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Washington's Top Accelerators By Neighborhoods

Comparing Accelerators

NameAerial ScoreStandard DealAddress#Investments#ExitsDetails
Women in Cloud6.9$25KWashington, USALearn more
Village Capital6.3Washington, USA35520Learn more
Venture Out6.0Seattle, WA, USA16911Learn more
Seattle Angel Conference4.6$200KWashington, USA152Learn more
Washington Technology Industry4.61595 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah, WA 98027, USA30Learn more
CivStart4.6Washington, USA171Learn more
Washington State University - Frank Entrepreneurship Institute4.6255 E Main St, Pullman, WA 99163, USA31Learn more
Madrona Venture Labs4.6999 3rd Ave 33rd floor, Seattle, WA 98104, USA8Learn more
University of Washington - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship4.61410 NE Campus Pkwy, Seattle, WA 98195, USA5Learn more
Washington Maritime Blue4.51900 W Nickerson St Ste 301, Seattle, WA 98119, USA6Learn more
PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator4.5$20K-$100KWashington, USA11Learn more
One Mind4.5$100K120 Lakeside Ave #200, Seattle, WA 98122, USALearn more
UW CoMotion4.54545 Roosevelt Way NE #400, Seattle, WA 98105, USALearn more
IntuitiveX4.51730 Minor Ave Suite 1050, Seattle, WA 98101, USALearn more
Springboard Enterprises4.5Washington, USA2Learn more
Startup Haven4.5$120K-$150K for 5%-8% equityWashington, USA3Learn more
PageOne Lab4.5Washington, USA1Learn more
Ignite Northwest4.5518 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201, USA2Learn more
Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator4.5Washington, USALearn more
SPROCKIT4.5Washington, USALearn more

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Brief Overview Of Different Accelerators

1) Women in Cloud

Women in Cloud - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Washington

Women in Cloud is a community-driven economic development organization with a mission to generate $1B in new net economic access for women entrepreneurs and professionals by 2030. The organization also offers the Women in Cloud (WIC) Cloud Cosell GTM Accelerator, an annual program that supports women-led tech companies in co-building, co-marketing, and co-selling with cloud hyperscalers like Microsoft, Google, and IBM. This immersive accelerator lasts for three months and is open to companies globally, with specific activations in various countries. Over 80 companies have participated, gaining access to cloud credits, investor connections, and co-selling education. The program, which has a one-time cost of $2495, offers benefits like networking opportunities, pitch sessions, and participation in Microsoft's #Buildfor2030 Campaign. Women in Cloud focuses on cloud technology, providing media access, global showcasing opportunities, and connections with advisors and coaches. The limited cohort size ensures personalized support, empowering women entrepreneurs to thrive in the cloud economy and secure enterprise opportunities in the General Tech industry.

Women in Cloud's Website
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2) Village Capital

Village Capital - supporting founders in their growth journey

The largest organization globally supporting impact-driven, seed-stage startups, Village Capital builds bridges for entrepreneurs fostering inclusivity and sustainability. Their global incubator and accelerator have been active for over a decade, running over 100 programs and assisting 1,400 entrepreneurs from 28 countries. The accelerator's unique problem-based approach involves identifying global issues and hypothesizing innovative solutions. The recruitment process is open to all entrepreneurs, focusing on those overlooked by investors, with a careful selection of 10-12 promising startups for each program. Specializing in investment-readiness, the accelerator programs vary from one-day forums to 12-day accelerators, aiming to enhance entrepreneurs' ability to pitch to potential investors and partners, with top-ranked startups receiving grant funding or seed capital. Past programs have covered domains such as hardware solutions for smallholder farmers, healthcare solutions for aging Baby Boomers, and civic technology tools. Mentorship from industry experts is also offered, fostering a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs to exchange feedback on business models.

Village Capital's Website
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3) Venture Out

Venture Out - Washington's true entrepreneurial hub

Venture Out, a Seattle-based organization, supports pre-seed, aspiring entrepreneurs with strong domain expertise from large tech companies to launch startups. They connect startup founders to the resources, mentors, and network necessary for success. Headquartered in New York City, VentureOut organizes sector-specific programs annually, facilitating connections between world-class companies and key decision-makers in startups, investors, and corporates. Their programs, including one-week market exploration conferences and three-month accelerators for international startups, focus on transforming businesses through strategic connections. Additionally, the organization partners with governments and corporates worldwide to host entrepreneurial conferences, inspiring global scaling of technology companies. The accelerator specializes in AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, fintech, healthtech, and more. Founded by Ken Horenstein and Sean Sternbach, Venture Out operates as a startup incubator program, offering various funding types like convertible notes and early-stage VC, lasting for 10 weeks to support startups in establishing a US presence, raising capital, and networking with industry decision-makers.

Venture Out's Website
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4) Seattle Angel Conference

Seattle Angel Conference - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Washington

The Seattle Angel Conference is a program aimed at building new Angel Investors within the local Seattle startup ecosystem. The program, led by founders John Sechrest and Josh Maher, runs from February to May in a hybrid model, blending online and offline activities, all operating in the Seattle Pacific Time (PST) zone. Approximately 20-40 investors participate, evaluating 60 startups that eventually narrow down to six finalists. The conference provides investors with practical experience in evaluating and investing in early-stage companies, with the winning startup receiving an investment of up to $200,000. It operates with a 'learning by doing' approach for both investors and startups, offering feedback, materials refinement, and connections with active angel investors. While not specifying specific specialization domains, the SAC serves as a platform for startups across various industries like Fintech and Personal Finance. Participating startups benefit from introductions to numerous active angel investors, aiming to find an investor champion. Early registrants receive mentorship throughout the process, making the Seattle Angel Conference a valuable accelerator for startups' fundraising endeavors and investor education.

Seattle Angel Conference's Website
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5) Washington Technology Industry

Washington Technology Industry - supporting Washington's best founders

Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) is the largest statewide association of technology companies and executives in the nation, unifying the voice of the technology community in Washington state. The association runs an International Accelerator Program focused on fostering collaboration with technology startups from other countries to support their expansion into the United States, particularly Washington state. The program provides peer networking opportunities with over 1,100 WTIA member companies, access to experts, and aims to accelerate funding, product launch, and revenue growth for early-stage tech entrepreneurs. Key collaborations include startups from countries like South Korea and Canada. Notable success stories from the program include Sentience, a startup innovating in behavioral economics-based artificial intelligence. The program specializes in helping international startups establish a U.S. market presence, offering valuable resources, connections, and insights into U.S. business practices for cross-border innovation and growth.

Washington Technology Industry's Website
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6) CivStart

CivStart - supporting founders in their growth journey

CivStart is a nonprofit accelerator dedicated to sparking innovation with local government leaders and nurturing emerging govtech startups in an inclusive ecosystem. The 12-month intensive program, known as the CivStart Accelerator, focuses on AI applications within the government sector, positioning AI solutions at the forefront of Govtech innovation. Startups interact directly with 5-10 participating governments, receiving feedback and refining their solutions. At the culmination of the program, startups pitch their ideas at the State of GovTech event, paving the way for pilot implementations. CivStart offers access to a Venture Partner Network for investment opportunities and strategic partnerships, along with market intelligence, tailored mentorships, and hands-on consulting for startups to navigate government challenges. The accelerator provides support in creating PR and marketing strategies tailored to the state and local ecosystem. CivStart was founded by Anthony Jamison, Nick Lyell, and Sarah Nicoll (Kerner) and focuses on serving underserved communities in industries such as Healthcare Tech and Artificial Intelligence. The program's duration spans 104 weeks.

CivStart's Website
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7) Washington State University - Frank Entrepreneurship Institute

Washington State University - Frank Entrepreneurship Institute - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Washington

The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington is a multidisciplinary program catering to junior and senior students interested in technological entrepreneurship. It brings together students from engineering, communications, and business fields, aiming to equip them with the tools, experiences, and mentorship necessary for entrepreneurial pursuits. Participants have the opportunity to witness the progression of innovation from conception to sustainable implementation, along with gaining valuable connections and mentorship in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Eligible students can benefit from a $2,500 scholarship. While the specific specialization domains are not explicitly outlined, the program likely covers various technological fields due to its multidisciplinary nature. Additional benefits may include exposure to real-world constraints, development of presentation skills, and practical problem-solving experience. Industries associated with this institute include Edtech and General Tech, offering a platform for students to explore entrepreneurial ideas and contribute to technological advancements.

Washington State University - Frank Entrepreneurship Institute's Website
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8) Madrona Venture Labs

Madrona Venture Labs - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

Madrona Venture Labs is an enterprise AI startup studio based in Seattle, founded by Sam Clark and Steve Jarvis. The organization partners with founders from day one to build companies, either based on their own ideas or those brought to the table by entrepreneurs. The team, consisting of former founders, successful operators, and individuals with investment experience from Madrona, collaborates with startups as co-builders, offering validation, early traction building, and support in securing funding. Over 30 companies have been associated with Madrona Venture Labs, collectively raising over $270 million and holding a combined value exceeding $700 million. Specializing in enterprise AI and related technologies, their portfolio includes startups in AI-assisted productivity, security compliance, and narrative-based intelligence. Beyond funding, they provide network access to VCs, advisory support, and a long-term commitment to the success of the companies they help create, contributing significantly to the Seattle startup ecosystem.

Madrona Venture Labs's Website
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9) University of Washington - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

University of Washington - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship - supporting Washington's best founders

Located in Founders Hall 406, the University of Washington (UW) Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among its students and researchers. The institution provides a collaborative environment for individuals to connect, imagine, and discover solutions to real-world challenges. Key programs and initiatives include CoMotion, Global Innovation Exchange (GIX) in partnership with Tsinghua University and Microsoft, and the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship supporting early-stage entrepreneurs. Funding opportunities such as the CoMotion Innovation Gap Fund, CoMotion DubPitch, and NSF I-Corps assist in bridging research grants and seed-stage investments. UW is nationally recognized, ranked No. 7 for graduate entrepreneurship according to the Princeton Review. Notable programs like the Jones + Foster Accelerator support startups emerging from student work, collaborating with various challenges and competitions. The center offers mentorship, seed funding, legal advice, and recruitment support with available on-campus office space. With a focus on Healthcare Tech and Edtech, the diverse colleges and schools at UW offer innovation and entrepreneurship classes across multiple fields like art, environment, computer science, engineering, business, medicine, and law. Founders of the center include Arthur Denny and Daniel Bagley.

University of Washington - Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship's Website
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10) Washington Maritime Blue

Washington Maritime Blue - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Washington Maritime Blue is a leading force in building the leadership, infrastructure, and global connections necessary to scale an equitable and sustainable Blue Economy. Committed to the development of maritime business, technology, and practices, the Washington Maritime Blue Innovation Accelerator runs a four-month, mentor-based program tailored to support startups in the maritime industry. Since its establishment in 2018, the accelerator has seen 30+ startups graduate, collectively raising $450 million in funding and generating 500+ jobs in the maritime sector. With a specialization in domains like shipping, marine technology, sustainable fisheries, ocean conservation, and renewable energy, including offshore wind and wave energy, the accelerator offers invaluable benefits. These include mentorship from industry leaders, global networking opportunities, assistance in securing funding, emphasis on impact-driven solutions, and guidance towards a clear path to success. Founder Joshua Berger and notable startups in the program contribute to the accelerator's significant influence on the Blue Economy, particularly in industries such as renewable energy and logistics and supply chain.

Washington Maritime Blue's Website
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11) PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

The PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator is an initiative focused on accelerating sustainable, breakthrough innovations in the food and beverage sector. The collaborative accelerator program aims to nurture the growth of emerging and sustainable brands in this industry by identifying breakthrough start-ups for funding and partnership opportunities with PepsiCo experts. Each program typically lasts for 6 months and selects up to 10 innovators per cohort who are then paired with a PepsiCo mentor team to drive collaboration and measurable progress. Participants start with a $20,000 USD grant for operations and innovation, with a chance to secure an additional $100,000 grant at the program's conclusion. Since 2017, the accelerator has engaged with 50 companies and over 90 mentors globally, spanning regions like the United States, MENA, ESSA, APAC, and including Hispanic-owned companies. The accelerator focuses on food and beverage innovations, particularly in sustainable, health-conscious, and novel product domains, offering mentorship and market/partnership opportunities to drive business growth and innovation in the industry.

PepsiCo Greenhouse Collaborative Accelerator's Website
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12) One Mind

One Mind - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

One Mind catalyzes visionary change through science, business, and media to transform the worlds mental health. It is a brain health non-profit organization that operates the One Mind Accelerator program. Launched in 2023, the accelerator has had an inaugural cohort of 11 companies, followed by 10 startups selected from 181 applications in 2024. Each company in the program receives a $100,000 SAFE investment from One Mind and goes through a 9-week program that includes in-person and virtual programming. The accelerator focuses on various mental health domains such as Small Molecules Drugs & Biologics, Psychedelics, and Digital Therapeutics. Founders benefit from mentorship, community access, brand development, capital introductions, and business development opportunities. Notable founders associated with the organization include Garen K. Staglin, Garen Staglin, and Patrick Kennedy. The accelerator aims to drive impactful innovations in mental health by supporting early-stage startups in this critical field.

One Mind's Website
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13) UW CoMotion

UW CoMotion - building Washington's entrepreneurial future

UW CoMotion is an accelerator ecosystem encompassing the Accelerator Corporation, CoMotion Labs, and the Jones + Foster Accelerator Program. The Accelerator Corporation, established on January 1, 2009, focuses on investing in and managing emerging biotechnology opportunities through a syndicate of venture capital investors and world-class research institutions. On the other hand, CoMotion Labs is a multi-industry incubator program located at three University of Washington (UW) campus sites, supporting startups across various industries, including biotech and edtech, without taking equity or intellectual property. The Jones + Foster Accelerator Program, associated with the Foster School of Business, aids teams in launching their ventures as businesses by achieving key business development milestones such as licensing with UW CoMotion and securing additional research grant funding. While specific metrics like the number of start-ups, investors, or funded ventures are not disclosed, these programs play a vital role in nurturing innovation and facilitating growth for startups within the University of Washington's entrepreneurial community.

UW CoMotion's Website
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14) IntuitiveX

IntuitiveX - supporting Washington's best founders

IntuitiveX is a healthcare innovation incubator and consultancy based in Seattle, Washington. Specializing in commercializing emerging technologies across biotech, pharma, medical devices, and digital health, the organization was founded by Simon Robinson. IntuitiveX focuses on developing, patenting, and monetizing intellectual property related to healthcare technologies through a closed-loop incubation model. They accelerate early-stage emerging medical companies and offer consulting services in IP development, commercialization, regulatory approvals, and market introduction. With a network of over 200 clinical innovators, the company manages more than 100 IP assets, has commercialized 12+ portfolio companies globally, and raised over $120 million in capital. Their success stories include NavLab, boasting an internal rate of return (IRR) of 197%. IntuitiveX aims to bridge the gap between innovative healthcare ideas and successful commercialization by offering a comprehensive suite of services to de-risk the pathway for startups in the biotech and healthcare tech industries.

IntuitiveX's Website
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15) Springboard Enterprises

Springboard Enterprises - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Springboard Enterprises is a global network and nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the success of women entrepreneurs in technology and life sciences. With a mission to support entrepreneurial companies led by women, they have an impressive track record. They have assisted over 920 companies that collectively raised substantial capital, leading to a total value creation of $39.1 billion. Their nurturing of 10 unicorn companies valued at over $1 billion is also noteworthy. The accelerator program focuses on providing equal funding, resources, and networking opportunities to women-led companies, with a specialized advisory community aiding in business growth and scalability. Through innovative accelerator programs in healthcare, technology, retail tech, and women's health innovation, participants receive tailored expertise and connections for industry transformation. Additionally, Springboard conducts entrepreneur showcase events like Dolphin Tank, offering actionable insights and resources. Co-founded by Amy Millman and Kay Koplovitz, the organization boasts notable alumnae such as Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder & CEO of Canva, showcasing its pivotal role in empowering women-led businesses and fostering innovation across Healthcare Tech, General Tech, and Fintech sectors.

Springboard Enterprises's Website
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16) Startup Haven

Startup Haven - supporting Washington's best founders

Startup Haven Accelerator is a virtual 3-month program designed to assist founders in reaching crucial growth milestones. Selected startups receive a $120,000 funding offer along with access to premium product and service discounts totaling over $350,000. The program pairs each team with two executive mentors for personalized guidance and support. Eligible startups must have full-time founders, a capital-efficient business model, and show early traction or commercialization. The accelerator follows the GroundWork methodology, emphasizing vital task execution. Participants are required to travel to Seattle three times during the program. It offers up to $150,000 in exchange for 5%-8% equity and operates on a shared tuition model ranging from $0 to $18,000. Mentorship is a key component, provided by experienced founders and investors. Founded by Bob Crimmins, the organization targets industries like Fintech and General Tech, offering programs in startup acceleration and micro VC investment. Notable benefits include a focused curriculum, operational support, and access to a supportive founder-investor community.

Startup Haven's Website
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17) PageOne Lab

PageOne Lab - connecting start-up founders with success

PageOne Lab, based in Seattle, is a startup studio that focuses on experimenting with new ways to build products and drive growth. Founded by builders and growth experts, including Leo Li, who previously worked at Wyze and Airbnb, the company operates in domains such as travel and vacation rentals, boasting over 5 million users, and brands/streetwears, leading a community of 300,000. Additionally, their personalization app on Google Play has over 200,000 users globally. While specific metrics regarding associated startups and funding are not disclosed, being backed by Y Combinator enhances credibility and support for early-stage startups. PageOne Lab offers a range of benefits typical of accelerators, although specific details are not provided. Industries they are involved in include Travel and Tourism, as well as Fashion and Apparel. For more in-depth information, interested parties are encouraged to directly contact PageOne Lab or explore other reliable sources.

PageOne Lab's Website
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18) Ignite Northwest

Ignite Northwest - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Ignite Northwest is a technology-focused business accelerator based in the Spokane, Coeur d'Alene, and Sandpoint region. The organization runs a 12-week program designed to fund, mentor, and accelerate explosively growing companies in the General Tech sector. Their mission is to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial core, vital for the local ecosystem's vitality. The accelerator connects emerging companies with investors through initiatives like Meet the Investor series, providing access to venture capital firms, private equity funds, and angel investors. Key offerings include Ignite Talks, Lunch @ The Loft, Sparks Weekend, Ignite Webinars, and Ignite Office Hours, all aimed at providing support, knowledge, and networking opportunities. Ignite Northwest's comprehensive approach plays a crucial role in accelerating growth and creating a sustained economic impact in the Pacific Northwest region.

Ignite Northwest's Website
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19) Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator

Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator - supporting Washington's best founders

Established in 2016, the Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator is a 12-week program that collaborates with the CleanTech Alliance and Oregon BEST to assist early and late-stage clean technology startups in the Pacific Northwest. Focused on environmental tech and clean energy, the accelerator aims to facilitate the transition from innovative ideas to market integration. Startups benefit from tailored mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities, receiving guidance in areas like business planning, financing, and market strategies. Notably, a participant from the 2019 cohort highlights the ongoing support received post-program. The accelerator offers a non-dilutive model, enabling startups to retain equity while accessing resources. Experienced entrepreneurs can engage as mentors, providing valuable insights and connections. For those looking to engage with the accelerator, contacting Rachelle Ames at rachelle@cleantechalliance.org is recommended.

Cascadia CleanTech Accelerator's Website
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SPROCKIT - building Washington's entrepreneurial future

SPROCKIT is a global innovation marketplace that brings together leading media, entertainment, and technology companies with emerging startups to form partnerships, make investments, or acquisitions. The accelerator curates a cohort of elite, market-tested startups that focus on quality solutions for industry pain points in sectors like media, entertainment, content creation, distribution, advertising, and emerging technologies. The program, designed to fast-track critical business development relationships, facilitates collaboration between startups and established corporations, while also providing networking opportunities and showcasing entrepreneurs to industry leaders. SPROCKIT operates in the entertainment and general tech industries. Notable key people involved in the organization include the founders and key personnel running the accelerator, who have successfully connected corporate challenges with startups offering innovative solutions.

SPROCKIT's Website
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21) ISF Incubator

ISF Incubator - accelerating exceptional start-ups in Washington

ISF Incubator accelerates the creation of new startups at Intellectual Ventures by providing entrepreneurs with the opportunity to accelerate the building of product prototypes, gain early access to customers, benefit from world-class executive mentoring, and access investors and capital to swiftly launch their companies. The accelerator program emphasizes technology and innovation, focusing on helping entrepreneurs in the General Tech industry. While the exact numbers of start-ups associated, investors, funded start-ups, and program duration are not explicitly mentioned on the website, participating start-ups can expect to receive valuable perks such as executive mentoring and access to capital. The accelerator has supported notable founders and start-ups in their journey to establish and grow their businesses.

ISF Incubator's Website
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22) Startup Rocket

Startup Rocket - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

Startup Rocket is an accelerator program designed to support early-stage startups in their growth journey by providing mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities. The accelerator focuses on innovative companies with high-growth potential in various industries like technology, healthcare, and consumer goods. While the exact number of startups associated with Startup Rocket, investors, funded start-ups, and program duration are not explicitly mentioned, it is safe to assume they work with a cohort of startups during each program cycle for several months. The accelerator offers benefits such as mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs, access to resources like co-working spaces and legal advice, networking opportunities with other founders and investors, demo days, investor introductions, educational workshops, and equity investment. Led by a diverse group of artists, engineers, and business developers, the organization aims to empower startups by equipping them with essential tools and support to thrive in a competitive market. Some of the specialization domains include technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and entertainment. Notable founders or start-ups associated with the accelerator are not mentioned.

Startup Rocket's Website
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23) Stripes39

Stripes39 - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Washington

Stripes39, an accelerator headquartered in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 2005 by seven founders, including Salil Jain, Carl Ng, and Quang Dinh. The organization focuses on providing executive oversight, strategy, and partnership to its companies in areas such as product design, human resources, finance, and legal. With investments in five companies and a current portfolio of three, Stripes39 aims to change the world. The accelerator likely spans various industries, including 'General Tech'. Notable founders of the organization include Carl Ng and Quang Dinh. Stripes39 offers guidance and support to entrepreneurs, priding itself on solving challenging problems and working on innovative projects with remarkable individuals.

Stripes39's Website
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24) RAIN Incubator

RAIN Incubator - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Washington

RAIN Incubator, a biotech startup, provides biotech labs, tailored workplaces, and wastewater epidemiology. Operating as RAIN (Regional Accelerator & Innovation Network), a global non-profit organization since 2014, it focuses on creating entrepreneurial infrastructure inclusively. The organization has assisted 2,227 entrepreneurs, leading to the creation of 795 jobs and graduating 401 startups. These startups have generated $37.1 million in revenue and raised $28.4 million in capital, with a further need of $43.7 million. Specializing in technology, biotech, and social impact, RAIN aims to support residents, particularly in the biotech sector like in Pierce County, Washington. RAIN provides mentorship, connects startups with angel investors, creates capital programs, and offers resources, workshops, and training events. Founded by David Hirschberg, RAIN Incubator stands out for its community-driven and inclusive approaches, contributing significantly to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

RAIN Incubator's Website
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25) North Bank Innovations

North Bank Innovations - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Founded by Dave Barcos, North Bank Innovations is an organization based in Clark County, Washington, supporting startups with strategic guidance programs and events. The accelerator focuses on education to equip local founders with essential skills for startup success. One of their key programs, the Spark Accelerator, is a 7-week initiative designed to help startups break down their ideas and build the necessary skills for execution. North Bank Innovations plays a crucial role in supporting the local startup ecosystem as a resource and connector for startups in various industries. They likely cover a broad range of specialization domains and accelerators typically offer mentorship, networking opportunities, funding access, and educational resources. Interested parties are encouraged to directly contact North Bank Innovations for a comprehensive overview of their programs and benefits.

North Bank Innovations's Website
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26) Union Kitchen

Union Kitchen - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

Union Kitchen Accelerator is a specialized program focused on supporting food entrepreneurs. It aims to empower them from launch to national scale. Founded by Cullen Gilchrist, the accelerator runs a comprehensive 90-day program that ensures accelerated launch with a product tailored to market demands. It boasts a 7x faster launch rate compared to the national average. Additionally, participants experience a 250% higher success rate at a $10 million valuation, achieved through the Four Phases approach. Union Kitchen provides a broad spectrum of benefits. These include ecosystem access for real-time market feedback, an in-house team of expert food safety professionals, valuable industry partnerships, group sessions, on-demand courses, investor networking, individualized coaching, a vast knowledge base with over 350 resources, and a supplier directory. By exclusively focusing on food and beverage businesses, Union Kitchen sets out to revolutionize the industry and enhance the success rate of food startups on their journey to success.

Union Kitchen's Website
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27) Triangulum Labs

Triangulum Labs - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

Triangulum Venture Labs, founded by Bob Duffy, operates as a venture foundry focused on assisting entrepreneurs in developing their ideas into marketable products and scaling their ventures. The accelerator commits to contributing to the startup ecosystem by encouraging founders to apply with their startups. It offers a wide range of support, including access to professionals in various fields such as developers, engineers, UX/UI designers, marketers, data scientists, and business development experts, along with experienced management guidance. Triangulum Labs has established a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) as an AWS Activate Provider, granting startups access to $10,000 in credits for 2 years, AWS service credits, business support, and self-paced labs. While the specific industries of specialization are not explicitly mentioned, the accelerator's support extends to technology, product development, and business strategy. Additionally, startups associated with Triangulum Labs benefit from assistance in accounting, bookkeeping, HR & recruiting, financial modeling, go-to-market strategy, market research, and competitive analysis, leveraging the expertise of partner companies for overall growth and scalability.

Triangulum Labs's Website
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28) Xecutive Advisory Partners

Xecutive Advisory Partners - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

Xecutive Advisory Partners is a consulting firm specializing in assisting startups, early-stage, and operational companies with capital raising and operations. The founding team includes Roger, an expert in Sustainability, Change Management, Finance, Product Development, and Manufacturing; Nevil, with a background in turning around financially distressed companies and leadership across industries; and Len, a versatile leader with experience from professor to university president. The organization offers services such as interim C-Suite support, executive advising, and coaching, focusing on business and technology strategy. The experienced team and personalized consulting services are valuable assets for senior executives navigating critical business challenges, transitions, and opportunities. XAP is known for building long-lasting relationships with clients in a sector-agnostic approach.

Xecutive Advisory Partners's Website
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29) Spinout Space

Spinout Space - a prominent start-up growth supporter in Washington

Spinout Space was founded by Glenn Prestwich as a regional startup hub specializing in launching life science companies and driving innovation in industries like Biotech, Environmental Tech, Clean Energy, and Space Tech. The organization includes the SpinLaunch Orbital Accelerator, which introduces a groundbreaking approach to space access technology by utilizing kinetic energy to propel payloads into orbit. This cutting-edge method results in a 4x reduction in fuel requirements, a 10x decrease in launch costs, and the ability to launch multiple times daily. Spinout Space's sustainable solution minimizes emissions during launches, supporting a cleaner space environment and aligning with the vision of launching large-scale space infrastructure with minimal environmental impact. Since its inception in early 2015, the company has achieved significant milestones, including record-breaking speeds and successful launches with the Suborbital System in October 2021, marking a crucial step towards full orbital launches. The accelerator's mission focuses on providing a cost-effective and sustainable solution for space access, promising reduced environmental impact, enhanced cost-effectiveness, and increased launch frequency for both commercial and scientific missions.

Spinout Space's Website
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30) 1863 Ventures

1863 Ventures - connecting start-up founders with success

1863 Ventures is a Black-led national business development nonprofit accelerator and venture capital fund. It aims to accelerate New Majority Founders, including Black and Latino men and women. The organization's mission is to bridge the gap between entrepreneurship and equity by supporting historically underestimated individuals. 1863 Ventures has assisted over 3,200 entrepreneurs across the United States through various programs. These include the Emerging Entrepreneurs accelerator, a two-week, invitation-only program providing one-on-one coaching in sales, finance, and marketing. The accelerator focuses on helping small businesses scale into high-growth companies. With a vision to create $100 billion of new wealth and economic power for the New Majority, the institution operates in sector-agnostic domains and runs programs that last for 16 weeks. Notable for its dedication to creating economic opportunities, it is led by key individuals working towards a future where marginalized entrepreneurs thrive.

1863 Ventures's Website
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31) The Pacific Northwest Mission Acceleration Center

The Pacific Northwest Mission Acceleration Center - supporting Washington's best founders

Located in the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific Northwest Mission Acceleration Center is an interconnected and collaborative defense innovation network. The accelerator aims to enhance Department of Defense (DoD) missions by co-locating DoD Innovation organizations, venture capital (VC) firms, major tech companies, and startups, offering opportunities for Pacific Northwest innovators to access funding and unique procurement opportunities. Serving as the center of gravity for the region's startup and venture communities, academia, and local and federal partners, the PNW MAC accelerates defense innovation by fostering collaboration and removing engagement barriers. Specializing in cutting-edge technology for transatlantic security and defense, it collaborates with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). Startups benefit from engaging with DoD organizations, VC firms, and major tech companies, gaining access to funding and unique procurement opportunities. Industries supported include General Tech and Cybersecurity.

The Pacific Northwest Mission Acceleration Center's Website
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32) Rockpile Ventures

Rockpile Ventures - enabling start-ups to fundraise successfully

Rockpile Ventures is a Seattle-based accelerator that focuses on early-stage companies at the intersection of sensors and the cloud, enhancing their expertise to scale beyond R&D into operational efficiencies. The organization connects founders with major cloud ecosystems like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to accelerate growth. Specializing in Edge AI, it leverages sensor and cloud tech for real-time decision-making. The accelerator facilitates co-engineering partnerships and offers guidance to navigate challenges. Rockpile Ventures' impact in Artificial Intelligence and General Tech industries is undeniable, notable for advancing Edge AI startups. It bridges R&D with scalable solutions and fosters connections with leading cloud providers, positioning itself at the forefront of innovation in the field.

Rockpile Ventures's Website
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33) SURGETacoma

SURGETacoma - promoting the start-ups of tomorrow

SURGETacoma was founded in 2012 and is located in Tacoma, Washington, United States. It is an Accelerator/Incubator program that provides working space for startups, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and students. The accelerator offers a 12-month full-time intensive program aimed at supporting early-stage companies and teams in a community-centric environment. The organization, with three locations - Surge Tacoma, Surge South Tacoma, and Union Club Tacoma, stands out by offering office space, a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, and mentorship by volunteer mentors. The program is supported by a team of three professionals. Noteworthy, Surge Tacoma is the longest-running coworking space in Tacoma, operating since 2013. SURGETacoma specializes in various business ventures and operates in a sector-agnostic approach to support a diverse range of industries.

SURGETacoma's Website
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34) 3rdEyeBio

3rdEyeBio - a modern, innovative hub for start-ups in Washington

3rdEyeBio is an accelerator founded in 2017 and located in Seattle, Washington. The institution focuses on identifying, investing in, and incubating novel innovations in the healthcare industry. They have invested in 7 companies, including SEngine Precision Medicine, Novilla Pharmaceuticals, AmunBio, Corea Therapeutics, Partura, Sync.MD, and XtremisBio, with a strong emphasis on drug discovery, drug delivery, and medical devices. Supported by partners with expertise in healthcare systems, the organization offers mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities to start-ups during a program. Operating as an accelerator/incubator, 3rdEyeBio actively seeks new investments and counts Beyond The Game Network and Ringbolt Capital among its co-investors. With a mission to support innovative ventures led by experienced founders, the institution stands out in the biotech and healthcare tech industries.

3rdEyeBio's Website
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Top Reasons Start-ups Participate In Accelerators

Early state financing

Big ideas arise mostly when you don’t have to worry about day to day expenses.

Peer learning

There’s not enough time in the world to learn from one’s own mistakes. Peer learning helps.

Holistic growth

Marketing, Sales, Tech, Ops, HR, Finance, Admin...... you can’t go wrong in any one field.

Learning about market forces

The market seems fair from a distance. But there are certain patterns to how it operates.

Why an accelerator might not be right for you

It's usually helpful to consider potential pitfalls. Some common misconceptions

Are the alumni actually helpful?

An accelerator's alumni network can play a big role in your longer term growth. But ask around and figure if any of them gave back even a couple of hours in the past year.

What's the real value of your equity

There's a math behind how accelerators decide whether your start-up is worth investing. Did you run the calculation for diluting your equity?

Figuring out the failure rates

Everyone can point to a few success stories. Though in general 95% of all start-ups fail. An important question is- what %ge of an accelerator's start-up survive after 3 years.

FAQs About Start-up Accelerators

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Accelerators and Incubators in washington

Looking for the best accelerators in Washington? Here are some top reasons to choose an accelerator in the state - access to mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources to help your startup grow. Washington boasts a vibrant start-up culture, with a strong focus on innovation and collaboration. Start-up founders in the state benefit from a supportive ecosystem that encourages new ideas and fosters entrepreneurship. When selecting the right accelerator in Washington, consider factors such as the program's focus areas, track record of success, and the expertise of the mentors involved. It's essential to choose an accelerator that aligns with your start-up's goals and values to maximize your chances of success. Networking with other founders and industry professionals within the accelerator program can also provide valuable connections and insights to help your start-up thrive. Notable start-ups from Washington that have excelled include Zulily, OfferUp, and Apptio. These success stories serve as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the start-up world. With the right accelerator and support system in place, your start-up in Washington could be the next great success story to emerge from the state's thriving entrepreneurial landscape.

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