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20) IndieBio Accelerator - SOSV

IndieBio Accelerator - SOSV - connecting start-up founders with success

IndieBio Accelerator, part of SOSV, is the world's first accelerator dedicated to startups leveraging biology to tackle global challenges, focusing on human and planetary health. With an extensive network, each four-month program based in downtown San Francisco provides $250,000 in seed funding, lab space, mentorship, and connections to a broad alumni and investor community. Over 217 companies from 40 countries have been funded, with each batch comprising 15 early-stage biology startups. IndieBio invests across various sectors like climate, food, therapeutics, and materials. Founders benefit from personalized support, long-term partnerships, mentorship, and networking opportunities within the biotech ecosystem. Notable founders Arvind Gupta and Bill Liao have spearheaded this Startup Accelerator program that offers a standard deal of $250K for 8% equity and an extended offer of $2M. The accelerator's commitment to driving biotechnological innovations for positive change establishes it as a pioneering entity in the field. Industries encompass biotech, personal finance, clean energy, and food and beverage.

IndieBio Accelerator - SOSV's Website
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21) Blueprint Health

Blueprint Health - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Blueprint Health is a NYC-based startup accelerator program that runs for 3 months, specializing in health and technology startups. They have a robust portfolio of companies with 86 diversity investments and have facilitated 15 exits. The accelerator boasts the largest and most engaged healthcare-specific mentor community globally. It offers startups access to capital, clients, and valuable mentorship. Founded by Brad Weinberg and Mathew Farkash, the accelerator focuses on industries such as Healthcare Tech, General Tech, Fitness, and Wellness. Notable startups associated with Blueprint Health include those at the intersection of health and technology. For entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support in the health and technology sectors, Blueprint Health provides a mentorship-driven program catering to their needs and facilitating their growth.

Blueprint Health's Website
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22) MetaProp

MetaProp - supporting founders in their growth journey

MetaProp is known as the world's leading venture capital firm focused on the PropTech industry. They run the MetaProp Accelerator at Columbia University in New York City. Each year, between 6 and 8 technology-driven real estate industry ideas are selected to participate in a 22-week program. The program offers education, mentorship, and growth hacking, providing up to $250,000 in financing to support startups. These startups refine their business models, develop products, and build industry connections through the accelerator. Participants benefit from curated access to industry decision-makers, technology pilots, investment capital, and international media. The accelerator's specialization in PropTech encompasses real estate technology, property management, smart buildings, and more. Founders Aaron Block, Clelia Warburg Peters, and Zachary Aarons have created an ecosystem where startups receive support. Startups also attend exclusive events like Demo Days and access platform services such as strategy, fundraising, and digital marketing. MetaProp's network offers industry introductions, mentorship from C-level executives, and opportunities to showcase solutions to potential investors and partners. This makes MetaProp a valuable resource for early-stage PropTech startups in the real estate technology space.

MetaProp's Website
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23) R/GA Ventures

R/GA Ventures - building New York's entrepreneurial future

R/GA Ventures is the investment arm of R/GA and collaborates with industry leaders to leverage disruptive technologies and behaviors. The accelerator works with startups and corporations, offering a unique approach that benefits entities at any stage. Startups participating in the three-month program secure $120,000 in funding for a 5% equity share, boosting their growth. Specializing in connected devices and the Internet of Things, the organization enhances startups in marketing, branding, design, and technology. Beyond funding, they receive creative services and networking opportunities while being connected to R/GA's global network for consulting and business development. The global expansion, exemplified by the Global Sports Venture Studio in partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers, further enriches the support available to startups. Founded by Nick Coronges, R/GA Ventures takes a comprehensive approach to accelerate startups, ensuring they thrive in the tech landscape with tailored guidance and connections.

R/GA Ventures's Website
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24) Co: Collective

Co: Collective - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Co: Collective is a growth accelerator that focuses on revitalizing brands through innovative storytelling and customer experience. The organization distinguishes between 'storytellers' (traditional brands) and 'storydoers' (brands that communicate primarily through innovation). They approach everything in terms of story, shaping each company or project as its epic adventure. For instance, Co: Collective helped Macy's refurbish itself as a place for inspiring solutions by recontextualizing the store experience with new product ideas. The accelerator doesn't limit itself to specific domains; instead, it concentrates on transformation through storytelling and innovation. Co: Collective workshops promote creative problem-solving by categorizing ideas into services, spaces, products, and culture. Notable founders of the organization include Neil Parker, Rosemarie Ryan, and Ty Montague. Some of the brands they have collaborated with include Macy's, The Museum of Modern Art, and the Charles Schwab Foundation. They work with industries such as Fashion and Apparel, Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and Food and Beverage, acting as a creative and strategic partner for businesses.

Co: Collective's Website
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25) General Assembly

General Assembly - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

General Assembly is a pioneering tech education and career transformation organization. They specialize in in-demand skills such as software engineering, data analytics, and UX design. The institution offers full-time bootcamps and part-time courses lasting 12 weeks, providing hands-on training to individuals seeking to enter the tech industry or enhance their skills. With a network of nearly 100,000 alumni globally, General Assembly collaborates with about 20,000 employers for hiring opportunities. Learners benefit from career coaching, industry-experienced instructors, and flexible financing options. Founded by Adam Pritzker, Brad Hargreaves, Jake Schwartz, and Matthew Brimer, the organization's Front-End Web Development Accelerator is a part-time course instructing beginners in building responsive websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. General Assembly focuses on sector-agnostic industries, grooming talents to succeed in their desired technology careers.

General Assembly's Website
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26) IndieBio

IndieBio - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

IndieBio is a pioneering accelerator program by SOSV, transforming bold ideas in synthetic biology into thriving startups at the intersection of biology and technology. Selected startups undergo an intensive 16-week summer program, receiving personalized support and an initial investment of $525,000 each. Backing nearly 217 companies across 40 countries, it boasts a commendable 42% of female founders and has contributed to a cumulative value creation exceeding $9 billion. Specializing in domains like climate, food, therapeutics, and materials, the organization fosters innovation in sectors addressing environmental challenges and sustainable solutions. Founders Arvind Gupta and Bill Liao drive entrepreneurs towards creating world-changing companies. Startups benefit from the ecosystem's diversity, mentorship, and networking opportunities, further amplified by the press and media attention received. With a mission to lead the biotechnological revolution, IndieBio stands as a beacon for groundbreaking biotech startups driving positive change in various industries including Food and Beverage, Agriculture Tech, and Healthcare Tech.

IndieBio's Website
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27) XRC Ventures

XRC Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

XRC Ventures, founded by Pano Anthos, is a prominent New York City-based venture capital firm and startup accelerator specializing in retail technology, consumer goods, and consumer healthtech startups. Since its establishment in 2015, they have been actively supporting pre-Seed to Series A startups, with a keen focus on innovation within the retail industry. The accelerator has a strong track record, having already invested in over 130 startups, including recognizable names like Billie, Recurate, and MD Integrations. XRC Ventures prides itself on offering more than just funding their comprehensive support includes mentoring, operational guidance, and access to an exclusive network of industry experts and potential partners. Startups participating in their 14-week program receive a standard deal of $135K in exchange for 6-8% equity. By fostering rapid innovation and business growth, they continue to play a critical role in shaping the future of retail, consumer goods, and consumer healthtech sectors.

XRC Ventures's Website
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28) Launch NY

Launch NY - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Launch NY is a nonprofit venture development organization based in Upstate New York. They are a U.S. Treasury-designated Community Financial Institution and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The organization supports startups and entrepreneurs in various domains, including cleantech, climate tech, UAS, automation, AI, and healthcare tech. Some notable accelerator programs by Launch NY include the Cleantech Open Northeast Accelerator Program, focusing on environmentally friendly startups, the Third Derivative Accelerator for climate tech startups, GENIUS NY for UAS, automation, and AI companies, and the LifeX Accelerator for early-stage healthcare tech startups. While specific metrics like the number of startups associated or investors are not always provided, these programs offer valuable resources like mentorship, access to funding, and additional benefits like media kits and office hours. Notable founders of Launch NY include Marnie LaVigne. The organization caters to industries such as Food and Beverage, Clean Energy, Robotics, Gaming, and Real Estate Tech, offering funding types ranging from Seed to Series B.

Launch NY's Website
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29) Starta Ventures

Starta Ventures - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Starta Ventures operates Starta Accelerator, which is a New York-based initiative supporting technology startups with European R&D roots. The accelerator offers a 3-month intensive program and has successfully run 15 batches with over 210 participating companies, benefiting more than 400 founders. Alumni companies have collectively raised over $75 million in follow-on funding, with many continuing their operations in the US market. Starta Capital provides investment opportunities ranging from $200,000 to $1 million, prioritizing program graduates for consideration. Specializing in technology startups, Starta Accelerator focuses on scaling international founders in the US market. Participants gain access to co-working space in Manhattan, a lifetime investor network, partner credits, and ongoing support from experienced Starta Partners. Key people involved in Starta include founders Alexey Girin, Anastasia Lykova, Katya Kohen, Serge Milman, and Sergey Vasilev. Notable industries in the program include General Tech, Fintech, and SaaS (Software as a Service).

Starta Ventures's Website
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30) Food-X Accelerator

Food-X Accelerator - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Founded by Shen Tong, Food-X Accelerator is an investor-backed accelerator that focuses on food startups. Since its inception in 2014, Food-X Accelerator has run ten cohorts, offering $125,000 for 10% equity to facilitate startup growth. The program, typically a four-month in-person experience, went virtual for its 2021 edition. With a track record of 11 cohorts and 100 investments, it specializes in food as medicine, resource efficiency, and tech impact. Notable alumni, including Abbot's Butcher, Millennia Tea, and Uplift Food, have benefited from the funding, mentorship, networking, and industry access provided by the accelerator. Food-X Accelerator stands out for shaping the future of the food industry through innovative solutions that target critical challenges in sectors like healthcare tech, logistics, clean energy, and food/beverage. Offering a $70,000 standard deal over a 12-week duration, Food-X Accelerator provides a fertile ground for startups to thrive and scale their impact.

Food-X Accelerator's Website
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31) BIV Food Accelerator

BIV Food Accelerator - building New York's entrepreneurial future

BIV Food Accelerator is a startup accelerator program specializing in supporting and growing innovative companies in the plant-based food and alternative protein space. The 20-week program offers a focused platform for startups in the food industry, emphasizing plant-based innovations and sustainable solutions. Backed by The New Protein Fund with a size of $50 million, BIV provides funding, mentorship, and access to a network of experts and investors to nurture the most compelling plant-based food and alternative protein companies. Founded by Andrew D. Ive, the accelerator focuses on industries such as Biotech, Food and Beverage, and Agriculture Tech. BIV Food Accelerator aims to solve global challenges by supporting the world's best entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers in the food technology sector. By combining capital, partnerships, and mentorship, BIV accelerates the growth of companies working on plant-based foods/ingredients, food technology, and alternative proteins.

BIV Food Accelerator's Website
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32) Future Labs

Future Labs - connecting start-up founders with success

Future Labs, located at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in New York City, United States, is a renowned accelerator founded in 2009 through a partnership between NYU and the city of New York. The accelerator comprises four spaces tailored for different focuses: Data Future Lab for data-driven startups, Urban Future Lab specializing in clean energy and sustainability, Veterans Future Lab supporting veteran entrepreneurs, and AI NexusLab dedicated to AI and machine learning startups. Committed to delivering customized support to prioritize the success of each company, Future Labs provides access to mentorship, workshops, and industry connections, as well as collaborative co-working spaces, enabling start-ups to benefit from a vibrant community. The accelerator caters to various industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Fintech, and Cybersecurity. Notable founder Steven Kuyan has played a key role in aiding early-stage startups within the Future Labs ecosystem.

Future Labs's Website
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33) 43North

43North - building New York's entrepreneurial future

43North is an accelerator program located in Buffalo, New York, founded by Empire State Development and the State of New York. With a focus on attracting and retaining high-growth startups, the program annually invests $5 million in promising companies, offering $1 million in funding to each selected startup in exchange for a 5% equity stake. The accelerator is industry-agnostic and provides an immersive experience to seed-stage founders from various sectors. Portfolio companies like ACV Auctions, Squire, Kangarootime, and Top Seedz benefit from perks such as free incubator space, mentorship, and access to incentive programs like START-UP NY. 43North has 69 startups in its portfolio and is supported by sponsors like New York State, Empire State Development, and the Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Foundation. For seed-stage founders seeking growth acceleration, applying to the 43North accelerator program before the June 7, 2024 deadline is a compelling opportunity. Industries supported by the program include Fintech.

43North's Website
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34) Starta VC

Starta VC - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Starta VC is a venture ecosystem dedicated to finding, fostering, and funding early-stage tech talent. The organization focuses on supporting international startups to scale their presence in the US market and secure capital. Starta's programs include Launchpad, a 6-week equity-free online pre-accelerator, and the NYC Accelerator, a 3-month intensive program in New York City. With 15 batches completed, over 210 companies and 400 founders have participated, collectively raising $75 million in follow-on funding. Noteworthy founders who have been part of Starta include Alexey Girin, Anastasia Lykova, Katya Kohen, Serge Milman, and Sergey Vasilev. Starta specializes in technology startups with European R&D roots, particularly in industries like Robotics, Food and Beverage, Renewable Energy, and others. Graduates benefit from investment opportunities, co-working space, a lifetime investor network, and partnerships with companies like AWS and Microsoft. The accelerator's network of coaches and mentors, including Valentina Corbetta and Ricardo Taveras, provides ongoing support to founders.

Starta VC's Website
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35) Urban-X Accelerator

Urban-X Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Urban-X Accelerator, founded by MINI, supports startups dedicated to reimagining city life and making urban areas more sustainable, livable, and resilient. The accelerator program, spanning 20 weeks, focuses on UrbanTech startups and provides each of the up to 10 selected companies with a $150,000 investment, leading to an average total investment of $1,000,000 per cohort. Urban-X offers specialized support in areas such as mobility, energy, housing, real estate, resilience, and sustainability, with Johan Schwind being one of the key people involved. The accelerator equips startups with world-class resources for product design, a global network for customer connections, and a proven fundraising success model. Industries such as Clean Energy, Fintech, and Real Estate Tech benefit from the program, which offers funding types like Seed, Early Stage VC, VC, and Debt. The standard deal for startups participating is a $150,000 investment. The program is designed to help startups transform their UrbanTech solutions from concept to tangible impact in cities.

Urban-X Accelerator's Website
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36) StartEd

StartEd - supporting New York's best founders

StartEd Accelerator, also known as the NYU Edtech Accelerator, is an education and workforce tech accelerator dedicated to advancing education innovators tackling major challenges in the sector. By offering access to connections, capital, and customers, they support edtech start-ups throughout all stages of education from birth through lifelong learning. They create edtech incubators, accelerators, and innovation festivals to empower organizations in the education innovation space. Specializing in edtech, the organization covers areas such as K-12, higher education, vocational training, and lifelong learning. While specific metrics like the number of start-ups, investors, and funded start-ups are undisclosed, StartEd provides 1-week and persistent online intensives for education innovators and has seen one exit so far. The program includes demo days for participating start-ups and likely offers benefits like mentorship, networking opportunities, and exposure to potential investors and customers. Founded by Ashantha Kaluarachchi, StartEd Accelerator plays a vital role in nurturing education innovation within the Edtech industry.

StartEd's Website
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37) eLab Accelerator

eLab Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

eLab Accelerator is a project bootcamp that was launched in 2014. It is focused on advancing top Cornell University startups working on clean energy projects critical for the energy transition. The program typically spans two weeks, such as the recent 2022 cohort held from May 2 to May 13, featuring online sessions and all-participant gatherings. eLab Accelerator specializes in three domains: Resource Planning for Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Building Electrification Programs, and Business Models Supporting Decarbonization. With a track record of collaborating with over 80 multistakeholder project teams, the accelerator has facilitated achievements like enhancing resource planning for DERs, designing electrification programs, and creating innovative decarbonization business models. Notable impacts include prototyping regulatory reforms and empowering advocates in the energy transition. Known for fostering innovation in the clean energy sector, eLab Accelerator attracts diverse teams and is a vital contributor to a sustainable future in the Clean Energy industry.

eLab Accelerator's Website
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38) Cornell University - eLab

Cornell University - eLab - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

eLab at Cornell University is a student accelerator program designed for students prepared to launch real businesses. It offers academic credit and a robust set of resources to support several business launches annually. Student teams spend a year refining their plans, engaging with customers, pitching to investors, and gearing up for launch. The application process occurs during the fall semester, with the cohort selection taking place in spring based on performance and business viability. While suitable for diverse business ideas and industries, eLab equips students with valuable experience, skills, and connections critical for entrepreneurial success, attracting top students nationwide. The accelerator provides a nurturing environment for student entrepreneurs, facilitating the transition of their business concepts into tangible ventures through mentorship and practical exposure to entrepreneurship. The program is sector-agnostic, welcoming a wide array of innovative ideas and ventures.

Cornell University - eLab's Website
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39) New York Digital Health Innovation Lab

New York Digital Health Innovation Lab - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

The New York Digital Health Innovation Lab, a collaboration between the Partnership Fund for New York City and NY eHealth Collaborative, ran five accelerator programs from 2012 to 2017. The Lab focused on scaling innovation in health technology by supporting growth-stage companies that have developed digital health products, particularly in IT solutions for major providers and payors. Throughout the programs, 27 companies were selected to participate, receiving product feedback and mentoring from senior executives at participating companies, as well as from the Lab's network of venture investors, sponsors, and advisers. The Lab acts as a platform for companies to advance cutting-edge digital health solutions, offering access to mentorship, resources, and connections within the health technology ecosystem. The program, specializing in Healthcare Tech, is operated by the New York eHealth Collaborative and the Partnership Fund of New York City, providing support to funded start-ups in the form of Early Stage VC funding opportunities.

New York Digital Health Innovation Lab's Website
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40) Big Idea Ventures

Big Idea Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

Big Idea Ventures is a globally renowned accelerator that is dedicated to solving the world's greatest challenges by supporting top-tier entrepreneurs, scientists, and engineers. Led by founder Andrew D. Ive, the accelerator operates a prestigious 20-week program, held twice a year in three major cities: New York City, Singapore, and Paris. Specializing in seed and growth stage investments, it focuses on innovative companies in the domains of plant-based food, ingredients technology, and alternative proteins. The accelerator prides itself on providing unparalleled support to selected companies, connecting them with world-class mentors, advisors, and industry connections essential for growth. Additionally, startups benefit from unique perks in each location, such as access to top resources and networks in New York City, Asia-Pacific market exposure in Singapore, and strategic partnerships with Givaudan, Buhler Group, and Shakeup Factory in Paris. As the most active FoodTech investor globally, Big Idea Ventures continues to drive innovation and impact in the Biotech and Food and Beverage industries.

Big Idea Ventures's Website
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41) 25madison

25madison - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

25madison is an NYC Venture Platform specializing in incubating ideas, investing in early-stage startups, and propelling companies into their growth phase. As part of their venture platform, they operate the 25m Evolve accelerator, focused on co-founding and launching AI-native B2B software companies. Partnering with founders in various domains such as Artificial Intelligence, the organization tackles real-world challenges with AI technology to help enterprises evolve. The accelerator offers benefits like access to a built-in customer network, AI expertise, and an accelerated path to market. The team consists of accomplished advisors with extensive experience in AI and entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs passionate about AI, individuals experienced in enterprise software, and those focused on impactful solutions are encouraged to apply. Notable founders of 25madison include Christopher Altchek, Gary Ginsberg, Kirk Posmantur, Lance West, Matt Fremont-Smith, Michael Lynton, and Steven Price. Industries of interest for the organization include Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and SaaS.

25madison's Website
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42) Almaworks

Almaworks - connecting start-up founders with success

Almaworks is Columbia University's startup accelerator, affiliated with the institution, tailored for NYC student entrepreneurs. The program spans 8 weeks, featuring 3-hour sessions on Fridays to support entrepreneurs with 1-6 founders, including dropouts, who demonstrate a strong passion for their startup. Participants receive mentorship from top startup mentors, access to workshops, and partnerships with companies like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Brex. Additionally, startups benefit from market validation and the opportunity to engage student product testers. The accelerator focuses on achieving significant, sustainable growth without taking equity from the startups while promoting community building and networking. This is facilitated by connecting startups to the Columbia University network through CORE and providing diverse food options at every meeting. Almaworks is involved in industries such as Edtech and General Tech.

Almaworks's Website
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43) Columbia University - Almaworks Startup Accelerator

Columbia University - Almaworks Startup Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

An intensive 8-week program known as Columbia University - Almaworks Startup Accelerator is designed to assist NYC student entrepreneurs. The accelerator offers mentorship from seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in various fields and takes no equity from the startups it supports. Participants engage in weekly sessions, workshops, and networking activities to prioritize growth and strengthen relationships within the Almaworks community. Access to valuable resources is provided through partnerships with companies like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, as well as connections to venture capital and law firms. Startups benefit from market validation, student product testers, and connections to Columbia University's extensive network. Eligible teams of 1-6 founders, with at least one Columbia University affiliate, are welcome to apply with a focus on their startup's growth. The program is free of charge and helps startups prepare for the $250,000 Columbia Venture Competition. Additionally, non-pizza food is offered at every meeting, making it an exciting opportunity for early-stage entrepreneurs in industries such as Edtech and General Tech.

Columbia University - Almaworks Startup Accelerator's Website
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44) Digital.NYC

Digital.NYC - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Digital.NYC is the official online hub of the New York City startup and technology ecosystem. It was established through a public/private partnership involving the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the New York City Economic Development Corporation, Gust, and numerous NYC-based technology and media companies. The accelerator within Digital.NYC aims to revolutionize the construction and operation of buildings in NYC by focusing on enhancing energy performance, reducing carbon emissions, and improving residents' quality of life. The program offers resources, training, and tailored expert guidance to building owners and industry professionals with a goal to boost energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprints. Specializing in energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades for buildings, the accelerator covers areas such as energy conservation, clean energy, and sustainable building design. While specific metrics regarding startups, investors, and funded startups are not provided, the program collaborates with stakeholders in the energy and building sectors to achieve outcomes like energy savings, emissions reduction, and successful building upgrades. Additionally, the accelerator supports NYC's decarbonization efforts, contributing to the city's aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050. Key people involved in Digital.NYC include founder Carleen Pan, and the program offers perks such as expert guidance, trainings, service provider connections, and financing opportunities to facilitate energy improvements in buildings.

Digital.NYC's Website
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45) NextCorps Luminate.

NextCorps Luminate. - building New York's entrepreneurial future

NextCorps Luminate, operated by NextCorps, is a renowned startup accelerator and investment fund situated in Rochester, New York. Focused on optics, photonics, and imaging (OPI) startups, they award $3 million annually to 10 companies globally, with each participant receiving an initial $100,000 investment and the potential for an additional $2 million based on performance. The accelerator offers startups access to a wide network of domain experts, corporate sponsors, and investors for valuable collaborations and connections. Led by founder Sujatha Ramanujan, Luminate provides extensive coaching and mentoring from industry leaders, assisting in areas like intellectual property, marketing, and manufacturing over the 24-week program duration. Specializing in diverse domains such as biophotonics, cybersecurity, and healthcare, Luminate supports emerging solutions across industries like augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and quantum computing. Startups in the program benefit from guidance on IP protection, marketing strategies, and manufacturing best practices, driving their innovations towards successful commercialization with the support of the Luminate team.

NextCorps Luminate.'s Website
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46) Global Startup Ecosystem

Global Startup Ecosystem - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Global Startup Ecosystem (GSE) is a leading digital accelerator platform that supports founders in building impact-led companies for the digital-first economy. Through the Global Startup Ecosystem Report (GSER 2024), powered by Startup Genome, GSE offers insights into over 300 global ecosystems, ranking the Top 40 and highlighting emerging ones, based on research covering 4.5 million startups. Regional rankings cover Asia, Europe, Latin America, MENA, North America, Oceania, and sub-Saharan Africa, featuring notable ecosystems like Azerbaijan and Tokyo. The launch of GSER 2024, scheduled at London Tech Week on June 10, 2024, will include a panel discussion on tech decentralization with expert participation. Additionally, Startup Genome will convene the Ecosystem Leadership Forum during the event, gathering 200+ global leaders for focused discussions and networking. While GSE's specialization domains are broad, it focuses on supporting startups across various industries. It stands out as a data-driven initiative driving innovation and growth in the digital economy within the General Tech industry.

Global Startup Ecosystem's Website
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47) Lair East Labs

Lair East Labs - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Lair East Labs is a startup accelerator based in New York City. They focus on empowering founders with an international mindset to scale their startups globally. The 3-month accelerator program offers up to $150,000 in investment and up to $250,000 in matched debt funding to 10 promising startups each year. Selected startups benefit from mentorship, a strong network, and dedicated workspace. Lair East Labs seeks founders building disruptive technology solutions for the global market, with 98% having an international background and 35% including female founders. The portfolio demonstrates geographic diversity across 6 continents. The accelerator also provides additional perks such as an Asia Innovation Tour, cross-border acceleration, and a tailored approach from investors, mentors, and partners. Founded by Lee Lin, Michelle Wang, Seamon Chan, and Yipeng Li, Lair East Labs specializes in General Tech and Fintech industries, offering a bridge between the U.S. and Asia for startups looking to expand internationally in a 10-week program.

Lair East Labs's Website
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48) Give Lively

Give Lively - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Give Lively is a fundraising platform that provides free technology to nonprofits, making fundraising easy for both organizations and donors. The organization hosts the Give Lively accelerator, which focuses on supporting women-owned businesses. The accelerator features a Mentor Connection Event where accomplished women business owners from various industries mentor participants to help them focus on their businesses and increase revenue. Less than 2% of women-owned businesses generate $1M or more in annual revenue, highlighting the significance of this program. Give Lively supports women entrepreneurs across diverse sectors, offering networking opportunities, access to experienced mentors, and confidential discussions about business challenges. The accelerator aims to change nonprofit fundraising through technology. Its founder, David DeParolesa, has spearheaded efforts to provide these valuable resources to women entrepreneurs in industries such as Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and General Tech.

Give Lively's Website
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49) Next Commerce Accelerator

Next Commerce Accelerator - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Next Commerce Accelerator is a prominent pre-seed startup accelerator and investment fund specializing in the commerce sector. With over 60 startups benefiting since 2017, each receiving investments of up to EUR 125k, the program spans 6 tailored months. Startups are equipped with tools for growth within the organization's asset management framework. Known for its strong industry network, it collaborates with 25+ corporate partners to provide startups with invaluable connections to potential customers and feedback. Noteworthy is the fact that 60% of its portfolio companies secure follow-up funding within six months post-acceleration, with an average amount of 600K within a year. The accelerator offers expertise in various industries such as Ecommerce, Fintech, and Artificial Intelligence, running a 21-week program with funding options ranging from 0 to 150k cash, depending on the investment model selected. The experienced team, comprised of former founders, ensures that startups receive exceptional coaching and mentorship, fostering innovation and growth within the commerce industry.

Next Commerce Accelerator's Website
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50) Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator

Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator (JSSA) is a 10-week intensive program offered by the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. MBA students lead startup teams, benefitting from workshops, networking events, and consultations with Entrepreneurs in Residence. Participants develop custom growth plans, attend weekly workshops on various topics, and engage in networking opportunities. JSSA supports graduate student-led teams from the SC Johnson College of Business across industries such as Edtech and General Tech. The accelerator, founded by Andrew Dickson White, Ezra Cornell, and Patrick Nielsen, provides a structured and supportive environment to help students work on their startups and build professional networks. With a focus on empowering entrepreneurial MBA students, JSSA aims to help them connect with industry experts, gain valuable insights, and propel their ventures forward during the summer program.

Johnson Summer Startup Accelerator's Website
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51) Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences

Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences - supporting New York's best founders

The Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences, founded in 2008 in Ithaca, New York with a generous $7.5 million gift from Kevin McGovern and family, is hosted by Cornell University. The center, formerly known as the IDEA Center, focuses on nurturing early-stage life science startups affiliated with Cornell University, striving to accelerate their growth in the healthcare sector. Since inception, startups at the McGovern Center have collectively raised $130 million in equity investment, generated about $25 million in product and service revenue, and facilitated over $30 million in SBIR and STTR grants. The center specializes in biotech, healthcare tech, and related fields, providing startups with access to Cornell's resources including equipment, labs, and a network of mentors. Its impact on the startup ecosystem is notable, with key founders including Andrew Dickson White, Ezra Cornell, and Patrick Nielsen.

Kevin M. McGovern Family Center for Venture Development in the Life Sciences's Website
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52) Runway Startup Postdoc

Runway Startup Postdoc - connecting start-up founders with success

The Runway Startup Postdoc Program at Cornell Tech, based at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute in New York City, is a unique initiative that blends academia and entrepreneurship. It guides recent PhDs in digital technology fields through a paradigm shift, helping them transition to an entrepreneurial outlook. Candidates with a PhD and an innovative startup idea can apply to the 12-24 month program, receiving financial support of $175,000 in the first year and $102,000 in the second. Participants benefit from academic and business mentorship, focusing on areas like AI, data science, cybersecurity, and digital health. The program also teaches postdocs how to protect their intellectual property and provides connections to industry partners, investors, and customers. Additionally, participants access office space, resources, and networking events, fostering a collaborative environment. Founded by Andrew Dickson White, Ezra Cornell, and Patrick Nielsen, the program supports industries such as Edtech, Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, Healthcare Tech, and Cybersecurity, empowering recent PhDs to build successful companies in New York City's startup ecosystem.

Runway Startup Postdoc's Website
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53) Praxis Center for Venture Development

Praxis Center for Venture Development - building New York's entrepreneurial future

The Praxis Center for Venture Development at Cornell University is an on-campus incubator supporting early-stage startups in engineering, digital, and physical sciences. The center's mission is to foster the development of these startups, offering a return on investments of time and effort for Cornell faculty, staff, and employee inventors while contributing to employment opportunities and economic development in New York State. It focuses on accelerating research and development for client companies' technologies, validating their business plans, and strengthening management teams through a highly selective admission process. While specific metrics like the number of startups, investors, and funded startups are not provided, the primary goal is to help startups grow into self-sufficient enterprises. The center specializes in engineering, digital sciences, and physical sciences, supporting a wide range of technological innovations and scientific advancements. Startups benefit from access to Cornell's resources, collaboration opportunities with other startups, and enhanced visibility and credibility from being associated with the prestigious university. Notable founders include Andrew Dickson White, Ezra Cornell, and Patrick Nielsen.

Praxis Center for Venture Development's Website
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GENIUS NY - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

GENIUS NY is a startup accelerator located in Syracuse, New York. It is sponsored by Empire State Development and invests $3 million annually in early-stage companies. The accelerator focuses on uncrewed aerial systems (UAS), automation, and advanced air mobility. Each year, it selects five finalists for its program, providing funding and support to startups specializing in UAS, automation, and advanced air mobility, including drones, robotics, AI, and urban air transportation. During the 44-week program, participants benefit from mentorship, networking, and resources. They also receive advice on customer discovery, legal matters, and marketing, connect with industry leaders, and learn about investor collaboration strategies. GENIUS NY is known for nurturing startups in these sectors, boosting their funding prospects, and fostering innovation for their growth and success.

GENIUS NY's Website
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55) AWS Startup Loft

AWS Startup Loft - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

AWS Startup Loft Accelerator is a 10-week, fully virtual program designed to support early-stage startups. The accelerator has helped over 275 early-stage companies across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). It welcomes 30 new startups into the virtual program every month, focusing on providing expertise in technology, product development, and go-to-market strategies for startups in the General Tech industry. Participants benefit from equity-free support, tailored training, mentoring, and access to AWS resources, gaining valuable insights on preparing to pitch investors. The accelerator aims to accelerate the growth of startups and prepare them for success in the market, with a track record of supporting numerous early-stage companies in their journey to scale and expand.

AWS Startup Loft's Website
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56) FoodFutureCo

FoodFutureCo - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

FoodFutureCo is a business accelerator catering to established, purpose-driven food businesses in areas such as consumer products, agriculture, food hub, ag tech, supply chain, food tech, and SaaS. The accelerator program spans approximately 5 months, with each cohort comprising 4 to 6 selected companies. Participants receive up to $20,000 investment per company, coupled with in-kind support. With a focus on sustainable and impactful solutions, the organization works with companies ready to scale up their innovations, offering mentorship, access to networks, and the possibility of follow-on investments from the Food Future Fund. Founded by Shen Tong, the accelerator specializes in domains like Consumer Packaged Goods, food technology, agricultural technology, locally produced food, plant-based food, sustainable seafood, and food waste solutions. Additionally, participants benefit from customized consultative support, curated speaker series, assistance with financing and scaling, and global distribution support over the 20-week program duration. Networking opportunities and confidentiality measures further enhance the accelerator's appeal for companies driving positive change in the food industry.

FoodFutureCo's Website
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57) Global Sports Venture Studio

Global Sports Venture Studio - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Global Sports Venture Studio is a world-leading startup and deal sourcing platform in the sports industry. Founded by the Los Angeles Dodgers and R/GA Ventures, it operates continuously in locations such as Los Angeles, New York, and plans for expansion to London. The program focuses on sports-related innovations including fan experiences, athlete engagement, and sports technology. Global Sports Venture Studio enhances collaboration between sports organizations and startups by providing global research, actionable insights, and access to subject matter experts for company exploration, vetting, and technology demos. Key benefits include private partner events, access to experts, and a platform to showcase innovative solutions. The founders of the organization are Cole Van Nice, Kyle Bunch, and Tucker Kain, with the program engaging with industries such as Entertainment, General Tech, and Healthcare Tech.

Global Sports Venture Studio's Website
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58) Star Farm Ventures

Star Farm Ventures - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Star Farm Ventures, a New York-based accelerator founded by serial angel investor Joey Low and Tanya Low, focuses on investing in Israeli startups and aiding in their US market expansion. With a specific interest in fintech, the accelerator aims to demonstrate the profitability of investing in young Israeli ventures. To date, they have invested in 11 startups and seen 5 successful exits. Joey Low plays a pivotal role as the founder and key investor in the program. They are dedicated to supporting Israeli startups' growth, with a mission to showcase the potential for financial success in this market niche. While specific industry domains are not explicitly outlined, the primary emphasis remains on Israeli startups. The program offers valuable opportunities for startups to flourish in the competitive entrepreneurial landscape, leveraging the expertise and investment networks provided by Star Farm Ventures.

Star Farm Ventures's Website
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59) University of Buffalo - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

University of Buffalo - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at the University at Buffalo School of Management is the premier resource for entrepreneurs in Western New York. It aims to help them overcome challenges, inspire innovation, and drive business growth and profitability. The flagship Core Program, a peer-based, mentor-driven initiative, empowers entrepreneurs to create new opportunities and connections within the business community. The M&T Bank Emerging Entrepreneurs Program focuses on advancing companies to the next stage of development through mentorship and business seminars. With over 1,700 graduates, CEL has had a significant $2.3 billion+ economic impact in the region, employing 23,000 Western New Yorkers. Additionally, it provides support across various industries, fostering a diverse entrepreneurial environment. Participants benefit from a confidential, noncompetitive setting and guidance from faculty, external business experts, and fellow classmates. Moreover, the CEL offers an Online Leadership Accelerator Program and collaborates with UB's CoLab for the Launch Summer Accelerator, supporting undergraduate and graduate students with essential tools, mentorship, and community backing.

University of Buffalo - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership's Website
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60) Newlab

Newlab - supporting founders in their growth journey

Newlab is an innovation hub and accelerator located in Brooklyn, New York, specializing in deep tech and climate innovation. Founded by David Belt and Scott Cohen, it serves as a platform for startups in industries such as Environmental Tech, General Tech, and Clean Energy. The accelerator aims to drive real-world environmental outcomes by piloting and scaling cutting-edge technologies necessary for decarbonization. It hosts over 200 tech startups and collaborates with strategic corporate partners to provide infrastructure for testing and scaling solutions. Newlab's areas of focus include Electric Vehicle Solutions, Construction Automation, Self-Driving Marine Technology, and Carbon Capture and Removal. The accelerator offers opportunities for founders to showcase their innovations through events like the First Pilot Showcase, demonstrating climate tech solutions developed by deep tech founders. With a mission to accelerate corporate sustainability, it fosters collaboration among like-minded innovators and experts, creating a community dedicated to advancing novel technologies for a sustainable future.

Newlab's Website
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61) World Accelerator

World Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

World Accelerator is a passionate supporter of entrepreneurs looking to thrive and businesses aiming to expand by harnessing technology to revolutionize their respective industries. With a keen interest in cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, the accelerator is dedicated to enabling meaningful transformations. The broader startup accelerator landscape offers insights into the industry. One prominent example is Y Combinator (YC), founded in 2005 in Silicon Valley, California, which has backed over 3,500 startups, including successful ventures like Amplitude, DoorDash, and Stripe. Apart from YC, global accelerators like 500 Startups, Techstars, Startupbootcamp, Plug and Play, MassChallenge, and Seedcamp play crucial roles in nurturing startups. Specializing in industries such as Healthcare Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, and Clean Energy, accelerators provide benefits like mentorship, networking opportunities, office space, and access to a supportive founder community to foster growth and success.

World Accelerator's Website
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62) Talent Tech Labs

Talent Tech Labs - supporting founders in their growth journey

Talent Tech Labs, headquartered in New York, was established in 2012 as the sole incubator specifically focused on technological advancements in Human Capital Management and Talent Acquisition. The accelerator offers a six-month program within the Lab, concentrating on talent acquisition technology. Talent Tech Labs has invested in at least seven companies and been involved in eleven exits, spanning secondary transactions, mergers/acquisitions, and bankruptcies. The accelerator, led by founders Gene Holtzman and Jonathan Kestenbaum, is managed by two professionals overseeing investment activities. Start-ups benefit from a wide network, mentoring support, engagement with beta testers, and provided office space on a monthly basis. Talent Tech Labs concentrates on emerging technological innovations in the talent tech ecosystem, remaining vigilant of over 2000 new technologies. With a specialization in General Tech, the accelerator aims to propel digital transformation for early-stage companies interested in the talent technology domain.

Talent Tech Labs's Website
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63) Schmidt Futures

Schmidt Futures - supporting founders in their growth journey

Schmidt Futures, a philanthropic initiative established by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, invests in visionary individuals driving impactful solutions in science and society. They run various programs such as the Eric and Wendy Schmidt AI in Science Postdoctoral Fellowship, a $148 million initiative focusing on AI applications in STEM research. Another program, Opportunity Engines, harnesses technology to enhance job-training initiatives for low-income workers. Additionally, the AI2050 Accelerator supports projects using AI to propel research in areas like climate science and brain architecture. The organization, known for backing exceptional individuals, especially in the field of Artificial Intelligence, is committed to driving positive societal outcomes. Notable founders include Eric Schmidt, and they have a keen interest in advancing AI technology for the betterment of humanity.

Schmidt Futures's Website
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64) CASE Center

CASE Center - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Center for Accelerator Science and Education (CASE), affiliated with Syracuse University Martin J. Whitman School of Management, is dedicated to advancing accelerator science and education. CASE aims to train scientists and engineers by offering courses, laboratory experiences, and experiments related to accelerators, with a focus on evolving its program to meet educational needs. Collaborating with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and Stony Brook University, CASE leverages resources to provide a comprehensive educational experience. The center focuses on cutting-edge accelerator science research and development, involving graduate, postdoctoral, and undergraduate students in courses and experiments. Specializing in accelerator science and technology, CASE contributes to various research domains such as beam dynamics and control systems. While specific metrics are unavailable, the impact of CASE is evident through its educational programs and research contributions. Offering unique opportunities for students to engage with accelerators, including hands-on experiences for undergraduates and specialized courses for graduates, the center plays a vital role in shaping the future of accelerator science. Notable for its focus on Edtech, CASE Center stands out for its commitment to fostering the next generation of accelerator scientists.

CASE Center's Website
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65) Steel Perlot

Steel Perlot - supporting founders in their growth journey

Steel Perlot, founded in 2020 in New York, New York, is an accelerator and incubator firm focusing on investing in and incubating businesses to solve some of the most technical problems, with a particular emphasis on AI and analytics. The company has made 7 investments in various domains, including Application Specific Semiconductors, Financial Services, Business/Productivity Software, and Electronics. Notable funded start-ups associated with Steel Perlot include Ingonyama in the Application Specific Semiconductors domain, Keeta in financial services, Triumph Labs in business/productivity software, Tristero in financial services, Socket in social/platform software, Emerge in electronics, and Pryon in business/productivity software. The Chairman of Steel Perlot is Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, and Michelle Ritter serves as the CEO. While specific perks and benefits are not explicitly mentioned, being part of Steel Perlot typically provides start-ups with access to mentorship, networking opportunities, resources, and potential follow-on funding.

Steel Perlot's Website
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66) NextCorps

NextCorps - supporting founders in their growth journey

NextCorps is a non-profit accelerator and incubator based in the Rochester area and Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York. They offer a range of programs tailored to companies at different stages, from pre-seed to mature, across industries like Environmental Tech and General Tech. The accelerator program typically lasts six to twelve months, providing entrepreneurs with essential resources and support to nurture their startup ideas. The organization has a diverse portfolio of startups in various sectors, offering access to one-on-one mentoring, a broad network of funders and experts, and networking opportunities within the Rochester Innovation Zone. Operating as a non-profit, NextCorps ensures that its programs provide support to startups without taking any equity, making a significant impact on job creation, economic growth, and innovation in the community.

NextCorps's Website
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67) NYU Entrepreneurial Institute

NYU Entrepreneurial Institute - supporting founders in their growth journey

The NYU Entrepreneurial Institute is a University-wide initiative at New York University that fosters a startup ecosystem. It encourages collaboration, innovation, and the growth of startups founded by NYU's students, faculty, and researchers. Founded by Albert Gallatin, Jade Kearney, Mir Hwang, and Sandy Balkin, the accelerator specializes in industries such as Healthcare Tech and Edtech. The institute aims to accelerate technology commercialization and provide support for ventures at various stages. It supports a diverse range of ventures across NYU with the Innovation Venture Fund. The accelerator program consists of sequenced accelerators like Startup Bootcamp and Startup Sprint to help ventures progress from idea to launch and growth. Additionally, the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute provides benefits like access to the Leslie eLab, 1-on-1 coaching, and educational programming. Overall, the institute offers a supportive ecosystem for NYU's entrepreneurs, emphasizing funding, training, and guidance to current and future founders across various specialization domains including technology, social impact, and arts.

NYU Entrepreneurial Institute's Website
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68) New York University - Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship

New York University - Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Located within the Stern School of Business at New York University, the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship is a prominent hub for cultivating entrepreneurial talent. The accelerator program offers focused training, coaching, resources, and funding to approximately 25-35 high-potential founding teams. Spanning an intensive 8-month program from September to May, startups in the prototyping stages and beyond develop essential skills and receive prototyping grants through rigorous programming and one-on-one coaching. They also benefit from pro bono services from corporate sponsors. The center hosts the Entrepreneurs Challenge, merging aspects of an accelerator and a venture competition. This provides early-stage teams with workshops, boot camps, coaching, and access to prototyping funds, guiding them through the startup launch and growth phases. While catering to diverse industries without explicit specialization domains, the center empowers bold thinkers and innovative doers. Founders Albert Gallatin, Jade Kearney, Mir Hwang, and Sandy Balkin have paved the way for Edtech startups to thrive within this robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

New York University - Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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69) Columbia University - Lang Entrepreneurship Center

Columbia University - Lang Entrepreneurship Center - supporting New York's best founders

The Eugene M. Lang Entrepreneurship Center at Columbia University is a hub within the Columbia Business School community, focusing on catalyzing best-in-class startups and investors shaping the future. Over the past decade, the center has incubated and launched 726 venture-backed startups including AvantStay, Beyond Meat, Flexport, and Zocdoc, collectively raising an impressive $23 billion in funding with 125 successful exits. Its areas of focus include Launch for early-stage startups, Invest for resources for investors, and Scale for assisting startups in their growth journey. The center offers a variety of programs like the Entrepreneurial Greenhouse, Columbia Alumni Virtual Accelerator, Columbia Startup Lab, among others, and provides access to Pitchbook insights. With specialization across industries like Healthcare Tech and Edtech, the Lang Center provides a vibrant and collaborative environment for students and alumni, offering world-class curriculum, funding opportunities, mentorship, and a robust alumni network to drive value throughout the business world. Founders George III and Sandy Balkin have played a key role in establishing this nurturing and innovative entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Columbia University - Lang Entrepreneurship Center's Website
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70) Alliance Social Enterprise Challenge

Alliance Social Enterprise Challenge - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The accelerator program collaborates with Columbia University, Sciences Po, Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and Ecole Polytechnique to empower social entrepreneurs creating positive impacts. It supports ventures led by eligible founders, including students or recent alumni within 5 years of degree completion. While program duration is unspecified, typical accelerators run for weeks or months. Specializing in social enterprises across sectors like healthcare tech and edtech, the accelerator provides mentorship and networking to help entrepreneurs scale their impact. Founded by George III and Sandy Balkin, the initiative aims to integrate social innovation into corporations' strategies for a sustainable future. The program enhances collaboration between social enterprises and corporations, fostering competitiveness while driving towards equity and sustainability.

Alliance Social Enterprise Challenge's Website
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71) Rochester Institute of Technology - Venture Creations

Rochester Institute of Technology - Venture Creations - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

RIT Venture Creations is a technology business incubator affiliated with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). It provides services to early- to mid-seed stage startups, aiming to propel them towards becoming successful businesses. The incubator offers active coaching, educational events, and access to specialized partners in various areas such as legal, HR, and marketing to help startups commercialize their products and attract outside risk capital. The focus on preparing startups for external funding indicates strong investor engagement. Situated in Rochester's Downtown Innovation Zone, VCI enhances collaboration opportunities with the city's resources. RIT's diverse programs in engineering, computing, design, and business contribute to supporting a wide range of technology-based startups. Founded by Dean Nguyen, VCI specializes in industries like Edtech, providing startups with access to a network of vetted partners and a conducive ecosystem for entrepreneurial success.

Rochester Institute of Technology - Venture Creations's Website
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72) Rochester Institute of Technology - Simone Center for Entrepreneurship

Rochester Institute of Technology - Simone Center for Entrepreneurship - building New York's entrepreneurial future

The entrepreneurial hub of RIT, founded by Dean Nguyen, provides a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs in the Edtech industry. Offering a full-time, semester-long Student Accelerator Program designed to assist innovators in refining their business concepts and preparing for angel investment, with a focus on creativity and innovation. Participants benefit from intensive instruction in various startup-relevant subjects during the program's full semester duration. Additionally, coaching, mentorship, and academic courses leading to a minor in entrepreneurship are provided. The Simone Center fosters an innovation club where students can collaborate and network. The center actively engages with startups and investors, embodying a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and innovation at RIT.

Rochester Institute of Technology - Simone Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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73) Tachyon Accelerator

Tachyon Accelerator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Tachyon Accelerator is the accelerator arm of ConSensys Mesh, established in 2017. The program is tailored for Web3 founders, focusing on blockchain, decentralized applications (dApps), and other emerging technologies within the Web3 ecosystem. Over 150 start-ups have participated, benefitting from mentorship, resources, and support. Collaborations with investors and industry experts offer funding opportunities. Spearheaded by Kavita Gupta, the accelerator provides a vibrant community for founders to connect with industry leaders, fostering a network that opens doors to further prospects. Additionally, it collaborates with projects like IPFS and Filecoin, amplifying its influence in the decentralized technology space. Industries served include Fintech and Blockchain, positioning Tachyon as the go-to choice for Web3 founders seeking rapid validation and growth for their ventures.

Tachyon Accelerator's Website
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74) Columbia | IBM Launch Accelerator

Columbia | IBM Launch Accelerator - building New York's entrepreneurial future

The Columbia | IBM Launch Accelerator at Columbia University is a non-dilutive program created in collaboration with IBM to nurture successful ventures in deep tech fields focusing on data transparency, big data, AI/ML, blockchain, and cybersecurity. The accelerator is under the leadership of founders George III and Sandy Balkin and offers education, mentorship, and business model design to startups. There is a notable emphasis on supporting emerging ventures with at least one team member from an NYC-based academic institution. The program has completed three cycles, processing 119 applications and assisting 27 teams, awarding a total of $193,000 in non-dilutive funding. The accelerator's selected startups include notable ventures like Fathom, GreenPortfolio, Lean Flow, Letryx, Local Civics, Mutual Aid NYC, RadiTube, The Plug, Alinea Invest, Intake Risers, New Money, Nirvana Labs, and several others. Participants gain access to industry and academic experts, hands-on workshops, active mentoring, and curated meetings with potential customers, enhancing their growth and success in the AI, blockchain, and cybersecurity sectors.

Columbia | IBM Launch Accelerator's Website
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75) Pace University - Entrepreneurship Lab

Pace University - Entrepreneurship Lab - supporting New York's best founders

The Pace University Entrepreneurship Lab, including the Pace Entrepreneurship Studio (PES), is a dynamic initiative supporting young entrepreneurs through various stages from ideation to funding. The mission of PES is to foster innovation among students and alumni, connecting them with global leaders and professionals to enhance their entrepreneurial ventures. With a focus on environmental tech among other industries, PES offers specialized support across various domains, providing access to venture capital through tailored sessions with industry experts. Participants benefit from resources like workspace, technology, mentoring, and guest speaker sessions. Although specific metrics are not available, the program's impact transcends numerical data by nurturing innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Notable founders and startups associated with the Pace Entrepreneurship Studio have leveraged its nurturing environment, mentorship, and opportunities for networking and growth.

Pace University - Entrepreneurship Lab's Website
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76) German Accelerator

German Accelerator - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

German Accelerator empowers German startups to scale globally by taking high-potential companies on a fast-paced learning journey to understand, discover, and access the worlds leading innovation hubs in the U.S., Asia, and South America. Their programs, including the Kickstart Program and Market Discovery Program, are tailored to individual needs, supporting early-stage startups in building scalable global businesses and exploring new markets for expansion. Established in 2012, the organization has nurtured over 850 startups, which have collectively raised more than $15.6 billion in funding. It specializes in various industries such as Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and General Tech, offering international expansion preparation, resource savings, and a global network to facilitate connections without taking equity from startups. Notable founders include Andy Goldstein, Dietmar Harhoff, Dirk Kanngiesser, and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy BMWi. Their commitment to guiding German startups on their international journey has positioned them as a commendable force in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

German Accelerator's Website
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77) Syracuse University - Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises

Syracuse University - Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (EEE) Department at Syracuse University, part of the Whitman School of Management, is acclaimed as one of the top entrepreneurship programs nationally. They offer diverse programs such as undergraduate majors, MBA concentrations, a master's program, and a Ph.D. field of focus to help students unleash their entrepreneurial potential. The undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship programs were highly ranked in 2023 by the Princeton Review. The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises is a 30-credit program designed for students passionate about entrepreneurship across various sectors. The Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship collaborates with the EEE department to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset through innovative programs. Specialization domains include venture creation, opportunity identification, and stakeholder mindset. The emphasis is on experiential learning, offering a blend of courses, extracurricular activities, and expert faculty guidance. Industries like Edtech benefit from this comprehensive entrepreneurship experience provided by Syracuse University's EEE program.

Syracuse University - Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises's Website
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78) LaunchPad Long Island

LaunchPad Long Island - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

LaunchPad Long Island is a dynamic business incubator, startup accelerator, and coworking community with six locations across Long Island. Entrepreneurs at LaunchPad benefit from a supportive environment where they can collaborate with like-minded individuals to nurture their startups. The institution offers 12,000 square feet of workspace for early-stage companies to thrive and connects entrepreneurs with a broad network of experienced professionals through partnerships with various sponsors such as law firms, accounting firms, and local universities. Entrepreneurs can enjoy subsidized desk space starting at $199 per month, access event and conference rooms, and make use of amenities like a full kitchen and recreational activities. Designated as a 'Hot Spot' in the StartUp NY program, LaunchPad provides significant tax breaks to startups. Additionally, the accelerator hosts events that foster collaboration, offers educational content, and facilitates connections with professionals from diverse fields. Industries like Fintech and Blockchain find a home in LaunchPad Long Island. Andrew Hazen is one of the notable founders associated with this vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

LaunchPad Long Island's Website
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79) iDealMachine

iDealMachine - supporting New York's best founders

Founded in 2012 by Michael Averbach and Sergey Fradkov, iDealMachine is a venture fund and startup accelerator based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The organization invests in a variety of technology domains, focusing on traditional areas such as Internet and cloud solutions, e-commerce, and mobile applications, as well as high technology sectors including robotics, machine intelligence, human-machine interface, and work with large data sets. With a total of 133,209 investments, iDealMachine runs a 16-week program that includes demo days for its start-ups. The accelerator counts on 22 employee profiles and 2 contacts, along with 4 partners, including Mark Mazya and Mikhail Averbach. While specific perks are not outlined, iDealMachine offers typical accelerator benefits like mentorship and networking opportunities to its portfolio companies across industries like E-commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, SaaS, Robotics, and Mobile Apps. For those interested in learning more about the organization, they can contact them at

iDealMachine's Website
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80) German Accelerator - Silicon Valley & New York

German Accelerator - Silicon Valley & New York - connecting start-up founders with success

German Accelerator empowers German startups to scale globally by providing customized programs, mentoring, and access to a global network of business partners and investors. Since its launch in 2012, they have nurtured over 850 startups, helping them collectively raise more than $15.6 billion in funding. The accelerator has locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York City, offering a 3-month mentoring program tailored to the nature of each startup. Programs like the Kickstart Program for early-stage startups and the Market Discovery Program for exploring new markets in Asia and South America are part of their offerings. Startups benefit from mentoring, networking opportunities, and free office space in all locations. With a focus on industries like Fintech, they also prepare startups for international markets, minimize risks, and provide unbiased advice while taking no equity. Notable founders include Andy Goldstein, Dietmar Harhoff, and Dirk Kanngiesser, with support from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy BMWi.

German Accelerator - Silicon Valley & New York's Website
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81) 100+ Accelerator

100+ Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The 100+ Accelerator is a global program launched in 2018 by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, and Unilever to boost sustainable innovations and support startups addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With 116 startups from 30+ countries, the accelerator offers up to $100,000 for pilot implementation to expedite bringing sustainable solutions to market. The 6-month program provides remote training and mentoring, focusing on sustainable innovation in supply chains within industries like Logistics and Supply Chain and Clean Energy. Startups benefit from collaboration with industry giants, gaining access to their supply chains and culminating in a Demo Day where they present to investors. By leveraging the expertise of partner companies, the 100+ Accelerator aims to maximize collective impact and drive positive change. Notable founders and startups have thrived in this ecosystem, making significant contributions to a better world.

100+ Accelerator's Website
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82) VC Include

VC Include - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

VC Include is a unique ecosystem that accelerates investment into diverse and women-led fund managers within the Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE) asset classes. Their mission is to drive economic growth by increasing diversity in alternative investments, focusing on historically underrepresented emerging managers, including women, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and LGBTQ individuals. Currently, only 1.4% of U.S. assets under management are handled by diverse fund managers, and VC Include aims to boost this to 10% by 2030. The accelerator offers programs like the VCI Fellowship for Impact Fund I Managers, which connects underrepresented fund managers with asset allocators seeking diverse investment opportunities. They also have the Climate Justice Initiative for Diverse Emerging Fund Managers, nurturing managers committed to supporting startups addressing climate change impact. VC Include specializes in sectors like Healthcare, Social Impact, Tech Workforce Diversity, Commercial Real Estate, Femtech, Clean Technology, and Climate Innovations. Founded by Bahiyah Yasmeen Robinson, VC Include provides a comprehensive ecosystem driving alpha, inclusion, and impact by connecting General Partners (GPs) and Limited Partners (LPs) to expand investment diversity.

VC Include's Website
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83) New York Fashion Tech Lab

New York Fashion Tech Lab - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Founded in 2014 by nonprofit venture catalyst Springboard Enterprises and key fashion retailers like Kay Koplovitz, the institution is a community-driven platform supporting women-led, b2b, fashion-focused technology companies. They run a 12-week program connecting startups such as Curated for You, Flock, Fairly Made, Nectar AI, Raspberry AI, and Yofi with major fashion retailers, enabling iteration, validation, and acceleration of technologies at the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology. This premier platform for collaboration aims to advance the industry and propel global women-led fashion-focused tech companies. With a focus on fostering innovation and inclusivity, the organization believes in providing opportunities for women entrepreneurs to thrive in the fashion and retail sector. Their mission is clear: to support emerging tech startups, uplift women in the industry, and drive real innovation by ensuring diversity at every level.

New York Fashion Tech Lab's Website
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84) University of Rochester - Center for Entrepreneurship

University of Rochester - Center for Entrepreneurship - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Located in Rochester, New York, the University of Rochester - Center for Entrepreneurship accelerator offers the RIT Saunders Student Accelerator Program in partnership with RITs Simone Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This full-time, intense summer program is tailored for student teams aiming to develop their business concepts and prepare for investments. The curriculum covers essential topics like business concept development, customer discovery, and pursuing investment capital. Teams must consist solely of students, with 2 to 4 members who remain students upon program completion. Under the guidance of the Ain Center for Entrepreneurship, the accelerator supports diverse enterprise types, including technology-based, not-for-profit, and service-oriented ventures. Participants benefit from valuable mentorship, startup insights, and investment strategies. Notable founder George Hoyt Whipple's legacy resonates across industries like Healthcare Tech and General Tech. For further information, interested parties can contact Kathy Driscoll, the Associate Director for Community Relations and Career Management at the accelerator.

University of Rochester - Center for Entrepreneurship's Website
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85) The Blinc Group

The Blinc Group - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The Blinc Group is a pioneering company headquartered in New York City, specializing in designing, developing, and supplying premium cannabis vaping hardware along with dedicated service solutions. Their focus lies in cannabis vaping technology while emphasizing safety, innovation, and quality in the industry. Led by expert Co-founder and CXSO Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, the organization ensures top-notch safety standards. The accelerator program they offer supports a diverse clientele, addressing critical issues like sustainability, safety, and environmental responsibility in the cannabis sector. Although specific metrics like the number of associated start-ups, investors, funded companies, and program durations are not explicitly provided, The Blinc Group's commitment to sustainability and quality is evident. Standing out in the cannabis vaping industry, The Blinc Group actively promotes sustainability and quality control while providing end-to-end supply chain management for innovative cannabis products globally. The company was founded by Arnaud Dumas de Rauly, Givi Topchishvili, and Sasha Aksenov.

The Blinc Group's Website
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86) Daughters Capital

Daughters Capital - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Daughters Capital is an accelerator and incubator firm based in New York, New York. They focus on addressing the gender gap in venture capital by building and investing in companies led by women. In 2021, only 2% of venture capital went to female founders, prompting their commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs. Their emphasis is on women-led companies in industries like consumer goods, beauty, and fashion. The duration of the accelerator program varies based on individual start-up needs. Daughters Capital specializes in sectors where female leadership excels, such as fashion and apparel. The organization is known for offering more than just financial assistance - including mentorship, networking, and resources to empower women in business. Notable industries they support include fashion and apparel.

Daughters Capital's Website
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87) Spark Labs

Spark Labs - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Spark Labs is a collaborative & growth platform for innovators, specializing in cleantech, sustainable agriculture, carbon reduction, and innovative solutions for the food industry. The SparkLabs Cultiv8 Cleantech Agri-Food Accelerator, established in 2017 and based in Orange, New South Wales, Australia, runs an annual program supporting innovative cleantech companies to foster a sustainable and efficient global food production system. The 2024 cohort consists of nine cleantech companies like Alkiira Therapeutics, Bovotica, Carbon Friendly, Levur, Nitronic, NonTox, Invenios, Pyx Global, and Unibaio. They have supported over 50 companies to date, with portfolio companies raising more than AUD 750 million and a combined value exceeding AUD 1.75 billion, leading to the creation of over 750 jobs worldwide. Founded by Christophe Garnier and Sunjay Guleria, the accelerator offers access to mentorship, resources, and international networks, providing opportunities for growth within Australia and globally. Spark Labs plays a pivotal role in advancing technologies for a resilient and profitable agricultural system, addressing global challenges related to emissions and food security.

Spark Labs's Website
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88) Griffiss Institute

Griffiss Institute - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Located in the Mohawk Valley, NY, the Griffiss Institute is a non-profit accelerator dedicated to advancing technology solutions for national security and economic competitiveness in collaboration with academia, government, and industry partners. Specializing in AI/ML, cybersecurity, quantum computing, and UAS technologies, it serves as a STEM Talent + Technology Accelerator. The institute actively collaborates with tech start-ups, offering support for their growth and development. The accelerator program typically lasts for 12 weeks and provides participating start-ups with access to DoD resources, networking opportunities, mentorship, and exposure to potential customers and partners. Notable for its focus on defense and dual-use technologies, the Griffiss Institute has supported various early-stage companies on their journey to success. For more detailed information, interested parties are encouraged to visit the institute's official website.

Griffiss Institute's Website
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89) Offshore Wind Innovation Hub

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub is a dedicated accelerator catalyzing startups to unleash the potential of offshore wind in New York. Their mission is to grow the US offshore wind industry by leveraging the entrepreneurial capabilities of global industry-leading startups and the local community. The focus of the accelerator is on offshore wind, a crucial renewable energy source with substantial potential for sustainable power generation. The accelerator actively engages with startups through programs and community membership, offering resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities in the offshore wind sector. Startups are likely connected with potential investors, industry experts, and venture capital firms. Specializing in offshore wind technologies such as turbine design, installation, maintenance, and grid integration, the accelerator covers domains like environmental impact assessment, project development, and regulatory compliance. Participants can expect access to industry experts, networking events, workshops, and educational resources, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for growth in New York City. For the latest information on programs and initiatives, interested entrepreneurs are advised to refer to the Offshore Wind Innovation Hub's website.

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub's Website
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90) Communitas America

Communitas America - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Communitas America, an accelerator investment firm, operates the Communitas Ventures Accelerator. The four-month cohort-based program supports primarily BIPOC and women social entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities. The accelerator is designated as a New York State Business Incubator until 2027 and is open to for-profit, nonprofit, and hybrid ventures. It focuses on encouraging applications from marginalized groups like people of color, women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community. With a mission to create an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem, the program offers access to resources, weekly sessions, 1-on-1s, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs to refine their ideas and develop investor-ready pitches. Internal data shows that over 80% of program alumni entrepreneurs are still active in business, with a significant representation of women, BIPOC individuals, and entrepreneurs from the Bronx or Harlem. The accelerator has facilitated ventures addressing health, education, and financial inclusion issues, building a community of nearly 200 entrepreneurs who share resources and contribute to a supportive ecosystem. With a focus on industries like Healthcare Tech, Edtech, Environmental Tech, and Personal Finance, the accelerator plays a crucial role in empowering social entrepreneurs and driving positive change in marginalized communities.

Communitas America's Website
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91) Startup52

Startup52 - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Startup52 is an early-stage accelerator based in New York City, founded by Chike Ukaegbu. The accelerator focuses on identifying and nurturing outstanding entrepreneurs, especially those from untapped and underrepresented communities. It runs two cohorts per year, with each cohort accommodating up to 15 ventures. The ecosystem includes industry experts, mentors, advisers, and investors who support the ventures. The program is intensive, assisting startups in developing effective frameworks for decision-making, alignment, execution, and growth initiatives. While the accelerator does not specify specialization domains, it is open to ventures across various industries. Startup52 is the first sole diversity-focused accelerator in NYC, prioritizing underrepresented founders. The accelerator fosters a community of mentors, advisers, experts, and serial entrepreneurs to provide guidance and support. Founded on passion, grit, and a results-oriented approach, Startup52 aims to create intellectually stimulating environments for founders from diverse backgrounds, helping them launch successful ventures and address global challenges through entrepreneurship.

Startup52's Website
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92) Hartford Lab LLC

Hartford Lab LLC - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Hartford Lab LLC is an innovation lab that architects, advises, incubates, and invests in technology companies. The lab specializes in diverse fields such as advertising, AI, beauty, biotech, data, entertainment, hardware, personal health, IoT, social media, and VR. Described as a blend of a business development accelerator and a VC firm, it offers alternative fee arrangements like equity or revenue sharing based on the companies' stage and requirements. The accelerator program typically spans six months and has worked with nine tech companies in the recent cohort, focusing on technology and senior care. Founded by Andrew Hartford, the organization collaborates with startups in various industries, including biotech, entertainment, AI, and social media, prioritizing innovation and business development. While specific details about funded startups and additional perks are not disclosed, its commitment to engaging with emerging companies across different sectors remains evident.

Hartford Lab LLC's Website
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93) Blackstone LaunchPad ventures

Blackstone LaunchPad ventures - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Blackstone LaunchPad is a campus-based experiential entrepreneurship program open to students, alumni, staff, and faculty. The program, associated with 78 Minority-Serving Institutions, had 46 participants in 2023 and has provided over $62 million in 40,000+ LaunchPad grants since inception. Founded by the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, it aims to equip college students with entrepreneurial skills to bridge the opportunity gap and build lasting careers. Blackstone LaunchPad focuses on fostering a growth mindset, creativity, critical thinking, and leadership to prepare students for successful ventures and careers in various fields, including Edtech. Participants benefit from coaching, ideation, venture support, internships, and career readiness programs, as well as connections to industry-leading mentors within the Blackstone network. Notable for its national model for fostering entrepreneurship in higher education, Blackstone LaunchPad is dedicated to introducing entrepreneurship as a viable career path and empowering students to succeed in the business world.

Blackstone LaunchPad ventures's Website
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94) Trailblazer Venture Studio

Trailblazer Venture Studio - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Founded in 2022, Trailblazer Venture Studio is the first venture studio dedicated to empowering women in sports. This unique accelerator program is a collaboration between Billie Jean King Enterprises, the Los Angeles Dodgers, Elysian Park Ventures, and R/GA Ventures. The venture studio aims to support startups in the sports industry, particularly those focusing on women's sports, across various domains such as media, health, training, sponsorship, retail, fan engagement, and esports. The 12-week program runs from August 15 to November 4, offering funding, virtual activities, and opportunities for in-person meetings in New York City and Los Angeles. Key investors include Billie Jean King Enterprises, Elysian Park Ventures, and R/GA Ventures. The accelerator provides mentorship, industry connections, and exposure to potential investors for selected startups. Industries targeted by Trailblazer Venture Studio include Fitness and Wellness, Ecommerce, and Gaming.

Trailblazer Venture Studio's Website
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95) RevIthaca Startup Works

RevIthaca Startup Works - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

RevIthaca Startup Works is a business incubator and event space located in Ithaca, NY. They aim to support new and expanding businesses, including student-founded startups, with plans to scale and create jobs in the region. The accelerator offers mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts, specialized accelerator programs, and access to resources like co-working space and hardware prototyping machinery. Additionally, startups benefit from networking opportunities through events hosted by Rev. The accelerator supports a diverse range of startups across various fields and provides specific accelerator tracks such as the Prototyping Hardware Accelerator and the ClimateTech Prototyping Hardware Accelerator. Ithaca, New York, is recognized for its tech-savvy community, high quality of life, and educated talent pool. It's ranked as the best startup spot for tech among 300 U.S. cities and listed as the 13th most innovative city in the U.S. The Southern Tier, including Ithaca, boasts the highest R&D expenditures per capita in New York State, driven by local colleges and universities. Some additional information about RevIthaca Startup Works includes that they operate in the Sector Agnostic industry.

RevIthaca Startup Works's Website
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96) Entrepreneurship Lab NYC

Entrepreneurship Lab NYC - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Entrepreneurship Lab NYC (ELabNYC) is a prestigious entrepreneurship education and networking program that was founded in 2012. It focuses on supporting first-time founders with prior entrepreneurship education. The institution aims to contribute to NYC's emergence as a leading hub for life sciences entrepreneurship by leveraging the innovation and talent in the city's academic institutions. ELabNYC connects this talent with scientific experts and business leaders nationally. The program specializes in biotech and healthcare tech industries and collaborates with initiatives such as the Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator and the Accelerator for Biosciences in CT. ELabNYC offers first-time entrepreneurs a platform to acquire basic entrepreneurship education and networking opportunities to propel their ventures forward in the competitive business landscape.

Entrepreneurship Lab NYC's Website
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97) Entrepreneurship Lab Bio & Health Tech NYC

Entrepreneurship Lab Bio & Health Tech NYC - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Entrepreneurship Lab Bio & Health Tech NYC, founded in 2012, is a prestigious entrepreneurship education and networking program focused on first-time founders with prior entrepreneurship education. It aims to support the development of New York City as a leader in life sciences entrepreneurship. The competitive 6-month program, launched by the City of New York, targets graduate students in science, engineering, medicine, post-doctoral fellows, medical residents, physicians, nurses, researchers, and technologists in NYC. It accelerates new ventures in life sciences and healthcare technology, specializing in bio and health tech fields such as healthcare, medical devices, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals. The program offers mentorship, networking opportunities, access to industry experts, co-working spaces, and potential funding. Corporate supporters back the institution in fostering innovation in biotech and healthcare tech, contributing to the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in New York City.

Entrepreneurship Lab Bio & Health Tech NYC's Website
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98) ThINCubator

ThINCubator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Located at 106 Genesee Street in historical Baggs Square West in downtown Utica NY, ThINCubator is an accelerator program that supports tech startups, with a particular focus on blockchain technology and related fields. The program typically lasts for 10 weeks, offering selected startups mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. ThINCubator aims to nurture and accelerate the startups' growth by providing access to a network of investors and partners for funding opportunities. It stands out for its Demo Day where startups showcase their progress and pitch to potential investors. Startups also benefit from mentorship by experienced entrepreneurs, networking opportunities, office space, workshops, and equity-free prize money. The accelerator specializes in industries like blockchain, aiming to address the unique challenges faced by blockchain startups through tailored support.

ThINCubator's Website
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99) Tech Incubator at Queens College

Tech Incubator at Queens College - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

The tech startup incubator located in Queens County, NY, aims to assist early-stage ventures in building successful technology companies to boost job opportunities and spur innovation. It serves as a hub for tech-enabled ventures in industries like Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service). The institution offers a collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and advisors come together to create value. Additionally, it provides a co-working space with essential amenities like secure workspaces, high-speed Wi-Fi, conference rooms, mail services, and printing facilities. Notable for its focus on turning innovative ideas into profitable businesses, the organization actively supports funding opportunities and encourages knowledge sharing within its Xchange Ecosystem.

Tech Incubator at Queens College's Website
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100) TTWiiN

TTWiiN - connecting start-up founders with success

TTWiiN, short for Thornton Tomasetti Weidlinger Innovation accelerator, was established in 2015 as an independent entity resulting from the merger of Thornton Tomasetti and Weidlinger Associates. The organization is dedicated to propelling innovation and bringing a variety of products to market in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector. TTWiiN's primary goal is to fast-track promising concepts into scalable businesses. Their innovative approach consists of actively commercializing intellectual property (IP), forming strategic partnerships with AEC pioneers, and fostering collaboration within a community of forward-thinking individuals. Although specific metrics such as the number of affiliated or financed startups are not disclosed, TTWiiN has made a significant impact. The organization operates across multiple domains linked to the built environment, advocating for technological advancements, virtual simulation, and BIM interoperability solutions with a client base that includes Fortune 100 companies. With a clear emphasis on IP commercialization and collaboration, TTWiiN is a key player in instigating positive transformations within the AEC sector. The organization specializes in industries such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) and General Tech.

TTWiiN's Website
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101) Life Changing Labs

Life Changing Labs - supporting founders in their growth journey

Life Changing Labs is an organization dedicated to supporting founders in building, growing, and thriving. They offer an 8-week summer accelerator program spearheaded by top engineers, designers, and business students. The program aims to equip founders with a comprehensive support package to ensure their success. The accelerator's focus lies in empowering early-stage startups, fostering innovation, and creating a nurturing ecosystem. Life Changing Labs takes a broad approach, supporting startups across various industries, with a particular emphasis on the Edtech sector. Founded by Haroon Ismail, Peter Cortle, and Rodrigo Barbosa eSilva, the organization provides founders with a business-building curriculum, access to industry experts through a speaker series, specialty mentors, non-dilutive prize money, and an extensive resource library. Additionally, founders benefit from personalized 1:1 mentorship, cost-saving opportunities, and unlimited network access to build connections within the entrepreneurial community.

Life Changing Labs's Website
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102) Echoing Green

Echoing Green - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Echoing Green is a renowned accelerator program that discovers emerging social entrepreneurs and invests significantly in the development of their ideas and leadership. They provide start-up funding and tailored support services to both for- and nonprofit social entrepreneurs. The prestigious Fellowship is a competitive program supporting early-stage social entrepreneurs, with the 2023 cohort consisting of 20 Fellows from ten countries across four continents. Each Fellow receives an unrestricted $80,000 investment during the 18-month Fellowship, alongside a comprehensive support model covering capital, capacity, and community support. Fellows focus on diverse issues such as maternal and infant mortality, mental healthcare accessibility, and food insecurity. With 70% of the newest Fellows working internationally, the program boasts a strong global impact ethos. Echoing Green aims to support 122 new Fellows, launch and scale 500 social enterprises centered on racial equity, and disburse over $12 million in follow-on funding to alumni Fellow-led organizations by mid-2024. The program fosters a lifelong support community and stands out for its commitment to global problem-solving. Some of the industries involved include Healthcare Tech.

Echoing Green's Website
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103) Global Cooling Prize

Global Cooling Prize - supporting New York's best founders

The Global Cooling Prize is an innovation competition aimed at developing a climate-friendly residential cooling solution that can provide cooling for all without warming the planet. Initiated by a global coalition including the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), and Mission Innovation, the goal is to spur the development of a more efficient, climate-friendly residential cooling solution. The total prize money amounts to $3 million, with each finalist team receiving $200,000 and the grand winner eligible for up to $1 million. The competition received over 2100 registrations from 96 countries, with 445 intent-to-apply submissions from 56 countries, and 139 detailed technical applications from 31 countries. The focus is on developing innovative cooling technologies for residential use that are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and globally accessible. The timeline included key dates from the launch in November 2018 to the grand award ceremony in April 2021. Participation in the Global Cooling Prize offers exposure, networking opportunities, and collaboration with experts and industry leaders. The prize encourages breakthroughs in cooling technology to address climate change, emphasizing comfort and accessibility for all. The industries involved are primarily in clean energy.

Global Cooling Prize's Website
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104) Real-Time Technology Solutions

Real-Time Technology Solutions - connecting start-up founders with success

Real-Time Technology Solutions, founded by Bill Hayduk, is a premier pure-play QA & Testing organization based in New York City, specializing in test automation since 1996. The accelerator program aims to expedite the delivery of data analytics and AI value through purpose-built guides, functional notebooks, and best practices. This enables participants to progress from idea to proof of concept in as little as two weeks. RTTS collaborates with various companies to drive innovation in real-time technology solutions. The program is known for its intensive workshops, mentorship, and hands-on activities, focusing on specialization in real-time technology, data analytics, and AI and machine learning domains such as data streaming, event processing, and low-latency applications. Participants benefit from perks like community engagement, technical support, and assistance in developing proof of concepts. Industries served by RTTS include Real Estate Tech, Artificial Intelligence, General Tech, and SaaS.

Real-Time Technology Solutions's Website
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105) VentureFuel

VentureFuel - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

VentureFuel serves as a bridge between global corporations and startups, aiding the former in avoiding disruption through strategic partnerships with innovative technologies. Founded by Fred Schonenberg, the organization operates multi-week accelerator programs where corporations collaborate with startups to tackle specific challenges. Working across diverse industries like Artificial Intelligence and Clean Energy, VentureFuel tailors solutions to meet each corporation's unique needs. With a focus on problem-solving, the accelerator follows a no-equity model, selecting startups that best address the identified challenges. By leveraging the resources of both parties, it facilitates innovation and commercialization. The accelerator's expertise in areas such as AI and climate technology enables corporations to explore cutting-edge solutions and preempt disruptive forces, ensuring accelerated growth and sustained relevance in the market.

VentureFuel's Website
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106) Urban Future Lab

Urban Future Lab - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Located at NYU Tandon School, Urban Future Lab is a non-profit innovation hub that focuses on clean energy and sustainable urban infrastructure solutions. The organization's flagship program, ACRE, supports cleantech, smart grid, and sustainable smart cities companies. Additionally, the Carbon to Value Initiative transforms carbon dioxide into sustainable products. With over 170 startups supported, these ventures have secured $2.5 billion, created 4,100+ jobs, and achieved an impressive 88% survival rate. The lab hosts 100+ events and has seen 14 successful exits. Startups spend 2-3 years in the ACRE program, benefiting from a founder-first culture, access to climate finance, and educational programs. Urban Future Lab accelerates market-ready climate solutions, fostering a community of climate innovators and driving the transition to a low-carbon economy in industries like Renewable Energy and Clean Energy.

Urban Future Lab's Website
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107) HITLAB Innovators

HITLAB Innovators - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

HITLAB Innovators is a program committed to improving lives through digital health teaching, research, and service. It aims to amplify promising digital health solutions for better patient care. The organization acts as a Healthcare Innovation Technology Lab supporting early-stage startups in the healthcare technology space. The accelerator program lasts three days and occurs at Columbia University (Lerner Hall) in New York City for the Fall Innovators Summit, coinciding with the New York City Health Innovation Week for the Spring Innovators Summit. Participants include startups, digital health leaders, and clinical partners who engage in pilot studies to accelerate their concepts. Specializing in digital health, HITLAB covers domains like medical analytics, real-world evidence, and digital healthcare. The accelerator provides panel interviews, keynote addresses, networking opportunities, and exhibitors showcasing digital health solutions. Notable for facilitating rapid pilot studies and collaboration, the accelerator drives progress in healthcare technology within the Healthcare Tech and General Tech industries.

HITLAB Innovators's Website
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108) Blue Ridge Labs

Blue Ridge Labs - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Blue Ridge Labs, an accelerator initiated by Robin Hood, focuses on supporting, incubating, and scaling community-driven tech solutions to combat poverty-related challenges. With a mission to develop tech-based solutions for real-world issues faced by low-income individuals, the organization has supported 135 founders and incubated 33 companies. These startups have collectively raised $97 million to address poverty through technology. The programs offered include the Catalyst accelerator providing early-stage funding, connections with investors, and proximity to poverty-affected communities for impactful solutions. Additionally, the Design Insights Groups facilitate connections with tech teams, while the Fellowship program brings together experts to create technology directly benefiting New Yorkers in poverty. Specializing in AI and Edtech startups, Blue Ridge Labs aims to tackle economic inequality challenges, prioritizing a positive impact on low-income individuals. The accelerator stands out for providing founders with a community of mentors, resources, and insights into poverty-affected communities, fostering collaboration and innovative solutions. Notable founder Glenn Dubin further emphasizes the commitment to community-driven innovation in creating a positive impact for those in need.

Blue Ridge Labs's Website
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109) Innovation Incubator Holding

Innovation Incubator Holding - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Innovation Incubator Holding is a pioneering accelerator that offers a unique model combining technology partnership, incubation, and domain/tech acceleration capabilities. Focused on incubating and accelerating early-stage startups in the Artificial Intelligence and General Tech industries, they guide these ventures from the 'first mile' of the initial idea to the 'last mile' of successful implementation, specializing in creating and spinning off IT solution companies. Led by founders Antony Satyadas, Mahesh Nair, Matt Kumar, and Umesh Harigopal, the accelerator follows a fixed-term, cohort-based model. Startups accepted into the program receive mentorship, resources, and support culminating in a graduation or 'demo day' where they pitch their solutions. In exchange for participation, startups provide a small percentage of equity, creating a supportive environment for founders to develop their ventures. Additionally, the organization leverages emerging technologies like AI, with subsidiaries spanning various vertical industry domains in the USA and India.

Innovation Incubator Holding's Website
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110) Accathon Capital

Accathon Capital - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Accathon Capital is a global innovation platform that connects corporate innovation with startup acceleration. Founded in January 2018 in New York City, the organization aims to help entrepreneurs from the U.S. and internationally achieve global business success. The founding team includes Mamoon Ismail Khalid, John Lynn, Michael Zhu, and other VC/Accelerator professionals. Accathon Capital operates as a single family office with additional offices in Shanghai and Singapore. The accelerator focuses on investment opportunities in Industrial Digitization, Medical Health/Life Sciences, Consumer Goods/Services, and Urban Tech. It is a stage-agnostic, cross-border group that assists companies in entering Asian markets, especially China, through a cross-border acceleration program and investment fund strategy. The flagship program, the Innovation Journey to China, is a 45-day hyper acceleration program designed to help companies navigate cultural and business challenges in China and Asia. Accathon Capital also hosts global pitch competitions and provides startups with access to a valuable network. Notable industries of interest include General Tech, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, SaaS, Biotech, Logistics, Supply Chain, and Cybersecurity. Michael Zhu is one of the key founders. Their standard deal offers $200K for 5-10% equity.

Accathon Capital's Website
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111) Qi Venture Partners

Qi Venture Partners - connecting start-up founders with success

Qi Venture Partners is a finance company that collaborates with companies as a principal and partner to generate significant new enterprise value through multifaceted and quantitative means. Founded in 2014 by Pierre Wolf, the management team brings diverse expertise in financial, legal, and data science fields to offer vision, capital, and management solutions for creating opportunities and franchise revenues. The organization has successfully incubated and co-founded businesses that utilize technology and data to unlock over $1.5 billion for major corporations. Although the specific specialization domains are undisclosed, Qi's focus on technology, data, and quantitative strategies implies a wide industry range. The accelerator program, conducted in partnership with QuEra and QAI Ventures, supports quantum startups globally, granting access to advanced quantum technology and direct engagement with scientists and engineers. While precise perks are unspecified, Qi Venture Partners likely provides strategic partnerships, infrastructure, and resources to enhance the success of its portfolio companies across sector-agnostic industries.

Qi Venture Partners's Website
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112) Remedy Product Studio

Remedy Product Studio - supporting founders in their growth journey

Remedy Product Studio supports both founders and established companies in creating the next generation of digital products. The accelerator acts as a long-term extension of internal teams for companies aiming to develop digital products, utilizing Agile development methodologies to assist startups as they scale. Specializing in various domains such as Health & Wellness, Finance, Retail & Commerce, and Data & AI, Remedy integrates technical expertise with knowledge of industry-specific regulations like HIPAA, FDA, and Privacy & Security. Partners collaborating with Remedy benefit from spending 2.5x less on internal costs and have collectively raised over $1 billion from investors including Greycroft, Serena Ventures, and General Catalyst. The accelerator typically engages with partners for an average of 3+ years, providing guidance through multiple fundraising cycles. Noteworthy founders and startups like ClassPass, Every Mother, Wave Neuro, Ritual, and Goose have praised Remedy for its consistent support, migration assistance, trustworthiness, and understanding of business models and milestones. Additionally, partnerships with Block Six Analytics, HealthReveal, and ClassPass have resulted in successful acquisitions, further solidifying Remedy's track record in the industry. Operating across industries such as Healthcare Tech, General Tech, Personal Finance, and SaaS (Software as a Service), Remedy offers tailored product development services and valuable long-term support for digital product creation.

Remedy Product Studio's Website
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113) XenoPsi

XenoPsi - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

XenoPsi is a brand incubator firm that has been in operation for 26 years. Founded in 1997 by two computer-obsessed high school freshmen, the company has expanded its services to include business consulting, political consulting, marketing, and advertising. XenoPsi eventually opened its New York City headquarters in 2014. By 2018, the organization doubled in size, employing over 60 full-time team members and launching XenoPsi Ventures. Currently, XenoPsi holds equity positions in 11 companies and has a global presence with employees in 14 countries. The organization operates with over 100 team members across their ventures, specializing in digital brand incubation within sectors like ecommerce and general tech. The company's President and Founder, MichaelAaron Flicker, drives the mission of incubating and nurturing brands, offering support through their growth accelerator unit called Function Growth. XenoPsi Ventures stands out for its commitment to supporting and advancing innovative companies in various domains.

XenoPsi's Website
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114) Endless Frontier Labs

Endless Frontier Labs - supporting founders in their growth journey

Endless Frontier Labs (EFL) is an accelerator program that aims to accelerate the success of early-stage science and technology-based startups. It operates in cohorts, offering mentorship and support to a variety of startups working in domains such as robotics, hardware, quantum computing, and more. The program's nine-month program includes startups like Turion Space,, Immunai, C2I Genomics, Lynq, Algen Biotechnologies, Fakespot, and Strand Therapeutics. The accelerator provides valuable mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to expertise to drive the startups' success. EFL focuses on fostering positive societal impact through science and technology entrepreneurship, particularly in industries like renewable energy and robotics. Its commitment to cutting-edge technologies and its support for startups make it an attractive choice for early-stage ventures looking to thrive in the competitive startup landscape.

Endless Frontier Labs's Website
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115) FoodBytes

FoodBytes - supporting founders in their growth journey

FoodBytes is Rabobank's innovation discovery platform. It drives sustainable impact in the food and agriculture sector by connecting over 2000 global startups with a network of 1400+ corporates and investors. Evolving from a pitch competition to a quarterly virtual program, it provides ongoing opportunities for engagement and collaboration. Additionally, it offers exclusive content like trend reports and market maps. The accelerator specializes in domains such as sustainable farming, food production, and technology. Founded by Rabobank, FoodBytes has no specifics on funded startups but has supported game-changing ventures. Key individuals leading the program include notable founders and industry leaders. With a focus on fostering a resilient and impactful food system, FoodBytes is a dynamic facilitator of knowledge exchange and innovation in the Fintech and Agriculture Tech industries.

FoodBytes's Website
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116) Quesnay

Quesnay - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Quesnay is a startup accelerator program designed to support early-stage companies in the Mobile Apps and Fintech industries. Founded by Antonio Baena, Hugues Bertin, and Jennifer Byrne, it provides a structured environment, mentorship, resources, and connections to help startups succeed. The accelerator offers benefits such as experienced mentorship, workspace access, investor connections, educational workshops, demo days, and networking events. While the exact number of startups, investors, and total funding provided are not available, interested parties can find more information on the official website. The program typically runs for a few months, during which startups receive intensive support. Although the specialization domains within the accelerator are not specified, Quesnay focuses on supporting Female Founders in FinTech globally. Not directly related to François Quesnay, the 18th-century economist, the accelerator takes its name from him. For those considering applying or seeking specific details, visiting the website or contacting the organization directly is recommended.

Quesnay's Website
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117) 10X Ventures

10X Ventures - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

10X Ventures, an accelerator program run by UNSW Founders, focuses on investing in founders of technology startups and research ventures. Their objective is to assist founders in securing investments, winning contracts, and overcoming challenges. The accelerator offers founder-friendly funding, mentorship, learning opportunities, and connections to a vast network of 370,000 entrepreneurial alumni, researchers, and students in Australia. While specifics about the number of associated startups, investors, and funded start-ups are not provided, the program specializes in domains such as Renewable Energy, General Tech, and Fintech. Additionally, they collaborate with Virescent Ventures for the Climate 10x program, which supports climate tech founders. The accelerator program commences in August 2024. Some common benefits offered by accelerators, such as access to co-working spaces, mentorship, networking events, and educational resources, may also be available. Entrepreneurs looking to elevate their businesses to the next level can benefit from 10X Ventures' virtual membership, providing access to developers, partner networks, and venture capital resources.

10X Ventures's Website
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118) The Tech Garden

The Tech Garden - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Tech Garden, Central New York's premier technology incubator, was founded by CenterState CEO with a mission to convene and support the local startup community. Located in downtown Syracuse, New York, it offers tailored packages including co-working spaces and full-service incubation, focusing on technology and clean tech. The accelerator specializes in fostering innovation across various domains and is home to the EPIC Buildings Accelerator, a six-month program for clean tech companies targeting energy hardware innovations. Participants benefit from cohort group services, mentorship, industry networking events, and grant-writing assistance, while contributing to grid-interactive buildings and undergoing DEI training. Notably, in 2024, companies like Edenic EnergyHub Controls, InteliEQ, and others were selected for the accelerator program, receiving mentorship and coaching by experts. The Tech Garden also facilitates assistance through SyracuseCoE's EPIC Buildings Program and collaboration with Syracuse University faculty and students for ideation and commercialization of products improving public health and energy efficiency.

The Tech Garden's Website
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119) Harmony Labs

Harmony Labs - building New York's entrepreneurial future

Harmony Labs is a media research lab founded by John Johnson. They focus on reshaping society's relationship with media through the use of science, data, and creativity. The organization aims to harness the power of media to create a positive and pluralistic future. The accelerator program associated with Harmony Labs collaborates with storytellers, strategists, decision-makers, and dreamers within the entertainment and social media industries. While specific details such as program duration, the number of associated start-ups, and investors remain undisclosed, the lab offers a Narrative Observatory providing insights into media narratives and trends. Overall, Harmony Labs builds communities and tools to reform and transform media systems, working on various projects related to media research and creativity. Despite the lack of information on funded start-ups or additional perks, their dedication to reshaping media narratives positions them as a noteworthy player in the industry.

Harmony Labs's Website
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120) WEVE Acceleration

WEVE Acceleration - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

WEVE Acceleration, formerly known as NUMA New York, is NYCs premier acceleration program for international startups looking to expand to the US market. With over twenty years of experience, WEVE has accelerated over 120 startups from 25 different nationalities since opening their NYC office in 2017. The flagship program is a 10-week US Soft-Landing Accelerator that provides startups with insightful learning sessions, 1:1 mentorship, and introductions to a network of top US investors and corporates. Additionally, WEVE offers customized programs for international government agencies and corporate partners, further advancing innovation and entrepreneurship through US market entry. While the specific domains are not explicitly mentioned, WEVE focuses on supporting startups across various industries. Through their programs, WEVE aims to make the world a more accessible place for innovators by offering world-class knowledge, connections, and resources. Notable key people running the organization are not specified. Some of the benefits for corporate leaders include strengthening customer relationships and showcasing value propositions through WEVE's Innovation Expeditions.

WEVE Acceleration's Website
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121) South Col

South Col - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

South Col is a unique eCommerce Accelerator that supports founders in maximizing their potential through funding, mentorship, and strategic guidance. With a focus on e-commerce brands, they partner with successful founders to enhance their businesses and increase exit value, akin to Sherpas guiding climbers on Everest. The accelerator offers expertise in online retail, aiding companies to grow strategically and boost their valuation. Utilizing their diverse background in fintech, advertising, investment banking, and business systems, the founding partners ensure operational excellence by driving growth through process optimization, data analytics, and cultural enhancement. Although specific numbers regarding startups associated, investors, and funded startups are undisclosed, South Col prides itself on positioning sellers for successful exits by providing invaluable resources and industry knowledge. Notable founder Yoni Kozminski leads the team in supporting eCommerce ventures on their journey to success.

South Col's Website
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122) Black Progress Matters

Black Progress Matters - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Black Progress Matters is an accelerator/incubator founded in 2020 in Williamsville, New York, with a commitment to effectuating change at the executive level. The company invests in sectors such as big data, staffing & professional services, and beauty & wellness. Notable investments include Smartgov Data Tech, Cocoa by CeCe, Katini Skin, UnBiasIt, and Walker Sports Audit. Dean Haynesworth leads the organization as the Chief Executive Officer & Board Member. In addition to its primary focus areas, Black Progress Matters also supports companies in the fitness and wellness industry.

Black Progress Matters's Website
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123) BAJ Accelerator

BAJ Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

BAJ Accelerator is a growth stage accelerator that caters to startups at the Pre-Seed to Series A+ levels. Founded by Armen Kherlopian and Emma Arakelyan, the institution aims to transform startup journeys by offering expert guidance, funding opportunities, and strategic growth support. It is known for its high-touch approach providing relationships for funding, growth, business, legal, investment, and academia. The program is intensive, lasting 6 days with 8-9 hours of daily sessions, and is completely equity-free, allowing up to five participants per company. BAJ specializes in technology development, supporting startups in various sectors by providing capital, content, and customers to drive growth. Participants benefit from networking opportunities with investors, targeted coaching, customer interviews, and training sessions conducted by top-level executives worldwide. The accelerator fosters collaborations, real-time interviews, and presentations to enhance startups' growth strategies and validate their ideas, making it a valuable platform for startups seeking strategic guidance and development.

BAJ Accelerator's Website
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124) Fordham Foundry

Fordham Foundry - supporting New York's best founders

Fordham Foundry is an entrepreneurial incubator and collaborative workspace affiliated with Fordham University. The accelerator empowers innovators including students, alumni, faculty, and community members to address 21st-century business and social challenges. Their offerings include educational programs, networking opportunities with a connected community, support for launching and growing business ventures. The accelerator hosts bi-annual business plan and pitch competitions to offer equity-free startup funding. Additionally, the Fordham Angel Fund provides funding for student and alumni ventures. Key features of Fordham Foundry include mentorship from entrepreneurs, creating a supportive community for student entrepreneurs, and a focus on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. It operates in a sector-agnostic approach, welcoming startups from various industries. Fordham Foundry does not take equity stakes in the supported companies, allowing founders to concentrate on building their ventures.

Fordham Foundry's Website
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125) The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program is an initiative launched in 2011 by Stony Brook University to support clean-energy innovators in refining their technologies, formulating business plans, and bringing solutions to market. It received $150,000 as part of the Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Round 3 and is one of 24 semifinalists in the U.S. Department of Energys EPIC Prize competition. The program offers a hands-on, 12-week accelerator program for early-stage energy startups, focusing on clean energy technologies including renewable energy, energy efficiency, grid modernization, and sustainable practices. Start-ups associated with CEBIP gain access to the Rice Alliance network for support from energy corporations, investors, and experienced advisers. CEBIP provides mentorship, technology validation, and critical business development support to help start-ups prepare for technology demonstrations and commercial success. By fostering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs in the renewable and clean energy industries, the program contributes significantly to advancing sustainable technologies and energy innovation ecosystems.

The Clean Energy Business Incubator Program's Website
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126) OpenPlans

OpenPlans - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

OpenPlans is an accelerator founded in 2001 and based in New York, New York. The accelerator focuses on investing in companies that develop online tools for public input and information sharing, particularly in the domains of public engagement, urban planning, and civic technology. Through grassroots advocacy and policy change, the organization aims to create structural and cultural shifts that prioritize community, safety, joy, mobility, and empowerment. Additionally, OpenPlans advocates for digital democracy and builds open-source software to enhance transportation systems. The accelerator offers startups in its program various benefits including mentorship, networking opportunities, workspace, funding, educational modules, and demo days. The vision of OpenPlans revolves around promoting livability and people-centered policies to drive economic growth while fostering innovation and collaboration in civic technology and urban planning. While specific metrics like the number of startups associated or funded startups are not provided, the organization has a history of supporting projects that enhance public life and urban environments in the Social Media and General Tech industries.

OpenPlans's Website
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127) SCOBY Collective

SCOBY Collective - supporting founders in their growth journey

SCOBY Collective is a Teal Impact Studio and accelerator program specializing in supporting social impact organizations across industries such as Renewable Energy, Environmental Tech, and Clean Energy. Founded by Clement Hochart, the program functions as an organizational co-founder for social businesses and NGOs, providing fractional top executives to work alongside startup teams and enhance their efforts. By leveraging the power of collective intelligence, the organization aims to de-risk businesses, accelerate growth, and help ventures become climate-ready through strategic shifts, operational revamps, and product/service development. The accelerator program caters to impact entrepreneurs, offering experienced advisors, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to boost growth and implement best practices until startups gain traction. SCOBY Collective prioritizes impact and collective intelligence over traditional metrics. Additionally, the program operates with a collective approach, allowing entrepreneurs to access executive co-founders' expertise and contribute to their teams' success.

SCOBY Collective's Website
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128) NYDesigns

NYDesigns - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

NYDesigns Accelerator, established in 2006, provides support to design entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and growth stages. The accelerator offers specialized programs like the 6-week Fashion Design Accelerator, focusing on fashion design businesses, and the Hardware Startup Accelerator, offering early-stage hardware entrepreneurs access to light industrial manufacturing space. With a capacity to host 10 carefully selected start-ups in the Fashion Design Accelerator, NYDesigns caters to a diverse range of companies in the design and technology sectors. Participants in the Fashion Design Accelerator benefit from personalized one-on-one strategy sessions, assistance in developing business/growth plans, a private tour of NYC's garment district, and access to vendor supplier lists. In addition to its fashion-related programs, the accelerator operates in the General Tech industry with a 12-week program. NYDesigns Accelerator aims to accelerate growth, foster innovation, and support entrepreneurs in the fashion and hardware sectors.

NYDesigns's Website
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129) Canadian Technology Accelerator

Canadian Technology Accelerator - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Canadian Technology Accelerator is a program offered by the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service to support high-potential, high-growth Canadian companies in expanding their businesses globally. It focuses on Cleantech, Digital industries, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), Life sciences, and Digital health. Operating in 12 global tech hubs across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, it has had over 1100 alumni who collectively raised $754 million in capital and generated $301 million in revenue. The program offers virtual and in-market formats with benefits such as access to trade commissioners, coaching, mentoring, and networking opportunities. Canadian companies can join without cost or equity requirements, with potential financial support from the CanExport program for travel and accommodation expenses. Industries served by the program include General Tech, Clean Energy, Healthcare Tech, Fintech, and Biotech. Notable benefits for participating companies include connections to global markets, investors, mentors, partners, clients, and a collaborative workspace.

Canadian Technology Accelerator's Website
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130) IncubatorWorks

IncubatorWorks - supporting New York's best founders

IncubatorWorks is an organization based in the Southern Tier of New York. They have locations in Painted Post, Alfred, and Elmira. Their mission is to promote economic development in the region by assisting entrepreneurs in creating job opportunities. They offer a variety of resources, including workspace, advice, and connections to support small business owners. Currently, they are working with over 30 entrepreneurs, providing them with guidance for the growth of their startups. The organization emphasizes mentorship, networking, and collaboration with community and business leaders. Additionally, IncubatorWorks collaborates with Cornell, Binghamton, and Buffalo Universities to enhance their support ecosystem. They demonstrate a commitment to fostering entrepreneurship in a diverse range of industries, operating as a sector-agnostic entity.

IncubatorWorks's Website
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131) The New Bureau

The New Bureau - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

The New Bureau, led by founders Howard Fields, Lala Ghahreman, and Peter Raymond, focuses on delivering Social Impact ROI by addressing the health of people, planet, and profits. They collaborate with stakeholders to swiftly tackle challenges and identify opportunities in areas such as climate change, education, healthcare, and Smart Cities. The accelerator, known as the Service Bureau Accelerator, specializes in supporting tax professionals in establishing and expanding their service bureaus, offering valuable resources, support, and strategies to enhance their success in the industry. Although the exact number of associated start-ups and investor details are not disclosed, the program provides ongoing support to its members. With a focus on operational efficiency and value, the accelerator offers enhanced support, a client success program, and an annual convention aimed at empowering members with actionable strategies. The program ultimately aims to streamline tax professionals' journeys, improve operational efficiency, and drive profitability in the service bureau landscape, catering to both aspiring and established professionals in the industry.

The New Bureau's Website
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132) WNY Incubator Network

WNY Incubator Network - building New York's entrepreneurial future

The WNY Incubator Network (WIN) is a collaborative effort of business incubators in Western New York. It operates under the management of the University at Buffalo Business & Entrepreneur Partnerships. The network aims to expand entrepreneurial services, support startups, and foster wealth creation in the region. WIN achieves this by connecting startups to UB's extensive resources, including student talent, faculty expertise, and world-class facilities. The network serves the western region of New York State, including Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie, and Niagara Counties. WIN's primary goal is to help incubator ventures grow quickly, achieve greater profitability, and become more attractive to investors. The program specializes across various sectors in Western New York, providing startups with access to a supportive ecosystem, mentorship, and networking opportunities. This initiative contributes to the economic growth of Western New York and is a vital part of the region's entrepreneurship landscape.

WNY Incubator Network's Website
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133) NEW INC

NEW INC - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

NEW INC is the world's first museum-led incubator for art, technology, and design, situated in NYC. It is an accelerator program that nurtures artists, designers, and entrepreneurs operating at the convergence of art, technology, and business. The program provides a collaborative workspace for a diverse community of creators and companies, offering mentorship, resources, and connections to facilitate funding opportunities. NEW INC's program typically spans one year, granting participants access to workshops, mentorship, and collaborative prospects. Specializing in art, technology, and entrepreneurship, it supports ventures in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), digital media, design, and other creative domains, encouraging innovative technology applications, artistic endeavors, and business innovation. Participants benefit from shared workspace in NYC, mentorship from industry experts, workshops, seminars, networking events, cross-disciplinary interactions, exhibition opportunities, and access to essential tools, software, and equipment. While specific investors associated with NEW INC are undisclosed, its reputation and network likely attract investors keen on backing pioneering projects.

NEW INC's Website
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134) TSR Global Entrepreneur Program

TSR Global Entrepreneur Program - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The TSR Global Entrepreneur Program, part of Together for Safer Roads, is a tailor-made accelerator connecting startups with road safety experts at multinational companies and universities. With a focus on reducing crashes and saving lives, the program selects up to five companies for each twelve-month cohort. Participants gain membership in a global road safety coalition including organizations like AB InBev, AIG, AT&T, and CalAmp. The 2020 program concentrates on Intelligent Transportation Services, Transportation Logistics/Supply Chain, and Government Transportation/Smart Cities. Alumni companies like Brisk Synergies Tech Corp, Idelic, and Peloton Technology have received funding from investors such as INFINITI Motor Company and Birchmere Ventures. Members benefit from mentorship, networking opportunities, and engagement with the Innovation Impact Board. This platform offers startups a chance to innovate, collaborate with experts, and contribute to safer roads globally. Industries of focus include Logistics and Supply Chain.

TSR Global Entrepreneur Program's Website
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135) Cyber NYC

Cyber NYC - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Cyber NYC, an initiative launched by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), is championing and catalyzing the cyber ecosystem in New York City. With a 60,000-person cybersecurity workforce and over 300 dedicated cyber companies, the city boasts a robust cybersecurity sector. Since 2017, the industry has seen $39 billion in investment through over 300 deals, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 53%, surpassing the national average. The initiative offers programs like the Cyber NYC Internship Program, Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp, and City College of New York Cybersecurity Masters Program to develop the cyber workforce of the future. Through innovative initiatives, Cyber NYC aims to support industry growth, bridge the skills gap, and create a more inclusive cyber workforce by increasing diversity in the field. Participants benefit from exposure to the city's vibrant tech and startup ecosystem while accessing networking opportunities and mentorship. Cyber NYC is a key player in fostering cybersecurity talent, innovation, and investment in New York City.

Cyber NYC's Website
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136) Southern Tier Startup Alliance

Southern Tier Startup Alliance - connecting start-up founders with success

Southern Tier Startup Alliance is a government agency that operates as a member organization of business incubators in the Southern Tier region of New York. They provide workshops, programs, and support for entrepreneurs and startups, with a focus on promoting economic growth and creating job opportunities in the region. The accelerator has facilitated 239 new financial deals, attracted 63 new investors, and closed financial deals totaling $400 million. Additionally, 123 investor groups have participated in funding activities. STSA specializes in clean energy, manufacturing, and food/agricultural technology, collaborating with companies like Xerox, IBM, and Corning Incorporated. The region's seven million acres of farmland support food science and agricultural technology ventures. Start-ups benefit from the alliance's emphasis on scalable businesses. Entrepreneurs also enjoy the excellent quality of life, access to trained talent, and supportive environments provided in the Southern Tier region of New York. Notable industries involved with STSA include Clean Energy, Food and Beverage, and Agriculture Tech.

Southern Tier Startup Alliance's Website
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137) The Field Academy

The Field Academy - building New York's entrepreneurial future

The Field Academy is a unique accelerator program designed for Food and AgTech founders. The program aims to help them become market and investor-ready through a blended approach of open innovation and structured programming. It specializes in startups in the food and agriculture technology sector, offering immersive interdisciplinary experiences, community exposure, and rigorous academics. The accelerator targets public high school students who are chronically absent, involved in the justice system, expelled, or identify as dropouts, providing a bridge for them to re-engage with education and obtain a diploma, GED, or transition into the workforce. While specific metrics such as the number of associated startups, investors, funded startups, and program duration are not specified, the program efficiently utilizes limited resources to support founders. The Field Academy runs for 11 weeks and caters to entrepreneurs in the Food and Beverage and Agriculture Tech industries.

The Field Academy's Website
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138) dlab

dlab - connecting start-up founders with success

dlab, a New York City-based accelerator, specializes in website design, development, and various tech areas such as application development, user experience (UX) design, and front-end development. The accelerator, led by founders Nick Plante, Sean O'Sullivan, and Shawn Broderick, focuses on startups in the blockchain industry. They offer a residency program lasting from 3 to 12 months, providing continuous support and tailored guidance to participants. Different from traditional accelerators, dlab adopts a unique investment approach by identifying promising startups early and providing a $150k SAFE note along with a pre-commitment of $100k USD for the startup's next financing round. The accelerator excels in supporting startups exploring decentralization and blockchain technology, offering assistance in product design, user experience, business development, marketing, fundraising, and more. Although specific perks are not outlined, participants likely benefit from mentorship interactions and tailored assistance to meet their startup needs.

dlab's Website
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139) FoodFutureCo

FoodFutureCo - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

FoodFutureCo is a scale-up accelerator that focuses on established yet small organizations within the food system. The company works with companies in areas such as consumer products, online marketplace solutions, SaaS platforms, food hubs, supply chain solutions, ag tech, and food tech. Each cohort, consisting of 4 to 6 companies, receives an investment of up to $20,000 per company. Eligible companies are those on track to gross over $1 million annually. The program, lasting approximately 5 months, assists participants in developing innovative products and services through a consultative approach, mentorship, and curated content series. FoodFutureCo also offers ongoing mentorship, an advisor network, and potential follow-on investment from the Food Future Fund. Founded by Shen Tong, the accelerator specializes in areas such as CPGs, food tech, ag tech, locally produced food, plant-based food, sustainable seafood, and food waste solutions. Industries of interest include Ecommerce, Food and Beverage, Agriculture Tech, Clean Energy, SaaS, Delivery Services, Logistics, and Supply Chain. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and confidentiality is maintained for all shared information.

FoodFutureCo's Website
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140) Token Rockets

Token Rockets - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Token Rockets is an accelerator program tailored for early-stage blockchain and cryptocurrency start-ups. It offers mentorship, resources, and funding to drive their growth. The accelerator typically works with a cohort of start-ups in each cycle and collaborates with a diverse network of investors keen on blockchain and crypto projects to potentially invest in participating start-ups. Specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency, it likely focuses on domains like decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and smart contracts. The program duration is not explicitly stated, but accelerators usually run for several weeks to a few months, offering intensive support. Additional benefits may include mentorship from industry professionals, networking opportunities, workspace access, potential funding, educational workshops, and demo days. Industries of interest for Token Rockets include Fintech and Blockchain.

Token Rockets's Website
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141) Venture for ClimateTech

Venture for ClimateTech - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Venture For ClimateTech (V4C) is a global non-profit accelerator program that focuses on advancing climate tech solutions to address the climate crisis. The program sources promising climate tech innovators worldwide and provides hands-on support until they are prepared for customers, pilot runs, and investments, with a goal of bringing sustainable solutions to the market. Participants in the program benefit from market validation, comprehensive support, up to $50,000 in non-dilutive funding, various perks, team building assistance, and pathways to scale. The program follows a timeline including a bootcamp, phases for mentoring, customer discovery, business model development, CXO candidate matching, storytelling, investor engagement, and Demo Day in NYC, among others. Venture For ClimateTech specializes in renewable energy, carbon capture, sustainable agriculture, and circular economy innovations. It is powered by NextCorps and SecondMuse, with support from NYSERDA. The accelerator was launched in 2021 to drive New York State's energy transition, partnering with the ClimateWorks Foundation to enhance funding accessibility for Black and Latinx founders. Notable industries of focus include renewable energy, clean energy, and agriculture tech.

Venture for ClimateTech's Website
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142) Venture Catalyst Partners

Venture Catalyst Partners - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Venture Catalyst Partners is a growth and business accelerator dedicated to revitalizing high-growth businesses that may currently be underperforming in PE/VC/Angel portfolios. The accelerator aims to assist start-up companies in surpassing investor expectations and transforming into high-growth disruptors. The organization runs the exclusive Start-Up Accelerator, which includes a proprietary investment and due diligence process applied pre-funding to invited start-ups. The program features assessments, actionable acceleration plans typically executed in 100-day increments but can extend up to a one-to-three-year investment cycle, and potential co-investment opportunities for the organization. Additionally, it provides the 'Tribe of Twelve' mentoring program for CEOs and founders, along with proprietary business assessments like the MRI and CAT-SCAN. While specific specialization domains are not disclosed, Venture Catalyst Partners likely works with start-ups across various industries, with a particular focus on Fintech. Notable features such as additional perks or benefits remain undisclosed. Key individuals involved in the organization are not mentioned, and notable founders or start-ups benefiting from the program are not specified.

Venture Catalyst Partners's Website
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143) New York Business Plan Competition

New York Business Plan Competition - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

The New York Business Plan Competition (NYBPC) is a statewide, intercollegiate entrepreneurship competition powered by Upstate Capital. It serves as a platform for the most innovative student-led startups from New York across various industries such as technology, healthcare, social impact, and consumer products. The program duration typically spans several months, allowing participants to progress from campus-level competitions to the statewide finals. The NYBPC has had a significant economic impact, leading to follow-on funding for over 100 startups. Participants benefit from networking opportunities, formal business pitch practice, and access to resources like mentorship and cash prizes ranging from $7,500 to $15,000 through programs like the New York StartUP! initiative. While the exact number of startups associated with the competition may vary each year, it continues to support the growth of entrepreneurial ventures and provide a platform for emerging talent. Key individuals running the organization include the organizers from Upstate Capital. Notable founders or startups that have benefited from the program are not specifically mentioned. The NYBPC's impact on industries goes beyond the competition, fostering innovation, connections, and economic growth across New York state.

New York Business Plan Competition's Website
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144) The Gentlemen's Factory

The Gentlemen's Factory - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

The Gentlemen's Factory is a Phygital platform founded in 2014, catering to Black and Brown Gentlemen globally. It offers a workspace, incubator, and community for professionals and entrepreneurs, focusing on collaboration and unity. Members access workspace, conference rooms, and networking opportunities within a safe space designed for growth. The organization functions as a pillar institution supporting individuals in various industries, with millions of dollars circulating through its community annually. Services include incubation space, intensive programming, and GroomedSuccess division for mentoring at-risk youth in NYC. The accelerator welcomes entrepreneurs, thought leaders, activists, creatives, and corporate professionals, providing a blend of productivity, community, and recreation. Jeff Lindor leads the organization, which is based in Brooklyn, NY. The Gentlemen's Factory aims to empower today's multicultural man, offering a platform for development and celebration.

The Gentlemen's Factory's Website
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145) Strategic Insight Advisors

Strategic Insight Advisors - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Strategic Insight Advisors is an accelerator dedicated to transforming businesses through strategic clarity and innovative solutions. With a mission to guide leaders through complex challenges, the organization leverages its deep experience in complex systems and disruptive technologies to accelerate early-stage startups into effective, enterprise-scale companies. The institution has invested in 14 startups, currently managing a portfolio of 11 companies, and has successfully exited from 3 ventures. Specializing in areas such as market and channel expansion, key account acquisition, and operational efficiencies, they provide networked expertise to help businesses develop and scale successfully. Their focus on industries like Ecommerce, Fintech, General Tech, and Delivery Services highlights a wide-ranging approach to supporting both new and established businesses. Though the program duration is unspecified, participating startups can anticipate valuable guidance and support throughout their growth trajectory.

Strategic Insight Advisors's Website
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146) NextGen Consortium

NextGen Consortium - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

The NextGen Consortium is a collaboration between Closed Loop Partners Center for the Circular Economy and the NextGen Consortium, in partnership with leading brands like Starbucks and McDonald's. It is a multi-year global initiative focusing on addressing single-use foodservice packaging waste. The objective of the Consortium is to advance sustainable and circular solutions by bringing together industry experts, innovators, and global brands to redesign foodservice packaging. With a commitment of an additional $10 million from founding partners, the organization collaborates with various stakeholders across the value chain, including municipalities, NGOs, recyclers, and manufacturers. The efforts of the Consortium include promoting sustainable alternatives to single-use fiber cups, exploring material innovations, advocating for reuse models, and aligning packaging with recovery infrastructure. The Consortium offers valuable insights, reports, and resources on circular packaging solutions. Key figures driving this initiative include the Center for the Circular Economy and notable founders like Starbucks and McDonald's. Industries impacted include Clean Energy and Food and Beverage.

NextGen Consortium's Website
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147) The Entrepreneurs Network (New York)

The Entrepreneurs Network (New York) - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), also known as The Entrepreneurs Network (TEN) in New York City, is a prominent technology accelerator and an active early-stage venture capital fund. Since its inception in 2011, The Entrepreneurs Network has invested in over 330 startups globally. Operating as a no-equity accelerator, it does not require participating startups to relinquish equity for funding, offering instead deep access to US market insights and a robust partner and investor network. The accelerator conducts two four-month programs annually, providing each selected startup with an initial investment of $150,000 on a 6% post-money SAFE, with potential for follow-on funding. Specializing in the traded sector, The Entrepreneurs Network supports companies focused on commercializing scientific breakthroughs, leveraging new technologies, and expanding into markets beyond their immediate geography. With a network of over 500 mentors, The Entrepreneurs Network facilitates guidance, expertise, and connections for its startups, leading them to significant roles in various global industries. Operating within the 'General Tech' domain, The Entrepreneurs Network stands out as a dynamic accelerator fostering innovation and growth for early-stage startups worldwide.

The Entrepreneurs Network (New York)'s Website
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148) TriBeCa Venture Studio

TriBeCa Venture Studio - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

TriBeCa Venture Studio is a boutique venture studio based in New York City, powered by Microsoft and specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), FinTech, and MetaVerse startups. The studio's portfolio includes startups from Pre-Seed to Series B funding stages, collaborating with industry experts to accelerate growth. It offers capital introductions to define fundraising strategies, a structured company building program connecting startups with experts from companies like SoFi, Goldman Sachs, and Amazon, and tech development support through their offshore center in Europe. The studio focuses on supporting AI and FinTech startups to succeed in the competitive tech landscape, with notable industries being Artificial Intelligence and FinTech.

TriBeCa Venture Studio's Website
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149) Skifte Ventures

Skifte Ventures - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Skifte Ventures is an early-stage venture studio founded in 2020 and based in New York. It focuses on investing in human capital and supporting creative entrepreneurs. The firm was established by Ryan Foss-Skiftesvik, who transitioned from an investment banking background to venture capital, drawing inspiration from the creative entrepreneurial spirit in the art gallery business. Skifte Ventures seeks to invest in early-stage companies across various industries, including healthcare tech. The firm's mission and focus on early-stage companies position it as a significant player in the startup ecosystem, offering unique opportunities for entrepreneurs in technology, consumer goods, healthcare, and more.

Skifte Ventures's Website
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150) Westchester County Biosciences

Westchester County Biosciences - accelerating exceptional start-ups in New York

Westchester County Biosciences Accelerator (WCBA) is a competitive-entry, six-month program located in Westchester, New York. The accelerator provides personalized entrepreneurial education focusing on healthcare innovation for first-time founders of bioscience ventures. It supports startups in various domains such as therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, research tools, digital health, and materials technology breakthroughs. The program nurtures seed-stage ventures and funded startups, offering founders tailored education, guidance from expert mentors, networking opportunities with industry professionals, access to global funders, and promoting collaboration among industry members. WCBA plays a crucial role in nurturing bioscience innovation in Westchester, supporting ventures that drive advancements in biotech and healthcare tech. Colette, reachable at, is a key contact for further information.

Westchester County Biosciences's Website
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151) Prospect Innovation

Prospect Innovation - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

Prospect Innovation Accelerator drives innovation for the metals and mining industry sustainably. The accelerator specializes in domains like Energy Generation & Storage, Recycling & Recovery, Robotics, Mobility & Hardware, Data Capture, Analytics & AI, Sustainability & Carbon Capture, and Synthetic Biology. Collaborating with early-stage ventures in mining, Prospect Innovation provides patient capital to fuel success. The accelerator supports start-ups from ideation to success, providing comprehensive support throughout their journey. Start-ups receive focused mentorship, diverse collaboration, advisory support, and innovation challenges. Recognized for pioneering sustainable solutions in mining, Prospect Innovation fosters growth and drives positive impact. With a focus on Renewable Energy, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence, the accelerator aims to make a difference in the industry.

Prospect Innovation's Website
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152) Vaark Ventures

Vaark Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

Vaark Ventures is a startup studio firm based in Roslyn, New York. Founded in 2023, the organization specializes in seed-stage and early-stage companies, partnering with standout founders to provide both capital and a venture studio. The firm is headquartered at 15 Bryant Avenue, Roslyn, NY 11576, United States, and is led by co-founders and partners, Arthur Mosh and Timothy Martens. They focus on startups across various industries, operating as a sector-agnostic accelerator. Vaark Ventures offers a startup studio model, actively engaging in the development of startups alongside founders. This hands-on approach includes mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources like office space, legal advice, and funding. With a commitment to early-stage companies, Vaark Ventures plays a significant role in the startup ecosystem.

Vaark Ventures's Website
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153) JFE Network

JFE Network - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

JFE Network, founded in late 2009 in San Francisco, is an accelerator that aims to connect Jewish professionals and entrepreneurs globally. Their mission includes fostering a thriving community, educating the next generation of entrepreneurs about philanthropy, and inspiring founders through learning from successful mentors. JFE Network has hosted over 100 events worldwide, bringing together over 20,000 people across various cities. They launched the 2-month JFE Accelerator in February 2013, expanding to NYC with 7 cohorts, including a 3-month program in San Francisco. While their specific domains of specialization are not explicitly mentioned, JFE Network focuses on fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the Jewish community. They have supported numerous start-ups through their accelerator programs, connecting entrepreneurs with investors and facilitating funding opportunities. Additionally, the accelerator programs typically run for 2 to 3 months and offer networking opportunities, career fairs, and community-building events. Notable for being sector-agnostic, JFE Network continues to play a significant role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

JFE Network's Website
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154) Prufrock.Ventures

Prufrock.Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

Prufrock Ventures is a finance-focused company builder and investor, specializing in developing and advancing new ventures. The accelerator, operating in quasi-stealth mode, focuses on idea generation, validation, and early product development before revealing its vision. They boast a team including former Amazon employees who apply successful launch methods from the tech giant. The team consists of experts in design, engineering, product, and business development, such as Jim Meyerle, David Fisch, and Nina Sawhney. Prufrock Ventures concentrates on opportunities in booming markets, particularly in the fintech sector, aiming to capitalize on the $71 trillion wealth transfer expected in the Boomer generation. The accelerator is backed by renowned investors like Tiger Management and BloombergBeta, as well as early Amazon founding team members. Structured to operate for three to five years, the program emphasizes unique validation approaches and agile company building inspired by Amazon's principles.

Prufrock.Ventures's Website
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155) The Stern Venture Fellows

The Stern Venture Fellows - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in New York

The Stern Venture Fellows is a dynamic summer accelerator program that supports high-potential entrepreneurs from NYU Stern in advancing their ventures over a 10-week period. The 2024 cohort, specializing in the Digital & Software industry, benefits from a personalized experience guided by NYU faculty, staff, alumni, and mentors. Each fellow is awarded a $10,000 non-dilutive personal stipend to fuel their startup growth. The program offers advisory services in various domains, one-on-one mentorship, and networking opportunities with successful entrepreneurs and investors. Additionally, fellows gain access to a valuable network of NYU alumni in major tech hubs and participate in curated speaker events and workshops. Established with a generous donation from David Ko (BS 93) and Jennifer Ko, The Stern Venture Fellows is an exciting opportunity for founders to accelerate their startups with digital and software solutions. The program caters to NYU students, alumni, faculty, and staff, providing support, funding, and mentorship to drive innovation in General Tech and SaaS industries.

The Stern Venture Fellows's Website
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156) Wolf Lightning Accelerator

Wolf Lightning Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

Based in New York City, Wolf Lightning Accelerator is a Bitcoin accelerator program that focuses on the Lightning Network. It aims to bring founders and start-ups globally to NYC for eight-week cohorts. The program is designed to shape ideas into competitive businesses. The inaugural cohort, Wolfpack 1, consisted of eight teams selected from over 100 applications across 36 countries. Wolf specializes in companies working on the Lightning Network to contribute to the future of decentralized finance on Bitcoin. Participants likely benefit from mentorship, networking, and access to investors. Industries that benefit from this accelerator include Fintech and Blockchain. Wolf stands out as the first startup accelerator dedicated to Lightning, playing a pivotal role in advancing Lightning-based projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem and empowering visionary founders in the realm of Bitcoin technology.

Wolf Lightning Accelerator's Website
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157) Next Top Makers

Next Top Makers - supporting founders in their growth journey

Next Top Makers is a distinguished accelerator program that caters to a diverse range of industries, including Edtech, Fashion and Apparel, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Biotech, and many more. The accelerator is known for its commitment to fostering innovation and growth within the startup ecosystem. Next Top Makers typically attracts a network of investors to engage with start-ups during the program. Success stories of funded start-ups nurtured by the accelerator underline its efficacy in propelling early-stage ventures to new heights. Next Top Makers is reputed for offering a suite of benefits like mentorship, access to industry experts, and networking opportunities. Esteemed individuals spearhead the accelerator, driving its mission to support promising entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs seeking a conducive environment to scale their ventures, Next Top Makers stands out as a beacon of opportunity and guidance.

Next Top Makers's Website
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158) Synergos Holdings

Synergos Holdings - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Synergos Holdings accelerator is dedicated to deep-tech innovation in engineering and science, focusing on baseload manufacturing, energy security, energy transition materials, and next-gen agriculture. Their vision is to create secure supply chains in the western hemisphere for food, energy, materials, and baseload manufacturing. With 4 years of experience, they have funded 6 ventures, totaling $12 million in investment with $150 million in assets under management. While the specific program duration is not disclosed, they offer specialized corporate development and acceleration services, emphasizing stakeholder-conscious capitalism and long-term success. The organization excels in supply chain project development, particularly in food, energy, materials, and baseload manufacturing. They have a growing network of investors, venture capitalists, and corporate partners. The industries they focus on include Clean Energy and Agriculture Tech.

Synergos Holdings's Website
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159) Binghamton University - Koffman Southern Tier Incubator

Binghamton University - Koffman Southern Tier Incubator - New York's true entrepreneurial hub

Located in Binghamton, New York, the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is a vibrant hub for start-up companies seeking to grow and innovate. Established in 2017, the incubator offers 35,000 square feet of space, including co-working areas, offices, high-tech laboratories, and common areas to facilitate collaboration. Entrepreneurs from various domains benefit from the incubator's ecosystem designed to foster innovation and provide resources for emerging businesses. The facility accommodates start-ups specializing in healthcare tech, general tech, and clean energy, among other fields. Managed by Binghamton Universitys Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Partnerships, the incubator provides participants with mentorship, a supportive community, tailored programs, and spaces to advance their ventures. While specific metrics like the number of investors or funded start-ups are not disclosed, the incubator is known for offering additional perks such as networking events, workshops, and access to funding opportunities. Notable start-ups that have thrived in this environment include those in the healthcare tech, general tech, and clean energy sectors.

Binghamton University - Koffman Southern Tier Incubator's Website
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160) Spring St. Labs

Spring St. Labs - supporting New York's best founders

Spring St. Labs is a New York-based accelerator firm, operating as a subsidiary of Spring St. Group. Specializing in supporting growing consumer product companies, particularly in industries like fashion and apparel, it functions as an accelerator/incubator. The firm actively seeks new investments in the consumer product sector. Their accelerator program provides support to start-ups through mentorship, networking opportunities, and access to resources, standing out as an appealing choice for start-ups looking for growth and assistance. Known for their focus on consumer products and affiliation with Spring St. Group, Spring St. Labs offers valuable opportunities for start-ups.

Spring St. Labs's Website
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161) Worthmore (Venture Builder)

Worthmore (Venture Builder) - supporting founders in their growth journey

Founded in 2023 in New York, New York, by Caitlin Morelli and Rodney Foxworth, Worthmore (Venture Builder) focuses on creating and scaling its own startups in the General Tech industry. The accelerator offers support, mentorship, and resources to its portfolio companies, likely including access to experts, co-working spaces, and legal advice. Worthmore's presence in New York and the leadership of its founders position the organization as a noteworthy player in the startup ecosystem. The program duration typically ranges from several months to a few years in the venture builder model. Worthmore's mission is to build wealth, optionality, and opportunity for the new majority through ambitious partnerships with mission-driven leaders.

Worthmore (Venture Builder)'s Website
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162) Tacklebox Accelerator

Tacklebox Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in New York

Tacklebox Accelerator is a program designed for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to build and launch their startups while maintaining full-time careers. The accelerator runs a seven-week market viability test for startup ideas, offering weekly workshops, 1-on-1 strategy sessions, customer intent tests, and investor pitches to validate concepts. Over 6 years, the organization has assisted 350+ founders, leading to over $500 million in total enterprise value. The program, led by founder Brian Scordato, provides a self-paced online format based on a 7-week cohort model, specializing in guiding startups from 0 to 1. Participants benefit from a network of founders, tacticians, and investors, gaining access to valuable resources for informed decision-making and idea iteration. The institution's focus on helping founders avoid common pitfalls and establish a robust startup foundation has made it a go-to choice for entrepreneurs looking to test business ideas while employed in a sector-agnostic environment.

Tacklebox Accelerator's Website
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163) NMG Ventures

NMG Ventures - supporting founders in their growth journey

NMG Ventures is an accelerator program based in Oahu, Hawaii. It has a mission to inspire and build sustainable business ventures with driven individuals of color, women, LGBTQ entrepreneurs, and allies. The program starts on November 6th, 2021, spans 3 weeks, and offers tailored mentoring, world-class programming, and equity investment in startups. Although specific specialization domains are not explicitly mentioned, the organization focuses on investing in the technology sector. The accelerator provides additional perks and benefits to support the growth and development of participants. It is known for its support for industries such as Edtech, Artificial Intelligence, Clean Energy, Fintech, Blockchain, Robotics, and others. Notable figures involved in the program include experienced mentors and founders who have benefited from the accelerator's resources and guidance.

NMG Ventures's Website
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164) NuBiAvest

NuBiAvest - building New York's entrepreneurial future

NuBiAvest is an incubator that focuses on supporting startups in the creative industries inspired by Nubian heritage. They showcase projects in tourism, fashion, technology, industry, and creative sectors, connecting entrepreneurs with a network of investors to potentially fund promising projects. Notable ongoing projects include Nubian Village in tourism, Nubiasouq in technology, and D-roots in natural hair products. The NuBiAvest Summit is an annual event where entrepreneurs present their models to investors after a three-month training period. Specialization domains encompass tourism, fashion, technology, industry (including natural skincare and hair products), and creative industries like the afspot Music project. Additional benefits include access to data and insights from a database of founders and investors to drive sustainable economic growth and employment while globalizing the creative and green economy. The accelerator's focus industries include Travel and Tourism, Fashion and Apparel, and General Tech.

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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Accelerator brand power

Like Ivy-League credentials, your start-up’s story benefits from an accelerators’ brand.

Business management skills

Reaching the top is relatively easy. Staying there for years is difficult.

Critical Industry connections

A good connection at an FMCG/AI giant can help you 10x more than connecting with 100 retailers.

Peer learning

There’s not enough time in the world to learn from one’s own mistakes. Peer learning helps.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

Are you really important for them?

An accelerator or investor can hedge their bets by investing in multiple start-ups, but as a founder your start-up is your only bet.

Rome wasn't built in 12-16 weeks

Every business needs a strong foundation, but while some businesses can figure the basics in 3 months, others need > 1 year.

Are the alumni actually helpful?

An accelerator's alumni network can play a big role in your longer term growth. But ask around and figure if any of them gave back even a couple of hours in the past year.

FAQs About Start-up Accelerators

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Accelerators and Incubators in new-york

Looking for the best accelerators in New York? There are several reasons why choosing an accelerator can be beneficial for start-ups. Accelerators provide access to mentorship, resources, networking opportunities, and funding that can help new ventures grow and succeed. When considering which accelerator to join, it's important to take into account the start-up culture in New York. With its diverse and vibrant ecosystem, New York offers a supportive community of entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals who can provide valuable insights and connections. Some key factors to consider while choosing the right accelerator include the program's focus areas, the quality of mentors and advisors, the track record of success, and the availability of funding and support services. By selecting an accelerator that aligns with your goals and values, you can maximize your chances of success.

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