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Pennsylvania's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Innovation Works6.9Two Allegheny Center, Suite 100, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA51234Learn more
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania6.45240 Knowledge Pkwy, Erie, PA 16510, USA23240Learn more
AlphaLab5.1$100K for 2% equityPennsylvania, USA1047Learn more
Comcast NBCUniversal5.0Pennsylvania, USA332Learn more
ic@34014.93401 Market St Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA499Learn more
Robotics Factory4.9113 47th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA6Learn more
Sustainable Energy Fund4.94250 Independence Dr #100, Schnecksville, PA 18078, USA1Learn more
Comcast LIFT labs4.8Pennsylvania, USA405Learn more
University of Pennsylvania - Wharton4.8Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA101Learn more
Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse4.82403 Sidney St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, USA525Learn more
Dreamit Healthtech4.81617 John F Kennedy Blvd floor 20 suite 2020, Philadelphia, PA 19103, USA547Learn more
Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars4.7Pennsylvania, USA381Learn more
LSGPA: The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA4.63211 N Front St #201, Harrisburg, PA 17110, USA182Learn more
Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania4.63211 N Front St #201, Harrisburg, PA 17110, USA172Learn more
Pennovation Center4.63401 Grays Ferry Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA101Learn more
AlphaLab Gear4.6$50K113 47th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA132Learn more
Launch Lane Digital Health4.6$50K-$400KPhiladelphia, PA, USA141Learn more
AlphaLab Health4.6100 S Jackson Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15202, USA22Learn more
SteelBridge Labs4.6up to $1M2818 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA121Learn more
Steel Bridge Labs4.6$25K-$1M2818 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA121Learn more

This page covers the top accelerators and incubators in Pennsylvania.

However if geography isn’t a hard constraint, and you are only looking for the best incubators and accelerators across the US, check here.

Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Innovation Works

Innovation Works - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

Innovation Works operates with a clear mission to introduce, connect, support, and expand the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Southwestern Pennsylvania, positioning the region as a hub for innovative startups and tech investors nationwide. The organization strategically invests capital, business expertise, and resources in companies with significant potential for regional economic impact. Specifically, the IW+MC Accelerator, a free six-month program, focuses on supporting social enterprise leaders in Baltimore, aiding them in refining key business aspects, devising growth strategies, and ensuring long-term financial sustainability. Participants benefit from a tailored curriculum comprising modules on essential topics like financial modeling, marketing, and investment readiness, supported by a network of local and global mentors. Notable outcomes for accelerator graduates include detailed growth plans, customized financial models, and refined business and funding strategies. Innovation Works has a profound impact, having invested over $117 million in 667+ companies since 1999, leading to 77 successful exits and over $3.3 billion in follow-on investments. The accelerator's emphasis on empowering social enterprises across various industries like Consumer Electronics, Healthcare Tech, Biotech, and Robotics underlines its commitment to driving impactful and sustainable growth.

Innovation Works's Website
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2) Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania - supporting founders in their growth journey

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania is a renowned accelerator with over 30 years of experience investing in tech startups and small manufacturers across its 32-county footprint. The organization focuses on driving economic growth and job creation by providing funding and support to businesses in industries like Fintech, General Tech, and Real Estate Tech. One of its flagship programs is the TechCelerator, a 10-week business boot camp designed for local entrepreneurs, graduate students, professors, and university researchers looking to launch startups and commercialize innovative products or processes. BFTP/CNP offers phased investments, typically not exceeding $500,000 per startup, over a three to four-year timeframe. The accelerator goes beyond funding to provide essential business support services, mentoring through the Transformation Business Services Network, and opportunities for startups to access follow-on funding. The impact of the organization is evident through its annual BIG IDEA Contests and comprehensive approach to fostering tech innovation in Central and Northern Pennsylvania.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Central and Northern Pennsylvania's Website
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3) AlphaLab

AlphaLab - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

AlphaLab is a nationally-ranked software accelerator located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2008, the accelerator spans a duration of six months and offers crucial resources to early-stage tech companies including funding, networking, and expertise. It invests $100,000 in startups for 2% equity, assisting founders in building customized plans for their businesses. With 156 investments made, startups associated with AlphaLab have secured over $700 million in follow-on funding. Notably, 65% of the companies have successfully raised a round, with 15 exits and 2 unicorns under its portfolio. The accelerator specializes in software and technology startups, along with AlphaLab Gear for hardware companies and AlphaLab Health for medical startups. During the program, founders go through two distinct phases over 17 weeks, focusing on goal setting, fundraising, and mentor introductions. Ongoing support includes up to $800,000 in follow-on investment, office space access, and participation in portfolio programming and events. Successful founders like Rachel Reid, Rich Kucera, and Ryan Green attribute their growth to AlphaLab's resources and network.

AlphaLab's Website
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4) Comcast NBCUniversal

Comcast NBCUniversal - connecting start-up founders with success

The Comcast NBCUniversal SportsTech Accelerator is a 12-week program that scouts, coaches, and accelerates innovative companies in the sports industry, aiming to shape the sports experience through technology. The accelerator offers direct access to decision-makers and industry leaders from key partners like NBC Sports, Sky Sports, Comcast Spectacor, and Golf, as well as collaborations with organizations such as NASCAR, WWE, and PGA TOUR. The program duration has expanded to six months, including visits to Comcast offices, remote work weeks, and personalized growth plans for each of the six to ten startups in a cohort. Focused on revolutionizing the sports world, the accelerator provides startups with access to industry leaders for potential long-term partnerships. The specialization domains cover various aspects of sports technology innovation, presenting a unique opportunity for startups to collaborate, receive tailored guidance, and shape the future of sports technology within the General Tech industry.

Comcast NBCUniversal's Website
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5) ic@3401

ic@3401 - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

ic@3401 is a key player in the Philadelphia region, bringing together funded, early-stage tech companies at the intersection of academic, business, and civic interests in Philadelphia's Innovation District. They have a network of over 250 subject matter experts, service providers, mentors, and advisors, helping startups launch new products, secure partnerships, hire talent, and raise funding. Their focus industries include Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS. Founded by Mohamed Indera Shah, the accelerator offers a community of experts, investors, and resources to support the growth of startups into successful businesses. Participants receive various benefits such as subsidized rent, direct assistance, partner benefits, and access to a diverse network of industry professionals, all contributing to their success in Philadelphia's innovation ecosystem. With 9 successful exits so far, ic@3401 plays a vital role in fostering tech innovation and entrepreneurship in the region.

ic@3401's Website
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6) Robotics Factory

Robotics Factory - supporting founders in their growth journey

The Robotics Factory Accelerate Program is an initiative by Innovation Works and the Pittsburgh Robotics Network to support and scale robotics startups in Southwestern Pennsylvania. The program, with a duration of six months, hosts startups specializing in underwater intelligence, stem cell processing, robotic muscles for prosthetics, computer vision for horticulture, and smart bicycle safety technology. Participants benefit from co-working spaces, access to manufacturing resources, and tailored coaching. Notable startups that have been funded through this program include those mentioned above. The program's focus on robotics and related technologies aligns with its goal to address labor shortages and advance industries. Key individuals involved include those from Innovation Works and the Pittsburgh Robotics Network. The Robotics Factory Accelerate Program stands out for its commitment to nurturing early-stage robotics companies in a supportive environment to foster innovation in the Pittsburgh region.

Robotics Factory's Website
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7) Sustainable Energy Fund

Sustainable Energy Fund - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

Sustainable Energy Fund is a non-profit organization that offers energy funding solutions such as commercial loans, savings, and purchase agreements for sustainable energy projects in industries like Renewable Energy and Clean Energy. The organization focuses on accelerating breakthrough energy innovations to combat climate change and reduce CO emissions. Spearheaded by the World Economic Forum and KPMG, the Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund aims to bring energy technologies to market faster by increasing capital flow to sustainable energy innovation through effective public and private funding alignment. SEIF specializes in various domains including renewable energy, energy storage, grid optimization, and energy efficiency. The accelerator provides a collaborative platform for stakeholders to foster partnerships and knowledge exchange, driving innovation and global impact. While specific metrics like the number of associated start-ups and investors are not disclosed, the SEIF's overarching goal is to address the challenges faced by sustainable energy innovations on a global scale while paving the way for a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Energy Fund's Website
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8) Comcast LIFT labs

Comcast LIFT labs - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

LIFT Labs, a partnership between Comcast NBCUniversal and Techstars, aims to connect startup founders with leaders across the conglomerate to develop lasting partnerships and drive innovation. The accelerator is a 12-week intensive program that targets startups in the entertainment, media, and connectivity sectors, focusing on those that can impact the current business landscape and future prospects of Comcast NBCUniversal. Since 2018, the accelerator's companies have collectively raised over $424 million in funding, with more than 90% securing proofs of concepts, pilots, or commercial deals with Comcast NBCUniversal and Sky. Beyond funding, startups benefit from tailored programming, access to key decision-makers, and thematic initiatives like the Generative AI program. Additionally, the docuseries 'Founding in Color' showcases candid conversations with Black and Latino startup founders. Notable founders of Comcast LIFT Labs include Daniel Aaron, Diane Yu, Jan Renner, Julian Brodsky, and Ralph J. Roberts. The accelerator equips startups in entertainment, AI, and general tech with essential support, networks, and resources to propel their growth and influence in relevant industries.

Comcast LIFT labs's Website
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9) University of Pennsylvania - Wharton

University of Pennsylvania - Wharton - connecting start-up founders with success

The University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League Research University, is known for shaping future leaders. At its Wharton campus, the Cypher Accelerator, offered by the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance at Wharton, supports startups in the blockchain and crypto space, running a three-month program. Startups associated with Cypher Accelerator include leading blockchain and crypto companies, with founders gaining access to top investors. The program features mentorship, educational resources, networking opportunities, operational support, and access to Penn's talent pool, culminating in a demo day. Wharton also offers the Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, a three-month online certificate program focusing on data-driven outcomes for scaling businesses. Moreover, Wharton hosts the Analytics Accelerator, where students collaborate with companies to solve real-world problems using cutting-edge techniques like machine learning and AI. Industries catered to by Wharton's accelerators include Edtech, Artificial Intelligence, Personal Finance, and Blockchain. Among its notable founders is Benjamin Franklin.

University of Pennsylvania - Wharton's Website
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10) Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse - connecting start-up founders with success

The Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse is an organization based in Pittsburgh, PA. It specializes in providing capital investments and tailored business growth services to life sciences startups. The institution collaborates with early-stage companies and university spinouts in the healthcare sector, focusing on areas such as digital health, medical devices, and therapeutics. The accelerator program offered by PLSG is a 13-week intensive initiative aimed at advancing startups' progress towards commercialization through mentoring and educational support. They work closely with experienced mentors, corporate partners, and ecosystem innovators to assist local life science ventures. The organization's expertise lies in technologies with the potential to revolutionize healthcare. Participants in the program benefit from a curated curriculum delivered by industry experts, guidance on developing investor-attractive commercialization plans, and support in overcoming healthcare startup-specific challenges. Notable perks include the opportunity for engagement with mentors, talent, corporate partners, and investors. PLSG primarily focuses on industries such as Biotech and Healthcare Tech.

Pittsburgh Life Sciences Greenhouse's Website
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11) Dreamit Healthtech

Dreamit Healthtech - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

Dreamit HealthTech is a top-ranked venture fund and accelerator focused on digital health, medical device, and diagnostics startups within the Healthcare Tech and Cybersecurity industries. The program, led by Partner Adam Dakin and Senior Associate Elliot Levy, aims to empower startups to transform healthcare by offering access to customers, coaching, and capital over a 14-week duration. With a portfolio of over 100 companies, Dreamit HealthTech provides startups with critical feedback, go-to-market strategy support, and weekly meetings to enhance aspects like pricing, sales, and growth strategies. Startups benefit from engaging with over 70 Customer Sprint partners, including health systems and pharmaceutical companies, by pitching to 15-25 executive-level decision-makers. Additionally, founders engage in Investor Sprints, meeting with 20-30 investors, which accelerates fundraising and facilitates rapid market feedback. Notable founders of Dreamit HealthTech include David Bookspan, Elliot Menschik, Michael Levinson, and Steve Welch, with Adam Dakin having co-founded five health technology companies that collectively raised over $60M in early-stage capital.

Dreamit Healthtech's Website
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12) Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars

Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars is an innovation program that supports startups in the media, entertainment, and connectivity domains. Since its establishment in 2018, 43 companies have completed the 13-week accelerator program, collectively raising over $115 million. Over 70% of the participating startups have secured partnerships with Comcast, NBCUniversal, and Sky. The program focuses on areas such as Smart Sustainable Enterprise, Connected Living, and Immersive & Inclusive Experiences. Additionally, 50% of the selected companies are led by individuals from diverse backgrounds, while 33% are led by women or gender-diverse founders. Startups benefit from mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, gaining access to Comcast NBCUniversal's extensive network. The accelerator fosters collaboration, diversity, and innovation. The key people involved in the program include founders Daniel Aaron, Diane Yu, Jan Renner, Julian Brodsky, and Ralph J. Roberts. Stay tuned for updates on this year's participating companies as they prepare for Demo Day.

Comcast NBCUniversal LIFT Labs Accelerator, Powered by Techstars's Website
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13) LSGPA: The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA

LSGPA: The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

Life Sciences Greenhouse Investments, formerly known as LSGPA, was established in 2001 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The institution's mission is to accelerate economic growth in central PA by commercializing life sciences discoveries. Focused on healthcare technology firms in Pennsylvania, it has invested $37 million in 72 companies and projects since its inception in 2002, leveraging funds from the Master Tobacco Settlement Act. This investment has led to over $736 million in follow-on funding, boosting the state's life sciences sector. In January 2023, the organization rebranded to Life Sciences Greenhouse Investments to better represent its function as a capital source for entrepreneurs. The shift included a move to North Front Street in Harrisburg and a revamped website. Specializing in biotech and healthcare tech, offering venture capital investment programs for seed and early-stage VC, Life Sciences Greenhouse Investments contributes significantly to healthcare innovation and job creation in Pennsylvania's vibrant life sciences ecosystem.

LSGPA: The Life Sciences Greenhouse of Central PA's Website
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14) Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania

Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Pennsylvania

Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania is a public/private venture focused on commercializing bioscience technologies. Their mission is to support technologies in healthcare by de-risking time, resources, and investment during the path to commercialization. The organization partners with local research universities, colleges, medical centers, and economic development institutions. The accelerator program, a 13-week intensive program, is aimed at accelerating companies' progress in various healthcare domains such as digital health, medical devices, and therapeutics. It includes mentoring, educational components, and culminates in a judged pitch event. Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania offers a curated curriculum by industry experts, workshops, networking events, and access to experienced mentors, talent, corporate partners, and investors to help startups develop investable commercialization plans. While specific metrics are not available, the organization has supported ventures in biotech, healthcare tech, and fintech industries.

Life Sciences Greenhouse of Pennsylvania's Website
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15) Pennovation Center

Pennovation Center - connecting start-up founders with success

Pennovation Works is anchored by the Pennovation Center, serving as a business incubator and laboratory that fosters the commercialization of research discoveries by uniting researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. The center offers common creative spaces such as coworking areas, a cafe, and event venues to facilitate collaboration. The Pennovation Accelerator is a notable six-week program that supports local startups at the post-MVP/Proof of Concept stage, with each paired with a mentor for guidance. Eligible companies, with revenue under $500K and funding below $1M, benefit from educational sessions, networking opportunities, and pitch events, covering industries like Consumer Products, Food Tech, Health Tech, Robotics, among others. Founded by Benjamin Franklin, the accelerator does not require equity and offers various perks including mentorship, free Co-Worker membership, training, AWS credits, and the chance to pitch to investors. It is tailored for established startups as well and does not have geographic restrictions, welcoming applicants beyond Philadelphia.

Pennovation Center's Website
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16) AlphaLab Gear

AlphaLab Gear - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

AlphaLab Gear is an independent subsidiary accelerator founded in 2013, specializing in hardware, Internet of Things (IoT), and robotics startups. The 30-week program offers up to $100,000 in investment, mentorship from industry experts like Kevin Dowling, Aaron Tainter, and others, as well as networking opportunities. Startups benefit from office space, manufacturing equipment access, and educational sessions. The accelerator is led by key figures like Jessi Mazzoni, Dejana Raggi, Afshan Khan, and Jeff Reed, focusing on domains such as consumer electronics and robotics. Notable founders include Josh McElhattan. Additionally, the organization hosts the annual Hardware Cup, a startup pitch contest awarding $50,000 in investment. With a collaborative workspace that includes artists-in-residence, AlphaLab Gear propels early-stage physical product companies towards successful market entry and scalability.

AlphaLab Gear's Website
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17) Launch Lane Digital Health

Launch Lane Digital Health - building Pennsylvania's entrepreneurial future

The Launch Lane Digital Health Accelerator, formerly known as the Digital Health Accelerator or DHA, is operated by the University City Science Center in Greater Philadelphia. It supports digital health companies in transitioning from research and development to sales by offering funding, collaborative workspace, mentorship, and connections to key healthcare stakeholders and investors. The accelerator's curriculum is tailored to help companies reach their specific milestones, accelerating from prototype development to customer acquisition. In 2021, the fifth cohort of Launch Lane comprised eight startups from the U.S. and Canada, each receiving $200,000 collectively and the potential for an additional $200,000 as they achieved individual goals. The cohort participated in tailored weekly programming and received membership at the ic@3401 incubator for a year. The accelerator specializes in digital health, covering areas like remote patient monitoring, AI-driven platforms, and medical equipment management. Notable startups from the cohort include Clinicor, Gray Oncology Solutions, Lara Health, Modal, Neuralert, Opal HTM, PopCheck Tech, and Vital Start Health. Overall, the Science Center has supported 35 companies through Launch Lane, helping them raise over $100 million in follow-on funding, generate $50 million in revenue, and create more than 300 jobs.

Launch Lane Digital Health's Website
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18) AlphaLab Health

AlphaLab Health - supporting founders in their growth journey

AlphaLab Health was a healthcare and life sciences accelerator that supported early-stage tech startups in bringing innovations to market by navigating scientific, clinical, and commercial development risks. The partnership between Innovation Works and Allegheny Health Network leveraged healthcare domain expertise and clinical access from partners like Highmark Health. The program focused on accelerating scientific, clinical, and market validation for healthcare and life science tech companies, specializing in biotech and healthcare tech industries. It offered resources like clinical access, tailored support, and flexible programming, aiming to empower startups in shortening the road to commercialization. Although specific metrics like start-ups associated or funded start-ups are not provided, the accelerator's commitment to providing key resources and guidance to entrepreneurs seeking to make an impact in the health and life sciences space is remarkable. Key people involved include those from Innovation Works and Allegheny Health Network.

AlphaLab Health's Website
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19) SteelBridge Labs

SteelBridge Labs - building Pennsylvania's entrepreneurial future

SteelBridge Labs is an early-stage FinTech incubator based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with additional offices in Miami. Founded by experienced management consultants from SteelBridge Consulting, the accelerator focuses on fostering innovation in the financial technology sector. It offers a safe space for entrepreneurs, coders, investors, and technologists to collaborate and build innovative solutions. SteelBridge Labs invests in pre- or early-revenue FinTech companies, providing seed capital ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000. The accelerator takes an active role in portfolio companies, offering guidance, leadership, and hands-on involvement. The organization boasts a strong network of High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Corporate Strategics, and Venture Capitalists. Specializing in FinTech startups, SteelBridge Labs covers areas such as financial services, payment solutions, blockchain, and data analytics. The accelerator provides a structured curriculum, access to a pool of trusted investors, and a collaborative environment for tackling real-world problems in the financial industry. Notable founders include James Haluszczak, Luis Burgos, Tim Haluszczak, and Todd Haring.

SteelBridge Labs's Website
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20) Steel Bridge Labs

Steel Bridge Labs - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

SteelBridge Labs is an early-stage Fintech accelerator based in Pittsburgh. The organization provides selected FinTech startup companies with deep industry experience and essential tools for success. Founded by experienced management consultants from SteelBridge Consulting, including James Haluszczak, Luis Burgos, Tim Haluszczak, and Todd Haring, the accelerator focuses on nurturing startups aiming to solve systemic challenges in the financial services sector through software innovation. The accelerator invests in pre- or early-revenue FinTech companies, offering seed capital ranging from $25,000 to $1,000,000, with potential co-investment from High Net Worth Individuals, Family Offices, Corporate Strategics, and VCs. Specializing in FinTech, SaaS, B2B, B2C, alternative investments, private equity, venture capital, and hedge fund technology, SteelBridge Labs provides startups with access to a network of trusted investors, a supportive ecosystem for collaboration and learning, and infrastructure to help ideas grow into viable businesses. The organization's mission is to create a nurturing space for innovation and drive financial technology sector growth.

Steel Bridge Labs's Website
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21) Ascender

Ascender - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Pennsylvania

Ascender is a multi-faceted accelerator that supports entrepreneurs in starting and growing their companies through a range of resources. The program offers educational programming, mentorship, expert coaching, as well as incubation and coworking space. Additionally, it functions as a start-up incubator, coworking space, and educational hub to aid businesses and start-ups in their development journey. The accelerator, named Accelerator of SCiENtific DEvelopment and Research, is specifically tailored to support scientific development and research projects utilizing Python. Ascender provides a GitHub repository template with various pre-implemented features like containerization with Docker, virtual environment setup with Poetry, coding style enforcement with Ruff, static type checking with Mypy, and simplified testing through pytest. The template follows a structured organization format for project management. While Docker and Docker Compose are obligatory for installation, NVIDIA Container Toolkit is recommended for GPU support. Specializing in domain-agnostic projects, the template enhances development efficiency and collaboration for various research areas. Industries targeted by Ascender include 'Sector Agnostic'.

Ascender's Website
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22) Runway Healthcare

Runway Healthcare - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Runway Healthcare is a forward-thinking MedTech accelerator that collaborates with entrepreneurial doctors, professionals, and businesses to bring innovative ideas to life. With a focus on early-stage technologies, it invests in and supports companies through development to commercialization. Their investment philosophy, 'Early In, Early Out,' highlights the emphasis on speed and efficiency, preparing early-stage MedTech firms for the market quickly. Specializing in medical devices, particularly in orthopedics and related fields, Runway Healthcare has notably supported companies like Waypoint Orthopedics, Toetal Solutions, and Pace Surgical, each addressing crucial healthcare needs. Beyond capital, the organization offers a wealth of experience and expertise to facilitate successful technology transfer. This accelerator's efficient approach ultimately benefits patients, physicians, and the healthcare industry. At the forefront of transforming patients' lives through cutting-edge healthcare technology, Runway Healthcare stands out.

Runway Healthcare's Website
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23) Penn State Research Foundation

Penn State Research Foundation - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Pennsylvania

Invent Penn State is a Commonwealth-wide initiative aimed at driving economic development, job creation, and student career success, associated with The Pennsylvania State University, a public research university spanning across Pennsylvania. The Climate Solutions Accelerator at Penn State focuses on fostering impactful research and implementing effective climate solutions globally. The program connects researchers, implementation partners, and communities, emphasizing accurate climate impact forecasting, risk identification, and sustainable solutions. Research teams receive resources, mentorship, and funding to collaborate on innovative climate solutions. Partners from industry, government, and foundations contribute expertise to ensure real-world impact. With a place-based approach, the program addresses unique community challenges. The accelerator consists of two levels - workshops to align teams and advance projects, and team projects for implementing proven solutions. While the specific domains vary, the program likely covers renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and climate modeling. The initiative, pioneered by founder Evan Pugh in the renewable energy industry, encourages collaboration, knowledge exchange, and tangible contributions towards a sustainable future.

Penn State Research Foundation's Website
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24) Innovation Park at Penn State

Innovation Park at Penn State - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

Innovation Park at Penn State is an ecosystem where business, education, and research converge. The institution is affiliated with The Pennsylvania State University and offers the TechCelerator Incubator Program to nurture new businesses. It boasts an impressive success rate with 4 out of 5 ventures flourishing within 5 years. The program provides comprehensive support including strategic planning, market research, and mentorship, all housed in flexible office/lab spaces. Innovation Park specializes in scientific, engineering, and technology domains, facilitating knowledge transfer from Penn State to the market. Spanning 118 acres, the park features high-speed internet, presentation centers, conference rooms, and more. Industries like Edtech and General Tech benefit from this supportive environment. Notable founder Evan Pugh's legacy enriches the entrepreneurial ecosystem, contributing to the park's mission of fostering innovation and successful startups.

Innovation Park at Penn State's Website
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25) Penn State - Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Penn State - Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

The Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship, part of Penn State's Smeal College of Business, was established in 1992 through an endowment from Michael J. Farrell, president of Farrell and Company, an investment banking firm. The center's mission is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation for enterprises of all sizes, from start-ups to global corporations. It offers educational programs focusing on practical business plans and research opportunities. Through industry partnerships, companies access student talent, benefiting faculty and students through collaborative projects. Noteworthy initiatives include the Propel Business New Venture & Innovation Program and a Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate. While specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation across industries, the center's impact on Penn State's business community is significant. Founder Evan Pugh's vision continues to mentor student innovation and support successful new ventures.

Penn State - Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship's Website
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26) Ascender (Pittsburgh)

Ascender (Pittsburgh) - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

Based in Pittsburgh, Ascender is a start-up accelerator, coworking space, and educational hub dedicated to helping entrepreneurs kickstart and grow their businesses. The organization offers a comprehensive range of support including educational programming, mentorship, expert coaching, incubation services, and access to coworking facilities. Ascender's flagship offering is a yearlong incubator program that assists entrepreneurs in launching and expanding sustainable businesses. Each year, the program supports multiple start-ups, providing them with up to $5,000 in equity-free funding. Participants benefit from 1-on-1 coaching, networking opportunities, expert mentorship, and technical support in various areas like branding and accounting. The accelerator caters to a diverse range of industries such as Ecommerce, Edtech, Healthcare Tech, and SaaS, offering tailored programming to meet the unique needs of each start-up. Additionally, entrepreneurs gain exposure through Ascender's digital platforms and access to an extensive alumni network, enhancing their brand visibility and growth potential.

Ascender (Pittsburgh)'s Website
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27) LifeX (United States)

LifeX (United States) - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

LifeX Labs, founded by Dietrich Stephan, is a biotechnology company in the United States. The organization operates the LifeX Accelerator program, catering to early-stage ventures in the biotech and healthcare tech industries. The accelerator offers a free, 3-month immersive program aimed at ventures focusing on digital health, medical devices, or therapeutics. The Spring 2024 Accelerator program runs from March 19th to June 6th and includes virtual group sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 PM ET. Through specialized support, the program assists ventures in pharma, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health sectors. Numerous start-ups have benefited from the program, securing follow-on funding through SBIRs, PHDA, and private investments. Participants receive assistance in developing investable commercialization plans, access to a diverse network of experts, and hands-on support from dedicated mentors and interns. Ventures joining the program are expected to have a proof of concept, validated scientific feasibility, and a commitment to securing necessary IP rights. LifeX Labs has garnered praise from past participants like Shawn K. Kelly and Sam Rothstein for its wealth of information and networking opportunities, making it a valuable resource for entrepreneurs in the life sciences field.

LifeX (United States)'s Website
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28) University of Pittsburgh - Big Idea Center/Blast Furnace Accelerator​

University of Pittsburgh - Big Idea Center/Blast Furnace Accelerator​ - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

The University of Pittsburgh, a state research university, offers undergraduate, graduate, and other educational services. It hosts the Blast Furnace, a student accelerator program within the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Big Idea Center. This program runs for eight weeks in the summer, focusing on customer discovery and product-market fit to help Pitt students succeed as entrepreneurs. The Blast Furnace supports multiple student-led startups annually, with a goal to enhance their entrepreneurial success. It welcomes students from diverse disciplines, promoting innovation across various fields. Participants benefit from a deep mentor network, inspirational co-working space, a rich curriculum, and hands-on learning. The program also assists students in gauging the viability of their ideas post-graduation. Founded by Hugh Henry Brackenridge, the Blast Furnace at the University of Pittsburgh specializes in industries like Edtech, providing a nurturing environment for student entrepreneurs to thrive with guidance, practical skills, and a supportive community.

University of Pittsburgh - Big Idea Center/Blast Furnace Accelerator​'s Website
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29) University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute - supporting founders in their growth journey

University of Pittsburgh, a state research university, is home to the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute, a key player in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the university community. The institute offers education, mentoring, and funding to help Pitt innovators advance from initial ideas to impactful solutions, bridging the gap between research and real-world impact. Since its inception, the institute has been associated with 267 startups, made 359 invention disclosures, secured 113 U.S. patents, and granted 150 licenses and options. Notable programs include the Blast Furnace student accelerator, Pitt Innovation Challenge (PInCh), and Pitt Ventures Startup Academy. They specialize in domains such as healthcare tech and edtech, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. Founders of the University of Pittsburgh, like Hugh Henry Brackenridge, have benefited from the support offered by the institute, which also includes education, funding opportunities, industry engagement, networking events, and access to co-working spaces. In conclusion, the University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute is a dynamic hub empowering Pitt innovators and driving impactful solutions.

University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute's Website
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30) Temple University - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute

Temple University - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute - building Pennsylvania's entrepreneurial future

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute at Temple University's Fox School of Business is a leader in humanistic education, fostering an entrepreneurial spirit across the university's 17 schools and colleges. The accelerator promotes a bold entrepreneurial and innovative mindset, providing students with the skills, resources, and courage to disrupt business norms. Key initiatives like the Be Your Own Boss Bowl (BYOBB) annual competition and the 1810 Accelerator support the identification and growth of early-stage ventures. The institute collaborates with Ben Franklin to invest in promising businesses emerging from Temple-based technologies, spanning various domains such as Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and General Tech. The IEI offers customized mentorships, workshops, and networking opportunities, connecting students with respected business strategists in Philadelphia. Notable successes include Neha Raman placing 2nd in the BYOBB competition and receiving a $10,000 prize in 2023.

Temple University - Innovation and Entrepreneurship Institute's Website
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31) PGH Lab

PGH Lab - connecting start-up founders with success

PGH Lab is a city-led accelerator program in Pittsburgh that operates as a portal for the growth and development of the city by connecting local startup companies with the government and local authorities. The program has a duration of three to four months and aims to assist startups in progressing from the early stage to the growth stage of their life cycle. PGH Lab specializes in key priority areas for the city, such as process improvement, sustainability, equity, inclusion, health, and safety. Startups in the program have the opportunity to test new products and services in a real-world environment. Examples from previous cohorts like AiMiL, Qarar, Velo, and Noteful showcase successful partnerships with various city departments. Participants benefit from piloting their solutions within the city, receiving feedback, and expanding their network. The program's goal is to innovate local government by leveraging new technologies and services to enhance efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and inclusivity. PGH Lab focuses on industries like Environmental Tech and continues to evolve with each cohort, bringing fresh ideas to drive positive change in city services.

PGH Lab's Website
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32) Clarion University - Entrepreneurial Leadership

Clarion University - Entrepreneurial Leadership - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

PennWest Clarion is a university in Pennsylvania offering a variety of higher education programs and courses. The Entrepreneurial Leadership Center aims to cultivate innovation and entrepreneurial thinking within the university community by providing formal and informal training, a resource knowledge base, and interactive learning opportunities. The center focuses on fostering entrepreneurial thinking across various disciplines, catering to students, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds. Students benefit from experiential learning, networking opportunities with successful alumni, assistance in business plan development, and access to a student incubator. The center's commitment to training, resources, and interactive learning makes it a valuable asset for aspiring entrepreneurs at Clarion University. Industries served by the Entrepreneurial Leadership Center include Sector Agnostic.

Clarion University - Entrepreneurial Leadership's Website
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33) Shippensburg University - Entrepreneurial Leadership Center

Shippensburg University - Entrepreneurial Leadership Center - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

Founded in 1871 as the Cumberland Valley State Normal School, Shippensburg University is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, fostering a community-oriented environment with a student-faculty ratio of 20-to-1. The Charles H. Diller Jr. Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation, known as the Diller Center, serves as a hub within the institution to cultivate entrepreneurial skills and mindsets among students. The center's mission is to develop students' skill set and entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging them to identify and seize business opportunities. Entrepreneurial leadership, defined as proactive behavior to achieve common goals, is exemplified by prominent figures. The Diller Center provides a comprehensive entrepreneurial ecosystem, including the Milton K. Morgan III Makerspace for hands-on learning. Collaborations with the Small Business Development Center and the Brad E. Hollinger Stock Trading Room enhance the support available. Additionally, it offers mentoring, support, and encouragement to students with entrepreneurial aspirations, preparing them for success in the modern business landscape. The center empowers students to innovate and take risks while aiming for success in various domains like Edtech.

Shippensburg University - Entrepreneurial Leadership Center's Website
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34) Bridgeworks Enterprise Center

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center - connecting start-up founders with success

Founded in 1989, the organization known as Bridgeworks Enterprise Center is a distinguished business incubator located in the renovated former Mack Trucks Plant 4A. It stands out as the sole business incubator in the Lehigh Valley exclusively devoted to nurturing manufacturing startups. The organization's core mission revolves around furnishing manufacturing entrepreneurs with the essential resources crucial for their progression from humble beginnings to self-sustaining profitability. While the precise number remains unspecified, it has actively supported numerous manufacturing startups, typically guiding them for a duration of four to seven years before they transition to the City of Allentown or the wider Lehigh Valley region. Specializing in manufacturing ventures, the center offers a spectrum of benefits including shared conference rooms, mentoring services, training sessions, private office suites, a common area indoor loading dock, a shared machine shop, as well as fork trucks and pallet jacks for logistics support. Graduation from the program is based on criteria such as space requirements, self-sustainability, or successful exit events like mergers and acquisitions. Notable for its affiliation with the International Business Innovation Association, Bridgeworks Enterprise Center remains a beacon of support for startups in the manufacturing domain.

Bridgeworks Enterprise Center's Website
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35) The Community Association for New Business Entrepreneurship

The Community Association for New Business Entrepreneurship - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

CANBE Innovation Center, also known as The Community Association for New Business Entrepreneurship, is a small business incubator program located in West Hazleton, Pennsylvania. Founded in 2005, they focus on nurturing startups and fostering entrepreneurial growth by partnering with communities to understand the entrepreneurial landscape with a focus on equity and inclusion. Supporting startups and small businesses across various industries, CANBE offers mentorship, resources, networking opportunities, and guidance. Their impact is highlighted through their dedication to equity, inclusion, and community-driven entrepreneurship. Known for their commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and supporting under-connected entrepreneurs, they operate as a sector-agnostic incubator, embodying a community-focused approach to entrepreneurship.

The Community Association for New Business Entrepreneurship's Website
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36) Coal Hill Ventures

Coal Hill Ventures - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Pennsylvania

Coal Hill Ventures is the world's first investment firm dedicated to actively creating impactful companies from emerging robotics breakthroughs. Founded by Managing Director Christopher Moehle in Pittsburgh, in collaboration with The Robotics Hub, the organization focuses on catalyzing industrial transformations by investing in ambitious deep tech companies. Emerging from Carnegie Mellon's prestigious robotics lab, it is committed to accelerating the robotics revolution and promoting collaboration between humans and machines. With expertise in robotics and AI, the company supports startups in cutting-edge fields. The accelerator leverages the abundant talent in Advanced Robotics in Pittsburgh to drive significant impact. The name 'Coal Hill' pays homage to Mount Washington, a historic Pittsburgh landmark linked to the city's steel industry inception. Specializing in robotics, AI, and related deep tech domains, it has a strong track record in nurturing startups towards success. Notable founders include Christopher Moehle, reflecting the accelerator's mission to advance technologies in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Coal Hill Ventures's Website
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37) Startup Bucks

Startup Bucks - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Pennsylvania

Startup Bucks Accelerator, founded in 2019, is a nonprofit organization and accelerator based in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The accelerator's mission is to support early-stage tech startups in the area by providing investments, resources, and connections. It invests up to $25,000 as a convertible note in at least five early-stage startup companies twice a year, over a program duration of one year. Eligible startups must have no more than five employees, be an incorporated entity, and demonstrate a commitment to the region. Participants receive mentorship, pitch coaching, and access to connections with investors. Additional perks include a tech stack audit from Coherent Ways and access to Stacks Co. workspace in Doylestown, founded by Jon Mercer, one of the founders of Startup Bucks. The accelerator focuses on supporting innovative, scalable businesses in industries such as Fintech, General Tech, and SaaS (Software as a Service), aiming to contribute to economic growth and job creation in the region.

Startup Bucks's Website
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38) Nextfab

Nextfab - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

NextFab is a collaborative makerspace based in Philadelphia. It offers a community workshop with access to machinery, classes, and more for individuals of all skill levels. The organization provides digital and traditional fabrication tools, classes, events, and consulting services to support creative entrepreneurs in developing physical products. One of their notable programs is the NextFab Artisan Accelerator, a 9-month initiative tailored for creative entrepreneurs, artisans, makers, and small businesses. The accelerator includes 2.5 months of intensive business education and over 6 months of self-paced product and production coaching, aimed at helping participants with business models, marketing strategies, and financial management. Eligible applicants, particularly those from low-to-moderate income households in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, can benefit from studio space, a NextFab membership, and a hybrid program format combining virtual and in-person sessions. Additional perks such as the Facilitation Fund are available to assist participants with various services. The accelerator was founded by Evan D. Malone and is open to applicants specializing in industries like Edtech. The NextFab Artisan Accelerator application timeline for 2024 started with submissions opening on May 20th and closing on June 16th, including an info session on June 6th.

Nextfab's Website
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39) NextFab

NextFab - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Pennsylvania

NextFab is a collaborative makerspace in Philadelphia, offering a community workshop with access to a wide array of machinery, classes, and more for individuals of all skill levels. They provide digital and traditional fabrication tools, as well as classes, events, and consulting services. The NextFab Artisan Accelerator is a renowned 9-month program specifically designed for current and aspiring creative entrepreneurs focusing on physical product creation. The accelerator cohort for 2024 will consist of 10 carefully selected applicants who will benefit from extensive business education, coaching, consulting, and a dedicated physical workspace at NextFabs North Philly location. Participants receive an annual membership with up to 24 hours of shop education. The program caters to individuals in Philadelphia and surrounding areas, particularly micro-enterprises meeting specific criteria, with priority given to businesses owned by underrepresented groups. NextFab specializes in supporting entrepreneurs in industries such as Robotics, Edtech, Clean Energy, and Agriculture Tech. The program, founded by Evan D. Malone, aims to assist creative entrepreneurs in brand identity development, product prototyping, production scaling, and exploring new mediums. Additionally, NextFab provides a facilitation fund to support participants' program access. Applications for the program close on June 16th, 2024, for this hybrid of virtual and in-person learning experience.

NextFab's Website
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40) Dreamit Securetech

Dreamit Securetech - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

Dreamit Securetech is a venture fund specializing in cybersecurity, anti-fraud, risk & compliance, and physical security startups. The company focuses on companies that have deployed a product and shown early traction, such as revenue or pilots. Through Customer Sprints, founders engage with leading corporates, tech companies, managed security service providers, and government agencies to accelerate customer pipelines and partnerships. Investor Sprints provide curated meetings with US venture capital and security-focused firms, expediting fundraising and offering market feedback. The accelerator is led by Partner Mel Shakir and Director Drew Hunt, who work closely with cybersecurity firms globally. Although specific metrics are not disclosed, Dreamit Securetech's emphasis on revenue-generating or pilot-stage startups, combined with its experienced team and unique sprint programs, make it an attractive choice for Securetech startups. The accelerator works with startups in industries like Healthcare Tech and Cybersecurity, and the program duration is 14 weeks. Notable founders of Dreamit Securetech include David Bookspan, Elliot Menschik, Michael Levinson, and Steve Welch.

Dreamit Securetech's Website
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41) numo

numo - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Pennsylvania

Numo, which stands for the New Urban Mobility Alliance, is an organization specializing in advancing sustainable urban mobility solutions through collaboration with cities, companies, and research institutions. They run programs like Move PGH & Universal Basic Mobility Pilot in Pittsburgh, Detroit Bike Challenge & E-Bike Pilot in Detroit, and San Antonio Mobility Hubs to address mobility challenges and promote e-bikes. The organization also engages in various working groups and coalitions like the New Mobility Research Collaborative and provides guides, tools, and platforms such as COVID & the Curb guidance, Urbanism Next Europe 2021 recordings, and the Micromobility Policy Atlas. With a focus on domains like e-bikes, micromobility, transit, and accessibility, Numo offers valuable resources for startups in the fintech industry. Some notable founders include David Passavant.

numo's Website
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42) Vibrant Pittsburgh Connection Accelerator

Vibrant Pittsburgh Connection Accelerator - supporting founders in their growth journey

Vibrant Pittsburgh Connection Accelerator is an initiative aimed at fostering diverse talent in the Pittsburgh region to accelerate the business community towards equitable, inclusive, and diverse workplaces. The primary goal is to increase the diversity of the region's workforce by attracting, retaining, promoting, and educating people from all walks of life. The program offers mentorship to college students in Pittsburgh, where business professionals guide students to explore job opportunities. Additionally, the accelerator supports diverse communities through mini grants that fund various projects and collaborations within the region. The impact is seen through fostering connections, mentorship, and community collaboration. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, participants likely benefit from networking opportunities, exposure to professionals, and access to resources. Vibrant Pittsburgh Connection Accelerator plays a crucial role in promoting diversity and supporting talent development in the Pittsburgh area within industries such as Healthcare Tech and General Tech.

Vibrant Pittsburgh Connection Accelerator's Website
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43) TiE Pittsburgh

TiE Pittsburgh - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Founded in 2000, TiE Pittsburgh is a non-profit accelerator situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It has a team of 2 professionals and has invested in 10 companies, witnessing 2 successful exits. The organization currently supports 8 portfolio companies spanning various industries such as Decision/Risk Analysis, Electronics, Education, Drug Discovery, Software, Water Utilities, Monitoring Equipment, and Media Services. As a global community, TiE Pittsburgh offers mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide, specializing in Biotech and SaaS. The accelerator focuses on diverse industry domains to foster early-stage startups' growth, providing access to mentorship, investor connections, and a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurial development. Notable for its role in nurturing startups in Pittsburgh, TiE Pittsburgh operates primarily as an accelerator/incubator, contributing to the entrepreneurial landscape with its investment initiatives and program support.

TiE Pittsburgh's Website
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44) Tribe 12

Tribe 12 - Pennsylvania's true entrepreneurial hub

Tribe 12 operates as a non-profit organization focused on connecting individuals in their 20s and 30s within Philadelphia's Jewish community. Through the Fellowship, the accelerator program empowers participants by offering tangible skills and a supportive network. The curriculum, based on the Stanford's Design Thinking Methodology, includes workshops on prototyping, public speaking, financials, goal setting, and environmental scanning. Additionally, Jewish principles like self-discovery and emotional intelligence are integrated into the learning experience. Fellows work on diverse projects, from new businesses to community initiatives, all aiming for a positive social impact. The program prides itself on the extensive network it provides, where fellows collaborate with peers, mentors, and alumni across various industries like Social Media and Clean Energy. Graduates of the program leave with essential tools such as an elevator pitch and a business plan, ready to showcase their socially responsible ventures to a global audience.

Tribe 12's Website
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45) The Rural Lab

The Rural Lab - connecting start-up founders with success

The Rural Lab accelerator aims to help undervalued entities grow by uncovering latent value within them. They focus on revealing niche advantages and hidden paths to scale through their unique Microcosm Approach. While specialization domains are not explicitly outlined, it is likely that the accelerator collaborates with entities in rural areas across various sectors to identify opportunities for growth and innovation. The emphasis on uncovering latent value suggests that participants may benefit from unique insights, personalized consulting, and access to a supportive network. Specific numerical data regarding the number of start-ups associated, investors, funded start-ups, and program duration is not provided. Some notable information includes their focus on Agriculture Tech. Notable founders or start-ups associated with The Rural Lab are not mentioned.

The Rural Lab's Website
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46) VentureLab (Grove City College)

VentureLab (Grove City College) - supporting Pennsylvania's best founders

VentureLab is an entrepreneurship accelerator program located at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, USA. The program aims to empower students of all majors to change the world through entrepreneurship and innovation. While the exact number of start-ups associated with VentureLab is not explicitly stated, it serves as a hub for student entrepreneurs with several start-ups participating in its programs. VentureLab supports start-ups in various domains such as technology, social impact, and consumer products, fostering innovation and providing resources to aspiring entrepreneurs. Although specific details about investors and funded start-ups are not readily available, the program likely facilitates connections with mentors, industry experts, and potential investors. Participants in VentureLab benefit from mentorship, workshops, training sessions, networking opportunities, and access to resources like co-working spaces and tools. The accelerator encourages diverse entrepreneurship by allowing students and entrepreneurs to explore their passions. Industries associated with VentureLab include consumer electronics.

VentureLab (Grove City College)'s Website
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47) Wilkes-Barre Connect

Wilkes-Barre Connect - building Pennsylvania's entrepreneurial future

Wilkes-Barre Connect is dedicated to helping growth-phase technology and tech-enabled businesses achieve massive scale through an intensive 1-3 year program. It is located in a Keystone Innovation Zone in Wilkes Barre, PA. The iconic 5-story Accelerator offers breathtaking views of the Susquehanna River, with tenancy by application only. The accelerator supports businesses in domains such as General Tech and SaaS, providing exclusive services like Public Relations, Mobile App / Website Development, and IT Consulting to tenants. Additionally, tenants enjoy intimate LIVE entertainment experiences on the Special Guest DEMO Stage and discounts at local businesses. Founded by serial entrepreneur Kris Jones, who has invested in over 25 companies, the Accelerator is home to Special Guest App, a talent booking platform cofounded by actor/comedian Damon Wayans, Jr. and Kris Jones. While specific metrics like the number of start-ups associated, investors, and funded start-ups are not publicly specified, the program's focus on growth and technology support remains a key feature.

Wilkes-Barre Connect's Website
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48) PennHealthX

PennHealthX - supporting founders in their growth journey

The PennHealthX SDoH Accelerator is a program designed to offer pro-bono project support to early-stage for-profit or not-for-profit startups and organizations focused on improving social determinants of health (SDoHs). Perelman School of Medicine students provide assistance to these ventures, working on areas such as socioeconomic status, education, environment, and healthcare access. Startups in domains related to SDoH can apply by contacting the PennHealthX VPs of SDOH with an organization overview and a high-level work plan for student-consultant assistance. The accelerator covers the cost of PSOM consultants, ensuring no financial burden for the startups. By collaborating with medical students, startups benefit from their expertise while students gain practical experience. PennHealthX fosters innovation at the intersection of medicine, business, and technology. Industries eligible for support include Healthcare Tech, Edtech, and General Tech. Notable for providing a platform where healthcare and social factors meet, the PennHealthX SDoH Accelerator aims to enhance health outcomes through innovative solutions.

PennHealthX's Website
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49) Smart Health Innovation Lab

Smart Health Innovation Lab - building Pennsylvania's entrepreneurial future

Located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, the state-of-the-art Smart Health Innovation Lab was established in 2017 through a partnership among key industry players, including Aspire Ventures, Capital Blue Cross, Clio Health, and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. Aspire Ventures, a venture capital firm, specializes in healthcare transformations using breakthrough technologies. Capital Blue Cross offers various health insurance products and technology solutions, while Clio Health focuses on improving population health through innovative devices and AI. The lab's mission is to enhance patient and provider experiences, reduce costs, and improve health outcomes by fostering new technologies. It supports startups by providing mentorship, a testing environment, and access to opportunities with providers and payors. Specializing in precision medicine, digital health, and innovative devices, the lab aims to accelerate startup growth and innovation in the healthcare sector. The lab's collaborative approach and emphasis on cutting-edge technologies position it as a valuable accelerator for healthcare startups.

Smart Health Innovation Lab's Website
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50) Bentley Systems Acceleration Initiatives

Bentley Systems Acceleration Initiatives - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Pennsylvania

The Bentley Systems Acceleration Initiatives is a strategic investment fund and incubator established by Bentley Systems, Incorporated. The initiative aims to accelerate the creation of digital twins by nurturing new ventures, making minority investments through Bentley iTwin Ventures, and acquiring digital integrators. Bentley iTwin Ventures, a $100 million corporate venture capital fund, co-invests in startups relevant to advancing infrastructure through digital transformation, focusing on early and mid-stage companies in public works, utilities, industrial, and resources infrastructure. The initiative leverages Bentley's iTwin Platform, encouraging innovation and ecosystem development around digital twins. Bentley Systems recently acquired, expanding its capabilities. By empowering infrastructure digital twins, the Acceleration Initiatives aim to create a comprehensive ecosystem and drive technological advancements within the industry.

Bentley Systems Acceleration Initiatives's Website
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51) Carbondale Technology Transfer Center

Carbondale Technology Transfer Center - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

The Carbondale Technology Transfer Center, established in June 1996 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, operates as a business incubator dedicated to inspiring and nurturing new and growing businesses and entrepreneurs. The center supports over 50 businesses, both on-site and off-site, across various elements of Northeastern Pennsylvania. It provides facilities, equipment, technical support, business assistance, guided financing access, and targeted training. Key offerings include a shared-use licensed commercial kitchen, adaptable industrial space, a shared-use electronic makerspace for Surface Mounted Technology, and office assistance services. CTTC focuses on industries such as General Tech and Food and Beverage. The center remains committed to fostering entrepreneurship in the region. Notable features include the involvement of key personnel such as [Key People]. Some of the successful start-ups that have benefited from the program include [Notable Start-ups].

Carbondale Technology Transfer Center's Website
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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Learning about market forces

The market seems fair from a distance. But there are certain patterns to how it operates.

Early state financing

Big ideas arise mostly when you don’t have to worry about day to day expenses.

Network expansion

Your net-worth is greatly determined by your network.

Investor connect

Accelerators give an opening to many locked doors.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

Only you feel the punch

Everybody has a plan till they get punched in the face. Strategy & accelerators can only guide you to a point. No one else will feel the struggle as you would.

Figuring out the failure rates

Everyone can point to a few success stories. Though in general 95% of all start-ups fail. An important question is- what %ge of an accelerator's start-up survive after 3 years.

Are you really important for them?

An accelerator or investor can hedge their bets by investing in multiple start-ups, but as a founder your start-up is your only bet.

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